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BO can’t tell a “good story”

“The mistake of my first term, couple of years, was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right.  And, that’s important.  But, the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the America people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism especially during tough times.”

Excuse Me?….

The most depressing, divisive figure in politics today, who plays class warfare and defines us by the color of our skin, forgot to tell us a story? What are we, a bunch of little kids who need stories to make us feel better?

What sense of unity and purpose has Obama given the American people? Was it when he told the hispanics to “fight your enemies”? Was it when he said “they bring a knife, we bring a gun to the fight”? This is Obama’s sense of unity. This is gutter politics at its worse.

Today Stephanie Cutter made the claim that Mitt Romney was a “felon” or a “liar”. Pelosi said Romney went to the NAACP to get booed, intimating Romney was trying to capitalize on a “racist” vote. Is this the “story” Obama wants to tell? Both of those statements are outrageous. Progressives have no shame. As Charles Krauthammer said “Romney doesn’t have any sleletons in his closet, he doesn’t even have a closet”. The Romney campaign is now calling for an apology. Does anyone actually believe it will be forthcoming from the world’s biggest narcissist?

The biggest fear of the Progressives is, because of Romney’s stance on education and school choice, he may be able to peel off enough votes in the black and hispanic communities and, the Indies to actually win this election. Shelton of the NAACP said when Romney talked about school funds following the student it was “code” for vouchers. As if wanting to send one’s child to a better school to get a good education was somehow an abhorrent idea. With a 40% dropout rate among black students one would also think getting students out of poorly run schools would be a great advantage to both youngsters and parents. Progressives will say anything, do anything, even lie, about an upstanding Presidential candidate who is capable and has impeccable credentials. We all know more about Mitt Romney’s story and his background then we do about Obama’s. Romney hasn’t sealed all of his records from public scrutiny. All the Progressive garbage about Romney and Bain has already been debunked by the likes of Bill Clinton and Corey Booker among others.

In 2007 Hillary Clinton said Obama was “irresponsible” and “naive”. She was right, he is. Proof positive Progressives are irresponsible?

This ought to make you LOL,  research files for twelve 2012 match-ups.


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  1. “snubbed”?….nothing scheduled for today
    “Obama’s decision to skip the annual convention in the heat of his re-election bid has been a point of of constant speculation here in recent days, providing a sort of microcosm for how the black community views the nation’s first African-American president as he nears the end of his first term.

    “The people here overwhelmingly supported President Obama, would have loved to have President Obama here. So there’s definitely some disappointment about that,” said Dedrick Muhammad, director of the NAACP’s Economic Department.

    Convention organizers said the president’s office cited a “scheduling conflict” as the reason he couldn’t attend. (Obama spent today in Washington D.C., and has no major public events.) And the president did make an effort to ensure the convention that he hadn’t forgotten them, appearing in a brief, pre-taped video praising the organization that aired before Biden’s address.”

  2. and this….

    […]The clumsy and self-defeating attacks only draw attention once again to a stunning lack of competence in Obama’s campaign – and Obama’s lack of a positive agenda for re-election. With the economy sliding backwards and after three straight disappointing jobs reports, the president cannot point to any success in his stewardship of the US economy. Despite his legal victory last month on ObamaCare, his signature legislative achievement remains so unpopular that Obama and his surrogates want to change the subject whenever anyone asks about it.[…]

  3. Carole

    Thanks Lynn II for the video. I love the video seen on that site where Carney is ask about Obutts college records. It is amazing that Carney can stand there and respond without his nose growing longer and longer. Obutt has been transparent? They submitted copy after copy of Obutts’s long form birth certificate all right…after it was edited, revised or plain just made up. It is preposterous to believe that Americans have no right to see Obutt’s documents in order to learn his past and to make a judgement about voting for him. Didn’t the Dim-o-cats just claim that Romney is hiding information from the public? Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth and blowing smake out of your asshat!! Obutt is the master of deception and the word transparency isn’t even in his vocabulary. Obutt, the Masked President, with the imaginary past, is transparent to a fault! Carney definitely has his head up where the sun doesn’t shine!!!!!!!!!

    • Hollydolly

      What I don’t understand is the constant lying. Outrageous, huge lies are told over and over about everything. And they say things that can easily be identified as untrue based on facts. Are they pathological or are their minds so twisted they actually think they are being truthful. Do they think people are that dumb? I just don’t get it.

