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Proposed Constitutional Convention for the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution:

“Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States .”

What a great idea! Make Congress live within the laws they create to run our lives and, make no law that does not apply equally to them. That massive 2700 page healthcare bill loaded with new taxes for all income levels would not have been considered, much less voted into law. Dems made sure they were exempted, so none of the new “taxes”, “penalties”, or “exchanges” will ever apply to them. So, we now have a new label, we are the “masses”, they are the elite separate and not equal to the rest of us.

Congress has labeled all of us. We aren’t individuals anymore with individual needs but, just sub-groups of labels.  They label us by income, skin color, religion, and culture. We’re even labeled by gender. All this labeling is for the convenience of the pols. Labeling is used to pit different sub-groups against each other or, at times, to use political rhetoric to unite sub-groups for the benefit of the pols. The divisivness we now have between groups is the direct result of the political rhetoric coming out of the White House. It all started there and is ground zero for the hate being directed toward people who don’t agree with them politically and ideologically.

Romney hasn’t labeled any of us. He calls us “Americans”. He hasn’t let himself be pulled in by the ugliness of hate politics. He doesn’t separate us by race, culture, or gender, we’re all Americans and we’re in this together. Romney is an unapologetic American and, unlike BO and MO, really likes us. His background is an asset because running this country is hard work and, I doubt he will pass the job off to the Senate and czars. Romney has always been a hands on kind of guy, whether in the public or private sector. While he is not the uber conservative many would like to see in office, he will serve the country far better then the current _resident has ever done. While I realize government doesn’t create jobs, they do create the atmosphere that gives people confidence to expand business and start businesses. The current atmosphere in the US is filled with depression and little confidence thanks to BO and the Progs. We need a President who is confident not narcissistic, who doesn’t apologize constantly over our successes, who doesn’t bow before anyone in subserviance, who appreciates us for the hard work we do to keep our country strong and, stops putting us in boxes with labels. It all starts at the top.

Looks as if BO is not as popular in leading the country as the Dems would have you to believe

h/t to Adrian

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  1. Hi everyone! I feel sad, bad,and relieved about the demise of my blog. Really sad and bad that i left all of you without a nest yet relieved that the liability of information in the blog would not cause me real problems. I received threatening emails and a letter at my home address. I was stupid enough to reply to contact messages using my own email and fill name. I believe my name is unique in this world so it;s easy enough for someone to find an address to go with it. I did not want to let any authorities know about it because that would have caused an investigation of the blog – it was full of copyright violations, photos posted of MOOCH would have been cause for a law suit.

    I left Lynn a message on the blog if she wanted to take over the blog and I offered to pay the $30/yr for custom template. When I checked back a week later the message was removed and I had not received any email about so I started to delete my posts thinking I would eliminate what I had post in the years past. Well, then I received an invite from the IRS for an audit and a day later SCOTUS made me really paranoid with their ruling. As I have become more paranoid and depressed about the destruction of this great country that was just more than I could bare. In a mad rash I deleted the blog and regretted it soon after that because I realized it was like burning the tree where all the Birdies had found shelter.

    For my mental health I have had to stop reading/listening about politics. I’m an engineer and when I see a problem I want to fix it; however, Obama and the current state of affairs cannot be fixed unless Obama is kicked out – fighting against all things Obama for more than 4 years has taken its toll. I will use the time and effort instead to help Romney win while staying out of the eye of the storm that’s coming. So I will not be back here until after the election.

    I want to thank all the Birdies for making it possible for me to blog as long as I did! A very special THANK YOU for Lynn for taking over and now for creating a new nest. But I feel for Lynn’s safety too it may be best the old nest was removed – we had some serious whack job haters there based on the emails I received. I wish all of you the very best, hang in there and do your best to get Romney elected!!

    • MRM

      Oh Birdie… it’s such a relief to know that you are okay, and I’m so sad to hear of your worries and the troubles you’re having. I’ve never been a big commenter, but I’ve so enjoying reading your blog and all the wonderful insight from your birdettes. I’m so happy that Lynn II decided to keep the nest going and will look forward to your visits when you drop in.

