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Lamentations and Lawsuits

An Obama campaign lawyer has filed a lawsuit with the FEC against Crossroads GPS. While the Campaigner-in-Chief is whining about the Super Pacs and the Supremes decision in Citizen’s United, not one word has been said about the Billions spent by unions or the non-disclosing 501 (c) (4)s.

“If Obama really cared about campaign law, he would have sent letters to Priorities USA and the League of Conservation Voters and other non-disclosing liberal 501(c)(4)s,” Collegio said in a statement. “He only cares about silencing conservative groups that are holding him accountable for his failed record.”…….[snip

A complaint from either side may be too late for this year. The complaint filed by the Obama campaign asks for a ruling before Election Day so that “voters are operating with full information about the political interests behind what they have seen on the airwaves.” Given the FEC’s standard operating pace, that likely won’t happen, Hasen says.

How embarrassing is that? Considering how many “unnamed donors” and anonymous donors BO had in 2008 that needed investigation, the 1 billion he raised for his campaign in 2008, it seems this is a little whiny and immature of his campaign. Does he think his thug politics that played out in 2008 will actually work again? Way too many people paying attention now, especially those Hillary Democrats his thug bunch rolled over in 2008. James Carville has come out saying he’s a Hillary supporter not an Obama supporter. BO is also losing the more moderate Democrats because they know how toxic he has become.  Even his most loyal supporters in the black community are questioning BO’s lack of interest in speaking with them. The NNPA has a major beef with BO over his lack of interviews with any of their publications.

But, it isn’t only President Obama that is avoiding the Black Press. The Crusader also reports that other African-American media outlets have experienced difficulties when it comes to getting interviews with the first lady. “Heart & Soul magazine, a health and fitness magazine for women of color, offered to place Michelle Obama on the cover but they, too, were denied an interview…”

Smiley of PBS is also wondering why Preezy has no time to speak to the black Ministers who disagree with his stance on gay marriage. They have politely requested a meeting with BO but, no answer. Not even to politely tell them he has no time due to his campaign schedule. But, MO wants them to have “BO’s back” when it comes time to vote for “their” man in the White House. The black minister’s coalition, not to be deterred from having their say, have told their congregations not to support BO and to sit on the sidelines. BO couldn’t even bring himself to attend the NAACP conference. Does it not seem BO takes it for granted every black voter is easy pickings?

“We have requested a meeting with President Obama and until he meets with us, we are going to ask black Christians to withhold their support until he personally hears our concerns,” the group’s spokesperson, the Rev. Bill Owens, told The Christian Post on Tuesday after Monday’s press conference in Nashville.

“More than anything, this is an issue of biblical principles and President Obama is carrying our nation down a dangerous road. Many African Americans were once proud of our president but now many are ashamed of his actions.”

Now that the black community has a rising unemployment rate of 14.7%, how many of you actually think they are as enthusiastic to vote for the ‘not-first-black-president’ (Morgan Freeman’s words, not mine).

“It’s the economy stupid”

open thread…..


  1. Pjmedia had a nice overview of Romney’s speech at the NAACP :

    At least he showed up. Obama didn’t.

    • He did good! 🙂

    • Elisabeth

      I liked what he said about the rich. They’ll be fine no matter who gets elected. Great way to negate obamas criticism. And I saw somewhere that he’s inviting the new Egypt leader (of Muslim brotherhood party) to the big white. But won’t meet with American black pastors? Telling.

  2. Anonna

    Notice the NAACP booed Romney — yeah, The One has them in his back pocket and he doesn’t need to pay attention to AfAms. He knows they’ll vote their gene pool when it comes time to pull the lever. It’s racist of them, but it’s that prison known as “black solidarity.”

    • They also applauded him when he spoke about education reform.

  3. Zoinks

    Unfortunately, the majority of blacks in America suffer from their own peculiar form of pathology (idiocy), and don’t understand the paradox of cheering for the man who has essentially thrown away the key to their slave cell, for good.

    And that is why they will vote for obama, again. And obama, inflicted with his own form of mental retardedness, will continue to beg for trillions to bailout his poor leadership, much like the compulsive gambler who pulls sweatily on the one-armed bandit without regard.