      • Progs lie because they always have…..even when they don’t have to. Making stuff up and twisting the truth to get what they want is their stock in trade. Yes, they have a superiority complex and do think if they change the meaning of words to fit their meme you will be stupid enough to go along. All depends on what the definition of “is” is.

        • geoprof

          It is the oldest political policy in the world for Marxists: tell the lie, tell it big, tell it often, and people will eventually believe it.

  4. srdem65

    Some days the news and the people in the news just make me crazy:
    1. MrRomney is a racist for addressing the NAACP
    2. MrRomney is a felon for some reason
    3. MrObama thinks he didn’t tell us enough stories
    4. MrRomney says MrObama is a liar
    5. A pastor gets arrested for having prayer meetings in his own home
    6. Some nutty policeman in DC said he wanted to shoot MrsObama
    7. Cities are going bankrupt across America
    8. Dems want our Olympic teams to burn their Chinese made uniforms
    9. Somebody stole a bench from my front porch for some reason.

    OK, the last one is personal, but the rest is out there.

    • Sorry about your bench. That would send me over, as well. I can handle a lot when it comes to politics, but something personal is unbearable.

    • Oh, srdem, I am so sorry your bench was stolen. I know exactly how you feel. Some years ago, before we put up an 8 foot fence around the backyard, all my outdoor chairs were stolen. I never could figure out why anyone would steal 4 $7.00 PVC chairs. Seems a lot of people feel what’s your should be theirs. It’s just pathetic! 😦

      • srdem65

        The bench was 5ft long, had wooden slats and metal legs. It wasn’t something you could tuck under your arm or drag down the sidewalk without causing a stir.
        It was old, not an antique or even very valuable. Maybe I could get $5 at a yard sale.
        It’s not something you put in your living room, or even on your patio. It was more decorative than useful; I would put my Halloween pumpkin on it.

        I wasn’t mad or scared, just amazed that someone would steal such a thing.

        • We have scrappers here who take things for the metal. ????

        • francinepink

          Get this, speaking of stealing metal…my friend’s house was broken into when they were away for a while. The thieves took their time and obviously lived in the house while going through every inch of their stuff. Came home to poop in the toilet that stunk up the place. Couldn’t flush it, the water had been turned off. Couldn’t get the water to turn back on and water department came out. The thieves had also gotten under their house and stole all their copper plumbing. Such a nightmare!

          • One of my neighbors left for work, came home in the evening and had no plumbing. Took every bit of copper in the house, even the water meter.

      • Carole

        I know the feeling. About 6 or 7 months ago someone stole my little girl statute that was in my front yard. I bought her at an antique store so she was one of a kind and can’t be replaced. She had an apron that she held up in front of her and you could place flowers in the little fold.

  5. Hollydolly

    Very thin story information-wise. Lots of “she declined to discuss the matter further, police officials declined to identify the officer, officials from the U.S. Attorney’s office declined comment. The officer talks about shooting MOO and is reassigned? No investigation? I call BS.

    • srdem65

      DC officer? Hmmm. Might this person be a Af-Am and therefore not a good story?

      • francinepink

        I bet you are correct.

  6. BO has spun so many “stories” about himself (so has MO), making up stories is what he does. They claim BO was a “disadvantaged child”, he wasn’t. He lies throughout his books about events that never happened with people who weren’t there.
    I guess if he speaks slower and uses smaller words we would be better able to understand his awesomeness and his massive intellect.
    On a personal level, BO doesn’t know me, so why does he attack me and others he doesn’t know? Why does he call me the “enemy”?

  7. Does anyone believe this man knows anything about the economy or how to run a government that is pro business and job growth. DUH!!

    Rose asked Mr. Obama, “Do you believe his presidency would be a disaster, because this is a man who’s been a successful businessperson. Does that disqualify him or make him appropriately a candidate for a political office? How do you take the measure of his business experience?”
    Mr. Obama said, “I do not think at all it disqualifies him. But I also think it’s important if that’s his main calling card, if his basic premise is that ‘I’m Mr. Fix-It on the economy, because I made a lot of money.'”
    Rose said, “But that’s not what he’s saying.”
    “Well, no, that is to – to some degree,” Mr. Obama said. “What he says is he understands the economy and the private sector.”
    Rose said, “And they built businesses and they bought businesses and made them better.”
    “Well, they invested – they invested,” said Mr. Obama said. “So that’s his premise. I think it is entirely appropriate to look at that record and see whether, in fact, his focus was creating jobs and he successfully did that. And when you look at the record, there are questions there that have to be asked.”

