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Obama scamming

It’s being reported there is a new scam going around, ‘Obama pays your utility bills’. Thousands have fallen for the scam all over the country.

 According to the pitch—distributed via email, Facebook, text message, phone and, in some cases, door-to-door sales—the government would pay a month of energy costs through credits offered by the Obama administration.

PSE&G, the New Jersey gas and electric delivery utility, issued a similar warning the same month. According to MSNBC, there were 10,000 reported victims in New Jersey in recent weeks, and thousands more in North Carolina, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

The offer even includes a fake Federal Reserve bank routing number for those who enroll, and solicits “success stories” to pass along to friends online.

According to the Lehigh Valley Morning Call, some residents said that their duped neighbors were enlisted to spread the offer. “My neighbor comes running with a paper that had a routing and account number,”….

Now, you might ask yourself why anyone would believe this scam but, the answer is very simple. They believe it because of all the other government scams being perpetrated on the hard working taxpayers by BO and his Progs. The giveaways under the BO administration have exploded and become the norm. More subsidies for everyone, whether needed or not. In 2008 so many people were so happy BO was elected. Many of them were going to get “Obama money”.  Where was the money to come from? From “Obama’s stash”.  Just unbelievable so many still believe all that bunk.

BO has a brand new campaign strategy, zeroing in on Romney’s wealth, trying to make the voters suspicious of how and why he acquired it. Character assassination is built into every campaign BO has been involved in.  “Apparently we are supposed to care about what Mitt Romney does with his money instead of caring about what Barack Obama does with our money.”

Gibbs says Romney could clear up all the questions about his finances by releasing years of tax returns. The ONLY people who have questions about them is BO’s campaign staff and the Progs pushing for BO’s re-election. Here’s an idea, BO releases all his sealed info to the public to clear up all the questions we’ve been asking for four years. That would really help clear up a lot of questions about his “composite” life and the lies both BO and MO tell about their background. Why not release the last ten or twelve years of BO’s financial records? How well did they manage their finances? While they accuse Romney of wanting to drive the economy into a ditch, BO and his czars have already done just that.

It all ties in with the Obama campaign’s focus on class warfare. The only real reason Republicans would want to destroy the economy all over again, says the Obama campaign, is to benefit their coterie of super-wealthy donors.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post pushes pieces linking Obama’s middle-class “tax cuts” – which, in fact, are middle-to-upper-class tax increases – to Romney fundraising….

Do we really need or want four more years of this ignorance?


  1. Debbie Downer is asked about releasing her tax forms…..she skirts the issue LOL 😀

  2. sportinlife10

    – This should be read by everyone….
    Interesting…I knew they were going to increase the rates this year, and I knew they had cut it back… I really didn’t know WHY… is the rest of the story!

    Professor Emeritus John W. Hill, JD, PhD Kelley School of Business, Indiana University MEDICARE Look clearly at the 2014 rate compared to the 2013 rate.

    For those of you who are on Medicare, read the following. It’s short, but
    important and you probably haven’t heard about it in the Mainstream News:

    “The per person Medicare Insurance Premium will increase from the present
    Monthly Fee of $96.40, rising to:

    $104.20 in 2012

    $120.20 in 2013


    $247.00 in 2014.”

    These are Provisions incorporated in the Obamacare Legislation, purposely
    delayed so as not to confuse the 2012 Re-Election Campaigns. Send this to
    all Seniors that you know, so they will know who’s throwing them under the

    • The Original

      That is going to be so hard on seniors who live on a fixed income. ObamaTax has to be stopped.

  3. sportinlife10

    Sorry – I didn’t realize multiple postings. Bag over my head (actually I can re-use bag from other mistakes. I am so GREEN)!

    • Oh noes, your keyboard stuttered… 🙂
      Not to worry, fixes are easy

  4. Incidentally, I can’t tell you how excited I am that, amid a European economic crises and standoff with Iran, and with the future of American health care and entitlement reform in the balance, the election might turn on whether Mitt Romney has some money in the Caymans or not.

    BO says Romney needs to be “an open book” if he’s going to run for President…. LOL 😀
    How about you Big Guy…when will you also become an “open book”…. LOL

    • Carole

      Oh, such an asshat! An open book for Obutt is an autobiography of blank pages. I keep thinking that I bet the Obutts has a secret bank account off shore somewhere filled with money from the failed stimulus bailout and Fast and Furious. I hope the big old black mole on the side of Barry’s nose keeps growing bigger and bigger from all the lies he tells.

