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It’s ‘everything MO day’!

FLOTUS is off and running, jumping, skipping and hopping all over London for the weekend. In case you missed the news, how could you, MO is the “appointed Ambassador of the Presidential Delegation to the Olympics”.  Some title! Preezy felt so badly for her not being able to secure the Olympics for Chicago, particularly since she dressed in her finest Gold Medal Outfit just for the occasion. Sooo, he gave her a special title and, a trip to the Olympics in London, to make her feel better about being a loser.

Not only will she be running, skipping, hopping and jumping butt, she will be visiting with one of her BFFs, Queen Elizabeth. Yes, MO will be going to a reception held at Buckingham Palace for Heads of State. We know this is an appropriate venue for her since she is the ‘head nanny statist of the US’,  followed closely by Mayor Bloomberg.  Hopefully this time she won’t paw the Queen and start another ruckus. We’re also hoping she won’t  bring along any gifts, like another IPod filled with more of BO’s speeches. Or, heaven forbid, something pickled, pressed or dried from the Big White Garden. We do hope on this trip she uses her inside voice and carries her meds.  She’s a very excitable person when she gets in over her head.

Her schedule is a busy one. MO will be front and center at the festivities with her NoFatKidsBehind campaign. She will be bullying…uh…lecturing…mmm… the children of the American military, British and American students, about their lousy eating habits. I am sure MO will follow her own advice and set an example for all. We know how excited the kids will be to meet some of the Olympic Athletes and interact with them as long as MO doesn’t make it all about her. We’ll have to wait and see on that one. Lady M does so love being in the limelight.

Scheduled times;

9:00 am BST (4:00 am ET), U.S. Olympic Training Facility, University of East London – First Lady Michelle Obama and the Presidential Delegation will greet members of the 2012 Team USA at an informal breakfast in honor of the Olympians.  Mrs. Obama will deliver brief remarks at the event.

11:30 am BST (6:30 am ET), U.S. Ambassador’s Residence – First Lady Michelle Obama will host a Let’s Move! event for about 1,000 American military children and American and British students to engage them in the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Evening – In the evening, the First Lady will attend a reception for Heads of State hosted by Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Following the reception, the First Lady will attend the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in her role as head of the Presidential Delegation.

Saturday, July 28th 2012

In the morning, First Lady Michelle Obama will meet with Mrs. Samantha Cameron.

In the afternoon and evening, the First Lady will cheer on Team USA at Olympic sporting events to be announced.

Sunday, July 29th 2012

In the morning, the First Lady will deliver brief remarks at a brunch at the Ambassador’s residence for the U.S. Olympic Committee, U.S. Olympic alumni athletes and Team USA supporters. Afterwards, she will greet and thank members of the U.S. Embassy and their families.

1:45 pm BST (8:45 am ET), Mildenhall Air Force Base -Prior to departing the United Kingdom, Mrs. Obama will greet American military families stationed at Mildenhall Air Force Base.

h/t Denise VB for the schedule

Since we know Lady M never travels without an entourage, 40 or so of her best friends and family, it will be interesting to see who has the unique privilege of attending this special event with her. I am sure they will more then appreciate the taxpayers for the privilege of riding along in MO’s special RV, formerly known as Air Force One Too.

 This one’s for Birdie!  open thread…….

In case you don’t get enough of the MO love fest here pop over to MOTUS.


  1. I have to work Friday…keep me in the loop….PLEEEZE! 😀

  2. The Original

    That dress is one absolutely ugly dress she is wearing in tht first picture. I can’t imagine ever wearing anything like that . . . EVER!

    • She wore that bit of loveliness (/s) when she went for the ‘Gold’ for Chicago. MO and Oprah figured with all their star quality they would be first over the finish line. They thought they would be a shoo-in. Epic fail, first eliminated. I guess the IOC figured the speech she gave, all about her, wasn’t enough. “Yes We Can” wasn’t good enough for them. Of course, who wants to go to the Olympics in the murder capitol of the world, Chicago.

  3. Uh oh, Parenting Magazine has made a faux pas…NY Times questions their placement of an ad on the front cover with a pic of MO…
    […] On the cover, Mrs. Obama appears to be holding a smoothie and is accompanied by an adorable five-year-old named Jocelyn who is about to bite into a slice of an orange, with type that promises, “What the First Lady Wants You to Know.”

    So far, so good, but near the bottom right hand corner a headline contained in a pink arrow on Mrs. Obama’s green skirt reads “50 Shades of ‘No Way’ — Why you’re not getting any.”[…]

  4. I sure she will represent us in spectacularly tacky fashion. Will have to look at the lovely Duchess of Cambridge to balance MO.