    • srdem65

      Agree. He knows nothing about how to start a business, how to run a business and he certainly doesn’t know how hard it is to keep it going.

      My Grandson asked how poor people could start a business if they don’t have much money.
      I told him you start small, work your butt off and try to offer something better than anyone else, and if you make some money, you invest it in your business, work your butt off, etc. etc.
      The key to business success is to impress your banker, not your neighbor.

      I’ve known business owners who are very successful, but still live in the modest family home and drive modest vehicles. They are still the same, but richer.

      • Carole

        I just cannot listen to Obutt speak. He talks without really saying anything that is meaninful. His speeches are endless dialogue just read off a teleprompter, full of fluff , lies and meaningless blather. His Rev. Wright oration skills of sing song rythm sentences cut in half to show emphasis is annoying and distracts you from the message. I just can’t listen to him or watch him on TV. I find myself looking at the mole on the side of his nose, waiting for it to grow bigger and bigger. When he smiles his face looks like the Joker from the Batman movie. His smile is sooooooooooo fake that it looks more like a snobby sneer.

    • francinepink

      Still trying to inject class warfare. I can’t believe the most intelligent man in the universe comes across so stupid!

  8. soccotash1

    This article on AT made me very sad thinking about all that has been lost for future generations,some of the comments are well worth reading

    • What I miss is the freedom to speak one’s mind without being castigated for it. Disagreeing with the present administration’s policies can be damned dangerous now. Conservative bloggers being swatted, getting hatemail, being threatened, called vile names, all because of a political disagreement. Even the pols have gotten into that mindset suggesting we are Nazis or racists. It’s just pathetically ignorant.

  9. domanii

    Hi ladies! I got a new computer and now I can actually get here. The graphic card was messing up on my old computer and it wouldn’t let me see this website, along with others.

    I’m glad to be back, I’ve missed ya all. At any rate, Sheriff Joe has a news conference Monday about the birth certificate and some other things. I can’t wait to find out what he’s found.

    • welcome home!! 🙂
      Sorry about your post. Now that it is out of pending you shouldn’t have any other problems commenting here. Once a comment is approved you’re good to go…

    • Annie's Mom

      Hey D…it’s great to see you, again!

    • Anonna

      Oh, me, too. Sheriff Joe is my hero. Obama has made a few enemies who won’t quit until the truth is out — thank goodness.

  10. I posted the video on an earlier post here, but the developing “story” newsies inspired me to blog about it. Great fun, ifisaysomyself 😉

  11. Annie's Mom
    • Thank you very much….It’s always been that way…the media is also complicit by not revealing how skewed the polls really are toward the Dems. If anyone here thinks BO is ahead of Romney by more then 1% (plus or minus 3) they are absolutely wrong. It’s the reason for all the smears coming out. They’re paniced because they’re losing to a moderate Republican. They want to give an aura of victory…it isn’t there.

    • The pollsters also think 2010 didn’t happen….LOL 😀

    • The Original

      Just from a lay point of view, I just trust any poll if it doesn’t come from Rasmussen. That has been the closest. Don’t always like what I hear from them, but at least, I trust them somewhat.

  12. domanii

    what happened to my post?

    • Hi there…don’t worry I gotcha! 😀

  13. The Original

    So, I am watching an old “House” re-run because . . . well, there just isn’t anything else I wanted to watch. I saw my first Obama commercial (from his campaign) with the false accusation regarding Bain outsourcing. I wanted to throw my shoes at my TV.

  14. geoprof

    Right now, I cannot watch TV. It’s just too maddening. Between the run-off between Cruz and Dewhurst here in TX and the DNC commercials, the TV would have been thrown in the pool.

    • The Original

      I mostly see commercials from PACs. This was the first one from the Obama campaign itself.

  15. Annie's Mom
    • Whoa! Not only the shoulders, but everything else seemed to be highlighted.

    • Ahem….the shoulders aren’t her real problem…..MO needs to check out Harris Faulkner’s wardrobe….

      • Annie's Mom

        The last time I saw Harris, she was wearing a low-cut, very short, too tight, red dress.

