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Preezy tries hard

The more he tries, the worse it gets for the middle class American. He claims the Republicans won’t engage with him to help pass his agenda. When they did meet at the beginning of his first term and tried to discuss Obamacare, Preezy had two words for them “I WON”. Since that fatal pronouncement, Preezy has made sure to keep the divisive political rhetoric at maximum volume.  Does he not know about all the jobs bills sitting on Reid’s desk that haven’t been brought to the Senate floor? Does he not remember threatening to veto the transportation bill if the Keystone Pipeline was part of it? Yet, in a tiny amendment attached to the very same bill operators of roll-your-own will be put out of business. In other words, big tobacco lobbied, government wanted more taxes and American entrepreneurs will be out of business.

By now we’ve heard so many variations of Preezy’s remarkable life story we have no idea which one is the real story. When speaking in OH, Preezy told us of the struggle he and MO had while he ran for the State Senate. They went door to door passing out fliers printed at Kinkos.  Yes, his struggle to get elected was a mighty effort for BO, MO and friends. In the end Chicago thug politics won the day.

As a community organizer, he had helped register thousands of voters. But when it came time to run for office, he employed Chicago rules to invalidate the voting petition signatures of three of his challengers.

The move denied each of them, including incumbent Alice Palmer, a longtime Chicago activist, a place on the ballot. It cleared the way for Obama to run unopposed on the Democratic ticket in a heavily Democrat district.

What’s that you say? Oh, those pesky voter ID laws are/were only important when it would assure an Obama win? Well, let me tell you that is just not the case. It was a matter of principle and nothing to do with political ploys.

Preezy is trying out a new campaign slogan. “FORWARD” really hasn’t been a rousing success, since the market has been tanking (again) and we seem to be going BACKWARD. So, we now have the “Betting on America” slogan. The problem is all the bets Preezy has been making with your money haven’t done so well. Especially in the DOE casino run by Steven Chu. But, Preezy wants you to believe if you give him four more years his luck will change. He will be able to get back that 35 billion he lost on Government Motors, the half billion he lost on Solyndra, the 8 billion on a wasted stimulus that enriched his cronies and bundlers, the trillions in deficits run up by Preezy and his cohorts in Congress.  All of it will be returned if only he is re-elected.

Isn’t it strange Preezy is now telling us we’re going in the right direction by adding 80,000 jobs? When Bush added 310,000 he said it was a lousy number. When unemployment was at 5.6% then Senator Obama spoke scathingly of then President Bush.

Voting for BO is akin to lighting oneself on fire and expecting not to burn…

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    • WellMoochelle...

      As always, excellent article Lynn……….to the point and right on. Perfect LIB, can’t compete honestly so he wins the Chicago way.

      • Thanks…vetting BO has to happen. He doesn’t deserve the office he holds

  1. The Original

    Had trouble signing in. Glad to have made itl

    • Glad you’re here! 🙂

      • The Original

        Thank you! I am glad we didn’t all get lost! LOL!!!

        • Without Denise VB, Annie’s Mom and, MOTUS….let’s just say they have been the driving force.. LOL 😀

  2. Does anyone here actually believe O spent his youth vacationing on Greyhound ? Didn’t his mother live in Indonesia then ?
    Besides, anyone who mentions eating at HoJo’s who doesn’t cite the yummy fried clam strips or the incredible milk shakes, hasn’t eaten there.
    Why does he toss out these remarks ? Anyone who wanted to, could probably find out if his family ever registered at HJ..Or if Greyhound actually stopped at HJ’s.
    I think Moo and Bo just throw crap at the wall to see what sticks, knowing full well the MSM is never going to call them out.

    • Hollydolly

      BO’s a pathological liar. And YES you are absolutely correct Sophie — the MSM will never call them out no matter how outrageous the lie. Disgusting.

    • After three years of disdain and contempt for us BO thinks if he gets “folksy” we’ll all forgive the “hate America” attitude both of them have bludgeoned us with. They’re both a couple of cheesy liars and narcissists.

      • Remember, Michelle was never proud of her country until we (generic) nominated her idiot husband.

        • Anon

          I don’t necessarily believe that she is proud of the country now.