    • Oh Birdie, we miss you. I didn’t see the email, don’t know how it got deleted…trust me, I didn’t do that. Best there isn’t a contact form here then and, a good thing I have a throw away that I use. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to edit, loved every single minute of it….
      Please take care of yourself, your health is very important to all of us. Please don’t worry, fear is the mind killer, just take good care of yourself. We’ll keep working right along with you to get Romney elected. I’ll do my best to stay out of trouble so, not to worry. Yes, the Progs are an ugly bunch but, backing down is not an option. Please come back when you’re ready, we’ll all be here.

    • and thank you, such a relief to hear from you. Panic was setting in….. 🙂

    • srdem65

      I am so sorry to hear about your troubles and wish you peace in the future. I want to personally thank you for allowing me to know that I wasn’t crazy, that MO was a fashion disaster and not the chic, well-dressed matron the MSM portrayed. When I first found this blog, I felt so welcomed and at home (so to speak) that I was dismayed when it disappeared, but relieved when Lynn2 built a new nesting place for all of us.

      Stay well, be strong. Thank you again.

    • I suspected as much. I know what you mean about reading all the bad news. I does start to have an effect on our mental well-being.

      Bless you, Birdie!

    • Cyndi

      Hi Birdie, I was so relieved to hear that you are all right.I’m so sorry for all that you have been through. I loved Newsbird’s Views, but I understand why you felt the need to delete it. Please take care of yourself and be strong. If this country can succeed in removing the wannabe dictator from office, this nation has a good chance to recover from the past 3 + years. What he and the liberals who enable him have done to this country can be very overwheming, I get very depressed about it too.

      • Carole

        Birdie I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be better informed in the political arena as an American citizen. Please do take care and know that you provided the Birdies with a warm, loving nest that we all appreciated and loved. May God give you a smooth path to follow in this coming election year and may all your efforst be rewarded with a Romney win as the next president of the Uanited States of America.

    • Glad you’re okay Birdie! Stop in anytime and say hello 😀

      • I feel better now, still concerned for her, but at least we know she’s OK!

        • Lynn check your email, just responded to something in my email spam, I’m sure it was from you. If not, they now know how to make a hot link. Heh.

    • The Original

      Rest up, Birdie . . . when Gov. Romney becomes Pres. Romney there is going to be a lot of cleaning up to be done. The US is going to need all of us.

      What we are going through is what happens when you elect an undisciplined, ethically compromised egomaniac as our leader. He is a product of the “Chicago way”.

      Take care!

    • sportinlife10

      Birdie, It was prudent to get off the train for awhile – it’s what I would tell my kids. You are wise to do this one step at a time..
      You’ve given us so much: information no one else was giving us, courage to speak up, and look around for people like ourselves. You were my introduction to online critical thinking and reportage, always patient, always curious, always knowledgeable, NEVER settling for the status quo.
      And then you gave us Lynn II!
      You are a Class Act, Birdie! Long may you wave!
      As for the @#$%^& who messed with you, I can only say life has a way of getting even with these _______s.

    • Anonna

      So glad to hear that you are all right, Birdie. What a shock to see the “tree had been burnt” and such a pleasure to find us all gathered here in a roomy, new nest and you here, too. Thank you, NewsBirdie, for all the years of pleasure. I hope the Newsbird site is archived somewhere on the ‘net — such things never seem to go away entirely — and our snips and snarks will be resurrected someday and used by appreciative historians. 🙂

  2. “Texas to test 1965 voting rights law in court”

    • Holder hasn’t gone after OH, we have to show ID or vote provisional. I had to show one in 2008 to vote. What is the big deal? It looks bad when the DOJ selectively chooses to go after a few states and not others.

      • Annie's Mom

        Here in New Mexico, we don’t show our licenses AND we give licenses to illegals. Go figure…

    • Green Dragon

      ‘Twas very interesting at a city election here in North Texas: city charter amendment permitting liquor sale for off-premises consumption and a hotly contested mayor’s race.

