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Days of Future Past or, Same As It Ever Was

Found the most interesting item at the estate sale over the week-end. As I read the leaflet, the laughter welled up and just couldn’t be stopped.  If you think for one second this is a joke, it surely isn’t. It’s the funniest thing I have read in a long time and will quote it verbatim. The picture is courtesy of the “Ohio Democratic Party“, 37 Broad Street, Columbus, OH, Eugene Branstool, Chairman and authorized by Clinton/Gore “92”. The following, from the back of the leaflet, is accompanied by red stars as bullet points to emphasize their importance.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore have a bold new plan to change America–to get our country back on track. They’ll stop the broken promises, stop the blame, and make government work for people. And the American people know it. It’s time to hope again.

The Clinton/Gore plan creates jobs by investing in our people. It controls spending and cuts the deficit in half. And it puts people first—by rebuilding America, guaranteeing health care,and improving our schools. Americans are reading the plan and they agree—Bill Clinton is fighting for what Americans deserve. Here’s Bill Clinton’s plan.

Create 8 million jobs and rebuild America—our roads, our cities, our future.

Give the middle class a tax break—but make those earning more than $200,000 pay their fair share

Slash $140 billion in federal spending and cut 100,000 positions in the government bureaucracy.

Guarantee quality, affordable healthcare–and take on the insurance and drug companies to bring costs down.

Reform our schools and give every American the right to borrow for college.

Bill Clinton and Al Gore are real leaders who will put their plans into action. Their energy, their vision, and their plan are already changing our country and bringing out our best. With our help, they’ll make our country work again.


Looks like Clinton wasn’t the loser after all. BO is still running Bill Clinton’s “92” campaign but, has very little finesse and charm doing it. BO’s plan of hope and change is borrowed from Clinton. There isn’t one original thought in his head. Even the numbers are the same as in “92”.  What a gigantic phony BO is turning out to be. So, can someone…anyone….explain why he is the President and Hillary Clinton was booted by her own party? BO ran on Hillary Clinton’s platform, ran his campaign as a shadow of Clinton’s and here we are in 2012. Does this make you want to re-elect this pretender of a -resident?

File under ‘You just can’t make this stuff up’.

MOTUS rocks it!

It Takes Won to know One: we take our Wonsies on the Road.


  1. domanii

    Free press as only Obama can control.
    Now we know why Sheriff Joes fraudulent BC is non news along with a whole lot of other stuff the MSM doesn’t cover.

    • When BO held court with all those MSM “journalists”, who do not report the news, I knew this was happening. All the LSM has become is a source for “talking points” from gov officials and pols. No good will come from this, no one with any intellect will ever believe the press again. Americans don’t trust them and it’s a good thing they don’t. Selling out to the pols to gain access is why people don’t trust the news media. Shielding BO is their prime objective.

  2. Have I stepped into the Twilight Zone? That leaflet is unreal.

    • I knew all this “hope and change” was somehow familiar. Interesting is it not?
      20 years and it’s the same as it ever was. They really do think we’re stupid… LOL 😀
      I plan on linking this to every blog I visit. LOL 😀

      • Just remember, Clinton is from Hope, Arkansas. Sheesh.

        • I think BO even stole their speeches… ROFLMAO…his does sound exactly like the Clinton message…

  3. The Original

    I don’t know if things would be any better with Hillary Clinton. She and Bill seem to be parroting Obama.

    • Not saying they would be better…..but, it is a Clinton campaign repeat. It’s like a bad re-run….

    • It’s the talking points…the same as Clinton in “92”…
      hope and change re-runs

      • The Original

        Yeah, that is true. I am not really sure that he has an original bone in his body.

        • zoinks

          Only former body man, Reggie Love, knows about barry’s bone.

  4. So much for the “class warfare” meme….it just isn’t true. Income inequality, as touted by BO and the Dems, has not increased as they claim. According to the Congressional Budget Office the lower income gained by 3%, the 1% lost by 37%, middle class lost 2%.
    It stands to reason this would be the way it is due to the higher investments made by the wealthiest in the markets.
    So, the Dems need to shut up about the “fair share” the wealthiest “owe” the government. As usual, they’re lying. Why? Because they’re out of control and spending more then we take in for more and more social programs and pet projects. They screwed up and everyone else is supposed to pay for their corruption.

