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Romney pulls ahead…BO has really stepped into it with his “you didn’t build it” speech. Yes, it’s still a very tight race but, BO is such an ideologue he will absolutely do more damage to his campaign. Dems and Progs are out in force claiming “he didn’t say that”. Got news for them, we heard him loud and clear. It wasn’t so much what he said as the espousing of a philosophy putting government and the collective ahead of the individual. BO is really in big time trouble.

In the meantime Romney is making BO’s crony capitalism a central theme in his campaign. Just for the record, Romney should not be singled out to release any more than the required tax returns. Why don’t those whining the loudest release theirs too? Or how about BO releasing all those records he’s paid 2 million dollars to hide?

“[President Obama] thinks it’s his right to give taxpayer money to those who have supported him financially,” former Gov. John Sununu (R., N.H.) said Tuesday on a conference call hosted by the Romney campaign. “It’s insulting to hard-working entrepreneurs who really do create jobs.”………[snip]

“There’s never been more money shoved out of the government’s door in world history, and probably never will be again, than in the last few months and in the next 18 months,” Kaiser told members of the Tulsa Rotary Club. “And our selfish parochial goal is to get as much as it for Tulsa and Oklahoma as we possibly can.”….[snip]

A confidential 2009 memo authored by former White House economic adviser Larry Summers paints a damning picture of the administration’s approach to crafting the stimulus package.

“The short-run economic imperative was to identify as many campaign promises or high priority items that would spend out quickly and be inherently temporary,” Summers wrote. “The stimulus package is a key tool for advancing clean energy goals and fulfilling a number of campaign commitments.”

In several cases, including Solyndra, advancing the president’s green energy agenda went hand in hand with providing financial payoffs to prominent campaign donors.

Just in case you haven’t found anything worth laughing at for the last few days; #ObamaKidsBooks are filled with “teachable moments” for our dear leader… favorites include, “One Fish,Two Fish, Your Fish Is My Fish…

Michelle is going to take on more prominence in BO’s campaign, “It Takes One” program.  MO wants everyone to do “just one thing” to help BO’s flailing,  lackluster, imploding, off teleprompter campaign. We all know how much she loves all the perks that come with being FLOTUS. She will “sacrifice” everything to retain that personal RV known to us peasants as Air Force Won Two, all those star studded “we don’t need an excuse to party” get togethers, the fabulous luxe paycayshuns and, last but not least, her “fashion icon” status with an adoring press. Yep, the BO campaign is getting very desperate or MO would not be agreeing to this enlarged schedule to try and keep him in office.

The Obama campaign said Mrs. Obama would lead the “It Takes One” effort, which will include digital, paid media and grassroots organizing. Campaign officials said Mrs. Obama would be the face of the effort and personally participate in many It Takes One events as she travels the country, recruiting neighborhood team leaders, speaking to groups of women to ask them to volunteer and stopping by voter registration events.

That represents a significant increase in the first lady’s role in the campaign. Already, she has been traveling the country to raise money for the campaign, and making appearances at rallies designed to energize volunteers and supporters.

Weekly jobless claims are up according to the Labor Dept.,

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits
increased 34,000 to a seasonally adjusted 386,000, the Labor Department said on
Thursday. The prior week’s figure was revised up to 352,000 from the previously
reported 350,000.

Can anyone think of a better reason not to support Obama in 2012? I can’t…..

open thread….

h/t to Annie’s Mom for the pic


  1. Pelosi loses it….when questioned about members of Congress releasing their tax returns…calls it a distraction… totally delicious… 😀

    • How can her constituents not see how ridiculous she is?

      • Dennis Kucinich is my Rep. I never could understand why…. puzzles me to this day.

        • Mine is Connie Mack. Heaven help us.

          • Carole

            Nutty Nanny belongs to the constuents in San Francisco and they love her, butt then again, look at all the nutcakes in that city. Nutty Nanny appears to be sane to them. The Dim-o-cats seem to have women that either look scary, manish, or are nutcases to boot. Plastic surgery is a must for Dim-o,cratic women. Look at Pee-losi’s forehead and you can see her botox line.