      The voting line was a long one winding around the precincit court room then out the door and the air conditioning was off. To speed things up the eleaction judge split us, three wards in one line and the other ward in the second line. This second line was for the ward that is the highest average socioeconomic level. Just about every one in this line was automatically showing driver’s license with voter id cards. A lot in the other line were also showing DLs.

      I have been voteing here on my driver’s license for the last three or four years because I had lost my voter’s ID. No bid deal. The election law had said, withno voter ID you have to show identification or be personally known to one of the election officials. For years when living on the Texas coast and serving as an election judge, my clerk and I would have people come in without their voter ID to ask what they had to do to vote. Since she knew most of the people in our precinct and had greeted them by name, they didn’t even have to dig out their driver’s license to vote.

      • sportinlife10

        That was also my experience as an election judge: with no voter ID law, people automatically showed ID, even when their names on the rosters. I was a Chief Judge, really good, well-liked, competent. I quit when I saw at my caucus (no ID required), how the obama campaign had bused people in to fraudenlently cast ballots, which determine which delegates go forward to the next convention.
        There is a DNC Secretary of State campaign that went into effect a while back, promoting Dems as Secretary of State. Remember, these are the state officials who actually control elections. It worked in my state: we have a Dem. At least two elections which shouldn’t’ve have gone to Dems.
        I am reluctant to be more specific about where I live: there are some nasty @#$%^ out there.

  3. If you go to Mr. Young’s blogspot he says you can print all the Romney posters that you like. It’s free!

    • Annie's Mom

      That is a really great poster! I like it lots!!

      • Putting it on my front door…. 😀 should get some of the pols and peeps in a snit

  4. […]Generally speaking, Americans expect government officials to obey the same laws to which we all are subject[…]
    Looks like the majority of us “naive” Americans think the contempt of Congress (civil and criminal) for Holder was the right thing to do and approve of the move by the House.
    No one should be above the law,

  5. srdem65

    The proposed amendment is a great idea. But, it would take a concerned public to vote this amendment into the constitution. A great 50 state effort, years in the making and while it would change the way Congress does it’s business, they’d probably find a legal way to circumvent it’s meaning.
    I’ll sign the petition and vote for it on the ballot. It would change everything.

  6. woodsterman

    Adrienne sent me here. Birdie, I have a few internet friends who have had the same problems you speak of. There are a lot of cowards out there, including the one who sent the IRS your way.

    Lynn, nice to find you. That 28th Amendment idea is alive in the house and many Congressmen applaud the idea.


    • Glad to have you here! 🙂
      Have any names? Maybe we could sign on and send them something…
      Any and all suggestions are welcome here…

  7. Injainjuneer

    I’m always concerned about starting a new constitutional amendment process because of all the constitution-haters out there, such as our current president, who would like to fundamentally change the document and the Bill of Rights. We have the best Constitution the world has ever seen. While I like the idea behind this proposal you have mentioned I would like it only if the amendment could be passed by Congress. Perhaps by a Republican two-house Congress after Jan. 20? But the other way of amending, the States calling for a convention, is far too dangerous.
    Congrats, Lynn, on your new blog. Thanks, Newsbird, for letting us know and giving us all the warning. We hope to be celebrating with you on Nov. 6.

    • Thanks IJJ for the good wishes. 🙂
      Maybe we could start haranguing the R-words now? Passage of a law would be just as good. It would make Congress think and perform their jobs more wisely. Especially if they had to eat the carrion they try to feed us.

  8. Annie's Mom

    I think Congress should pass BO’s tax hike on those making more than $250K…those millionaires and billionaires. Do it today, effective tomorrow. Send the dang bill to him to sign. Call his bluff. Tank the economy even more before the election.

    • He’ll do it…then blame the R-words when it happens.

      Mayor Miyagishima has never been a big fan of the U.S. Constitution. In February of 2011 he announced at a city council meeting he wanted to implement gun regulations within the city despite being told by the City Attorney Harry “Pete” Connolly several times the attempt would be “unconstitutional”. News New Mexico reported:

      City Attorney Connolly stated it would be unconstitutional because the NM Constitution says cities have no right to interfere with the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Mayor Miyagishima said, “Of course we could always do it ourselves and let someone challenge us on it.”

