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Baby Blue Obama

Not doing well, gambling on the road as he travels from one fundraiser to the next. You see, governing isn’t his style. He much prefers to leave that up to someone, anyone, else because being President is so hard. You see, BO‘s failures can’t possibly be his, they’re ours because we can’t understand his brilliance or the fantastic job he’s done for us. You know, signing executive orders on a whim, using them as a way to buy votes. Throwing away billions of tax payer money to pay back his friends. Now the 2008 media playbook has returned. To criticize BO is “racist and “dangerous”.

You see, this is how the corrupt media attempts to  snuff out criticism Obama can’t weather. If they can’t call the criticism racist they call it dangerous. And if they have to, the media will simply create a narrative based on what they know is a lie.

The corrupt media refuses to vet Obama, because they know that if they did, he would lose. This means that they must also stop Republicans from discussing Obama’s past by any means necessary. And this includes bullying Obama’s critics by declaring their criticism “racist” and “dangerous.”

What’s really “dangerous” is donating to the Romney campaign. On one of BO’s campaign websites eight donors to the Romney campaign were called out by name and occupation and were said to have “less then reputable” records. They’re just beginning to learn what being on Obama’s enemies list can mean.

Just 12 days after the attack, the Idahoan found an investigator digging to unearth his divorce records. This bloodhound—a recent employee of Senate Democrats—worked for a for-hire opposition research firm.

Now Mr. VanderSloot has been targeted by the federal government. In a letter dated June 21, he was informed that his tax records had been “selected for examination” by the Internal Revenue Service. The audit also encompasses Mr. VanderSloot’s wife, and not one, but two years of past filings (2008 and 2009)……..[snip]

Two weeks after receiving the IRS letter, Mr. VanderSloot received another—this one from the Department of Labor. He was informed it would be doing an audit of workers he employs on his Idaho-based cattle ranch under the federal visa program for temporary agriculture workers.

Does anyone actually believe this is a coincidence? Bringing the power of the government to bear on any citizens for their opposing political beliefs is without a doubt the very essence of a corrupt government. While the Progs on the far left cheer on this type of behavior, the rest of us have to wonder ‘Are we next?’.

The past few days have been a challenge. By now everyone knows the gory details of the shooting in CO. But, for the left, it’s not a time to feel compassion for our countrymen who have lost family and friends. For them, it’s yet another way to politicize for more gun control and disarming the law abiding citizens who own guns. Not one word comes out of their mouths when 15 people are gunned down in a weekend in Chicago. Holmes is one of two things, either he is very warped and evil or he’s mentally ill. We don’t know which on yet. But, to assume that banning guns is the answer is absolutely wrong.

As for Baby Blue Obama, this song is dedicated to him.

“The sky too is falling in over you, cause it’s all over now Baby Blue”

open thread…..


  1. Here is the problem. Despite living an exemplary life and keeping all of your affairs in order and legal to the best of your abilities, because the laws are so outrageously complex and of such breadth and volume that it is impossible to know them and thus adhere to them, everyone who has any arrangement beyond the most simple can likely be found, upon thorough investigation, to be in violation of something. For this reason, getting audited can be problematic, despite honest attempts to stay compliant. Thus, people rightly fear being singled out and becoming an audit target.

    Criticisms of “what have you to hide?” are a simpleton’s response to such fears. Nowadays, managing a business or any enterprise is fraught with big and little gotchas in every conceivable corner.

  2. If Mitt Romney’s “tax returns” are in question, does anyone doubt the IRS would be investigating them and auditing him? I find it totally incredulous no one in the media has asked that question of the asshats intimating he “may be a felon”.

  3. Some things are worth mentioning, even if a little late. Governor Perry’s welcome speech to Obama….love this guy….. 😀

    “Perhaps while the President is visiting Texas, he can take a break from big-dollar fundraisers to disavow his Attorney General’s offensive and incendiary comments regarding our common-sense voter identification law,” Gov. Rick Perry said in a statement. “In labeling the Texas voter ID law as a ‘poll tax,’ Eric Holder purposefully used language designed to inflame passions and incite racial tension. It was not only inappropriate, but simply incorrect on its face. The president should apologize for Holder’s imprudent remarks and for his insulting lawsuit against the people of Texas.”

    • Rick Perry is a great governor. He believes in the people of this country, and promotes American ideals and achievements around the world. If you haven’t already seen it, here is a video where he discusses what the U.S. can learn from Texas regarding the economy, jobs in particular. Apologies if I’ve posted it before.

      • Anonna

        Dang, the vid won’t play. Hmmm …..

  4. I will be out again until later this afternoon closing out an estate sale.
    BTW, the government didn’t do this for me, it’s a new career I’m building.

    • The Original

      Estate sales are a lot of work. Hope you get some rest some time.

      • No rest during, but blogging with you guys is restful for me.
        I met my goal in sales…and then some! 😀

    • I love Estate Sales! Can’t imagine all the hard work that goes into one.

      • Me too and that is why I enjoy doing them. A new career move is good, especially if you do what you like.

    • Good luck, it sounds like fun to me!

      • Hard work yes, but what fun! It was a really good sale.

    • srdem65

      While on a yard-sale trip, I ran across an estate sale late in the day. Most of the buyers had gone when the seller remembered that the faux oriental rug everyone walked on was in the sale…………ta da…..a 12×16 rug in glorious reds and purples for $25. and a mysterious 3x3ft framed behind glass silk embroidered Asian scarf? with hand laid gold threads….$10.
      Estate sales are fun, and sad at the same time.