    • MRM

      Oh, now that (BO) is an “open book” I look forward to reading! Not that we don’t already have a good idea of what’s in it.

  5. I do not care about Romney’s taxes, I’m sure he has paid his share. What I Do think MR should do is release his college transcripts, his health information, and his birth certificate. That ought to put the ball in the court where it belongs.
    Romney is a modern day tycoon, we used to admire that, since there isn’t much to admire about failure. All the O’s have done is fail upwards, thanks to Chicago politics
    . A troll responded to a post I made on Huffpo about Obamacare, saying ‘wouldn’t I be better off under Obamacare?” Oh please, my family makes up a segment of the people who are going to be Paying for it, and paying much more than they do now. And I know how they are struggling to keep from drowning without Obamacare.
    What I don’t get is that all the folks who get Obamacare for ‘free’ are the ones who were going to vote for him anyway, so what’s the point ? What if he actually came forward with a proposal that would help the middle class ? I mean he’s never actually tried That.
    His pathetic tax speech yesterday was a joke, all he can think about is how to stick it to The Man. Why do I always imagine Moo behind him with a cudgel ?

    • Annie's Mom

      “A shocking new survey released Monday said as many as 83 percent of the nation’s practicing physicians have considered quitting over President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.”

      • “I think at some point, you’ve made enough money”…..covers all the bases doesn’t it.
        Now if those same Docs had gone into the more important PhD programs…Women’s Studies, Urban Studies, there wouldn’t be a problem….they would all get “grants” to survive the economic storm BO has created.

      • The Original

        I know someone who has said that. He said he will go to Haiti to do some mission work there. He has been doing that several weeks a year right now anyway. And he can retire.

        • Carole

          My nephew became a reserved Air Force flight surgeon and my niece became a reserved speech pathologist in the USAF. My hubby and I have a reserve flight surgeon also as a doctor and he is thinking about retiring so he doesn’t have to do Obamacare at our HMO.

  6. Testing tweets:

    • Yay, it worked 😀

      • Next to you and your skills I am an amateur… LOL 😀

      • AnnieLaurie

        Looks great DeniseVB! How’d you get your tweet to appear like that here?

        • Easy peasy. On your twitter feed, just click on the time stamp of the tweet then copy and paste that url address onto your post.

          • AnnieLaurie

            Thanks, Denise! That’s good to know!

  7. Obama outsourcing jobs…using stimulus to shore up foreign companies…what an asshat… scroll down at the link

    Swiss-Based Landis+Gyr Received Over $50 Million In Stimulus Contracts For Their Smart Grid Meters. Cathy Zoi, A Former Obama Energy Department Official, Held Over $250,000 Worth Of Stock In The Company As They Profited From Her Department’s Policies. Zoi Had Previously Served As An Executive Director At Landis+Gyr Before Joining The Obama Administration. …

    Two Korean Manufacturers Of Electric Vehicle Batteries Were Given $300 Million To Build Plants In Michigan. Union Workers Are Now Claiming That Foreign Nationals Are Being Brought In To Fill Jobs That They Could Take. The Department Of Energy Has Admitted That 11 Of The 18 Contractors On Site Are Asian Firms.

    Outsourcer-in-Chief’s lips moving……result, more lies and cronyism

  8. Where’s MO? Today Miami…tomorrow the world…
    “First lady Michelle Obama will stop in Miami on Tuesday to recruit residents to vote and volunteer to reelect her husband, President Barack Obama.

    But the spot for the political event – Barbara Goleman Senior High in Miami Lakes – has some Republican members of the School Board seeing red.”

  9. zoinks

    I’ve got to see some fashion reviews on mooch soon. You’ve turned me into an addict! 🙂

    • She’s hiding from us! LOL 😀

    • Carole

      Oh my gosh yes!! My highlight of the day is to slam Moo’s fashion sense. Yes, indeed I need a good Moo slamming bash fix!!!

  10. Anon

    Frankly, I do not feel sorry for the people lining up to get scammed from Obama Stash and losing everything. I think it is amusing and quite ingenious of whoever thought it up. That person knew his followers were as stupid as the day is long and would fall for it hook line and sinker. Wouldn’t be surprised to find that BO himself wasn’t behind it to make up for the fact that they aren’t sending in the campaign cash this year.

    • nellyq

      Amen!!! These probably are the same Obots that thought “the president” would pay their mortgages!!