    • Green Dragon

      Looking at the picture made me wonder if El Presedente ever routinely wore a tux before moving into our House.

  5. Just read this over at WHD:

    Doesn’t it sound like what happened to Newsbird ? Creepy coincidence 😦

    • YEP, in the previous thread the article from WSJ is linked. I thought about Birdie when I read it. Finally someone else picked up on it. You bet I think it’s exactly the same. It isn’t a coincidence, I absolutely believe Birdie was singled out and reported to the BO campaign.
      I also have no doubt that a couple of the trolls were involved and worked for BO’s campaign.

      • Newsbird’s blog was busy enough to catch the attention of the Obot minions, especially after they trolled poorly. I’m sure once they realized they couldn’t produce Michelle’s list of personal and professional accomplishment pre-FLOTUS, the blog was targeted for slaughter. Some simple searching would have led them to her home address, online business, green card status and naturalization process. The bots are probably in every Fed Dept, so something official could be put together … from the IRS and State Department. The only reason I could think of she would shut down in such a hurry, without warning. She pretty much said so herself.

        I respect her wishes to let it be, it would be a tremendous cost to her financially as well as the toll on her health. I hope the rich guy fights it hard, maybe it’ll uncover the evil Bots, and possibly other victims of harrassment.

        • Adelson says they better leave him alone or he’s suing. The left is beyond disgusting anymore.

          • Green Dragon

            The minions don’t understand what makes a person like VanderSloot. They are liable to find out to their sorrow.

    • But I do think the two of them are becoming overexposed. People with no jobs see them constantly on TV – and now didja see the jerk has a new homie handshake? I tell ya…

      • Overexposed isn’t the word for it. There are BO non-stop ads everywhere.

  6. Modern Progressive ideas bring out the worst in people…as if we didn’t know that.

    Progressives see economic equality as the highest form of social justice, so they have become obsessed with questions of income inequality.
    Can there be any surprise then that those on the Left tend to be more envious and jealous of successful people? That’s what studies indicate.
    Professor James Lindgren, of Northwestern University in Chicago, found those who favour the redistribution of wealth are more envious than those who do not.
    Scholars at Oxford and Warwick Universities found the same sort of behaviour when they conducted an experiment.
    Setting up a computer game that allowed people to accumulate money, they gave participants the option to spend some of their own money in order to take away more from someone else.
    The result? Those who considered themselves ‘egalitarians’ (i.e. Left of centre) were much more willing to give up some of their own money if it meant taking more money from someone else.
    Much of the desire to distribute wealth and higher taxation is motivated by envy – the desire to take more from someone else – and bitterness.
    The culprit here is not those on the Left who embrace progressive ideas but the ideas themselves.
    As John Maynard Keynes reminds us: ‘The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and wrong, are more powerful than commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else.’ Or, as the American theorist Richard Weaver once declared: ‘Ideas have consequences.’
    And it seems that today modern progressive ideas can often bring out the worst in people–Right-wingers-really-nicer-people-latest-research-shows.html

    • The Original

      Seriously, I know someone who could be described as “egalitarian”. This study definitely describes his behavior. He is one of the most vindictive persons you would ever meet. I think he borders psychotic.

      • Oh dear, stay away from him.

        • The Original

          I do as much as I can. I do not let hiim know mcuh about anything that has to do with me. I have seen him hurt people for even very small, insignficant, unsubstantiated thing. It is so maddening because he twists everthing.

  7. Silly – why use an old picture to fundraise, aren’t the girls still cutie-pies to mom and dad now?

    • Annie's Mom

      Interesting to compare MO’s then and now shoulders. She has sure beefed ’em up.

    • The Original

      Cute kids . . . just don’t understand why you would fundraise off of it. Wouldn’t induce me to send money.