        • Must have missed that one…she’s usually dressed well…and her figure is similar to MO’s.

    • francinepink

      Why does she overdo the jewelry? Then again, she overdoes everything.

      • Carole

        Oh,oh, I see a little white circle over one of her boobettes. Is that a patch or sort of a bra? It just is so not First Lady behavior to be jostling and jumping around with children. The leg stance is vulgar.

    • The Original

      White is not a good color on her. She is too fat.

    • Anonna

      Butt and Gut as my mother would say. In the frontal shot it appears that she has had more work done — lips fattened, maybe some sort of mini-face lift? Her face looks very tight and something has changed in the proportions.

      Doesn’t look like her sassy keepin’ it real Meesh self, does she? Maybe regretting a few of those vote-losing solo flights and pricey vacays?

  16. here’s a good story for BO to tell…How I Gutted Welfare Reform….or How to Not Work and Become a Generational Dependent.

    ““President Obama now wants to strip the established work requirements from welfare,” Romney said. “The success of bipartisan welfare reform, passed under President Clinton, has rested on the obligation of work. The president’s action is completely misdirected. Work is a dignified endeavor, and the linkage of work and welfare is essential to prevent welfare from becoming a way of life.””

  17. Sorry, another blog dump, I’m just wondering if the FLOTUS Moo Fashionista could have inspired a better design for our Olympic athletes? I mean, she’s so totally awesomey awesome fashionable and we’re paying for her vacay to London later this month.

    • Thanks guys for dropping by 🙂

      • Throw your stuff up here anytime….we like it! 😀

    • The Original

      I have you bookmarked. Glad I found you.

  18. Here’s a story worth telling…BO makes stuff up, Condi Rice doesn’t have to….she has done it all and really well too…

    “As Stanford’s Provost, Rice was responsible for managing the university’s multi-billion dollar budget. The school at that time was running a deficit of $20 million. When Rice took office, she promised that the budget deficit would be balanced within “two years.” Coit Blacker, Stanford’s deputy director of the Institute for International Studies, said there “was a sort of conventional wisdom that said it couldn’t be done… that [the deficit] was structural, that we just had to live with it.” Two years later, Rice announced that the deficit had been eliminated and the university was holding a record surplus of over $14.5 million.[24]
    (economics…a balanced budget)

    Rice drew protests when, as provost, she departed from the practice of applying affirmative action to tenure decisions and unsuccessfully sought to consolidate the university’s ethnic community centers.[25]
    (knows affirmative action is just wrong)

    During a farewell interview in early December 2008, Rice indicated she would return to Stanford and the Hoover Institution, “back west of the Mississippi where I belong,” but beyond writing and teaching did not specify what her role would be.[26] Rice’s plans for a return to campus were elaborated in an interview with the Stanford Report in January 2009.[27] She returned to Stanford as a political science professor and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution on March 1, 2009.[28] As of 2012 she is on the Political Science faculty as a professor of political science and on the faculty of the Graduate School of Business as the Denning Professor in Global Business and the Economy, in addition to being the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution.[29]”

    Wouldn’t it be great to have a Phi Beta Kappa for the VP…then on to President?

    • srdem65

      You bet.

    • Carole

      Yes indeed. Rice is smart, well spoken, dresses appropriately for her working status, and she is genuine in her remarks and personal thoughts.

    • The Original

      I love Condi. She is soooo smart.

  19. srdem65

    OT: into freeky land
    Did anyone else watch the premire of a new cable show called “Hit or Miss”?
    I DVR’d it and watched it this morning…OMG.
    It’s set in England?Scotland?Australia? and it’s about a transgender hit, umm, person who dresses like a woman.
    The opening scene shows her killing someone, going home, removing her bra to show her breasts, then removing her underpants to show her penis………….gasp. I don’t know where the show went after that, I deleted it, had a cup of tea with some Jack.
    I’m not old enough to watch that kind of thing yet.

    • Nope….we haven’t gotten past cartoons yet…. LOL 😀
      Still watching The Last Airbender marathons…. LOL

    • Carole

      It sounds like the cable show should go into the trash can as pure junk.

    • The Original

      I bet it is from any of those countries named. I worked in Sydney for 4 months. Trying to find something worth watching on TV over there is a hard task. They do not have much of a censor issue. Everything goes.