      • Ditto…how could anyone be so foolish to think any of it?

      • Carole

        I still picture in my mind the big fat black woman standing up and yelling, “Now I will get my mortgage paid.” as it was announced that Obutt won the 2008 presidency.

  11. Oh joy. Obama will be 6.66 miles from my house this weekend. Coincidence? I think not, mileage courtesy of mapquest. 😀

    • A lot of that little number popping up….in your life especially. LOL 😀

      • LOL…..the first time turned out ok, Birdie was all right and we got a new blog 🙂 I’m definitely not pushing my luck to go see Bam. (for those late to the party, I held the birdies hostage at my blog for awhile in the refugee camp, the initial post was my 666th).

        • Annie's Mom

          Heck, DVB…we weren’t hostages…we were the guests of a most gracious hostess!!

    • The Original

      That song needs to go viral. Can you imagine him performing that song at the RNC Convention? Party, party!!!

    • Catchy! And shared!

  12. “Sen. Durbin: Jesse Jackson Jr. should explain his health situation”

    I agree with Durbin that a public servant must answer to his or her consituents when there are questions about an ability to serve. However, I do not feel that Jackson has to tell the public everything that is going on healthwise. If he is unable to serve any longer, he should step aside for the good of the people. Until then, his medical siutation is no one’s business.

    Besides, wasn’t Durbin one of the lefties that said we should leave Giffords alone, even though it was obvious immediately after the shooting that she would never be able to serve in Congress again. It took her over a year to resign, and no one on the left was concerned about her district not being represented in Congress. Jackson took a leave of absence one month ago (and Congress has been in recess 1/3 of that time).

    • srdem65

      The man is ill, there’s no immediate reason for him to return to Congress. and it might be an illness that he’s not comfortable discussing in public.
      I say leave him alone to handle his personal problems for now.

      • Do you think if he were a Republican the media or the Dems would be so docile ? Heh.

        As for Gabby Giffords, Obama and the Dems campaigned off her and Sarah Palin was being held responsible. Remember Obama’s call for a New Civility? How long did that last ? They turned a tragedy into a 3-ring circus.

        I can’t think of any condition that a public servant should withhold from his or her constituents that can’t be turned into an inspiration or a public awareness learning experience for people to seek help for addiction or mental illness (suicide attempt?) type condition. Besides would they rather control the message or have it leaked by the National Enquirer (who will find an overworked and underpaid nurse and pay her a million dollars to leak the “sordid” details)

        I wish him and his family well, a simple statement and request for privacy will shut us all up 🙂 What could be worse than what the Kennedy’s have been through over the years?

    • srdem65

      Why are we not surprised?

    • WTH??!! RAAAACIST!!!
      …and it is totally racist and ignorant.

    • I saw that earlier. My disgust knows no bounds.

    • For something to be “funny” satire or parody doesn’t it have to be based on truth ? They’re just making up racist garbage and the Dems should stay as far away from this as they can !

      • Well, they aren’t and they won’t…..they’re saying the vote tomorrow on the healthcare law is racist and anyone who goes against it is racist….they can’t help themselves…vapid and stupid “speakin’ truth to power”

    • Zoinks

      The NAACP is as outdated as osama’s sandal line. Give them what they crave: your pity.

  13. Annie's Mom
    • Annie's Mom

      Did I misbehave, again? I’m awaiting moderation…

      • It’s the links…some get through, yours didn’t…(blushing with shame)

        • How many links are you allowing on your posts ? I think it defaults to one, you can set it higher, but more spam may get through. Two’s about right.

        • Set it for 2, the default. Other didn’t get through either.

      • Me too!

        • You’re good now… my apologies.

          • francinepink

            Thank you 🙂

    • Notice how her frocks are getting just a tad longer now….it must be campaign season

    • The Original

      Look at all those idiots . . . sorry, but if people go that crazy over here, you have to wonder about their mental abilities.

      • srdem65

        Amazing. She is their “idol”, their “star” and they all look like they’re ready to faint.

        I’m trying to imagine meeting LauraBush or HillaryClinton and being giddy… nope, not happening.

      • Politicians and their wives as rock stars….{sigh}

    • Good color on her but oh how I wish that woman (?) would get some sleeves!

    • Carole

      Oh darn, the dress actually looks like it fits Moo and the belt didn’t clash with the dress or look like a bullet sash, or what you call the thing that Mexican bandits wore. aMaoo must be reading our birdie remarks about her fashion sense.