  5. It’s from Huffpo, but lots of photos. She tells the athletes to “breathe, have fun and win” ?

    They also mention Hillary and Laura went to the Olympics too, but I don’t recall them flauncing all over the place with campaign events.

    • The Original

      I sure don’t remember that as well. If you Google “Laura Bush Olympics”, she did participate, but very low key.

    • rotolab

      They missed one…her opponent was a little girl, about 10-11 years old.

    • srdem65

      MY EYES! A red and white barber’s pole jacket, an orange t-shirt and blue slacks…….I imagine she wore her puke green shoes with that outfit.
      The only excuse is that she is color-blind or dressed in the dark.

      • The Original

        That red/white outfit is horrendous. I wouldn’t even try it on.

        • sportinlife10

          Isn’t it great! She never lets us down, and the fun is only beginning!

  6. O/T
    Going to swing a little to the right here……

    “US must recall it is not just any country”
    By Condoleezza Rice
    If you read nothing else today, please read this article in the Financial Times….Condi is totally right. We have lost sight of the bigger picture and BO is the reason why. Time to center ourselves and stop the regressive policies of Obama.

  7. conner43

    Pics at huffpo show her new spray painted white pants. Tennis, soccer with Beckham….As an American, I am mortified.
    We will never know of course, but who was the courageous soul who told her she couldn’t march into the stadium, leading our athletes ? Must check DC obits to see if any WH staffer died mysteriously in the past few months.

  8. conner43

    Oh drat, sophie above….

    • It’s OK, sophie, I gotcha…. you ended up in pending for a minute or two…I know who you are… 🙂

  9. More MO Mooooove .. sign-up! download! Yeah it’s not political, sign ups are meant for email harvesting. Everybody who’s playing at her events in London had to “sign up” too.

    • The Original

      That is a speech that everyone should hear! Awesome!

    • I needed that!! Finally, someone speaks for me….it’s been a long time since that happened…if I lived in PA he would have won my vote with that rant.
      I despise the self aggrandizing Democrats who do nothing but posteur for the press. time to clean out the rats nest known as Congress

  10. GGGRRR: From the American Legion magazine:
    “The current budget calls for separating nearly 100,000 active-duty soldiers and Marines from service, while leaving the Pentagon’s civilian work force of 750,000 mostly untouched.
    This follows a four-year trend in which the administration cut 15,000 active-duty positions while it added 62,000civilians to the DoD bureaucracy.”
    And all the while the “Dr Jill and Michelle support the military” dog and pony show goes on with cameras rolling.
    Those are instant o votes, people.

  11. Daylife’s photo grid of MOlympics. Hard to pick just one 😀

  12. I have to admit…I like the dress. It might look better if the jacket didn’t end right at her hips, tho. The goofy expression…not so much.

    At least she didn’t grab the Duchess:

    • Good heavens. She is drunk or drugged.

  13. sportinlife10


  14. sportinlife10

    Has she pawed the Queen yet, or is the Palace taking no chances?

  15. I don’t know how I missed her grand entrance at the “Let’s MOOve” event:

    • Who makes a face like that when they jog ?

      • I doubt she does much running. No runner would hold their upper body so stiffly. She isn’t very athletic, just trains in a gym on equipment.

    • Very telling…no one is allowed to comment… 😀

      • Butt it’s comforting to see (in one of the Daily Mail photos) that the First Doopa is still there. She’d been so quiet this past week I was afraid she’d had it removed.

    • srdem65

      OMG! Someone is impersonating our MO and wearing something that fits!

      The Kate is wearing a magnificently fitted satin-based coatdress. It is a marvel of construction and suits her perfectly. Wow.

  16. Looks as if MO has created a monster… 😀

    Michelle Obama will hold an exercise event for her “Let’s Move” campaign, which conservatives have criticized for perpetuating nanny-state politics on Friday at the London Olympics .

    But the “Let’s Move” campaign is now being criticized from the left as well.

    The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PHRM), according to The Hill, is accusing the “Let’s Move” campaign of focusing solely on exercise and “abandoning” its focus on nutrition in order to appease the food and drink industries and lobbies during an election year.

    That’s what you get….

    • srdem65

      Oh,how mean…..(snort).

  17. Cyndi

    The First Disgrace is so out of her element. It is absolutely pathetic.Just the fact that she is there representing the US is a embarrassing. Her “Let’s Move” antics are equally embarrassing. She is not qualified to be telling people what they should or should not eat, or how they should be exercising.

