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Are you as excited about the October 11th VP debate as I am?  Unlike Chris Matthews who only gets a tingle up his leg, I am tingling all over. Did you know Rep Chris Van Hollen is the Ryan stand-in for Joey B to practise on before that big day? He’s the ranking member of the Budget Committee Ryan chairs. “Biden really whipped faux-Ryan in the first practice debate, but don’t lend that much credence because I read it in a press pool report that was written by Joe Biden.”

Speaking of Chris Van Hollen, he is wasting no time trying to undermine Paul Ryan.

What Erskine did he praised Paul Ryan as a person of integrity. He did not praise his budget plan. I think anyone should ask Erskine today that question — in fact, Erskine Bowles and Allen Simpson issued a statement about the Ryan plan, and they said it lacked the balance that was at the heart of Simpson-Bowles. And they have specifically said that the president’s plan has that kind of balance and Mitt Romney’s plan does not. That’s what they have said as recently as a few weeks ago.

Of course Van Hollen forgot to mention the rest of the statement from Bowles and Simpson

The quote about “hard truth” came in the context of Ryan’s selection as candidate for Vice President. Simpson said, “I don’t think he was seeking it, but let me tell you, he becomes a spokesman of hard truth against fakery.” Simpson also predicted that the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan would be brought back to life at some point in the future: “Dr. Frankenstein is about to come by and inject some electrodes into the corpse and it’s going to rise from the shelf.”

With Simpson’s positive comments Friday, both co-chairs of the commission on which Ryan served have now praised his efforts. In 2011, Erskine Bowles said of Ryan, “He is honest. He is straightforward. He is sincere. And, the budget that he came forward with is just like Paul Ryan. It is a sensible, straightforward, serious budget.” Bowles went on to say he didn’t agree with all of Ryan’s policy proposals — but he certainly never labeled Ryan extreme.

So, while Joey B has to practise debating Ryan, the VP candidate is out on the campaign trail in ‘The Villages’, without a teleprompter, explaining the theft of 716 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare and the death panels HHS will put in place. In Obamaworld that is one way to be rid of useless people who contribute nothing to society. Of course, those who passed this piece of garbage won’t be subjected to the same rationing system built into Obamacare.

Continuing to attack Barack Obama over the transfer of $716 billion in future Medicare spending to fund the subsidies and Medicaid expansion in ObamaCare.  “The President raids $716 billion from the Medicare program,” Ryan tells the crowd, “to pay for the ObamaCare program.”Ryan then went on to slam the Independent Payment Advisory Board as a rationing system, a message that Mitt Romney also delivered in a podcast earlier today.  “In addition to that,” Ryan continued, “he puts a board of 15 unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in charge of Medicare — who are required to [cut] care in ways that will lead to denied care for current seniors.”

Ryan also stated Medicare should not be a piggy bank that supports Obamacare.

In the meantime, the media tries to portray Ryan as “risky” and “controversial”.  “All week we’ve been treated to an epic meltdown by the current Vice President, yet it’s Ryan who’s the risky candidate.”

Trying too hard? According to srdem, who thinks the kissing memorial is somewhat nauseating, teh WONS most certainly are trying way too hard. During the campaigning we can probably expect more cloying PDA from them.

The loved-up Obamas are at it again, treating the American public to yet another public display of affection as they campaign to stay in the White House.

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle were like a pair of smitten teens as they attended a string of campaign events across Iowa on Wednesday, kissing, cuddling and gazing lovingly at each other from across the podium.

The mutual adoration, which some may say was over-the-top, came the same day a plaque was erected to mark the spot the couple first kissed – outside a Chicago ice cream shop.

Can anyone imagine Mitt and Anne Romney acting like “smitten teens”? BO and MO are trying to run on the “awwww isn’t that cute” platform. The past four years proves he has nothing else to run on. ‘Hope’ that keeps him up all night until the election can ‘change’ things for the better, R2 in 2012.

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  1. Re: the “Trying to hard, Mr. President?” article…look at her receding hairline in the first and third photos! That is not a good hair style for her.

  2. Carole

    I had read a long time ago that Michelle Obama did an illegal act while working in Mayor Daley’s office and also as a assistant commissioner for the city of Chicago. She, therefor volutarily surrendered her law license in 1993, after a judge gave her a choice between surrendering her license or standing trial for insurance fraud. Also, that Barry voluntarily surrendered his license in 2008 to escape charges that he lied on his bar application.

    Well it seems that I must have been wreong according to Snopes and the Illinos Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Committee. It hit me that no, I am sure I read it and that there must be some kind of cover-up going on in the justice department. Then I saw the article online and now I wonder if what I read was the real truth about the Obamas and their law licenses ordeals. Lynn II, any knowledge of the truth?

    • srdem65

      MO’s brother also gave up his stock broker’s license the same year that she gave up her license to practice law. A connection? a stock fraud?
      It’s really curious that they both gave up their life’s goal to practice law and her brother gives up what he went to college to become. Their superior chance to be something and to help the people that they claim they want to do ….and they give it away.

      The way I understand it, you don’t have to practice law but you can keep your license by paying a small fee to keep your name on the ‘book’s so to speak. A lot of politicians have put their law practice on hold while they serve in Congress. If I’m not mistaken, President Nixon returned to a law firm after he resigned from the Presidency. Did he actually ‘practice’ law? The point is that they don’t, never, ever, give up their law license except when forced to do so.

      • The Original

        Srdem, attorneys can keep their license even when not practicing. They do have to attend a certain amount of CLEs every year. It isn’t much and pretty easily done.

    • If you follow the funding, Snopes is Soros funded. Not a reliable source.

