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Choosing the next Prom Queen?

Is this what an election now comes down to? What about capability? Isn’t it more important that our President be capable rather than likable? We seem to be so starstruck and infantile when it comes to making a decision of such great import to our country. Do we really need a President who will give us things to garner votes or, one who tells us we need to be responsible for our own lives. Do we need a President who singles out certain groups of people to bestow favors on as a “privileged” group or, do we want a President who insists on equality for all as guaranteed in the Constitution. Do we need a President who thinks certain groups, including himself, are above the law and protects them from prosecution. Or, a President who manipulates the economy to favor certain groups of people and their businesses to the detriment of the whole of society.  Do we really need a President who has made telling the truth socially unacceptable and uses his power to prosecute those who do tell the truth and, make every effort to uphold the law for the benefit of the citizens.

One of the most dangerous trends of our times is making the truth socially unacceptable, or even illegal, with “hate speech” laws. It is supposed to be terrible, for example, to call an illegal alien an “illegal alien” or to call an Islamic terrorist an “Islamic terrorist.” When the media refer to “undocumented” workers or to violence committed by “militants,” who is kidding whom — and why?

Looks like the Dems have had some second thoughts about all that Canadian oil. China is on the verge of making a 15 billion deal for the privilege of buying from Canada. Out of pure spite, in order to blame the R-words for our very horrible bad economy and for being obstructionists, and to fill the coffers of their “best friends” who donate to their campaigns, Dems nixed the Keystone pipeline. Now, surprise, they are all squishy because they have “ceded a massive chunk of North American oil assets to the communist nation.

In a draft letter to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), Sen. Schumer writes:

I respectfully urge you, in your capacity as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), to withhold approval of this transaction to ensure U.S. companies reciprocal treatment.

Similarly, Rep. Pelosi is now sounding alarms of concern.  In a statement, Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hamill said:

This deal prompts great concern about the Chinese government’s continued attempts to use its state-owned enterprises to acquire global energy resources.

How smug they were and how pathetic they are now. Did they think for a moment Canada would just bow and wait? Now they beg someone to save them from their own ignorance. Is it any wonder so many have left the Dem Party? What would have provided thousands of jobs for Americans, given our economy a huge boost, lessened our dependence on the ME oil kingdoms, was shot down by the Dems for a few thousand votes from the “greens” and their campaign money. Pretty pathetic aren’t they and not really very likable.

We really do have a huge choice to make. The more one studies the likability of BO, the more one can see he isn’t very likable at all, at least when running for re-election. We’ve had our Prom Queen, now we need a capable individual who knows how to turn this economy around and who will be a President for all the people.


  1. A President should be a father to his country. Fair, strong and disciplined. He can’t always be your best friend. He can’t always be cool and fun. But he has to do what’s right.

  2. Here he goes again…$40,000 a plate fundraiser…wonder who pays for this one?

    • zoinks

      People with children who are awaiting trial.

  3. The Original

    If I was the PM of Canada, I would wait until after the November elections before I would sign any deal with China.

    • can’t fault them….they have to keep their own country moving along….Harper has his country’s interests to deal with, unlike BO who seems more interested in increasing jobs for everyone but the US.

    • rotolab

      He can’t…he’s looking out for his country’s best interest. What if BO is re-elected? The Chinese money is good…ours is borrowed. It’s not his job to do what is best for US, but what is best for Canada. BO really blew this one, and we’ll pay the price.

    • Worse yet, Chuckie Schumer wants the US to block any deal between Canada and China. This is not our business!!

      • Pretty ironic since they were the party that blocked the Keystone pipeline to begin with.
        Actions have consequences but, the Progs never, not ever, forget about political maneuvering to think that far ahead. As for Obama, all he wants is the mo’ money he can earn with a second term. He’s so damned lazy!

  4. rotolab

    Oh gag…”MO giving each member of the U.S. Men’s Basketball team a big ol’ American momma hug after their victory over France.”

