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“What is truth anyway?”

 That’s the media response when called out over perpetrating the lies BO is telling about Romney. Instead of taking BO to task at speading falsehoods they double down by saying ‘well, it could be true’. So, in the interest of “fair”, another favorite word of BO, let’s examine the truth of this obnoxious _residency.

The truth is the wealthy do not take anything away from the poor or government. They do not stop anyone else from being wealthy. The wealthy did not create our debt, government did, and already pay the larger amount of taxes that support the Federal Government. But, in the interest of “fair”, whether it raises revenue or not, the wealthy must be taxed more. “Eat the rich” is not “fair”. It’s a populist argument that will do nothing to pay down the 16 trillion dollar deficit that BO and the Dems have foisted on the taxpayer.

The truth is ObamaTax will hurt small business and middle class America. The wealthy will not be affected and neither will the poor. The truth is ObamaTax is being paid for on the backs of seniors on Medicare and yes, there are “death panels”.  To avoid ObamaTax from going into effect before the election 8 billion has been handed to HHS for a “pilot program”.  GAO, non-partisan congressional auditors, were not satisfied HHS had any legal authority to launch this program. But, as with everything else, nothing is reported in the media concerning the program but, we know this is just another move by BO, at taxpayer’s expense, to fend off ObamaTax until 2013. The truth is, no one is getting free healthcare out of this, everything will come at a price, the price will be paid by the middle classes.

Truth is BO is running a sleazy campaign against a very competent business man and Governor. The media is complicit by running a parallell campaign to keep Romney on the defensive. BO and his staff definitely do not want to talk about their incredibly inept handling of the economy and, the media doesn’t want to talk about it either since 88% of the corrupt MSM donates to Democrats. Is it any wonder the majority of the populace says they definitely don’t trust the media not to lie to them? Romney released a new ad and, liberal talking heads are shocked by having their own words used against BO. Since BO is the “Chairman and CEO and President”, isn’t he the one who hasn’t been successful running the US?  BO is using vicious, false campaigning to malign Romney and, the media is complicit.

Virtually all of the ads were viciously negative, and judging from the number of Pinocchios they’ve racked up, continually and materially false.

But it didn’t work. Romney and Obama are still deadlocked. (The AP  quoted Republican operative Carl Forti: “I don’t think . . . [Obama’s] got a choice. He has to try to change the dynamic now, but the polling indicates it’s not working. He doesn’t appear to be making any headway in the polls.”)–for-good-reason/2012/07/15/gJQARQFXmW_blog.html%22

Truth is BO has used your taxpayer money, and his office, to pay off big bundlers and donors. 17 failures with a cost of 11.5 billion dollars,  gambling with your money, to “green energy” companies whose investors were all major donors to BO’s 2008 campaign. Crony capitalism and corruption coming from the White House that will never benefit the taxpayer. While all this is happening, BO and his staff attack Romney for gambling on businesses with his own money. Romney didn’t lose 11.5 billion of the taxpayer’s money, private capital was his source of funds. Gambling with one’s own money is not a crime, stealing from the taxpayers to reward your special friends is as unethical as it gets when you’re the President of the US. Mitt Romney doesn’t owe the American public, BO does. He should be apologizing, not grandstanding, for the mess he and his Progressive cohorts have caused with their “fairness” doctrine to our economy and our way of life. Lies and obfuscation do not change the truth. What does it say about a President who bases his re-election campaign on lies and distraction to avoid the truth. As he said “The buck stops with you”. Right back at you, Mr. President, right back at you.

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  1. The truth is that BO and MO have not earned anything in life. It is only because of the color of their skin that got where they are, and you can tell that it eats them up inside. Jealousy is the root of their anger, and it causes them to lash out at anyone who is self-created.

    • Self awareness can be a cruel thing. He can’t “community organize” all of us….wealth is their goal, not governing.

  2. Tell me this isn’t desperation…

    “Barack turns 51 next month, and there will be a little celebration at our house in Chicago.