  3. Hollydolly

    Unemployment rates have dropped in all the states that elected Republican governors in 2010. Stats indicate that the job market in these states is improving 50% faster than the national rate.

    • YEP, in OH the unemployment rate dropped to 7.6%…..thank you Gov Kasich

    • Make that 7.3%…

  4. Francine

    Where do these idiots come up with saying Romney is not capable of being President? What makes him think Obama is so capable???

    Harvey Weinstein Tells Maddow Why He Fundraises For Obama – – Romney Is A ‘Bad Product’

    Appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show to speak about the growing gap in fundraising for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. “I think everybody’s sitting back and saying, ‘Why spend money if we don’t have to. If we have to, we will,’” Weinstein says.

    Weinstein also says he suspects big-ticket Republican donors are expecting something back in return: “The way they write these checks is wish fulfillment that their candidate will win, and then they’ll get a tax cut,” he explains. “It’s the same ridiculous thing. They spend $300 million and expect that on their multi-billion-dollar companies, they’ll get $400 million back.”

    “With all due respect to Gov. Romney,” Weinstein tells Maddow, “he’s not capable to run the United States.”

    Video Link

    Harvey Weinstein, movie producer, co-founder of Miramax, co-chairman of The Weinstein Company and Obama fundraiser, talks with Rachel Maddow about why big money donors are giving disproportionately to Mitt Romney in 2012 and what motivates big money bundlers and political backers.

    • Oh that is just so damned hypocritical.
      “The administration has vowed to keep building and rebuilding the economy in any and every way as long as it’s not supply-side related until they stumble upon an alternate reality in which their policies actually work.”
      and the new narrative…the economy is bad because Romney went on a one week vacation (using his own money on his own property), his time at Bain Capital, and 8 years of Bush.
      All those fatcats who gave the 1 billion to BO in 2008 got theirs at our expense. Those facts are clear as glass.

      • All those green companies that are failing are owned by Obama’s fatcats. Bailing out GM was a gift to the unions. MO’s faux nutrition campaign is money for SEIU.

        Here’s hoping people are figuring it out. Not sure what gifts BO’s promising the entertainment industry ? Probably waivers for ObamaTax?

        • Legislation on “fair use” and “piracy”. It didn’t pass this year, but if BO gets in again he’ll probably “sign” it into law and bloggers will pay dearly.

    • The Original

      That just doesn’t make any sense whatsover.

      Gov. Romney earned both an MBA and law degree FROM Harvard simultaneously. Gov. Romney came to the MA govern mansion with a large deficit and left with a surplus. Gov. Romney took the SLC Olympics from the red to the black.

      And Obana has done want?

      • Zoinks

        bets on America in back alleys with terrorists.

  5. and if you think BO doesn’t know how to play hardball watch this expose` concerning BO’s first run at the state senate

    • How can they toss signed petitions of actual voters even if the person getting the signatures isn’t a registered voter? That in and of itself makes no sense…

  6. Putting people out of business is what Preezy does best…small or large it’s all the same to him.
    “Long regarded as a cheaper option for nicotine lovers, roll-your-own cigarettes are set to be a thing of the past as a new law is introduced by President Barack Obama.
    In coming days he will sign a federal highway bill with a section defining any business with roll-your-own cigarette machines as a tobacco manufacturer and upping taxes on the its products, the Chicago Sun Times reported.”

    Read more:

  7. PortiaElizabeth

    Great read! Thank you, Lynn.
    Checking in to be sure we still have internet connection. 😉

  8. sportinlife10

    This belongs further up on the thread, but when we were travelling with the kids, we couldn’t afford HoJo. Wait! If we had been able to afford it, would we have run into the o?
    Honestly, rather than a hybrid, he’s such a mutt. No offense, dogs.

  9. Wow, I take a few days off and Lynn comes back! Loving the new blog. Thank you for continuing to give us a home.

    “Poll: 56% of American Voters Feel Obama Has Changed Country For The Worse, Only 35% Say For The Better…”

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      Denise VB and Annie’s Mom really deserve the credit for this.
      Got a new post up about why we should vote for Romney, will use the link you provided.
      It gives me great confidence we can win this!!

  10. BTW, Romney raised $106 million in June, more than the estimated $100 million. Go Mitt!

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