    • zoinks

      We should thank the first grabber….she could’ve just as easily have lifted her tail and peed on each one to mark her territory instead.

      When did America become so complacent as to allow mooch to sexually harass its citizens?

  5. Hold onto your seats, it’s going to get very bumpy….

    […]The investigators, in a final report likely to be released later this week, also unearthed new evidence that agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Phoenix initially sought to hide from the Mexican government the crucial information that two Fast and Furious firearms were recovered after the brother of a Mexican state attorney general was killed there…

    Two more final reports, they said, will deal with “the devastating failure of supervision and leadership” at the Department of Justice and an “unprecedented obstruction of the [congressional] investigation by the highest levels of the Justice Department, including the attorney general himself.”[…]

    Every single one of them should be brought up on charges….conspiracy would be a good start.

  6. The case that won’t die….DOJ corrupt as it gets.
    “Federal Court Finds Obama Appointees Interfered With New Black Panther Prosecution

    A federal court in Washington, DC, held today that political appointees appointed by President Obama did interfere with the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the New Black Panther Party.

    The ruling came as part of a motion by the conservative legal watch dog group Judicial Watch, who had sued the DOJ in federal court to enforce a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents pertaining to the the New Black Panthers case. Judicial Watch had secured many previously unavailable documents through their suit against DOJ and were now suing for attorneys’ fees.”

  7. srdem65

    Late night OT:
    The Dems want a gay marriage plank in their platform at the convention. I’m not against gays getting married, or gays doing whatever they do, but this goes too far. I believe in Jesus Christ, but I don’t oppose or condemn anyone who doesn’t, and I wouldn’t presume to convince them otherwise because that’s the American way.
    There will be such a horrible backlash for this issue.

    I had another call from someone running for Congress and the caller was so proud that her candidate worked with MrClinton and MsWarren. I made her repeat that….ELIZABETH WARREN? I said are you kidding me, you mean he worked with Fauxahountas? and hung up.
    After this election, no matter who wins, I’m changing my voter registration to Repub. I can no longer be associated with the current Dems who are destroying everything I hold dear.
    I don’t know what happened to them. They make me ashamed to be a Dem.

    • sportinlife10

      Amen. And I was always a Hillary supporter, but after her collusion with these incompetent corruipt fools, I too am a registered Republican.
      Isn’t it great that the Republicans and Judoicial Watch wouldn’t let go of Fast and Furious AND the pandering DOJ.

    • What the Dems call progressive has become more like oppression and regression.

    • Promises made for campaign cash….good thing BO “evolved” in time for the 2012 election.

  8. What Romney actually said while in Israel….certainly isn’t a “racist” statement as the LSM want you to believe..
    […]“As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality,” Romney said.

    (Figures on the United Nations’ website actually indicate a much greater disparity between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. Israel had a per capita GDP of $27,060 in 2009, while the 2009 per capita GDP of the occupied Palestinian territory was listed as $1,367.) …

    “He says if you can learn anything from the economic history of the world, it’s this: culture makes all the difference. Culture makes all the difference. And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things,” Romney said.[…]

  9. Romney was also right in his observations of the Olympics…and the worst gaffes? Try the idiotic media…Baba WaWa for example. Rude as it can get.

    “Barbara Walters launched an outrageous attack on Queen Elizabeth II for having a ‘sour face’ and dressing ‘like something out of the nineteenth century’ during the Olympics opening ceremony.

    The host of ABC’s ‘The View’ made the disparaging remarks while discussing the London 2012 Games on air on Monday morning.

    While Walters acknowledged that the Queen had a sense of humour for her involvement in the James Bond sketch with Daniel Craig, she said she disapproved of her stern facial expression and choice of clothing.”

    Read more:

    • Anon

      I am surprised she didn’t comment on Moo’s athleisure attire and the looks on her face.