      • You did good!! (it’s good to turn up late…. the best deals are in the last day and the last two hours) 😀

        • Carole

          Good for you Lynn II. You are a smart person and I know it takes diligent time, effort and ambition to be successful. You go girl!!!

          • Thanks…glad my name isn’t Julia LOL 😀

  5. Warning, the picture will make you gag:

    I guess MO is also a fan of his underwear.

    • srdem65

      My 30yr old grandson said the O’s are “star-xxxxers” who wouldn’t even get a wave from famous entertainers if BO wasn’t POTUS. yikes. I think he’s right.

    • Truly disgusting…this is where the Preezy has brought the Presidency…. 😦
      on the other hand…from the same paper…

      “Mr Cameron is throwing on the charm offensive because “we believe there’s now a more than 50/50 chance” of Romney winning the US election in November, a senior Whitehall official told The Sun.

      Mr Romney will be snapped arriving in Downing Street. He will then be ushered to one of the most lavish state rooms before a photo opportunity.”
      and he won’t be discussing his underwear preference…I am sure of that

    • Carole

      Oh, just want a modest, intelligent man would wear to represent himself as the President of the United States. What a turn off, well maybe not for the male bathers at Man’s Country. Now doesn’t that photo op just scream, “Look at me, I swim in the male pond.?”

  6. domanii

    Sheriff Joe has a nice little account ready for his law suit and for re election. I’m proud to say that even though I’m not an Arizona resident I did contribute to Sheriff Joe’s fund just last week.

    • srdem65

      My family has voted for Sheriff Joe every time. The Pols don’t like him, he won’t “go along”, he’s independent (as he should be) and honest.
      He “speaks” to us; he says if you don’t like living in a tent during the summer, don’t commit a crime, he says why should inmates get to watch TV all day long when the taxpayers are out there working their hearts out and since he’s not running a hotel, there’s no coffee or soda, no cigs or cigars, no girly magazines.
      We love him. We all believe if you break the law and hurt others, you, too , should suffer.

      • domanii

        I’ve seen many shows where they’ve highlighted Sheriff Joe’s way of justice and I can honestly say that most if not all the people I’ve talked to about him feel that this is the way lawbreakers should be treated. Why should prisoners have the best color tvs, cable, video games, weightlifting equipment, air conditioning, etc when there are many people that don’t have that luxury. Whoever decided (liberals) that prisoners who have broken the laws (murder, rape, etc) need to be treated humanely are nuts. They sure as hell didn’t act humanely while committing their crimes.

        • Carole

          I am just sorry that California doesn’t have him as a sheriff with all the crime that happens in areas that are heavily populated by illegtals and gang members.

      • Cyndi

        I love Sheriff Joe! He tells it like he sees it and he is doing his job. The local lame stream media do everything they can to stop him from doing the job he was elected to do.

  7. sophie

    Lately BO reminds me of the stops on the interstate, where there’s something for everyone, from ice cream to an oil change. I’ve even been in some that sell handbags and perfume.. Just give him your money, and he will give you worthless crap in return.
    Why does he even want to be President ? Is this job a pit stop on the road to greater things ? If so what does he have in mind ? Frankly he looks bored, sounds incoherent, and is out of touch.
    Let me float a theory out there: I think this is all Mo’s doing, his latest attempt at political suicide was gutting the work requirement for welfare, ACA is nothing but Medicaid, a form of free health care normally reserved for the very needy, now it will be for the not very needy too, and it will be free for them as well. They need their money for Lotto and cigs.
    All this wealth redistribution has her paw prints all over it.. She has built her own ‘bloc’ of drooling supporters and has future plans, I would bet on it.

    • He wants to be UN Secretary…you wait, he’ll have Ban Ki Moon’s job. He is so narcissistic he does think he should run the world… LOL 😀
      MO thinks it’s the white man’s society that’s to blame for all the nation’s problems…she wants to correct that by redistribution….she’s good at that.

  8. The carpet’s folding in all over you too, it’s all over now Baby Blue
    I knew they would never let us down…not for one minute

    According to a brand new Rasmussen poll out this morning, military veterans prefer Mitt Romney by a wide margin, 59% to 35%. Another 5% prefer a third party candidate; 2% are undecided. This poll has been echoed by Gallup, which put the two at 58-34 back in May. John McCain won some 54% of the veteran vote against Obama.

  9. Chicago reaches 250 homicides for 2012
    […]Chicago this week reached 250 homicides for 2012—the worst start to a year in nine years, a RedEye analysis of preliminary police data found.

    The city has not reached the 250-homicide mark for the first half of the year since 2003, which saw 286 homicides for the first half of the year and 601 homicides for the entire year, according to a 2009 Chicago Police Department report.

    Homicides this year are up 36 percent compared to the same period last year, as of Wednesday afternoon, according to RedEye data.[…]

    where is the outrage and the flags flying for all those people? Not to disparage the murders in CO…those were as bad but, no one ever pays attention to the awful statistics in BO’s hometown…. no one.

  10. zoinks

    Did anyone catch the child-in-chief FUNDRAISING at the memorial for the shooting victims in aurora CO this weekend? He slipped in the catch-phrase, America needs to “come out of the darkness and into the light.” July 22, 2012.

    Earlier this year, Mooch traveled to TN and said “This President has brought us out of the dark and into the light.” April 17, 2012.

    Shameless that baracky would use the podium and sneak that “campaign theme” into his condolences.

    Worse still, that he continually wants America to imagine his children’s faces everytime a horrific tragedy occurs. This takes away from the real victims, and garners unjust sympathy for baracky, whose daughters were NOT shot, NOT kidnapped on the high seas, NOT denied gay marriage, NOT able to get an abortion.

    What a pathetic jack-ash of a president.

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