      In April of this year Miyagishima and the rest of the city officials made international headlines when they made the decision to shut off sewer, water and gas to citizens who have not paid their red light camera tickets. Just recently, the city officials moved to embrace these unlawful cameras while other cities are ruling them “unconstitutional”. The citizens of Las Cruces have been forced to hold rallies to protect their water from their local government.

  9. Iowa?….sometimes the voters get it right…BO won by 10% in 2008….not looking so great now.

  10. Here’s an real eye-opener.

    “How California Gets Its Revenue”

    • No wonder everyone is running away.

  11. {{{snicker}}} Step away from the Kool-Aid!

    East Hampton Village authorities said David Fink and Simon Kinsella attempted to sail across the police line, ignoring orders from East Hampton Marine Patrol, and “subsequently struck” the police boat.

    Police said one of the men attempted to flee by swimming to shore; he was arrested on the beach. The other man was taken into custody from the boat.

  12. “Mass Gov. Deval Patrick Vetoes Ban On Using Welfare EBT Cards To Purchase Porn, Tattoos, Manicures Because It Would “Humiliate Poor People”…”

  13. I worry that Romney is being TOO nice.

    The recent TV ads that the Obama minions have showing every few minutes are very effective. **sigh**

    • The Original

      Was he too nice during the primaries? No, he wasn’t. He went after his opponent when it counted. Do you think he would do less during a run for the White House? No, he won’t. Don’t worry. This is just the beginning.

      • Romney is a very smart man (and a shrewd businessman). I think he’s laying a trap for BO. Let BO tout his “accomplishments,” make grand plans for a second term, promise more hope and change. When we get to the debates, Mitt will go for the kill. I’m looking forward to it.

    • This might cheer you up…don’t let the talking heads get inside yours….

  14. Beanbags…our Border Agents are armed with beanbags? The drug cartels aren’t, they shoot real bullets at our guys. I hate this administration!

    • Annie's Mom

      I remember reading that just shortly after the incident. Then…crickets. I’m sure the administration knew the public would go ballistic if we knew.

      “Disarmed by the very bureaucrats that armed their killers.”

      • srdem65

        I’m not saying I know anything.
        Beanbag shooters are their official arms. Whatever else they might be armed with is unknown. Let’s just say that the AZ BorderPatrol guys are all-American.
        On the Tex-Mex border, things are a little more high-powered and they have armed gunboats to protect themselves while in the border waters.

  15. “Rahm Emanuel’s cabinet comes up short in diversity”

    How funny, the Dems rarely practice what they preach.

  16. museisluse

    Nice to see some familiar names! I had stopped going to the old blog when it appeared to be taken over by nasty commenters who wanted to get Birdy into trouble. Good luck on this blog, and I will be back!

    • Nice! Glad you found us… 🙂

  17. The Original

    I do love the picture of Gov. Romney on that poster. How can you not just like a guy who smiles so easily without all the cheese of Obama?

  18. geoprof

    There were some nasty trolls, probably funded by Zippy Zero’s DNC friends. Putin is using the same tactics in Russia right now to suppress opposition. He has some protestors there under investigation, businesses being audited, closed, etc. It is SOP for Marxists/Leninists. Lenin used the government against the citizens every minute. DC exists at the consent of the governed, not the other way around. It’s about time we all reminded them of this!

    • The reason the “trolls” got so nasty…when presented with historical facts, actual numbers, and knowledgeable people who won’t cater to their mythology, they have those screaming fit breakdowns and attack on a personal level. Racebaiters and hatemongers, never has this country been so divided.
      On another note, one of Romney’s campaign buses had its alternator belt cut.

      • srdem65

        re: the bus
        So, where was the SecretService protection? Who watched the bus to make sure no evil-doer got a chance to do bad things? Something’s not right here.

        re: trolls and MSM trolls
        The Obama supporters must that they can change someone’s mind by name-calling or sneering at someone’s beliefs. They ridicule thoughtful opinions but have none of their own to offer. We haven’t always agreed on some issues, but managed to offer our opinions without making a fuss that someone thought otherwise. That’s how people get along in life, but the trolls seem to think that if they are nasty enough, mean enough, we’ll just shut-up and go along with them.

