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Is anyone on the left tethered to earth anymore?

Romney Derangement Syndrome is setting in….how dare anyone support him over teh WON. The flying leap off the planet came after Romney spoke at the NAACP. How dare he call “Obamacare”  by that name even though BO’s campaign messengers call it that and have embraced the term. But, not to be deterred by anything close to normal reasoning, the left has decided to go all psycho-political and flip into some unknown universe occupied by no one but them. Even the Minority House Speaker got into the act intimating it was just racist for Romney to pounce on Obamacare and get booed. Which brings us to this thought;   No matter what you say, if it’s critical of Obama, you are opening yourself to be called racist or at least a “race-monger.”  That might have worked in 2008, but not in 2012. It’s an overblown accusation and an exaggeration from small minded people on the left not tethered to the earth anymore.

A “Pin Money Trust” set up for First Ladies could be the source of MO being able to spend such exorbitant amounts on her clownish overpriced wardrobe. It is called “Pin Money” after all and would be spent at a First Lady’s discretion. The Pin Trust gives every First Lady $12,000 per year, while her husband is President, to make up for the lack of a salary. So, MO has now received $48,000 to spend on baubles, clothing, and various other sundries. How interestin’ is that?

Pin Money outfits?  You decide..


  1. Several of our First Ladies were very wealthy and bought their own clothes. Others (like Mrs. Carter) were proud to wear less expensive fashion, as their budgets were more limited. FLOTUS fashion was never an issue until MO made it one. Why not use the money to hire an in-house dressmaker for the FLOTUS? Someone who could construct bespoke creations with a unique American flair. In the modern era we seem to only elect wealthy, Ivy League-educated Presidents who can buy their wives haute couture. Why not use the money to fund the First Ladies’ pet initiative?

    At least BO isn’t hiding MO’s shopping sprees in appropriations bills like Lincoln did. As far as we know.

    • Clinton gave her pin money to charity. B Bush gave some to charity and did “something special” for her grandchildren. I would love to know where MO spent hers.

      • Plastic surgeon?

        • Never thought of that one, but Botox and dentistry wouldn’t be too far fetched…. 😀

          • Carole

            The eyebrows, MO spent it on the wiggly worm eyebrows!

            • The eyebrows don’t cost all that much. Sharpies are fairly cheap at Wal-Mart.

              • and come in all those neat colors….

        • Nah, she’s get that free through Bethesda Naval where they have guys trying to keep their skills sharp for the wounded soldiers. Military dependents can be fit in as their schedule allows. Though MO’s probably bumped a few 😉 Cosmetic dental work and dermatology too. FLOTUS ain’t goin’ to be on no Obamacare 😀

          • Annie's Mom

            DVB…I just can’t see MO going to military doctors at Bethesda…she’s far “better” than that. Plus, it would be harder to keep a visit quiet, unless, of course, she wore a bag over her head. 🙂

          • Annie, it’s FREE 😉 Bethesda’s about as secure as the WH and has the best of the best surgeons teaching the new surgeons their craft. She, like the Admirals and Generals wives, would get preferential treatment in their 5-star hotel hospital wing. Or so I’ve heard 😀 Some of the procedures MO’s (we suspect, right?) in the past 3.5 years would have required in/outpatient tweaks. It can’t all be makeup tricks.

            I had a great experience with their teaching hospital in San Diego (Balboa Naval). When my special needs two-year-old son required open heart surgery to repair a birth defect, they consulted with DeBussey (?) in Houston (?), the pioneer of open heart surgery. Special son is almost 40 now 😀

            • Annie's Mom

              I guess I didn’t realize they had a 5-star wing. That would make it more likely, I guess.

              My cousin had a pregnancy go bad when they were stationed in Bahrain…she was medevaced to Bethesda and delivered a very preemie baby…who will be a senior this year. Another great experience!

            • Carole

              Absolutely fantastic DeniseVB. It is wonderful that your son was given the chance to live as long as he has. Special need children will always have a place in my heart since I taught so many of them.