            • Carole

              oops. constituents

        • PortiaElizabeth

          Oh, Lynn, Dennis used to be mine when we lived in Lakewood. I used to think he was a genuine representative of the people. I guess I should’ve been suspicious when he started talking about space aliens.

          • LOL 😀 …. Kucinich shows one face to the world…quite another when people aren’t looking…

  2. srdem65

    We have an open seat in my district (JeffFlake is running for the US Senate) and as a registered Dem, I get calls from the Dem candidates. Today a caller for one of the candidates told me that he was working to get jobs for “the middle class”. I asked “what about the poor people?” no answer. So, here it is…..if you don’t have a job, you’re not in the middle class, you’re a poor person.
    All of it was one Dem talking point after another. I got bored, said Thanks, good bye.

    • francinepink

      How desperate are they becoming? I read the idea to donate to Obama as a wedding present was a huge bust.

      • Carole

        Wow!!! The Obutts are just about willing to do anything to raise donation money. Maybe Moo could pose nude for Play Boy Magazine.

        • Astroserf

          OMG don’t give her ideas Carole

    • LOL ;D

    • Anonna

      Is this a Weasel Zipper joke? The contest has ended, apparently, and there are no comments on the webpage.Did Juliana Smoot write an email suggesting that a pic with BO be used for a Christmas card? I have to know so that I can reset or confirm my boundary for what is possible in this world:

      Next will be an auction for sex with Barack.

      • Astroserf

        Only men need apply?

    • Eeeew is right! BO looks embarrassed at her actions.

    • So, so very wrong

    • Cyndi

      Zer0 looks like he just got a whiff of her non deodorized arm pit. I will never understand why she can’t at least shave when she is going sleeveless. She could really use a few lessons in the personal hygiene department.

    • Anonna

      That is one disgusting unphotoshopped pic. Any woman would be embarrassed to have that image preserved for eternity — well, nearly all women. There may be some who would think it “fun,” such as those brides who go whooping and fist-waving back down the aisle after the solemn rite of marriage has been performed.

      I suppose Meesh’s admirers will call it “keepin’ it real” and “well deserved relaxation.”

  3. francinepink

    Unconfirmed assasination attempt on Sec. Clinton?

    • francinepink

      Warning, the above site quite liberal.

    • Not in one ME paper I have read…not one. It would have been splashed across Haaretz or Asharq Alawsat, any number of them….puzzling…

  4. Carole

    Well this time Clinton won’t have to lie about being under attack. Didn’t she make up a story in the past about being under attack by someone or some country?

  5. Carole

    Michelle’s Mirror will give the birdies a good chuckle today.

  6. A Christmas card with O ? They have got to be kidding. I am reaching a point where it is getting harder to even read this stuff.. They do nothing but insult the intelligence of their base, and rightly so, it seems. They completely ‘get’ how racist and fanatical their biggest fans are. It’s the one reality they Do understand.
    For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of some of my fellow American morons.

    • Ditto …. talk about prostituting oneself…

  7. Carole

    I happen to run across his video,”Quaddafi: Obama is a Muslim,” and thought, “Wow, this says it all about old Barry.”

  8. One more plus for Romney…he doesn’t wear “mom jeans”…. 😀

  9. Carole
  10. Harry Reid has a hard time explaining why the Dem controlled Senate, House and Presidency didn’t push through their “eat the rich” tax bill…

    […]TWS: Leader Reid, when it comes to the Bush tax cuts…why didn’t Senate Democrats push through this bill back when you controlled the Senate, the House, and the presidency?

    REID: The tax cuts weren’t about to expire then. So that’s why we’re doing it now.

    TWS: You could have foreseen this issue two years ago.

    REPORTER: What are you talking about? They expired at the end of 2010.

    REID: And that’s why they were extended one year.

    TWS: Why didn’t they vote when you could have pushed this bill through and had it signed into law?

    REID: Next question.[…]

    …and that’s why the Dems were routed in 2010…on to 2012 and another beating!

  11. Speaking of Swiss banks…now Swiss Bankers…BO is such a friggin’ hypocrite!

    Robert Wolf, an executive at Switzerland’s largest bank, came under fire from executives when his $500,000 fundraising efforts on behalf of Obama came to light in June. He announced his departure in an email to friends and colleagues on Thursday.