  18. Carole

    Moo certainly did not dissapoint me. The tops she wore were too small. The red top looked like it was silk and had an overlay piece. Why didn’t she a top that was approriate for a sports event? Black pants? The dress she wore to the reception was for a cocktail event and it was longer in the back. It did fit her, butt the whole outfit was out of line since other women attending the reception wore light suits or dresses more fitting for an olympic event.

  19. Carole

    In addition, Moo is wearing the same wig she ran in and, no doubt sweated in, to greet the Queen and duches. Imagine ho bad it smells and looks. The wig sits on her head in a manner that indicates it is a wig and not properly fitted to avoid the nappy frizz at her forehead. I would be embarrassed if I were an USA olympian that had to be around her. She actually is behaving as though she is on a team at the Olymics.

    • You also ended up in pending…sorry for the delay getting you out…

  20. WOO HOO!! “The secret ingredient in Chick-fil-A sandwiches is liberal outrage.”

    • UN Arms Treaty goes down in flames today!! The Constitution wins….for now. But, if BO is re-elected, it will be signed. He’ll be much more “flexible”.

      • Francine

        Thank God!

    • Looked one up to get a sammich. I am so sick of the Liberal outrage over everything…

  21. Waiting for 2012

    Dontcha just WISH that Moocow would just shut up, and go away?

    • Francine


  22. Francine
    • Yeah…”you told me you aren’t available” LOL 😀
      Romney got Williams good….he snarks just like us!!

  23. sportinlife10

    …trying to watch the Opening of the Olympics here. Who would watch this s___t? I/we don’t do TV, but thought we would give this a try.
    The Industrial Revolution? New Age music? Kids’ Choir singing/signing “God Save the Queen”?
    I can’t figure out how it’s different from the last NFL/AFL halftime show I watched in 1970.
    All I really wanted to see is whether that ____led in the American athletes.

    • I tried too…gave up and am now watching Frasier re-runs…much better!!

  24. sportinlife10

    …tried again. It’s clear that Britain is going for the Lowest Common Denomninator. Giving up here.

    • Our satellite went out….I think I’m grateful.. LOL 😀

      • srdem65

        Different time zone. It starts in 10 minutes here and I’m recording.

        • Can’t wait to hear your views… BTW, the big baby is very creepy.

          • srdem65

            Two hours in and I’m just underwhelmed by the..what… a high school production?
            They honored their HEALTHCARE SYSTEM at the Olympics?
            So far, it’s a big deal disappointment.
            All I’m grateful for is that Chicago is NOT going to host the Olympics anytime in the near future.

            After today’s hoopla, I’m looking forward to seeing the fastest, most agile, best shooters, best riders, best players in every sport. I love them all. I’ll cheer for the winners and console the losers. On to the games, let them begin!

            • Yes, underwhelmed. It was a mish-mash of too much stuff that didn’t make sense. Even the Queen look bored. I know Beijing was a tough act to follow, but there has to be more to celebrate great UK culture than rolling up sod and dancing beds. They should have let Andrew Lloyd Weber produce it 😀

              Though thankful the only shot of MO was a quick look at her clapping for Team USA’s entry into the stadium. And a nice glimpse of the Romneys too.

              • I agree on the cultural aspect. But, considering the British Empire at one time, it was more of a “we don’t want to offend anyone” type of production. 😉

            • Oh me too.. the cyclists road race is on this morning…all the athletes are on my favorite list. Being the best of the best takes a lot of hard work and dedication.
              The one big hope I have for a single Olympian is Romney’s horse in the dressage, taking the gold would cause progs heads to absolutely explode.

  25. I thought the best part so far was when James Bond and Queen Elizabeth “parachuted” into Olympic stadium. I do love James Bond…..I can’t get into the whole Frankie/June dancing thing…This part I am just not feeling….not sure how it plays into the Olympics….

    • A nod to the younger set? Didn’t figure that one out myself. But, they did play my favorite band, Muse. If I have to hear Sir Pall perform ‘Hey, Jude’ one more time it will be one too many.

  26. domanii

    I thought I was the only one who thought the ceremonies sucked. The James Bond thingy was cute and so was Mr. Bean. Other than that the rest was absolutely horrible. The lighting of the cauldron was the biggest letdown of all. It really would have been spectacular if they had the Queen light it. It was her special year and it would have been a highlight to the whole thing. I was just so disappointed. I was reluctant to change the channel hoping the next segment would be better, but it never happened.

    • My head is still spinning from all the flashy craptastic special effects that had nothing to do with anything. Monsters scaring children then being saved by Mary Poppins ?