    • srdem65

      “ghastly woman” as one commenter called MsWalters is right. I’m not sure what she would have approved for a 80+year old woman to wear, maybe a torn t-shirt and in-the-crack pants like MO or a tacky running suit.
      80+ year old women, Queen or not, have the right to dress any way they please.

      As for the “dour” face, I wasn’t smiling during the opening ceremony either. I thought it was creepy and weird.

    • zoinks

      Where ever mooch appears, that is the expression on everyones’ face.

  10. Keep up the good work…see ya’ll later this evening… 🙂

  11. Francine

    Did any of you hear about this. BO doesn’t fill stadiums anymore but Glenn Beck certainly does! 100,000 attended…

  12. Hoo boy…this is going to be a rude awakening for Dems…..

    “President Obama is trying to prevent thousands of layoff notices from going out a few days before the November election, Sen. Jame Inhofe (R-Okla.) said on Tuesday.

    Obama’s Labor Department on Monday issued “guidance” to the states, telling them that a federal law requiring advance notice of mass layoffs does not apply to the layoffs that may occur in January as a result of automatic budget cuts known as “sequestration.”

  13. OH my …figments of imagination being disposed of by UK experts….

    “Britain will help the Iraqi government dispose of what’s left of deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons, still stored in two bunkers in north of Baghdad, the British embassy in Baghdad announced Monday.

    The British Defense Ministry will start training Iraqi technical and medical workers this year, an embassy statement said. The teams will work to safely destroy remnants of munitions and chemical warfare agents left over from Saddam’s regime. He was overthrown in 2003 following an American-led invasion.

    Saddam stored the chemical weapons near population centers so that he could access them quickly, despite the danger to his civilian population.”

    • srdem65

      Wait a minute…he HAD chemical weapons?

      • Yes, and yellowcake which was sent to Canada for safekeeping. You know, the stuff the left said wasn’t there…

      • sportinlife10

        This is the stuff the Hate-Bush-Industry (thereby setting the stage for the o) crucified Bush for? Have I got this right?

        • Yes, you absolutely do have it right. Thank goodness, and the Israelis, for taking out their nuclear reactor. The yellowcake, tons of the stuff, is now in capable hands and soon the chemical weapons will be too if everything goes well. Truck loads of weapons left Iraq and were trucked into Syria. Now, Syria has moved the same weapons to their borders. W was never wrong, neither was Cheney, about what Saddam, and now Syria, had and have. Truth has a way of coming out eventually. It’s about time too.

          • For years, those of us who supported W said that history would be kind to him. I didn’t think it would happen so soon.

            • W was right in more ways than this. What the Dems in Congress did to him was unconscionable. Particularly because they were the liars….now the world knows it.

      • Part of the reason I left the Dem party…how could they lie so blatantly about something so real? All the stuff just kept adding up until I had enough.

    • The Original

      Aw, Obama got the coveted Ahmadinejad endorsement. I would imagine that is about as welcomed as the plague.

  14. Sometimes I get so busy reading I forget to comment, but this is just sad:
    I don’t think any former Dems here should feel a scintilla of remorse over changing parties.
    We didn’t leave, They left us. Now they have to look back almost 12 years for a Dem that people might tune in to watch. Clinton, a centrist Dem, who has praised Romney, is the best they can do ? Clinton doesn’t have much to lose, most active Dems don’t want to be caught dead with O. Hillary has already said she is ‘too tired’ to campaign for O, bless her heart.

    • LOL :D…yes and our beloved Fauxcahontas will speak too.

  15. sportinlife10

    New language for me (gotta stay in more?): mockage-zone. It was about Reid, publicizing, nay, embracing, an anonymous call from “a Bain investor”, who said, over the phone, “You know, Romney didn’t pay his taxes.”
    Well, that was enough for Harry: he went for it, ran with it.

    • They’re terrified…going to lose control of the Senate…will lose the Presidency….creepy little Harry R is trying to firewalk.

    • The Original

      My response is . . . how does a Bain investor know that Romney didn’t pay his taxes? How would he/she have any knowledge of it? Totally a stupid remark.