    “I have truly enjoyed my 18 years at UBS and the opportunity to work closely with so many talented and dedicated colleagues. I have been fortunate to build strong, lasting personal and professional friendships, and it has been an honor to serve the firm’s clients to the best of my ability. While I am excited about this next phase of my career and establishing my own firm, I am also pleased to remain engaged with UBS and continue contributing to the company’s growth and progress,” said Robert.

    • Indeed he is….my parents paid for schools and roads through state, county, and city taxes. Now I do the same. No one gave me anything, no one. I didn’t belong to the “Women’s Hardhats” nor did I join the EEOC. In my field, I earned my way, and the men who dominated the field knew that. No government entity helped me either. Mostly they made it harder for all of us and now are making it even harder.

    • srdem65

      oopsy. The local newspaper says that the Maricopa Sheriff’s department took 20 illegal aliens into custody, 2 of them minors.

      If you read the article……16, yes sixteen, of them were found inside a vehicle.
      Imagine squeezing 16 people inside a vehicle…not a bus.

      • “Can’t wait to see the claim about racial profiling because they were all from Mexico….
        We don’t have a problem with illegal Germans running wild all over Arizona now do we?”
        Wasn’t it nice of the coyotes to want to reunite those kids with their illegal moms living in NY and FL…./s

  12. Just horrible! My heart goes out to all the victims and their families in CO. 12 dead and 50 wounded…gunman apprehended.
    Leaving this thread up if you have anything you want to say about this nightmare.–abc-news-topstories.html

    • Carole

      Wouldn’t you know it, Obutt made the horrible shooting in Aurora about the Obama family. He just has to interject his own ego into every incident. I am hoping that none of my relatives were at any of the theaters in that complex. I know that it will come out that shooter has had problems with interaction with others, possibly a loner. I am just sick that my native Colorado has had two massive killing incidents. I am just sick over it and my heart does go out to all families, friends that lost love ones or someone dear to them.

  13. Figures…the left is now doing its best to implicate the Tea Party…..they disgust me to no end!! Nothing about the loss of life, make it political…stupidity running rampant as usual..
    […]The mainstream media attempted to blame the Tea Party for the Tuscon shootings in January 2011, shortly after Republicans swept the midterm elections. Now, in the critical 2012 elections, the mainstream media seems poised to do the same–and ABC News has led the way.[…]

    • zoinks

      ABC News’ Brian Ross and George Stephanolpoulos must not be aware that James Holmes is a black punk, aged 24, who voted for obama.

      • the news made sure to say he was a “white” 24 year old…. if he was black they wouldn’t mention his skin color.

  14. Piers Morgan jumps on the bandwagon….have they no shame…

    • srdem65

      Gun control, GUN CONTROL, that’s a constant coming from the lefties. The more they shout about it, the more nervous the public gets. Law abiding, sane people do not massacre their fellow man, law abiding people use their gun ownership as a deterrent to threats of violence. If evil-doers break into my home in the middle of the night and they hear me rachet my shotgun, their next move would be to run like h*ll out the door.

      Prediction: after all the scary politicians and MSM lefties call for gun control, the sale of firearms will skyrocket. Again.

  15. “My daughters go to the movies. What if Malia and Sasha were in the theatre?”
    Yep, it’s all about you BO.

    • Annie's Mom

      Ya, I just heard that, too. I must be so old-fashioned…who the heck takes a baby or toddler to a midnight movie?

      • Carole

        Annie’s Mom I said the same thing to my hubby. I just heard on Fox News that the shooter went to my old school, University of Colorado and has an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Riverside, where I got my Special Education Resource Specialist teaching credential. It just gave me chills. However, this incident is more about the mental condition of the shooter and his victims, their family and friends and people who experienced his horrible deeds.

      • People who can’t afford a babysitter in today’s economy…..just saying

        • Carole

          Well yes, you really do have a point. The 6 year old’s dad was on Fox and it was heart breaking.

        • True, but… If you can’t afford a babysitter, shouldn’t you wait to see the (violent) movie (being shown at 12:30 in the morning)? Why not wait a few days? Is it really that important? I’d worry about the confusion it would cause to a young child. They cannot easily process such graphic imagery.