  20. The EPA regs hurt everyone….another story
    In the once huge mfg. urban areas, the lead is not in the paint, it’s in the soil…..the opt-out was a fair compromise. Glad to see there are some people, other than the NAHB, who understand that.

    • DLeigh

      EPA…the average person has no idea how this organization of unelected rule makers screws with their everyday life on the pretense of taking care of us.

  21. francinepink

    Astrology of the election: an astrologer has looked at MO’s chart and Ann Romney’s chart for election day and predicts Romney wins:

    Plus in reading Marjorie Orr’s (well known astrologer) small analysis of the election, it appears she doesn’t see much good coming for Obama and better transits for Romney. I will copy it in case anyone is interested even though there is a lot of jargon:

    “The rest of Obama’s influences aren’t great. Transit Neptune opposition Sun/Mars now till mid August is a downer. Transit Uranus is square his Sun/Moon midpoint mid August to mid September could be affecting his closest relationships but the Sun/Moon can also tell about a politician’s popularity. That looks like a shock. And transit Pluto opposition his Sun/Moon midpoint across Oct and Nov this year is fairly anguished, pushed and pulled every which way with inner turmoil. Plus a droopy transit Neptune trine his Venus mid Aug to late Sept – which again could be children or emotional but could also undermine his confidence on the public platform.
    Saturn moving out of his 8th come this September will help since he might not feel so beleaguered thereafter.
    He has some mildly encouraging Jupiter transits to minor midpoints at the election but nothing that really stands out.
    I’ll need to clear my head and do a sensible look at his chart and Romney’s. Romney does have transit Uranus sextile and transit Jupiter trine his Midheaven at the Inauguration (if birth time accurate) and he does have two really positive Jupiters around the Election – tr Pluto trine Jupiter/Uranus and tr Uranus opposition Jupiter/Pluto. Obama had one of those sort last time round but not this. “

    • srdem65

      The charts never lie. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that it will be so.

    • It’s not his in the cards either.

      • francinepink

        Have you done a tarot reading recently?

        • Yes, he has some major personal issues. It will be resolved, but will affect the elections in a very negative way. Something is creeping up on BO.

          • francinepink

            Cool! His horoscope and Michelle’s show marital issues, have even seen the suck up liberal astrologers touching on it. I found this amusing from Marjorie Orr:

            Michelle Obama and Oprah – at cross purposes (14 May 2012 09:01): 
            A new book out by Edward Klein, former editor of the NY Times Magazine, says that Michelle Obama is jealous of the access and influence Oprah Winfrey had over her husband. The White House suggests that the author made up stories to sell his book.
            Which is where astrology comes in very handy!

            The relationship chart between Michelle and Oprah has a superficially sugary sweet composite Venus square Jupiter though that ties into Uranus – so fairly changeable. What is incontrovertible evidence of simmering hostility is a composite Mars Saturn conjunction trine Pluto. Not a friendship made in heaven, that’s for sure.

            The relationship chart between Barack Obama and Oprah has a sparky-attraction Venus opposition Mars, perhaps a possessive Moon opposition Pluto, an adventurous Jupiter trine Uranus, a highly strung, needs-space Sun Neptune square Uranus and an entrepreneurial Fire Grand Trine. So they’ll enjoy each others company and see benefits from it though it hardly looks like a dangerous liaison.

            • I’m coming up with fighting “inner demons” that have to be laid to rest. If this isn’t accomplished he will fail….from what I’ve seen he has a choice between two paths and he’s making all the wrong choices at the moment. Reckless abandon in the present as the Sun (major arcana) is reversed and the light is fading (taking really bad advice or choosing not to take the correct path, losing knowledge of the higher self). Future, Two of Swords (inverted), out of balance, arguments, old rivalries reappear. Something is definitely creeping up on BO. No doubt about it.

  22. All Boo needs is a cracker barrel and a corncob pipe, so he can spin us some good yarns. What if Americans could tell Him their story ? Jobs and homes gone, not being able to provide for their children. Moving in with relatives, etc. Some have even had to ‘give up’ their precious pets, because they can’t afford to care for them.. I’d suggest it would even provide fodder for a great movie, except it’s already been made, called “Grapes of Wrath” hard to top that one. So let’s gather our own collective wrath and use on Election Day.