  4. Carole

    Here she is The First Lady of Jumping Jacks and Push ups, yelling and showing one of her contortive rubber lady expressions. It seems odd to me that Moo needs so many vacays to rest up and get away from the, “glass walls of the White House,” butt she never tires of putting herself on display to act like a clown or show-off gymnist in front of TV audiences or for photo ops for the world to see. Well at least she doesn’t have any deodorant cling hanging from her arm pits this time.

    • Carole,,20610890_21184026,00.html#21184026

    • Elisabeth

      Oh lord someone please take away those god awful teal shoes. She thinks they go with anything.

      • Elisabeth

        And I wondered why we didn’t have the usual photo of them walking to the picnic on the 4th. This is why. Does anyone not check this woman’s shoes before she leaves? It’s not ‘fashion forward’ anymore (as if it ever was) it’s just embarrassing.

        • Maybe she’ll go back to those awful green/mustard color ones…

  5. In a shocking repudiation of President Obama’s “soak the rich” economic plans, Senate Democrats today blocked a vote on President Obama’s proposal to raise taxes on those earning more than $250,000 per year. Senate Republicans had proposed an immediate vote on the measure. In fact, they proposed two votes: one to extend the Bush tax cuts in their totality, the other to raise taxes as per Obama’s plan. “My recommendation is we give the president what he asked for,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    Gave BO what he “wanted”…… love it when the R-words call Preezy’s bluff. Reid wimped out! LOL 😀

  6. Carole

    A dump Obama would be a birdie nest perfect dream.

  7. “When President Barack Obama turned down free tickets to this weekend’s Sprint Cup race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, the track hoped to auction off the “presidential” tickets to raise big money for charity.

    Instead, the tickets went for less than face value.”


    • Purrrrrfect!! 😀

  8. In case anyone cares, Obamacare is a tax again. That will probably change tomorrow, though.

    • What about the “freeloaders” who work the system? Plenty of fraud in all the social programs the taxpayers are footing the bill for. Medicaid fraud alone is at 9 billion a year…if that isn’t freeloading I don’t know what to call it.

  9. Today Romney proved himself. Today he made it clear he would be President of all the people, not just certain groups of people. Today he changed the whole debate on everything. He took it to them. What the Dems have done can be undone.

    • But are the people willing to listen to a real leader? Not you and me, but those who are beholden to the government. Will they vote for real change, or just the same old lies that BO spouts? I can’t answer that right now.

      • Funny, everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about Romney and his speech at the NAACP one is talking about BO. He called BO out on his own turf and did it in a classy, sincere and, real way. I think some will listen.
        Remember it was BO and the Dems who cut off the voucher program in DC. Romney wants the money to follow the child through school, whichever school they choose. The poor will no longer be trapped in the public school system. A huge plus!!

  10. Carole

    Some Granny Jan humor on a hot evening in California at 113 degrees; Even the ants in the garage are heading toward the big laundry sink to get a drink of water.

  11. Carole

    Come on you folks, shake and wake up your dead relatives and get them out there to vote for our man, the food stamp president, Barry the merry give away king of welfare. Come on, shake up those wineos out of the gutters and drag them to register and vote. Multiply yourself, vote for Barry in every town around you, just remember to use a different last name each time. Come on you folks, do it the Chicago way, dead, drunk, illegal or mentally insane, gettem out there to vote!! Thank you very much, your humble moral First Lady, Michelle Obama. Oh, and do you like my June Cleaver sun dress?

  12. srdem65

    OT: another rant
    Yesterday I told of a letter from FEMA advising me to get FLOOD insurance. Tonight, the Phoenix area is being hit with a …DUST STORM..!

    Those of you who have never been in a dust storm (lucky you), here’s what happens;
    The wind brings in huge clouds of dust picked up in the desert (our desert is not sand, but dirt) and strong gusts bring it into our homes through all those little cracks and crevices.
    If you’re outside in a dust storm, it hurts when the dirt and debris hits you. The silt gets in your eyes and hair, yuk.
    After it’s all over, there is a fine silt everywhere that is hard to clean up.

    It’s not dangerous unless you try to drive through it (think the worst fog you ever saw) but is irritating as all get-out.

    • I think I’ll stay where I am….that is not something I would like to handle. LOL 😀

    • Yikes, all the gritty annoyance of going to the beach without the fun of playing in the ocean 😀

      When we lived in Southern Cal, I noticed their season changes were Hot, Dry, Brown, Windy, Fire, Monsoon, and Mudslide. I’m definitely an East Coastie.