          I’m not blaming the parents for what happened. I would never do that.

          • Carole

            Adrian you really are correct in your remark about children easily processing graphic imagery. I am always amazed at the movies, TV shows and video games that students tell me they watch or play. Being a parent today really calls for parents to be constantly vigilant of what their children watch and play. I have a feeling that James Holmes watched and played some violent videos and had some very dark inner thoughts. It will probably be revealed all next week about the real person, James Holmes.

            • I don’t know about that…working on a PhD in neuroscience sure doesn’t leave much time for anything else.
              One thing I do know, the media are going overboard.

    • srdem65

      Response: the SecretService agents would have shot the evil-doer dead in his tracks.
      Respnse: if the general audience had one firearm, they would have shot the evil-doer, too.

      • Exactly…but that theatre has a “no guns” policy.

        • srdem65

          pffftt. right. We have a “no guns” law in bars and saloons here in AZ….snort.
          Like anyone obeys.
          That’s one of the reasons no one tries to rob a bar or saloon in AZ.

          • srdem65

            It’s not unusual to see someone walk into a Denny’s wearing a holster with a firearm.
            Welcome to the West.

          • The wannabe thugs here are learning…. We have conceal carry and one never knows who they might come up against. Women are especially taking the class and arming themselves. We also have the ‘castle law’ passed under Mayor Jackson. Someone breaks in your house and they can be shot, the shooter doesn’t get charged. I’m all for having an armed citizenry.

  16. sophie

    My newest hero:
    This is worth watching, especially for Seniors.

    • That’s the way to do it….sends a message to the thugs…you never know who is going to be armed and fight back. Chicago could take a lesson.

  17. Carole

    I just the the pic of Moo with her arms up cheering or shouting. How gross, just so awfully gross! I saw a pic of her wearing a sleeveless dress at some speech she gave and the deodorant was clumped and hanging from the stubble of her armpit. She doesn’t appear to be aware of good hygiene or personal appearance in public.

    The other day Fox News had a huge pic of Obutt and Romney in the background on TV. It was the first time that I have ever noticed that Obutts face looks pitted or has discoloration problems. The mole on the side of his nose looked huge. I don’t get it that people think he is handsome. His head is odd shaped, he has huge ears and when he smiles it looks like he has a rubber face that expands with his mouth and jaw showing huge teeth like a horse.

  18. Carole

    I just heard from my niece that lives in Aurora, CO. She and her husband decided not to go to the Bat Man movie because they have an infant daughter a few months old. They decided to take tonight off instead to go out while their daughter has a sitter, probably her mother. So that is a relief.

    • Thank goodness!

    • Some good news today….much appreciated

    • Annie's Mom

      Glad to hear that good news, Carole!

    • Anonna

      Oh, Carole, I am so glad for you.

  19. soccotash1

    Lynn don’t know if you’ve seen this yet but I found it very interesting

  20. soccotash1

    Here is the other one that came out today,two different sources but similar messages

  21. soccotash1
  22. francinepink

    Excellent info from a forensic psychiatrist to the media about what NOT to do following a massacre like what happened today in Colorado. Unfortunately, the media hasn’t done any of it. Everything he said NOT to do has been done today:

    I cringe too when I see important political peope making statements about the incident. Feeds right into what the killer wants, his moment of infamy.

  23. sophie

    Both this young man, and the one last year in Az. are at the perfect age to become afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia. There are warning signs, sometimes big ones. In years past, when this terrible disease manifested, people were put in long term ‘care’. That has been done away with in favor of meds, which only work if the patients actually Take them.. This could have been avoided if anyone had been paying attention, but these days, most don’t.

    • srdem65

      Are people with this affliction normally very organized? The killer seemed to be organized down the the last detail of his crime but lost his focus after he left the theatre.

      • Anonna

        Here’s some info I found on schizophrenia, I added the capitals to make skimming the info easier.

