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Olympic Recap

Hasn’t it been fun following MO’s travels around London?  She kicked Spongebob’s butt in soccer, drooled all over David Beckham, and shrieked her approval of the US athletes (finally she found something to be proud of that is American).

We loved the Thakoon Chevron print blazer , originally priced around $1500,  now available for the very low price of $435.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Following the new vogue of sagging crotch pants, Lady M made sure the world knew she kept up with the latest in hip-hop fashion. Justin Bieber and Jay-Z were seen nodding their approval.  We did notice however this style does go back a few years to a more innocent time and fit right in with the whole Olympic opening ceremony theme

Never to be outdone, our FLOTUS made sure to show David Beckham how to kick a soccer ball. We’re pretty sure he appreciated the lesson. She does have her own unique style.

While visiting with the US wrestling team MO just couldn’t resist becoming a barbell for one of the ladies.

“OK, regardless of your political leanings, how awesome is Mrs. Obama? She talked about how she was inspired by the team, and then felt comfortable enough with it to grant an Olympian her offbeat request.” Can anyone think of a reason to not be “comfortable” around our US athletes? Especially if you’re surrounded with enough security to invade a small country.

Our visit with the Queen at Buckingham Palace went off without a glitch.

FLOTUS attended the swimming competition. She had to suffer through that “damn flag” thing again when Lochte won his race and got the Gold. We all know how unfair society has been to her and her family.

I know you’re thinking somehow her top must have been torn in her rush to attend this particular event. Not so, it’s all part of a fashion statement. Cutouts have become a staple of the fashionista wardrobe. Never let it be said MO doesn’t keep up with good style in her clothing choices.  Demure and flattering is it not?

Soooo, that’s the recap, if there is anything missing please feel free to add.

In other news, our top immigration officials are upset over the chaos Obama is causing for them with his new amnesty policy. Not only does he want them to use bean bags against bullets but, he also wants them to leave illegal aliens alone. Instead of guarding our borders from illegal entrants BO has signs erected to warn US citizens to stay off their own public land.

Makes sense, no?

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  1. And…she’s still not done! Holy cow…sleeves!

  2. This may not be a glitch but, it isn’t exactly the smartest thing to purchase or wear when so many Americans are in such dire financial straits. Hopelessly out of touch 😦

    • srdem65

      We’ll give her that she’s the wife of a multi-millionaire and we don’t really believe that she shops at Target, but $6800? for a jacket is over the top. The skirt, shoes, etc will probably add another $1500 to her outfit making it around $8500 for the evening.
      She can afford to buy these things, that’s not the point; the point is that so many Americans are really in dire straits and we expect some consideration from our leaders (and their wives)

      All of the modern Presidents were wealthy men, but their wives were very discrete about their purchases.
      I have to be fair, too. There was no way we knew how much a FLOTUS paid for her clothing until we had the internet to search.

      • A huge fuss was made about the cost of Nancy Reagan’s clothing. Same fuss made about Palin’s wardrobe costs. Rosalynn Carter was very lowkey in her dress, as was most other FLs. MO is so over the top in her choices and got her reputation as fashion icon from the adoring left. Fair game…

      • Hollydolly

        MOO is everywhere. Seems not a day goes by that she hasn’t managed to push her way into some event. Talk shows, award programs, college graduations, and now even the Olympics. Perhaps the other FL’s spent a lot on their clothing, but I can’t imagine their spending comes close to MOO’s overall tally.

  3. srdem65

    OT: somewhat
    First; is there an expiration date on bashing Sarah Palin?? Can we speed it up?

    Second: The outrageous attacks on Chick-a-fil is just about as scary as some of the things the BO has done. The attack on true-believing Christians is shocking. The anti-Semites are no longer hiding, but publicizing their ugly thoughts in the MSM.
    This is the USA, we tolerate all beliefs, we honor all honorable thoughts and our constitution protects us from bigotry. Or so we thought, until the lefty Dems want us to conform, to shun our religions, to approve of things that are abhorrent to us.
    Where is the outrage from moderate Dems?
    Has everyone in the Dem party lost their souls to become a bigoted, racist, anti-religious organization?