    • Glad to see that I didn’t miss a thing. I have avoided the Olympics for many years now–ever since those hosted by Los Angeles. Just too much hype for me.

  27. sportinlife10

    So did she or did she not lead in the American athletes? And IF she did, was everyone not cauc surrounding her?

    • Thank goodness, we only saw 2 seconds of her the whole night.

  28. Got yer money shot right here, female weightlifter, lift’s MO. Hope the poor girl can still compete…..what the hell is MO thinking??????

    • domanii

      I’ll bet that’s the 1st time in MO’s life she’s ever been lifted by anybody, much less another woman. How totally unbecoming a FLOTUS. It’s so embarrassing she had to disgrace the USA in front of the entire world. I’m just so enraged right now I can hardly control myself.

  29. MO watching the Olympics. This is the best expression they can get ?

    • Caption…
      Chicago would have done better then this
      You KNOW that’s what she’s thinking!

    • domanii

      As much as I hate to admit it, that was kind of what my husband and I looked like last night.

  30. In defense of our allies in the UK….their economy is also in pretty dire straits. Beijing spent a fortune, the UK doesn’t have a fortune to spend. Soooo…..

    • domanii

      I agree with the money part, but it still was a horrible ceremony. The money spent on the Industrial era was wasted on chimney’s that came out of the ground. It was extremely depressing and dirty, and who the hell wanted to smell sulphur? Rotten eggs! Kids jumping on beds and being scared by monsters then having Mary Poppins fly down is just stupid. I’m sorry, but the whole concept was weird. All the money in the world wouldn’t have made the production any better.

      • srdem65

        I agree, Money doesn’t buy class or in this case, good entertainment.

      • I see your point…would have been nice if the whole of the UK had been better represented in song and dance.

      • Maybe it was NBC’s sucky commentary too ? And the commercials, argghhhh. They should never interupt the parade of nations ! Lauer and Costas had to race through what we missed, we were missing the *live* stuff ! And why all the concern about countries who have never won and never will win a medal. Buzzkills.

        Maybe it was my disappointment in the tape delay, could have given them time to tighten it up and explain better the historical message. Or something 🙂

        • Matt Lauer is such a drag. Costas did try to liven it up a bit, but Lauer is a totale bore.

          • Cripes Suzette said it was like listening to the Best in Show commentators 😀

            • LOL 😀 ….have to add her to the blogroll…

      • I’m taking that back, they spent a boodle of cash on that fiasco!

  31. srdem65

    The two hour production was a mess; incomprehensible and all over the place.
    The march of the nation’s athletes was awesome and amazing. Amazing that we (the world) could put aside everything to meet in honest, wholesome competetion. Awesome that so many, young and old, represent their countries with pride and even though most will go home without the “honors’, they will do themselves proud.

    Even though she tried, yesterday was not about MO. In fact, it appeared that she was trying to take some glory away from our outstanding athletes. Shame on her for yesterday.

    • That is my favorite part….watching all the athletes from every country enter the stadium.
      MO gave it her best….LOL 😀
      Shame on her indeed. We knew she would give it her best shot to make it all about her. That woman is dumb as dirt.

  32. sportinlife10

    Back to the Beijing Olympic Opening: I remember watching that and being shocked at the omnipresent uniformed military, in almost every piece.
    Oh well, at least MOOch didn’t lead in the athletes (although I’ll bet she was really P_____d that she couldn’t.)
    The way the o’s are going, probably there’ll be an American Grifter Team next Olympics.

  33. MO cheered on Serena Williams sitting in the ‘family box’……..and yes, her outfit clashed “fabulously” ……. 😀

    “Mrs Obama, dressed in an ensemble that fabulously clashed prints and textures, was seated in Serena Williams’ coach’s box as she watched the sporting champion’s opening Olympic Games tennis match against Serbian Jelena Jankovic.”

    • and not to be outdone by Williams, MO played tennis yesterday too

    • srdem65

      And here I thought I had already seen the ugliest MO outfit, but no………….this is the #1.

      I submit for your opinion; MO had her upper teeth filed down which accounts for that mysterious “what did she do to her face?”.

    • sportinlife10

      What a thrill, to look down Serena Williams’ front.

    • domanii

      It looks like she’s wearing a chain-mail blouse with a rivit studded sweater and a tablecloth as a skirt. Hideous to say the least. Hey! I thought her kids were with her. Who’s watching them and where are they?

  34. Ouch.

    I think we all wanted to celebrate Britain’s wonderful cultural history, so much left out.