    We’d like to give grassroots supporters an opportunity to join in the fun. You guys deserve it, and I know Barack would personally love to see you there.

    Donate $3 or whatever you can today, and you’ll be automatically entered to get your name added to the guest list.

    Barack’s birthday is one of the last opportunities he’ll get for a little downtime before the final weeks of the election.

    That won’t stop me from teasing him about all those new gray hairs he has — though I think it’s fair to say he’s earned every one.”

    • The Original

      This is what I meant is ridiculous! I am really sure Barack would love to see someone who donated $3. Yeah, right!?!?!?

    • domanii

      I am so offended by “grassroots supporter”. What they are saying is “the little man”, the “poor people”, “those less fortunate”, “people who’ve never been to anything in their entire life”. It really pisses me off to no end that people do not pick up on these slurs against the people who pay for them to be in office. Stupid people don’t have the sense to be pissed off at them.

      • Yes, it is arrogant….the ‘privilege’ they tout is offensive. (it pisses me off too)

  3. and from the previous thread…thanks to Francine

    Either way, Saturday’s trip is emblematic of the approach of president whose frequent use of Air Force One for campaign purposes has drained money from taxpayers while filling his campaign coffers. In June, Obama held 33 fundraisers – about eight times the number held by Bush during his reelection effort in June 2004 – traveling literally from coast to coast to supply his operations with desperately needed cash.

    • The Original

      He used AF1 to fly 90 miles for a fundraiser . . . don’t you think there would be a cheaper way to get there???

      • Marine One…but it isn’t as impressive to the fawning little people…

  4. Oh pleeeze!!!
    “MICHELLE OBAMA: Because hope is still there, you know? I mean, hope doesn’t get actualized in three and a half years. If that were the case, we’d be out of luck as a country. So people still need to grasp onto something important. And they need a leader and a message and, you know, a set of possibilities for their lives.”

    Hope doesn’t get actualized ….the possibilities for anyone’s life are limitless….they don’t depend on BO

    • srdem65

      There is no way, you know, to “actualize” a wish, a hope, it’s only, you know, a feeling.
      When people “hope” for, you know, stuff and need to grasp onto something important then the need, you know, a leader and a message.

      What is this crappola she’s talking about? I mean, why can’t “hope” be actualized in three and a half years, when we know it only takes a moment of time. You know.

      • srdem65

        oooohh, I’m not finished yet.

        I hope you get that new job, you know, but it’s going to take more than three and a half years for that to, you know, happen.
        I hope you get better soon, you know, but it’s going to take more than three and a half years for that to, you know, happen.

        aaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh……..tea trolley……helpme….more tea

        • Oh, jeez… didn’t mean to send you over the edge…..
          maybe those two do this to send us over the edge…butt, she was serious….AAAAAAHHHH! (MO makes my brain hurt with all that stupid drivel)

          • Carole

            How cheap, aking for $3.00 to be added to the guest list. I don’t think I have ever paid money to attend a birthday party. I would give a catd or a present,butt not an entry fee. Moo sell one of your gosh awful outfits and to pay for Obutts birthday party!

          • geoprof

            I am over the edge every day right now. I just cannot handle all of the lying. To not be able to stop the Obama Media group from facilitating the lying makes it worse for all of us. I am going to need a tea armored tank and not just a trolley to get to Nov.

            • “tea armored tank”
              a whole division if this keeps up… 😀

    • “‘And what do you know?’: Business leaders hit back at Obama after he says the wealthy AREN’T responsible for their own success”

      • The Original

        I would love to meet all of those people who have sweat blood and tears and lost nights of sleep when I started my business. No name, other than family, comes to mind.

      • He knows a lot about manipulation but, nothing about running a business or even starting one. He must be talking about all that help he got from Rezko and the Chicago Democrat mafia. BO’s success comes from lots of people buying it for him, not from his hard work…Pffft!