        Long ago, I used to comment on HuffPo until I was banned for some reason. The comments that were favorable to the Obamas were either cult-like or obscene. The Obats thought commenting on how “hot” MO was or speculated on the intimate relations of the Obamas were revolting and disrespectful.
        If I recall, more than a few of us were banned from HuffPo, too.

        • srdem65

          (supporters must THINK). too early at the tea trolly, sorry.

        • look where that got them….LOL 😀

        • The Original

          Getting banned from Huff and Puff should be worn like a badge of honor!

          • Exactly!! LOL 😀

  19. Carole

    My concern is that what happened to Newsbird will also happen to Lynn’s Little Nest. Lynn II how can we help you to protect our little nest?

    • Not much anyone can do…moderation will go into effect soon. Anyone posting who hasn’t posted by the time it gets turned on will have to be approved.

    • Annie's Mom

      I think we also need to be very careful about the amount of personal information we provide. Sometimes, we get so cozy, we forget that anyone and everyone can be reading our posts.

  20. PortiaElizabeth

    My heart is breaking after learning of the Gestapo tactics used against our dear Newsbird. How dare they use a govt. agency to threaten a citizen? We have to be strong, stay focused and get this monster out of the White House. Any one of us could be next.

    • Carole

      I do not want to see Lynn II or any other birdie come under attack for expressing genuine concerns and providing correct information about the political activities and agenda of “The New Nationalistic/Socialistic Obama Dictatorship.” United we stand Birdies!!!

  21. Wealthy Dems running from BO too…denounces citizenship…

    “Wealthy socialite and top Democratic donor Denise Rich renounces her U.S. citizenship – saving her tens of millions of dollars in taxesSongwriter also has Austrian citizenship through her late father
    Former husband Marc Rich fled the country when indicted on charges of tax evasion – but was pardoned by President Clinton in 2001
    House of Representatives committee later found Denise Rich had swayed the decision through donations to Clinton campaign
    Comes as the latest wealthy American to denounce citizenship”

    Read more:–saving-tens-millions-dollars-taxes.html#ixzz20ATjzlRH

    • Anonna

      WE need an end to dual citizenship — if you join us, become come one of us, don’t keep half your loyalty and one foot in the old country.

  22. Just read Birdie’s post, what a harrowing experience she had had. I am so sorry for her troubles. Makes one wonder if some of those trolls are paid campaign workers ? Just a thought..
    We always knew O would go ‘dirty’ when he started to lose, he better watch out that he doesn’t get caught in his own web.

  23. nellyq

    I am so sorry that Birdie came under such a underhanded attack. I am willing to believe that some of those awful trolls that made your life so miserable, Lynn, also went after our Newsbird personally. Setting the IRS on her is very like the activities of those who send SWAT teams after conservative bloggers and radio hosts. This shows the lengths those who support “the president” are willing to go to, I’m afraid. Moderation should help and keeping your actual personal email and name confidential should work to help prevent a repeat of Birdie’s experience.

  24. Carole

    It seems that the dirtier O and his crew of thugs get, the more willing the Democrats are of forgiving their corruption, crimes and financial disasters. Maybe it will be all of the Dim-o-cat party that will get caught in the web of deception and be distroyed entirely by a hungry Black Widow.

  25. The Original

    Remember that Obama started his political career in Chicago . . . Daley Land where voters are encouraged to vote early and vote often. Corruption breeds in Chicago like rats do.

    • Annie's Mom

      Oh, it started long before Daley. I have Irish ancestors in Chicago, ca. 1900. In my genealogical research, I found my police lieutenant g-g-grandfather voting 2 years after his death.

      • srdem65

        Your ancestor sounds like a true patriot who didn’t let a detail like death deter him from voting.
        just kidding

        I was never tempted to investigate the history or background of my ancestors; I know one branch used a false surname when checking in at EllisIsland. I prefer to think of them as pioneers who wanted a fresh start in the Land of the Free.

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