      • I know they’ve been through a few WH budget directors. Can’t wait to read their books! heh.

    • Mrs. Carter also received pin money….they all do.

      • Annie's Mom

        Lynn, according to the wiki article, the fund didn’t become active until 1989. Barbara Bush was the first to receive the money. Wonder what she did for her grandkids?

        • OOps my mistake… have no idea it wasn’t anywhere I could find.

  2. BO isn’t tethered to the planet either…

    There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me — because they want to give something back. They know they didn’t — look, if you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there. (Applause.)

    If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

    So, all you business people, clearly, you did not invest your time and money to build a business….it was all done for you. Is this Preezy an asshat or what….

    • My daughter opened her bike shop in 2008 with the help of a …. wait for it…. a venture capitalist. She was a bike messenger and he was one of her clients, they were chatting one day and he pulled out his check book and gave her 35k. I remember her first couple of years, after paying her bills, employees and the rent, she figured she was clearing 17 cents an hour. She also lived in the basement of her shop those years and ate lots of ramen noodles.

      I’ll have to dig out the interview Shepherd Smith did on her in those early days for one of his American Diary segments.

      • OMG! Not a venture captalist….BO would not approve…/

      • The Original

        I used to do legal work for a venture capitalist. On a $1M investment in a biotech firm, he made $4B. Now, he also lost money on other ventures, but that one made up for a lot of them.

        • Dear Gawd, why wasn’t he advising Obama on those stupid Solyndra type green investments!?! LOL, couldn’t resist that 😀 Not sure when venture capitalism became a dirty words, but our country was built on it.

          Obama’s not spending his money, is he. That’s what pi**es me off.

      • Carole

        DeniseVB hats off to your daughter. Someone may have given her the money she needed to start her bike shop, butt it was her courage, drive and hard work that made it all possible. The Obutts have lived off the government and others, they didn’t have the courage, the work ethic or moral obligation to each other and family to become wealthy on their own. America needs more young people like your daughter and I know you are a proud mother of such an extordinary woman.

  3. Seriously? SERIOUSLY???? We, the taxpayers, give her 12K to spend any way she wants??? That is rude…

  4. No, Henry Freeman did in a “trust” for all First Ladies but, it’s how they spend it that matters. After all, 7 million in earnings from BO is nothing to sneeze at. Did I mention 30% of that earnings comes from foreign investments?

    […]Freeman, who died in 1917, directed that after the last named beneficiary of his estate died, $12,000 a year would be paid “to the lady termed the first lady in the land; that is, the President of the United States [sic] wife, or anyone representing the president as such, should he not be married or should she die during his administration.” He specified that the money be for the first lady’s “own and absolute use” and the payments “shall continue in force as long as this glorious government exists.”[…]

    • Wow, 12,000 in 1917 would be about a million today ? I’m so bad about inflation, but I do remember my very first Big Girl job paid $335/mo in 1965 (entry level federal job) or about 4k/year. Lynn, do you have the Freeman link handy?

      • Annie's Mom
      • In the article…links

      • $185,000

      • Aren’t they underlined? They look ok from my view

        • Double checked, no hot link visable on my side. Hmmm? Tks Annie for the wiki link, that worked.

        • Annie's Mom

          Links in the second paragraph (?)…worked for me (once I went and looked). Since this money is taxable, shouldn’t it appear on their tax return?

          • yep, there they are…. 🙂

          • Yes, it does. That’s how I found it. 🙂

  5. Carole

    This is a good article about Obamacare. I hope in November people are so scared about the prospect of being under a government healthcare system that theyn boot Obutt out of office along with other Dim-o-cats.

  6. I read about the pin money somewhere, that’s barely a decent pair of earring for our angry Queen..
    What I did find interesting when I read it some time ago, is that their next door neighbor in Chicago, who is also a friend, is a well known plastic surgeon.. Like everything else with these two, her ‘work’ is probably donated. I would bet good money that she also has a dr. in Hawaii, hence, always having to leave on time for her trips there.