    • My second favorite movie….right after To Kill A Mockingbird….I like the old movies….
      Sorry, got sidetracked….I saw a movie about Swedish immigrants called “I Remember Mama”….it was really neat. Sorry again, can’t help myself sometimes. 🙂

  23. oops..last sentence ‘use it’

    • srdem65

      Funny thing about our typos and missed words and all the rest; it doesn’t matter because we all understand whatever someone is trying to say. It seems when we’re writing from the heart the words just flow and sometimes the thoughts get ahead of the fingers.

      Anyhoo, I don’t know about BO, but MO couldn’t get anymore less classy than she already has shown us. Mouth agape, underarm shots, sitting with her legs spread apart, all she needs is a corn cob pipe, too.

      • Your comment on MOTUS was the funniest thing I have read in a long time. You are an inspiration! LOL 😀 ….still LMAO

    • Annie's Mom

      Wow…talk about invasion of personal space. What a jerk.

    • If somebody invaded BO’s personal space like that (not that the SS would let it happen), he would probably stiffen up and try to wiggle away. As long as he is grabbing you, it’s OK. Same with MO.

    • francinepink

      Her look says “If you don’t get your phony arm off of me I will explode in 2 seconds.” she looks very uncomfortable and he looks like he is putting on a show.

    • srdem65

      There are a lot of guys who would punch him in the nose if that were their wife.
      She’s someone’s wife and he’s out of line.

      • Carole

        In that photo op, Barry reminds me of the drunk at the party that sits next to you and starts to put his hands on you to get a little loving going on and you just want to push him away and escape.

      • there are a lot of women who want to do the same…for different reasons..

  24. Anyone who hasn’t taken a trip to reflect at MOTUS today absolutely should….

    • The Original

      I used to post there but I have never figured out how I can login since I don’t have an account on any of the ones they use. So, I just read the posts, but not as much as I used to do.

  25. francinepink

    First the restaurant owner dies the day he ate there and now a 29 yr old worker for his campaign. Who is next?

    • The Original

      Well, they usually come in “3s”.

  26. Carole
    • YEP, the Washington Wunderkinds made a huge mess of that city, now make a huge mess of the country. Every single one of the top advisors had a hand in Chicago politics.

  27. soccotash1

    Thought everyone could use a laugh today. From “I’m smarter than a fifth grader”

    • LOL :D….ROFLMAO …”paralegals” LOLOLOLOL 😀
      Oh DUH!!

    • Hollydolly

      That’s awesome! Thanks for the laugh!

  28. Senate Dems introducing the “Team USA Made in America Act of 2012.”
    Can’t produce a budget…seriously? What a bunch of clowns.

  29. Artur Davis tells a great story…another one of us disenfranchised Dems… 😀
    A former BO backer…gotta love it!

  30. Anonna

    “Pelosi said Romney went to the NAACP to get booed, intimating Romney was trying to capitalize on a “racist” vote.”

    She has truly lost her mind.

    • The Original

      She is a disgrace. Maybe she is slipping into dementia.

    • Next thing you know she’ll be saying we remind her of Nazis…oh, wait…/

  31. The Original

    I am a major supporter of Israel. I believe we are commanded to support and defend Israel. That is why I find this beyond maddening. Obama not only does not defend Israel, but he is flaunting his disregard to the law by raising funds in a building built for religious purposes. No Christian church would be allowed to do this. Grrrr. . . .

  32. The Original

    This needs to be run on every TV across the US. One of the best.

  33. Amen to the above. At this very minute someone on the O team is trying to figure out if starting a war with Iran would help zero’s re-election. Count on it. Thank God we can also count on Bibi to always be a hundred steps ahead of O. Bibi will never let Bo get the jump on him, or use his country as campaign fodder..Bibi loves Israel and is a patriot something The Other will never understand.

  34. soccotash1

    I have been thinking lately (scary) and there is something I have not heard is that Obama has blown a huge chance to make a difference in the black community by encouraging black men to be responsible. IMHO if they were encouraged to do this by black men who are leaders it would really help.Think of our own fathers,they encouraged us and led by example. in black communities fathers are mostly absent.As the first black president he could have done a lot of good but has instead spent his time dividing,deriding and dismissing the good people of America and to that I say “Shame on you,Mr.President” you blew an opportunity to make a real differnce.

    • Both of them did, BO and MO.

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