      • Carole

        DeniseVB you hit right about CA. Yesterday it was 113 degrees ans icky, today a big wind hit in the morning and now it is humid, overcast and drab.

  13. Chicago police sergeant: “Tribal warfare” on the streets….
    Until everyone in those neighborhoods gets pi**ed off not one thing will work. It takes Chutzpah and a “stand your ground” attitude to stop all that violence and get it in check. Rahm’s pleading won’t do it!

  14. OH boy, even the foreign papers are writing about Romney’s speech to the NAACP!
    Much more honestly then the LSM in the US.

    This fortitude may have won him some respect, and more importantly, his challenge to take a look may find any number of takers. When he closed with his memories of his father, that appears to have triggered the unexpected standing ovation. Stanley again:

    Mitt closed by talking about his father, George Romney. Mitt’s done this a number of times on the campaign trail in a vain bid to give himself a narrative beyond “When I was a kid, I got an A in math.” It usually fails to get a response from the audience. But this time, Romney reminded the NAACP that his father had backed civil rights laws as Governor of Michigan and marched with protesters. In other words, there is a history of Republican support for the black freedom struggle that predates the Democratic one. In fact, while George Wallace was standing on the school door and the Kennedys were tapping Martin Luther King Jnr’s phone, some Republican lawmakers were fighting the good fight against segregation.

    And what motivated George? According to Mitt, it was his Mormonism: “My father was a man of faith who knew that every person was a child of God.” For that, Mitt earned himself a chord on the church organ. By the end of the speech, the audience was on its feet.

    Read more:

    • srdem65

      “forditude”? really. The MSM says “courageous”. Why, because a White man dared to speak to an organization that hates Whites on every level.
      Can we say the same about MrObamba when he addresses an audience of White people? like…oh, he’s so brave to stand in front of them. Of course not. White people don’t “hate” Black people. Oh, but Repubs hate Black people, Brown people, any person of color or religion, and women, school children, poor people…..etc,etc.
      What a shame.

      When America elected a bi-racial man to the WhiteHouse, little did we know that we would be fighting an all-out racial war with everyone who thinks they’re not White. If people of Spanish descent want to call themselves a new racial group for polititcal reasons, then racial politics has lost it’s meaning.

      EricHolder gets a standing ovation from the NAACP, not because he’s doing such a wonderful job, but because he’s Black. He can tell these people that VoterID laws were written to keep Blacks from voting, as if a photo ID was something only White people had and they cheer wildly at his efforts to stop the election officials from verifying who’s actually voting on election day.

      • Carole

        Obutt likes to refer to whitey as “you folks,’ not Americans.

  15. Annie's Mom
    • Oh it worked! You’re back….good on ya
      BO is a liar…we’ve been calling him out on that for over three years. So is his clucking nanny state wife….

    • Carole

      Saying the truth as it really is, thanks Romney

  16. francinepink

    So Jesse Jackson Jr. In rehab here in Az for alcoholism and addiction:

    • and depression…has nothing to do with that ongoing investigation LOL 😀

    • srdem65

      There’s a special facility for treating addictions in Tucson AZ. It’s a ritzy, resort-like place and a lot of famous (and infamous) rich people have re-habbed there.
      Certainly not for thee or me, but for the ones who can afford privacy and luxury.

      • I wonder if those ritzy rehab places do more harm than good? By keeping the patient sedated and comfortable through withdrawl may be why so many return. (See: Rich Hollywood celebs). The good old fashion way of unsedated withdrawl and feeling like you want to die every single second of it (from what I’ve heard that is), has a much higher clean and sober rate. Makes sense to me.

        • Carole

          DeniseVB the problem is that therapy has to be part of the equation and many drug abusers don’t feel that they need on going therapy sessions once they are clean and feeling good again. The addictive urges are always there, part of your life, and it really is a struggle to stay clean and off drugs. Support systems just have to be part of your daily life to keep you clean and sober.

  17. So, the NAACP is ‘against’ policies that would provide for a better education, provide jobs, and make their lives a whole bunch better? Well, that is really “speaking truth to power”. LOL 😀

      • srdem65

        How silly. Like what? he scoured the community looking for Black people and offering them what? to pay their rent, give them money from his “stash”?

        They’re just mad that the NAACP people didn’t throw tomatoes at MrRomney or walk out the door in protest, but were respectful and polite. As we would be to MrObama if he ever lowered himself to talk to the “little people”.