      • Why would they use an 8 (?) year old photo ? Could have staged a birthday photo op with the family and the correct age on the cake. Just wondering if this was a slam on the girls? Or he’s stealing ideas from the Romney camp’s Father’s Day video that showed his boys at adorable ages 😀

        • For the “Awwwwww” factor..

    • Remember all the “Kennedy like” posed pics from a couple of years ago? It’s the whole ‘Awwwwww’ factor….(I am becoming so cynical when it comes to MO and BO) with good reason too

  8. Carole

    Pverty level in America the highest level in 40 years. Seems that Hope and Change didsn’t happen with the Obutts.

  9. Carole

    The Obama Wons may be cute, butt the parents sure haven’t gotten better looking. So what happened to, keep our kids out of the political areana by the media?

  10. Anonna

    He’s President and Hilliary’s not because he’s AfAm and Hillary’s not.

    • Truer words have never been spoken. The DNC chose him for exactly that reason.

  11. “Video: Egyptian Actor Pranked On Candid Camera Turns Violent When Told He’s On Israeli TV…”

    This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Why would people set themselves up for this?

    • It isn’t so much they set themselves up, it’s the violent reaction to thinking the interviewers are Joooos. The hatred is so much a part of their being.

      • Sorry, I meant the cast and crew. What Arab woman would put herself in the direct path of such hatred? They had to know how the “victims” would react. Are they risking a fatwa? An honor killing? And after the first bad reaction, wouldn’t you shut down the whole endeavor?

  12. Note to the left; When a dictator says they will kill you, believe them!! It’s not imagination or spin from anyone in the center or on the right, it just IS.

    • They must have seen the “underwear” ad. LOL 😀

      • Carole

        In the posw with the underwear, Obutt just screamed, I am gayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

        • Carole

          oops pose

  13. MO bringing “Let’s Move” to the Olympics. If there is one place on Earth that this program is not needed, I’m fairly certain it’s the Olympics. The 1,000 children should be inspired enough by the athletes in London over the next few weeks. MO’s fat @$$ wiggling around (in between fish n’chips noshing) will not get any of them into exercise.

    • Can’t she ever shut up and let anyone else have their time in the spotlight…MO is so needy…and a major embarrassment. I guess when Chi-Town lost the Olympics she had to push her way into them somehow. Ten bucks says MO insisted BO make her the Goodwill Ambassador to London… LOL 😀

      • Carole

        I cant wait for the inappropriate outfits and the multi-colored, mismatched pants, tops and too small sweater or jacket. Maybe she will don her $500 sneakers to do jumping jacks. Hey maybe we will get to see the imprint of her thong through too tight or too small running pants or shorts. Mooch really needs the attention since she doesn’t seem to be scheduled for a talk show or event at the WH. I knew she would weasel a free vacay somehow this summer.

        • sportinlife10

          Like like like like like.

    • Oh goodie, so the world will see our First Lady in spandex and pit sweat. Lovely.

      I think Mitt is going to upstage her 😀

    • zoinks

      Considering the way mooch man-handled the Queen, and the mack-daddy yammered over their national anthem…..I doubt the royals will be seen on the same street as mooch (our national embarassment). So simple: don’t touch the Queen. Don’t either of the obama’s know that “NO” means no?

  14. Beyonce still fawning over MO. Isn’t it MO’s turn to show the love? It’s very one-sided lately.

    • srdem65

      Beyonce wouldn’t give MO a wave of her fingers if she wasn’t FLOTUS. The campaign gurus must think that Beyonce’s love (?) of MO will entice a voter or two to support MrO’s re-election. Or something. I think it’s creepy.
      Also, “Cher”‘s rants about conservative voters are insulting.
      I’d like to know why the libs feel compelled to insult or degrade anyone who thinks differently than they do. I’m not insulting anyone for thinking BO is the cat’smeow, I just wonder why they think he’s so great and I don’t.

      • I’ve always thought it was weird that anyone would vote for a pol because a “star” or any other “entertainer” told them to.

      • I can’t post the link, it’s too disgusting, you’ll have to scroll down on Brietbart’s homepage to see Sarah Silverman’s ad for Obama attacking one of Romney’s big donors. She simulates sex with her dog. One of Obama’s PAC’s paid for it. What are they thinking ?