    • For the left? No, no expiration date…for her kids either.
      I stuck my nose up in the air at the left, right along with other birdies, and got Chick-Fil-A for dinner the other day. I do believe a lot of Dems (moderates) don’t know there are people like you or me out here. I didn’t know until I found a bunch of us online. Now, I just speak out….don’t care anymore what the uber lefties call me.

    • Most of us who left the Dem Party did so because we were bullied for not supporting Obama, and stayed away because of the vile hate coming from the New Dems. Phfft, don’t miss ’em at all 😀

      I don’t see an end to the Palin bashing anytime soon since Bristol was chosen to be on the Dancing With The Stars All-Stars 😀

      • Yep, and that ignorant non-comedian mean girl type Kathy Griffin calling a 17 year old a whore. Sicko!

    • Adrian

      Nice face, MO

    • Caption: Bet you wish you can do that. (any lip readers assigned to her this time…heh).

      Her hair looks unusally soft and shiny. I see gray 🙂

      • Spray conditioners and shine…yep they make that for black hair.

    • zoinks

      Caption: Which ones are American again?

      • LOL 😀

    • Certainly happy I don’t have to go back and punch myself out! 😀

  4. Friday afternoon dump…this should raise your hackles….BO says “it worked” ….sure it did, if we wanted a bankrupt country.

    “The White House has delivered its 10-year budget forecast to Congress, and it predicts a trillion-dollar deficit for fiscal year 2012.

    The project, titled the Mid-Session Review, projects $42.6 trillion in spending, and will balloon the federal government’s accumulated debt to $25.4 trillion by 2022, according to an analysis from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions, the GOP’s budget chief in the Senate. The review was released Friday, reducing the chance it will get much coverage in the media.”

    Read more:

  5. srdem65

    Good golly, the MSM is now calling MrR a “wimp”. A WIMP!? compared to that whiny, girly president we now have? They must be nutty to think that MrRomney is anything but a manly man, who would never ride a girl’s bike, or prance up and down the stairs like a prima ballerina.

  6. O/T giving Costas cred for his remarks when the Israeli team entered the stadium….the IOC could take a lesson from him, so could a number of world governments.

  7. sportinlife10

    Why are all those pro basketball players in the Olympics. I thought it was a celebration of amateurs?

    • srdem65

      Not only them, but Serena Williams? I don’t understand it either.

    • The Original

      That happened because countries like Russia, China, etc., basically had teams of professionals because in the Communist countries were paid by the government to be on the team. The USA had to depend on college/university players. Eventually, it became a joke because the US could not use their best players while were allowed to use their best players. It evened out the field.

  8. He, he, he…couldn’t resist. MO spent nearly half an hour with military families before she left England.

    • srdem65

      There is definitely no photo-shopping here. What a mess.

    • “World famous fashion icon!” “The new Jackie O!” Riiiiiiiight…..She looks like a hot damn mess. What a damn slob. Of course the stoooooopid leftards probably love this outfit. Maybe Anna Wintour will put her on the cover of Vogue!? Such a fashion forward outfit to wear to greet military families. And I thought that $6800 silver jacket she wore to Buckingham Palace was absolutely hideous. Just my little opinion.

  9. The gift that keeps on giving…I just found this one. (I think they tried to hide it.)

    • They deserved a lot better then that mess…seriously wrinkled and natty looking. shame on her…

      • Francine

        Ugly, too small jacket. i would feel so uncomfortable and ridiculous wearing that.

    • Adrian

      If it isn’t too tight, too bedazzled or too avant guard, you can bet it will be too wrinkled.

    • Which of the little princess’s closets did She raid this time?

  10. Carole

    Oh my gosh! Mo wears the slick down nasty hair that probably has not been shampooed. When she is hugging the basketball players I thought I saw sweat under one arm. The white pants do not fit her appropriately for a First Lady. In one pic I thought I saw the outline of her undies under the white pants. Did anyone notice the black shade or stubble under the sleeves top she was wearing or whatever that was? I am not sure that is when she was watching a swimming event. The top she wore to the reception was too small and did not look designed to wear with a faliring pleated skirt. It was meant for dsinner evening slacks or a long narrow skirt. She looked like a mess at the Olympics and it was inappropriate of her to hug all the players. Some of the players did not look comfortable with her hugging them.