  16. The pols in DC no longer even try to hide their corruption and manipulation of The System. I am still reeling from the Legal Insider Trading Scandal that has lined their pockets. Despite all the horror, some swing states are still in the Blue section. I take all polls with a heaping spoonful of salt, but they worry me, nonetheless. I still think the quiet Americans will come out of their shells and vote. Not so much For Romney but just to get rid of both Obamas and their corrupt posse. Not meaning to ‘damn by faint praise’ at all, but how informed will the voters Ever be, since the msm is as corrupt as TheOne ? Fox needs to man up and cover Romney 24/7, and get rid of Juan Williams while they’re at it.

    • between Juan and Beckel …don’t know who is the more pathetic..

  17. BO is just like a recurring nightmare…back in OH today…{{{sigh}}}

    • srdem65

      He likes you, he really, really, likes you. Me? not so much.

      ot: the Obama campaign sent me FOUR (4) emails asking for money today.
      I’m thinking about filing a cyber-stalking complaint………

      • All it took was 2 hissy fit emails and they stopped emailing me. 😀

    • The Original

      So, glad I don’t live in a swing state. We rarely get visits from Obama. I don’t think Romney has been here yet.

  18. srdem65

    way OT: Yea, USA! the girls gymnasts won a gold medal. I was holding my breath, agonizing with them as if they were “my” children. Congrats to them.

    same thing; the cameras kept going to catch the all the athlete’s parents reactions but only once went to little Gabby’s family. I finally figured out why…her mother actually looked bored.

    • The Original

      Yeah, I just watched it. Sooo exciting.

    • Now, they’re the DREAM Team! 🙂

    • Oh jeez, now they’re calling them the Fab Five…

  19. $5,000 donated to BO from BO…..”we all have to pitch in” ….

    […]In an email to supporters this morning, Obama said that he had given to his own reelection campaign for the first time as a symbolic gesture.

    “On its own, what I gave won’t be enough to surmount the unprecedented fundraising we’ve seen on the other side, both from our opponent’s campaign and from the outside groups and special interests supporting him,” Obama wrote. “But we have always believed that there’s nothing we can’t do when we all pitch in. That includes me.”[…]

  20. Need instructions on how to donate? BO has an app for that…. LOL 😀

    • DLeigh

      Gag. And the big guy had to ‘clear it with mo’? What a chunk of cow pie he is feeding his people now. Amazing of those who continue to eat it.

      • Well, it is her money and will cost her a new outfit if he gives it away to himself. LOL 😀
        He must think his donors are so dumb. why else would he need to show them how easy it is to use the internet and fill out a form. LOL 😀

  21. SEIU union leader steals union dues for fun and profit…gets caught, says “I have done nothing wrong”….looking at a huge jail term…….

  22. LOL ….we did tell them…. 😀

  23. Off to work, see you later…..with a new thread. So sorry they have to be posted late in the evening.

    • Never apologize. You don’t have to run this blog, but you do. That is more than enough. I think it is safe for me to speak on behalf of everyone when I say “Thank You.”

    • “On the other side of the use spectrum, however, just five percent of the population – about 15 million people – spent a whopping $623 billion or about half of all personal health care expenditures. That came to nearly $41,000 per patient.

      And if one looks at just the top 1 percent of health care “spenders” – those who were often battling life-threatening or crippling illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, cancer or dementia – they averaged over $90,000 per patient per year. These three million people accounted for over 20 percent of the total health care tab.”

  24. Ronbo51

    “I want to see a line of refugees streaming out of DC, lost and homeless, with no hope or money, with their few belongings dragged behind them, and the lifeless stare of people who have been stripped of dignity. Houses worth next to nothing because the DC suburbs have nothing. And when you wander down my way in the mountains of southwest Virginia I’ll just show you my gun and tell you to move along, there’s nothing for you here. Then I’ll know we are on the right track as a nation.”