  7. nellyq

    I don’t think that SWMBO spends the pin money on the various and glorious costumes She has worn over the past 3 1/2 years–all that designer bespoken garb would have run well in excess of $12,000.–I seem to remember that the ballgown She wore for the State Dinner with the President and First Lady of India cost well in excess of the annual figure for pin money. All those clown costumes She wore for that little excursion to South America must have run well in excess of $12,000 (costumes never seen again btw). I bet She spends it on shoes alone–remember those $500. tennis shoes for instance. . .I don’t think She would give it to charity somehow.

    • YEP, doubt any charity saw one cent….

      • Carole

        Just like the fruit and vegetables that probaly go uneaten or used by WH staff. The Obutts are about the Obutts and not anyone else.

  8. LOL :D…..too funny….dissing MO
    […]Speaking at the opening of a Mitt Romney campaign office in suburban Richmond, former Virginia first lady Susan Allen urged more than 100 supporters to dig into the fried pastries — perfect fuel, she said, for volunteers working for the Republican presidential candidate and for her husband, George, a former Republican governor running for Senate.

    “We’re gonna fill you up on sugary doughnuts today because Michelle Obama’s not here to tell you, ‘No,’” Allen said to applause and laughter. “After you eat that sugar, you eat whatever it takes to get you going the next four months.”[…]

    • srdem65

      Good for her. MO deserves the ridicule for her public busybody and pushy obese campaign.
      Nobody with any sense tells someone else that they’re fat and eating the wrong stuff, not even their closest fried or dearest relative. She crossed a line with her FatKidsBehind program.

      Someone commented (as have other bloggers) that MrsO would have done a better service had she turned her attention to keeping teenagers in school and promoting the intact family.
      She comes from a traditional family and her and BO are doing a good job keeping their family intact. That’s where she would have make the greatest mark, but wouldn’t have allowed her to shove her face and her ideas all over the place.

      Other FirstLadies had chosen anti-drug programs, reading programs and my all-time fav, MrsJohnson’s beautifying our interstates with indigenous wildflowers that still bloom today.
      MrsKennedy restored the ambience of the WhiteHouse to showcase antiques and painting from our beginnings and MrsReagan had the anti-drug program but showed great foresight when she solicited donations from citizens to upgrade the WhiteHouse china to the elegant settings we see today.

      I’m looking forward to FirstLadyAnne and a total restoration of class and dignity to the WhiteHouse.

      • srdem65

        * closest friend* not closest fried.

  9. BO admits Obamatax IS a “tax”. Soooo, we were right all along….see, he really doesn’t have to use small words and speak slowly for us to understand. Isn’t that great?

    “By the way, if you’ve got health insurance, you’re not getting hit by a tax,” President Obama said. “The only thing that’s happening to you is that you now have more security because insurance companies can’t drop you when you get sick.”

  10. Wondering why BO goes to high schools to speak? From a resident of Centerville VA;

    ““The Obama supporters who came to the rally at Centreville High School in Clifton, VA (Fairfax County) came from outside the voting precinct. Many drove cars with Maryland license plates and none of them were recognized by the 100′s of neighbors who turned out to protest Obama’s tax increases. The Obama rally was a terrible inconvenience as streets were closed and traffic stacked up, preventing residents from leaving or returning to their homes. And it appeared there weren’t even enough Obama folks to fill the high school gymnasium.””
    Don’t let the smoke and mirrors or the shiny objects fool you. BO can be defeated.

  11. A little bit of trivia I wasn’t aware of….BO said he was so busy doing his job he just didn’t have time to tell us a story, to communicate with us…pfft…..after 408 sit down interviews we heard him clearly and we don’t like what we’re hearing.