    • zoinks

      No one is comfortable when sasquatch tries to squash their heads between her vice-grip taloned man-hands. She leaves a trail strewn with shrieking children, picked pockets, and crushed souls when she “swishes” by (with all the grace of a 3-legged wildebeest suffering from a dental emergency).

  11. O/T DHS gearing up for riots before the conventions and election….RNC is setting up free speech zones…

  12. Working again today, will have a new thread up later this afternoon.

  13. Green dragon

    Lynn II, Thank you so very much for the work you do on this site. I like it because of the posting of links to other sites. You and others do the research and all I have to do is read.
    I have found this to be good brain exercise. The comments posted, or links posted make me think; do I agree or not, do I have a comment to make. Thanks!

    • This is who we are and this is what we do….we also appreciate the support everyone gives to our little nest. It’s people like you who make it all worth the time and effort.
      Thanks for the wonderful comment….made my day! 🙂

  14. sportinlife10

    Weasel Zippers and The Daily Caller have both been hacked, and are both down. Watch your backs, bloggers and posters.

    • The Original

      You would think that the blog hosts would do everything they can do to make their service secure. How many people would eventually move to another host if this would continue? Not good business.

    • Whoa…. I love the Zipwire…check in with DC everyday.

  15. conner43

    Poor Mo, first she has to drag herself to London, which has no beach, then she has to pretend to enjoy jumping around with white kids, no sacrifice is too great to ensure four mo’ years. It was all
    . about the photo ops, and then she had to go and blow it, by appearing in a top comparable to the price of a decent used car, or a little mobile home., 2 items many destitute Americans would kill for..She came so close to almost making a positive impression, once you get past the fact of her being there in the first place..

    They are so desperate, she would probably get pregnant about now, if she wasn’t too old, and hubby wasn’t on the down low. I hope no one plants the idea of adopting an African baby in her wee mind, that would get the droolers out in force on Election Day.

    Her last hope is for one of them to be announced as having a terrible sounding disease, that is actually benign and curable, like the ‘heartbreak of psoriasis’ or a faux mammogram ‘irregularity
    ‘ For now watch for a few ‘cheap’ outfits, while they figure out the next scam. Pulling off another massive giveaway to the peasants or legalizing all immigrants by decree, would be difficult
    and besides, he’s pretty much done that already, ditto on gay marriage, he really jumped the gun there, although it did pay off in some big donations, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

    • zoinks

      Conner – I agree completely. I’ve been cringing at the sight of her swollen colon just waiting for the announcement that the first baby is having a first baby any day now.

  16. sportinlife10

    Hacking: I can get The Daily Caller on IE, not Firefox.

  17. The Original

    This would be just almost unbelievable if it didn’t involve Obama.

    • No surprise there…To be perfectly honest I do think he knew zero until they called him in off the golf course. I think the “good guys” did an end run around Val-Jay.

  18. For those who may have missed MO’s escapades at the Olympics, here’s a nice recap….snark alert !

    • srdem65

      I love a good snark in the morning.
      The comments were typical until “marlon?” hints that the anti-MO attitudes are racists.

      • zoinks

        I think marlon is the loser one “L” michele. I’ve been chasing that creep for sometime now.

    • Love reading her and Clarice… both of them are good writers.

  19. domanii

    I didn’t realize how much time I spent on Weasel Zippers. News is slow coming today. One of my friends had a picture on facebook showing a woman fencer (Fencing pose) that said she was the first muslim woman to represent the USA. My friend said she was so proud to live in a country with so many religions, races, and nationalities.
    So, being the good friend I am I didn’t pounce on her for her liberal ideals, I just asked her what does religion have to do with the olympics? It’s supposed to be about sports, not religion.
    There hasn’t been a response from her yet.

    • It is silly isn’t it? Does your friend not realize in many other countries that Muslim woman would not be free to compete? The freedom to choose your own path has nothing to do with religion, cuture or, race. It does have everything to do with Liberty.

  20. Carole

    Lynn II, I love your indepth insight into politics and national issues. You are so right, it is all about liberty and the wonderful pursuit to strive for it and to achieve happiness as an American citizen.

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