    • The Royal Ta Ta’s ! That’s our MO, let’s wear this sundress so the crowd can meet “the girls” when I BEND over. Geeeeesh.

    • Zoinks

      Michelle loses her temper in public!

  14. Annie's Mom

    “NAACP Requires Photo ID To See Eric Holder Speak About His Efforts To Stop Voter ID Laws…”

    • Hypocrites….it’s never been about voter ID….it’s about keeping us segregated from each other. It would never do for black Americans to find out the real truth about the Dem Party. NAACP made up of a bunch of Uncle Toms.

  15. “Mooch To Voters: “Figure Out Who’s Speaking Truth To Power”…”

    • The Original

      I just never could figure out “speaking truth to power”. That just didn’t make any sense to me.

      • Good point! What the hell does it mean?

      • I don’t think MO knows what she’s talking about either. Just reading the part of the speech WZ highlighted made me dizzy. Then clicked on the link to read the rest, and it was taken down ?

      • Urban Dictionary…. LOL 😀
        A vacuous phrase used by some on the political Left, especially the denizens of the Democratic Underground website. Ostensibly, it means to verbally confront or challenge conservative politicians and conservative ideals using the overwhelmingly logical and moral arguments of liberalism. Doing so would, naturally of course, devastate the target individual, leaving them a stuttering, stammering bowl of defeated jelly. That or cause them to experience an epiphany that would have such a profound, worldview-changing effect that they would immediately go out and buy a Che t-shirt and start reading Noam Chomsky. Unfortunately, the individuals who would use this phrase have little or no understanding of either liberalism or conservatism, and the “truth” that they speak consists mainly of epithets and talking points, memorized by rote, which they learned from other, equally vapid liberals. As such “speak truth to power” joins other feel-good but ultimately meaningless gems from Leftist history

        • Pretty much covers the MO vapidness and ridiculous speeches. LOL 😀

        • francinepink

          Great definition!

  16. Carole

    Moo, of course, is an expert on truth so she made up a political phrase that means nothing to the voters. Now we can all witness her Harvard level of intellegence as she tella just what it means. In other words, Look you peons, Barry and I are working so hard to truly show you we have the power to keep you as Big Brothers sheep in the fold. We want to feed you, give you free health coverage, Ipods, cell phones, food stamps, pay your electric bill and make sure you don’t neeed a baby dadddy to be a parent. We will provide you with contraceptives because it is your right to have sex because being morally responsible is not your job, even if the mean old Republicans say it is. Barrrrrrrr ack is the truth and he is the ultimate power on earth, even above God and country!!

    • Its history is from the 1950s used by Quakers….
      A phrase coined by the Quakers during the mid-1950s. It was a call for the United States to stand firm against fascism and other forms of totalitarianism; it is a phrase that seems to unnerve political right, with reason.

      • Carole

        uhh so she is telling us to stand with Barry’s tyrannical, totalitarian, despotic government regime idelogies without understanding that she is really missing the point with her liberal target and is ignorantly pointing out that the Dim-o cat’s beloved idol, god and savior is actaually a fascist and a totalitatian. Ok, Lynn II, I have no idea what I just said. You are better infomed as to political ideology than I am, butt it was worth a try.

        • Well, you got the jist of it perfectly…

  17. Nuff said…..
    “President Barack Obama is facing a backlash from centrist Democrats over his ‘class warfare’ proposal to raise taxes for all Americans earning over $250,000 per year.
    The party split comes as the White House braces itself for defections on Capitol Hill when a number of Democrats are expected to vote with Republicans on Wednesday to repeal Obama’s signature healthcare reform.”

    Read more:

    • Uh-oh!!!!

  18. Here’s a little chart that will help anyone who wants to “speak truth to power.” Federal Income Tax as paid by the wealthiest in our country and the bottom 50%. I believe the rich have definitely paid their “fair share.” (Am I the only one who is sick and tired of hearing that?)

    • Me, me!! soooo sick and tired…

    • The Original

      I would love to be a part of 1% but I don’t see it coming. Being jealous of them sure isn’t going to make my life any happier.

      • Carole

        I am so over it!! Thank God there are people on earth that are able to be in the 1%. Could I have been one of them? Well, I loved teaching, which never made me wealthy. Do I regret it? Sometimes I think about it. . However, I never dwell on it and I am happy with what I have and never agonize over others’ wealth.