  35. I’m a little late to the game this morning. The opening ceremony was a bit disappointing for me. However, I adored Kenneth Branagh (one of my favorite actors) performing a bit of The Tempest (one of my favorite plays). Very cool.

    The cauldron threw me at first, but after I read an article explaining the significance, it made more sense. The seven athletes who lit the cauldron were selected by seven legendary British Olympians. When they ran the lap around the stadium, the each shook hands with the person who nominated them. The 205 “petals” of the cauldron represent the countries participating in the games. Separate at first, but coming together to create one massive flame.

    The only concern I have regarding the flame is this. The IOC has a rule that the cauldron must be visible from outside the stadium. Unless I am mistaken, the cauldron is in the center of the stadium.

  36. The other thing I forgot to mention is that the BBC did a live feed that I watched with some of my office mates. There was a cute bit with the Queen that was not shown on NBC (shocker). When she made her grand entrance, she adjusted her dress and hat, as if she really had jumped out of a helicopter. Prince Phillip even dusted off her dress. These two are great fun and adored by the people of Great Britain, as evidenced by the roar of the crowd.

    • srdem65

      It’s going to be a sad day in England when the Royals go to that great castle in the sky.

    • I’m so sorry I missed that part.

    • NBC cut out a lot, and why I’m pithed. You would think tape delay would have been an advantage to the viewers, not the sponsers.

  37. Francine

    Excellent article by an M.D. explaining why Obamacare is a disaster:

  38. HI!!!!!!!

    • She certainly needs to be the center of attention, doesn’t she? ME, ME, ME…hey everybody, look at ME!!

      • Flotus is a train wreck on these Olympics. *FAIL* Where are the girls and granny?

        • Elisabeth

          I heard Obama said in an interview that the girls were gone to summer camp for a month. Not sure about granny, surely she wouldn’t stay w just him there?!

          • From what I’ve read granny pretty much does her own thing, has her own friends…BO is gone fundraising most of the time anyway.

      • YEP…she left her inside voice in DC and brought along the shrieky one..

  39. Another costume change? Did she go back to the hotel to change or does one of her handmaidens bring extra clothes? I did see Sam Kass in one of the photos…nice to bring your personal chef along…

    • Even the Royal Family did not change between events. The Romneys went to the morning swim meet and then flew to Israel in the same clothes. This woman is ridiculous. Fashion Icon, my foot.

    • Darn, she tore her top… LOL 😀

      • srdem65

        If she didn’t tear her top, she needs her head examined to wear something like that.

        • LOL 😀 ….she does wear some strange ‘rags’

    • Could they have gushed and groveled more? GACK!!

  40. Hollydolly

    Darn computer…..scroll to the fourth picture and yes it’s another ridiculous MOO mug. Butt check out the hair. Are those threads of grey? Is it possible that’s her own hair?

  41. Hollydolly

    Sorry for reposting your link Lynn II. Just one of those days…..

    • There is no sorry in MOOville 😉

    • LOL :D….not to worry…every pic deserves a second look…after all it’s MO we’re talking about here!! 😀

  42. Nice pics of Romneys….notice how Anne doesn’t try to get out in front of Mitt…they also hold hands like its natural for them.

  43. I guess it really is all about the cash….too funny
    “ONE of the ‘bundlers’ who has raised $50,000 to $100,000 for the Barack Obama presidential campaign is Terrence Bean, who once controlled the biggest producer of gay porn in America,” the Post reported in 2008, during the president’s first run the office. “Bean, the first gay on Sen. Obama’s National Finance Committee, is the sole trustee of the Charles M. Holmes Foundation, which owned Falcon Studios, Jock Studios and Mustang Studios, the producers of about $10 million worth of all-male pornography a year.”

  44. sportinlife10

    Although we mourn the Birdster and hope some @#$%^ doesn’t have her in their sights, I just want to say you’re doing a great job. Thanks for carrying on.

    • Oh thank you Sportin, that means a lot to me… 🙂

  45. O/T More on the UN Arms Treaty…yes, it surely did cover “small arms” and “light weapons”…. in other words would have given foreign govs the right to interfere in our Constitutional right to bear arms. Good thing those 51 Senators stepped in to stop it.
    Sent BO a letter telling him under no circumstancs would they ratify the treaty.
    this is huge!!! Boy is everyone pi**ed at BO…

    • The Original

      Glad that there are enough people in the Senate who still are using their brains.

    • The Original

      As a small business person who is barely making it right now . . . I cannot tell you how that affects me. If she is paying for that out of their own money . . . fine. But it better not coming out of some “official business” money.

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