    “So, the question, though, is whether it’s the policies or the packaging, and for a lot of critics, this will sound like, you know, we heard you; we know exactly what you’re doing; and we don’t like what you’re doing. And the President talks about stories, but nothing tells a story like success. And so, you know, in his defense — and there will be plenty of Obama supporters who would say, yes, this is the problem. He’s done all these great things, but how do they get through?”

    Read more:

    Obama supporters have a case of terminal stupidity.

  12. Opy is hoping some Romney backers will buy her “O” magazine. LOL 😀
    […]Oprah Winfrey conducted an in-person interview with Mitt Romney and his wife Ann on Friday, the same day that the candidate went on the five major news networks to push back against attacks over his tenure at Bain Capital.

    The interview, which Ashley Parker of the New York Times reported on Twitter, took place in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and will run in Winfrey’s “O” Magazine. Spokespeople with the Romney campaign did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation Saturday evening.[…]

    • srdem65

      I see her magazine when I’m in the checkout lines and am always amazed at the clever positioning or photoshopping done to her to make her look less rotund, fat, whatever.
      There’s something dishonest about that so I turn the magazine around in the stand.

      i’m a bad puddytat

      • There is not one thing on her network that interests me. If she isn’t promoting some sort of new age spirituality, she’s all concerned about social problems. Mostly in other countries. I have enough on my plate with the country I actually live in. Her obsession with her weight turns me off too.

      • Anonna

        Agree, SRDem65, Oprah’s covers are a miracle of fat-hiding techniques. I look at them mainly for the pleasure of identifying all the means and methods employed. Photoshopping is also probably in the mix, so who knows how fat the Ope is.

        I wouldn’t care about her weight if she hadn’t fueled her empire for years with the rounds of “I’ve found the answer!” – my diet guru – my diet programs – my diet cookbook – my diet inspirational vid – my diet shows where I show off my new permanently slimmed figure – which cycle repeated itself three or four times before I gave up observing that Fat Oprah had been slim and now was gaining weight again.

        I read a tabloid story (so it must be true) and after OWN’s poor debut and Gayle King’s defection to one of the other alphabet channels, the Ope just gave up and has eaten herself into a dangerously rotund state.

  13. domanii
    • domanii

      They also have other ones on the right side of the page. Smaller ones I think.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I’m just getting started, as you know, so I will be adding things as we move along. That is a good idea! 🙂 Will work on it in the coming week. All your suggestions are helpful and needed.

      • srdem65

        Keep up the good work, kiddo, you’re doing great.

        • Thanks sweetie, that’s encouraging…. 😀

  14. Anonna

    “Even the Minority House Speaker got into the act intimating it was just racist for Romney to pounce on Obamacare and get booed.”

    Intimating? I remember her saying it outright — that Romney went there intending to be booed.

    Then I saw an AfAm man, I think he was a NAACP leader, schooling us all on how one should speak to an AfAm audience, what one should KNOW to say and to avoid, as if AfAms are not ordinary people capable of ordinary manners. I thought it was interesting that he felt he needed to educate us on this point because I did not see any criticism of the booing in the MSM. He must have felt embarrassed or uneasy about it for some reason.

    • that was Shelton…most offensive comments I have ever heard….as if blacks are from another planet. Pandering is what he wants, not the straight up truth.

      • Anonna

        Yes, wasn’t he too much? Trying to tell everyone how Romney was at fault, that the booing was inevitable given the audience. When the interviewer asked if Romney should have altered his message for AfAms and if that itself wouldn’t have resulted in an uproar by AfAms and the MSM, Shelton went right back to the “he shoulda figgered” blame game. Nancy Pelosi must be insane, flat out insane to even think that Romney went there to garner booes for the “racist vote.” And, of course, we never hear about the non-white racist vote, such as the 90+% of AfAms who voted for Obama.

    • Annie's Mom

      The same day Romney spoke, I heard an interview with Rev. William Owens, pres. of Coalition of Af-Am Pastors. He was very angry with NAACP’s support of gay marriage. He went on to say they were encouraging their parishioners to take a stand…either vote Romney or stay at home. He was adamant that BO was not going to get their votes.