  19. We send ships to the Mediterranean….Russia sends even more ships……How’s that “flexibility” working out now…

    But the unusually large size of the force announced on Tuesday was considered a message, not just to the region but also to the United States and other nations supporting the rebels now trying to depose Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad.

    Tartus consists of little more than a floating refueling station and some small barracks. But any strengthened Russian presence there could forestall Western military intervention in Syria.

    The Russian announcement got a muted response in Washington. “Russia maintains a naval supply and maintenance base in the Syrian port of Tartus,” said Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council. “We currently have no reason to believe this move is anything out of the ordinary, but we refer you to the Russian government for more details.”

    Clinton will be in Israel soon to try and strongarm the government….BO has unleashed a nightmare in the ME..

    • The base in Tartus does not handle 11 warships….no way no how.

  20. srdem65

    OT: rant
    FEMA sent me a letter today advising me to buy FLOOD INSURANCE! I live in the freeking desert, 10 miles from a river that has no water in it and where the annual rainfall is about 6in of wet. We get thunderstorms and sometimes the streets flood because we don’t have a underground system for collecting rain water, but we do have special drainage areas that the water eventually drains into. I
    If we got all 6 in of rain in one day, we would be dancing in the streets.
    Who are these idiots and can I get a job there, too.

    • and the pols wonder why we have so little respect or regard for government….

    • The Original

      I had to buy flood insurance once because my home was in a 500 year flood plain. However, the worse threat was Mt. Rainier which is a dormant volcano which caused us to make preparations for quick escape if it decided to explode. We would have had 30 minutes to get to high ground. No insurance for that, though.

    • Carole

      The same idiots that call me from Florida that appear to have evey accent from India, Jamaica, Cuba, and the Philippines, and want to save me from Windows crashing, rent/sell my time share, give me a new mortgage, get me into a tub for old people like me, and to tell me there has been fraud on a credit card I don’t even have or never had. Scam, scam, follow in the footsteps of our savior, Barry.

    • Believe me, if you were in any flood threat areas your homeowners insurance would require it 😀

  21. HAH….””This will be my last political campaign no matter what,” President Obama said at a campaign event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today. “I’ve got nothing else to run for.””
    video at the link

    • The Original

      Does anyone expect him to actually do any work when he leaves for Chicago next January? I don’t.

      • If the past 4 years is any indication, he’ll still be sitting doing nothing…maybe a few speeches to keep up the income….

    • Can you imagine an Obama second term? No campaigning or fundraising required, what will he do with himself ?

      • IMHO the ONLY reason he ran for anything was to win it…not actually work or do a job.

      • OMG!! that is sooo scary…Shuddering just thinking about what he would do..

        • He wants to head up the UN. Bet on it.

          • We definitely agree on that….it is his goal..never have I doubted that for one minute….tax free pay, not one dime in taxes withheld.

  22. the other scammer in Big White….

    • All about Buhrock…never about the country

    • zoinks

      Nice to see mooch is staying committed to staying oily.

  23. Closing down the DOE Casino…One of the biggest, most blatant, politically motivated scams ever….

    House lawmakers tasked with investigating the Energy Department’s $535 million loan to the now-bankrupt solar company, Solyndra, unveiled legislation today that would ban DOE officials from giving out any more loan guarantees.

    “Our investigation has uncovered a number of disturbing truths behind DOE’s loan guarantee program, ground zero of the Obama administration’s failed stimulus,” House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton, R-Mich., said in a statement today. “Our legislative fix will give taxpayers the peace of mind that such a disaster like Solyndra will never happen again. In light of the recent string of bankruptcies, Solyndra, Beacon Power, and Abound Solar just last week, our bill takes a stand for American taxpayers, declaring loud and clear that there will be ‘No More Solyndras.’


  24. francinepink

    Gun control via the U.N.

    Bolton explains that “the administration knows that it cannot obtain this kind of legislation in purely a domestic context. They will use an international agreement to get domestically what they couldn’t get otherwise.”

  25. Found this at White House Dossier….. Granny Jan strikes again and does it with class…

  26. Annie's Mom
  27. Annie's Mom

    Lynn, dear, how in the world did we miss this pic from yestereday?

  28. WTH is she doing? ….she’s wearing those $540.00 Lanvin sneaks again.
    I thought we were done with these kind of poses for the camera…GACK!

    • Annie's Mom

      I especially like the rear shot in the upper right-hand corner…hee, hee.

    • zoinks

      We’ve got our next Soupy Sales star in January 2013.

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