    That’s a comment on a Big Journalism site regarding layoffs in DC of THE ROLL CALL.

  25. According to DRUDGE, there is an Olympics Badminton scandal, involving Indonesia, China, maybe the Koreas, in a plotline so subtle (throwing games) that it brings to mind the stereotype “inscrutably oriental”.

    • The Original

      Well, there is the doping issue with the 16 year old Chinese swimmer. She has beat the men’s best in the world times. Maybe China is going back to the old Russian days when doping was prevalent.

  26. The Original

    Want to know the result of the 7/26 Cabinet meeting? Here it is . . .

    • Ha, ha…why am I not surprised?

  27. srdem65

    IMO, the problem starts with allowing two teams from the same nation to compete in one sport. It makes for a lot of hanky-panky and subtle planning.

    It brings to mind a scandal that the famous Poker tournaments had: a group of men would throw a round of the card game and their chips to a really good player so that he would have a chip advantage as the rounds went forward. It went on for quite a while until the officials caught up with it. How’d they find out? Men were uber-betting against their friend when they had nothing.

    • sportinlife10

      How on earth do they keep track of all that? My family won’t even let me arrange cars, with situations involving different drivers, vehicles and pickup times….think how lucky and smart the poker-playing world is, without me.

  28. Francine
  29. Carole

    I am so out of touch here. I have been busy taking my hubby to docs and supervising his meds for Parkinson’s Disease that I haven’t watch much of the Olympics or kept up with the Obama or Ramney campaigns. Thank goodness Lynn II was kind enough to establish this blog site. I have been catching up by reading all the blogs on here and now I feel more in touched with the world. Thank you all Birdies for your remarks and your articles. You are a special breed of wonderful, enlightened individuals.

    I will never go back to the Democrat Party as a voter. They not only left me, butt they nominated and voted in a horrible president who hates a democratic country and wants to completely socialize/nationalize the American system.. The First Lady is an embarrassment and a free loader that only can be proud of her country if her husband is president and she is provided with expensive vacays and outfits that are ill fitted and inappropriate for the occassion.

  30. Skunk is going to jail…I take this one personally…
    “Former Cuyahoga County political leader Jimmy Dimora was sentenced Tuesday to 28 years in prison for his conviction in a wide-ranging federal public corruption case.

    Dimora, an former county commissioner, denied any wrongdoing in a statement before he was sentenced. A tearful Dimora said everything he did was for the taxpayer’s good.

    The 57-year-old Dimora, also a former Democratic Party chairman in Cleveland, was convicted of racketeering, bribery and other counts. His trial capped an investigation that led to more than 50 convictions involving county officials, employees and contractors who traded bribes for government jobs and contracts.

    The investigation helped fuel a referendum that replaced the three-commissioner county government in Cleveland with a county executive and council.”

    Read more:

    One other Commissioner has already been sentenced to 22 years. Both Dems, both creeps. Jacked up property taxes on the rest of us while keeping their homes and homes of friends taxes really low. It took me three years and several trips to the county board of revisions to prove I was being robbed blind.

    • srdem65

      The political pundits on each side, and the pols themselves, don’t get it yet. They think we’re confused, aren’t paying attention or are willing to go along. Not true.
      The elections of 2010 didn’t teach them anything, it seems. MrCruz, a (gasp) TeaParty favorite beats the tar out of his RIno opponent, and thousands of thousands of people around the country, in big cities and small, go out of their way to support a company that was smeared by un-American Dem mayors.
      A few months ago, Scott Walker, beats the organized labor/Dem machine and moves his state into the fiscal responsiblity mode.

      They are going to be surprised in November. We don’t see it in the phony polls, we don’t hear it from the pundits, but we’re here, we didn’t go away and we’re not done.

    • srdem65

      Thanks for the linky. In the photo someone is waiting while using crutches! A dedicated supporter of free speech, for sure.

      • srdem65

        Rumor is they set a record for the number of meals today.

        EAT MORE CHIK’N DEMS. love it!

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