    • The Original

      Well . . . “you know”, “you know”!

  5. BigSigh

    So, under obamacare, if I get knifed in the street, I should call a paralegal, right?

    • yes, and if you have an asthma attack make sure you have your breathalyzer handy! 😀

  6. “Talk of permanent Trayvon Martin memorial in Sanford sparks debate”

    • Why? No one knows who the victim is yet.

  7. The Original

    Isn’t that ridiculous???

  8. The Original

    By the way, Lynn . . . you are doing a great job with the blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks very much…all of you are pretty special to me…. 😉

    • francinepink


      • Thanks… 😀

  9. domanii

    My blood pressure is on the rise today. I’m so sick of the arrogant face of Obama. He is sickening to look at and I could just vomit when I hear his voice. I know Mitt is taking the higher road in not taking the bait and keeping his cool, but I sure wish he would let his temper get the better of him, just once. I’d love to see him put Obama and Axelrod in their place. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such nastiness in an election before. Mitt should at least ask for his school transcripts, applications, and SS# info.

    • RealAmerican

      I’m with you, Domanii!

      • Carole

        I would love for Romney to go on the attack and ask Obutt why all his records have been sealed. I know that bring up Man’s Country would appear to be calling Obama gay, butt it is on record that he is a lifetime member. I also would love that Obutt’s social security number issue be brought out in the open, along with all his connections to people that are known communists, Black Brotherhood members, and hid community organizations such as ACORN. Barry is steep into anti American thinking and activies.

  10. UN “Law of the Sea Treaty” goes down in flames….YES!! finally some backbone…
    “After careful consideration, we have concluded that on balance this treaty is not in the national interest of the United States,” Portman and Ayotte, both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wrote today to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “As a result, we would oppose the treaty if it were called up for a vote.”

    Senator Kerry not available for comment… corruptocrat gets his comeuppance. 😀

    • Astroserf

      That is good news. Thank you Lynn II for all you do. You do a great job with your little nest.

      • I also bring happiness… LOL 😀
        Thank yew very much! 🙂

      • the best news….Kerry was vying for SOS in the next BO term….not going to happen…..neither is the second term…

  11. Great post Lynn. It succinctly describes our current situation..As much as I would love to see Romney ‘lose it’ and give O and Axe exactly what they deserve, it is nice to see a grownup who acts like one, for a change.. His surrogates will have to do much of the dirty work, I fear. A future world leader who doesn’t lose his cool is preferable to a narcissistic sociopath any day, in my book. The Obots will never change their minds anyway, even a photo of O getting ‘serviced’ by Reggie Love, eg, would change little.. So we are left with the Independents to decide the race.or so it seems. Except when you consider all the people O has offended; small business owners, Catholics, the military, Seniors., supporters of Israel, the list goes on. .

    • Thanks ……means a lot to me… 🙂
      Can’t let all those lies go unchallenged.

  12. Gotta love Sununu

  13. Awww the Obama girls did Broadway, two shows … I think Malia and Sasha are old enough to enjoy Porgy and Bess, it’s such a classic, instead of that insipid Sister Act based on a Whoopi Goldberg movie.

    • So sweet!!….we did pay $ 180,000 per hour for Air Force Won Two to take them for that sojourn. Not sure if that part was worth it.

    • Annie's Mom

      I’m confused…the Daily Mail had an article about how sad BO was that his daughters were spending a month at camp. Huffpo ran an article that they were at camp. Is camp later, or did MO take take them away from camp for weekend?

      • Carole

        I read that the Wons went to see Spiderman and Mo dined at Bobby Flay’s and ate steak. With the media, who knows what the truth is anymore.