        • Francine

          I saw that yesterday and wondered if it was what I thought it was. I didn’t click the video because the still photo looked disgusting. This was a PAC? Can they get much lower? I have no clue who Sarah Silverman is. Is this supposed to be comedy?

          • Yes, right up there with Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, Russell Brand, David Letterman, the usual unfunny D-listers.

        • they aren’t thinking. Adelson says he is suing

          • Good.

  15. Carole

    Everything about the Obutts is one-sided. Mooch will make a fool out of herself as usual. I bet the royals must just love to poke fun of her behind closed doors. The Obutts are like the Beverly Hills Hillbillies when around dignitaries from other countries. They must be laughed about around the world by now.

    • sportinlife10

      Wouldn’t it be fun to “sponsor” a weekend of “The Beverly Hillbillies” and dedicate it to the o’s?

  16. Francine

    Rather the cause of his decreased likeability is his negative campaigning, both in person and on the air. He is now no longer the sunny, optimistic, friendly person he portrayed himself as being in 2008. Instead, a nasty, surly, angry image has taken over.

    • BO was always a nasty individual. Nice that everyone is starting to see him for what he really is and not for what they want to think he is.

      • srdem65

        I always thought he was a mean, little man.

        • zoinks

          I prefer long-legged-mack-daddy, or overgrown-five-yr-old-baracky.

          • Carole

            I like Merry Barry as I see him running down the steps of Air Force One like a girly girl. When he laughs his whole lower jaw dips down and he looks like Merry Barry the rubber faced girly girl. He is sooooooooooo effeminate!!

        • Me too! Flipping off the opposing candidates, nasty racist remarks, totally underhanded and thuggish.

  17. Exclusive: Chicago union president blames “lower class students” for scrutiny of schools [AUDIO]

    • Students will learn if teachers actually teach and, make it interesting. Passing kids who can’t read is a big problem in public schools. How can kids learn if they can’t read?

    • That is the best campaign ad to date…nothing negative no nasty…just the words previous Presidents spoke about us, all good….and the current Asshat, all negative

      • Francine

        Excellent! Romney needs to take a hint with that ad. I am so afraid he won’t hit hard enough and run another lame McCain campaign.

        • Wait, it’s not over…Romney is just getting started. The BO campaignis freaking out over Romney’s trip to London, Poland, and Israel. BO mentioned when he wins a 2nd term he’ll go to Israel…that was after Romney made his announced trip. Romney is friends with a number of world leaders. I guess BO didn’t know that.

  18. domanii

    I think the turning point for Obama’s campaign was his “you didn’t build it” statement. That one statement has a whole lot of people really pissed off. I can’t say I blame them either. Obama is getting more and more unstable. His speeches are getting more irratic and contradictory every day. All his Bain slams have done zero harm to Romney. All that money wasted. Keep wasting your money Obama, keep spending more than what you have. You’re fall from power is gonna hurt, in more ways than one.

    • srdem65

      I agree,. I’m not a dummy, but I really don’t understand how the venture capital system works. Bain? most Americans had never heard of that enterprise before the negative ads were made public.

    • Francine

      I think you are right. Just this week my neighbor has had the landscaper, the exterminator and carpet cleaner to her home and right off the bat all 3 men complained about Obama and specifically about the “you didn’t build it” statement. I hopeit has far reaching negative consequences for Obama.

      • You should have heard all the people coming into the estate sale….the hysterical part, a lot of them voted for BO….not anymore…one guy told me he was better off in 1970 making $5 per hour then he is now making $25. He can’t refi his home to a lower interest rate because his credit score isn’t above 750. (he admitted voting for BO) I didn’t solicit not one political comment…..but, they gave them anyway. BO is losing the Dems too.

  19. Here we go:

    You know, if Ann Romney pulls this crap, I will remain, faithfully, the loyal opposition 😀

    • I don’t want to “meet up”…..already work hard enough…want to sit and watch for once LOL 😀

      • Francine

        Ditto! I hope we can get info after these “meet ups” to see if they were successful or a failure.

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