        IN GENERAL, “Schizophrenia disrupts goal-directed activity, causing impairments in a person’s ability to take care of him or herself, work, and interact with others. Disorganized behavior appears as: 1. A decline in overall daily functioning
        2. Unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses 3. Behaviors that appear bizarre and have no purpose 4. Lack of inhibition and impulse control”

        HOWEVER: “Signs and symptoms of PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA
        The defining feature of paranoid schizophrenia is absurd or suspicious ideas and beliefs. These ideas typically revolve around a coherent, organized theme or “story” that remains consistent over time. Delusions of persecution are the most frequent theme, however delusions of grandeur are also common.

        “People with paranoid schizophrenia show a history of increasing paranoia and difficulties in their relationships. THEY TEND TO FUNCTION BETTER than individuals with other schizophrenic subtypes. In contrast, their thinking and behavior is less disordered and their long-term prognosis is better.”

        So, this theory about the shooter may be correct. We’ll see.

      • Carole

        If on meds they appear to be normal and many are very bright. James somehow seems to have emerged himself totally into the Joker character from Bat Man. He seems to have the characterization of being quiet, hooked on video games, some have said weird, but not threatening, and not overtly rememberable or noticed.

  24. I’ll be gone most of the day today. Will put up a new thread later this evening.
    Thanks for your patience.

    • The Original

      Hey, you gotta have a life!

  25. geoprof
    • Disturbing. Hopefully, nowhere near the truth.

    • srdem65

      Interesting and raises a lot of questions. Conspiricy theories usually have a grain or two of truth so I’ll keep an open mind.
      I, too, wondered about the gunman calmly standing by his car, waiting for the police to arrest him. Gliches in the narrative are always curious.
      As for the equipment, that’s available on the ‘net or any specialized gun shop. But, the author is right, they are very expensive. And, the booby-trapped apartment can be learned from the ‘net or if you get the right book at the library.
      Still……………very curious.

      • srdem65

        Listening to FOX interview a young couple who lived in the same apartment building as the killer; they said “techno” music started at 12am really loud. The girl went to the killer’s apartment to ask him to lower the sound, but got no answer and she noticed that THE DOOR WAS OPEN. She didn’t push open the door, thinking it wouldn’t be right, but went back to her apartment to call 911.

        It was booby=trap set for any resident to open the door or to have a policeman do it.
        What an evil, evil person.

    • The Original

      I just don’t believe it. Tin foil hat time.

      • The Original

        By the way, someone at a store where I was picking up cat food said that the CIA is being called in to investigate. That means that there may be some indication of a foreign involvement.

  26. Annie's Mom

    Now we know why the O’s campaign events are held at high schools:

    • Yes, indeed. I can ‘t tell all of you enough how bad it is for him. Supporters waved the BO flag, and all of us knew it was one big lie.

  27. Carole

    You know what? I had said to my hubby yesterday that I would not be surprised if Obama wasn’t behind the shootings. I was joking, of course, butt now I am wondering If Fast and Furious had anything to do with the planning of this horrible ordeal. This fits in with Obama’s scheme to do away with the second amendment. In the past I was very naive about government being corrupt or on the level of being aniti constitutional, butt not anymore under this unethical, dangerous administration.

  28. francinepink
    • srdem65

      I guess if you’re a professor at Columbia, you don’t get banned from HuffPo.

      BTW, what kind of name is “Ugeux”……u-go….ug-oh…ug-oh-ex…youge-ux…..

    • The Original

      And it isn’t “Democratic President” . . . it’s “Democrat President”. There is no such thing as a “Democratic Party”. You would think he is smart enough to know that one thing.

      • Green Dragon

        The name of the party is Democrat, but so many people can’t seem to understand this. I have heard the term Democratic referring to the political party from Republicans who should know better and also from the media. Of course we can’t expect members of that party to use the correct nomenclature. They are just too well educated.(snark)

        We are supposed to be the poor uneducated masses. From things said in posts it is easy to see that a large part of the people posting here have more education than a high school diploma or GED. Also the posts here show that we THINK, something
        that students are not currently learning. This probably is the reason that the younger people are polling higher for Obama.

  29. Carole

    I became curious so I looked democratic up in the dictionary. In my Webster Contemporary Dictionary. It said Democrat was a member of the Democratic party. Also, pertaining to, or characyerizes by the principles of democracy. So maybe that is why people use democratic to mean “Democratic Party.”

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