  14. srdem65

    Recap of another day of insanity and WTF
    Reports are that retail grocery prices will skyrocket because of the drought in some states and flooding in others. Well, that’s just peachy keen. blak..
    The Preezy and the Fleezy cause a ruckus at the basketball game because he wouldn’t kiss her, the crowd booed and by some WTF they put the camera on him again so he could kiss her. That’s peachy, too.
    The Preezy says business owners owe everything to the government. Romney and his supporters are calling the Prez “off the rails” with this new crappola.
    MrRomney is fighting back from the stupid Bain thing and the Dems claim that the new Batman movie is going to hurt MrRomney because the bad guy in the movie is called “Bane”.
    Rushbo is catching h*ll for being a racist because he said that MrObama used cocaine and smoked marijuana… MrO said he did….. so, WTF? Now it’s “racist” to quote from the O’s fictional books.
    Our young men and women are still being wounded and killed in a war that no one talks about and our government ignores. It’s past time to remove all of our troops from the war zones and return to protecting our country right here at our borders.
    Bless them all and give peace to their families, please Dear God.

    Reports are that Sheriff Joe Arpio of Arizona has amassed a great financial war chest for his re-election. It seems that everybody hates him except the voters, like me.
    We call him the “most honest lawman in America” because he’s constantly vetted and watched by his enemies so that if he so much as puts a paper clip in his pocket we would hear about it on the evening news. Love ya, Uncle Joe…

    • Hollydolly

      Sheriff Joe is an American hero in my book. Did you hear George Lopez’s disgusting FU rant against him? Joe’s response “Say it to my face”. Perfect. I sent him a donation.

    • Hollydolly

      The First Frauds putting on a show for the camera.

  15. Dems are just sick…playing chicken with the economy…..they will happily do this and hurt all Americans just to be able to accuse the R-words of being uncompromising.

    […]Apparently, economic catastrophe is a reasonable price to pay for class warfare politics.[snip]……
    Yet now, faced with a tough re-election and desperate to score political points, Obama says he’ll veto any bill that extends all the Bush tax cuts, and Democrats, as evidenced by Murray’s comments, are falling in line.

    Should Obama make good on this threat, the risks to the economy would be enormous. Tax rates on everyone would climb back to Clinton-era levels, which translates into a tax hike of roughly $150 billion next year alone.

    And that, in turn, will cut economic growth by as much as 3% next year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and quite possibly plunge the country back into another recession.[…]

    Class warfare at it lowest yet….is it any wonder there are so many ex-Dems (17%) who are filled with absolute disgust at the games these people play with American lives and the taxpayer’s livlihoods. Political gaming at the expense of the people.

  16. “IRS Did Not Follow Law in 22% of Seizures of Taxpayers’ Property”
    IG’s report at the link…these are the same people who will oversee ObamaTax

  17. francinepink

    Obama and Romney being deadlocked in the polls does not bode well for Obama. I read that Reagan was 9 points behind Carter at this same time before the election and look who won that.

    • Bernanke told the Banking Committee today the economy is decelerating… BO is definitely in trouble…

  18. Romney hits back…..hard…
    […]“This is a tough time for the people of America,” Mr. Romney said on “Fox & Friends.” “But if you are a campaign contributor to Barack Obama, your business may stand to get billions of dollars or hundreds of millions of dollars in cash from the government. I think it’s wrong. I think it stinks to high heaven, and I think the administration has to explain how it is they would consider giving money to campaign contributors’ businesses.”

    Mr. Romney also directly called out Mr. Obama over his campaign’s relentless attacks on Mr. Romney’s time at the venture-capital firm Bain Capital. Mr. Romney has maintained that he left the company in early 1999 to help run the U.S. Olympics in Salt Lake City, but filings list him as a Bain executive as late as 2002.

    “What does it say about a president whose record is so poor that all he can do in his campaign is attack me?” he asked. “Wouldn’t it be interesting, Mr. President, if you spent some time looking at your record?”[…]

  19. Anonna

    Timeline vid on the oil leak and The One’s day by day failure to do anything.

    • Gave him the excuse he needed to make a stink and shut down all permitting. That way the taxpayers could send Brazil a few hundred million and the rigs moved there. Isn’t he clever?

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