  15. “Obama: DC ‘feels as broken as it did 4 years ago'”

    I wonder why?

    • Oh, I don’t know, could be because he’s got a bigger pay to play game than any one before him… 😦

  16. Annie's Mom

    This will make you head straight to the tea trolley:

    Majority of Illegal Immigrant Households Collecting Welfare:

    • Fixing one now…pi**es me off to no end. 😦

    • Cut 500 million from Medicare… have a trillion dollar deficit every year….and 517 billion to illegals with anchor babies ……. and we borrow to do this? (shakes head and contemplates moving to Israel)

  17. srdem65

    I found this at Weasel and even though BO talks more stupid it’s this photo shot that got my attention. There she is in another too short skirt, crossing her legs so that we can gaze on her fleshy thighs and who knows what the commentator can see from sitting across from her.:

    Still clueless and crass.

    • Both of them, clueless and crass. I would love to see that smug look wiped off BO’s face.

    • Anon

      Forgive me of my total ignorance . . . but is this an upcoming movie! For real?

      • Yes, it surely is….

        • srdem65

          Someone said it will be the next RockyHorrorPictureShow that everyone will ridicule.

          • from the trailer, it is on the par of “The Kingdom of the First Born”….the absolute worst movie ever produced!

  18. francinepink
    • srdem65

      I always liked and admired her. She’s a very accomplished woman. She may have something in her background that she doesn’t want to be made public.
      But. ? She never married so…..a boyfriend? a girlfriend?
      She can’t claim she doesn’t want the public life, she’s out there making speeches.

    • She’s always been a longshot…sad though.

  19. whoa…that was bruising….

    “Hillary Clinton was targeted by protesters who threw tomatoes and their own shoes at her motorcade during a visit to Egypt on Sunday.
    Demonstrators also mockingly chanted ‘Monica, Monica’ in reference to Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affair.”
    Read more:

  20. Looks like the Beyonce-MO lovefest is still going strong.

    “‘I’m so in awe of Michelle Obama’: Beyoncé takes starring role in video released by President’s re-election campaign”

    • I wonder if this will ruin her career like Oprah ruined her own by promoting Obama? And gag about being in awe of MOO!

    • Gack! Since BO has lost 28% of the “youth vote”, who either don’t support him or choose not to vote, he needs a Beyonce to try and capture some enthusiasm from the just turned 18 year olds.

  21. So President Obama says his proudest achievement is averting a great depression!

    • Oh yeah, we’re in such a great recovery BO’s popularity has skyrocketed /s

  22. Is it protocol that the President must always fly AF One?

    • The Original

      No, he could have very well have taken a helicopter. Especially since it is only a fundraiser. Why should we be paying that money for 90 mile trip? The DNC only has to re-imburse us to the tune of a first class ticket. What do you think it costs to fly first class 90 miles?

  23. So Drudge says Romney has made his VP decision with Pawlenty? Discuss….

  24. So San Francisco wants to make it a law that new and renovated buildings with water fountains must install a special bottle filling tap so people can refill their plastic water bottles. What a crock! I have refilled from water fountains without a problem.

    “Businesses often complain that San Francisco lawmakers are too quick to impose bans or restrictions that affect their bottom lines.
    “If you are in an office, your kitchen has a sink, the sink has a faucet and that faucet puts out Hetch Hetchy (reservoir) water,” San Francisco Building Owners and Managers Association representative Ken Cleaveland said. “It’s just one more new law that San Francisco is implementing on top of hundreds of other laws to make, rather force, compliance in sustainable practices.”

  25. “Shocker: Obama’s Tasteless Fundraising Ploy of Asking Brides To Request Donations To His Campaign In Lieu of Gifts a Total Flop…”

    • Since they’re looking toward a future together, I’m not surprised…why would any bride-to-be want to do that?

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