        • Three rich white Repubs founded the NAACP….(they don’t want anyone to know that)

        • They also don’t want to admit the “at least when Republicans were in power I had a job” that a lot of blacks are saying. Disenchantment is setting in. With Hispanics and blacks.

    • Carole

      Then if Blacks had success in their lives they wouldn’t need organizations like NAACP.

  18. srdem65

    OT. don’t read this or watch the video if you don’t want to be heartbroken and sad….

    or just angry as H*ll.

    • I’ve seen that up close and personal. It’s so sad. Babies whose moms are addicted are so pathetic. Heroin addiction in babies is just as bad. Had a friend whose kid put her baby through that. It was horrible!! 😦

  19. Why am I not shocked or surprised…Geithner was head of the NY Fed Reserve and knew about all this. Biggest consumer fraud in history..and the governments of the banks involved colluded.

    “As the investigation into the LIBOR interest rate-rigging in the United Kingdom becomes a financial scandal of tsunami-like proportions, some analysts are openly wondering whether 16 of the world’s largest banks have perpetrated the biggest fraud in history.

    With the public coming round to the global significance of banks potentially colluding like a cartel to favourably set the LIBOR, those same analysts predict lawsuits worth tens of billions being brought against the Western world’s largest financial institutions by average consumers.

    Early analysis suggests that for a period of several years before and after the 2008 financial crisis, the London interbank offered rate (LIBOR) was manipulated to such an extent that a family with a $100,000 mortgage would have been $50 to $100 worse off a month because of the fixing.”

    Read more:

    • and more…interest manipulation added $50 to $100 per month to every mortgage, This is huge…… $360 trillion huge

      […]But the dirty little secret on Wall Street is that the New York Fed is a horrible regulator: It sees its chief job as keeping the banking system intact. Since it needs its member banks to buy US government debt and to control the money supply, the last thing it wants to do is shed light on the banks’ shady practices.

      Which is why the Wall Street power brokers loved Geithner so much: On his New York Fed watch, he basically let them get away with the financial equivalent of murder, letting them take on the astronomical amounts of risk that ultimately blew up the system in 2008.

      And then, when they needed a bailout, he was there with a plan that made sure their banks and jobs were safe.[…]

      That’s why I’m saying Geithner is such an important witness as the Libor investigation expands to include the possibility that banking-industry cops like himself looked the other way.

      Read more:

  20. Annie's Mom

    Allen West targeted by Soros-funded SuperPac. I couldn’t do much, but I did donate…

  21. More lamentations….from the unions (who won’t be attending or investing in the DNC in Charlotte) LOL 😀
    Holding their own convention in labor friendly Philly. LOL 😀
    What’s a Preezy to do….

  22. Awwwww….

    “The president’s goals aren’t complete yet,” the senior campaign official said.

    And Obama might have more at stake than just losing an election, observers say.

    “There’s no such thing in American history as a successful one-term president,” Jillson said. “It’s the two-term presidents, who have the time to pass their initiatives, lock them in and build on them in the second term, that are most memorable. If you can’t do that, your accomplishments will be swept away.”

    I have the utmost faith BO will be swept away…he has zero “accomplishments”…and neither does the First Nag

    • Carole

      Hopefully Obutt and Moochy will be swept away to swim back to the sewers of southside Chicago to among their thug and criminal element friends.

  23. OMG!!! I agree with Harry Reid! Burn those Olympic outfits…

  24. srdem65

    Good grief. A story on Drudge about a DC policeman who wants to shoot MO.
    I don’t believe it. Watch for the outrage, the pity, the racist stories.
    Oh, we’re in for a rough ride until November.

  25. francinepink

    Condi emerging as frontrunner for Romney VP!

    • Oh, please let this be true! It would be the answer to my prayers. Romney/Rice 2012!

    • PLEASE<PLEASE<PLEASE ……let this be true….it is common knowledge that she is my dream candidate. She would wipe the floor with Biden or BO in a NY second!! She is Presidential material, no doubt about it…. 😀

    • Annie's Mom

      Please, please, please!!

  26. Romney’s campaign manager accused BO’s staff of being “out-of-control.” I cannot agree more. They are loose cannons. The more they try to save BO, the deeper the grave they are digging.

  27. Love this !

    • LOL :D… she’s probably on the tea trolley tonite…. LOL 😀

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