      • Waiting for 2012

        Snopes has been found, in the past, to fudge things regarding the Dems. I trust them on other topics, but not on politics.

    • The Original

      I worked in law as a paralegal for over half of my life. I just cannot see how a black, Harvard trained woman would ever give up her law license voluntarily. I tend to believe something stunk with that.

      Same goes for the way Barry gave up his law license. Very questionable . . . though, I think that story is that he lied on his law application that he had never gone by another name which we know is not true. I think that is why he gave up his license.

      When you lie about one thing that important, then I tend to not believe much of you say.

  3. srdem65

    Thank you, Lynn2. I hope pigeons use that marker as their toilet. Maybe someone from the Occupiers can do the same thing they did to a police car, too. ugh.

    Married people do not kiss and hug in public except when they’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary. They do hold hands when walking, or the lady puts her arm through her husband’s arm, but mostly they refrain from that icky kissface display. Teenagers do NOT hold their mother’s hand when walking somewhere like the O’s children are forced to do.
    In fact, you have to bribe most teenagers to even walk behind their parents in public.

    • I watched Paul Ryan’s rally this morning. Here he is, with his 87 year old mom, Betty. What a son…he held his mom’s hand firmly, and led her out onto a stage in front of 6,000 plus people. He is proud of her and what she did after her husband’s death…and she is proud of the man he is. Nothing fake here.

  4. This…exactly how I feel about “you didn’t build this”

    129 As a small business owner all I can say is that I think the current sentiment in the small business community is that we didn’t sign up for this shit. Y’all can vote for whatever the hell you want but we are not going to be a part of it.

    I have seen more owners get out of the business or retire in the past couple of years than ever before and with the ACA on the horizon the jobs these businesses produced will not be replaced. The economics no longer work. This is why unemployment is always so high in socialist countries. What you have to go through to have employees is just brutal.

    But here’s the thing about what Obama said — he has it exactly backwards. The government didn’t build any of that shit he is talking about — we built it. We are the ones who paid for it. Not only did we build our businesses we built the schools and the roads and everything else he thinks was generated out of thin air. If you want to get technical about it the businesses and taxpayers that came along before we did built it all and now we are building what comes next.

    And not only that, but we did it with the albatross of a predatory, corrupt and overbearing government hanging around our necks at every juncture.

    And now we have had enough.

    I haven’t made more than $50k from my business but one or two years of the past 15. But now that it is time to cash out after providing literally hundreds of jobs I get the stink eye and get castigated for being a member of the 1%. Even though I can remember sitting on the edge of the bed and holding my head in my hands wondering what I had done risking everything I had to create a business and wondering how it would all work out when I had just finished working several days in a row with no sleep… I am the enemy. Even though I didn’t take a paycheck for the first year of the business and later skipped other paychecks to meet payroll or to pay taxes I am somehow at fault for the fact that all of these people sitting on their asses or working their cushy government jobs with the large pensions funded by armies of tax collectors and regulators may have to go without.

    Well, I already went without so they can bloody well shut the fuck up and take their turn in the barrel! If they want to risk everything they have or work their asses off with no guarantee of success only to be told at the end that they were not responsible for their own success and don’t deserve their rewards then they are welcome to go down that path and see what it is like. But the number of people who will pursue the American dream and build the economy from the roots up will be greatly decreased in the current atmosphere and all of these self-entitled idiots will sit around wondering why the government is still going broke and why no one is hiring.

    No country can survive socialism. It just doesn’t happen. Sooner or later the bill comes due. But before it does you always get demagogic idiots like Obama, or Chavez who try to blame their failures on the only people who are keeping everything afloat. It is not enough they sank the damn ship… they have to come after the people in the life boats too.

    That is the sort of mentality we are dealing with.

  5. Thought for the day…
    When a politician clarifies an earlier statement, it means the public understood it too well.
    ie; “you didn’t build that”

    • francinepink


  6. This week a neighbor called to ask if the current Dem state rep could put one of his signs in the yard. (I talked to this guy in 2008, and said /we would never again support a Dem, any Dem. He seemed profoundly shocked.)
    So I called back and said, “No. We are not supporting any democratic candidates anymore.” Silence. Then, in an unbelieving voice, “You’d prefer the alternative?” “Yes”, I said. A little more silence, then, “You’d better re-examine that.” I said, “We can’t afford him.” From her, “Thanks for the call.”
    I say it that way more and more often. It’s the tip of the iceberg, but it seems to quiet the insufferable condescending know-it-all-libs.

    • YEP, ‘shock and awe’ is the only way to get through…..all us ex-Dems have to stand our ground, we’re the ones, having turned mostly Independent, who are going to stop the nonsense and destruction of the Progs.

  7. srdem65

    Listened to StephanieCutter of the obama campaign on CNN this morning. sigh.
    No matter what question was asked, she responded with Dem talking points, Romney bad, Obama ‘saved’ everything, and best of all, she couldn’t admit that Biden used the words….put y’all back in chains…..all she could say was ‘shackled’. No apology, nothing.
    Defended Obama bringing up the dog on the roof again. Said ‘lot of people get their news’ from ET and People magazine when asked when the Prez would have a press conference again
    I sure hope the ‘people who get their news from ET and People’ don’t show up at the voting booths in November.

    • LOL 😀 ….. Cutter is as bad for BO as Debbie Downer. Where does BO find such stupid women? LOL 😀

      • Carole

        Lynn II, I have come to the conclusion that you have to look as ugly as a Halloween mask or be as stupid and crazy as Nanny Pee-losi to be a female Democrat politician or spokeswoman. I can stand to listen to any Democrat that Fox news has on as the opposing opinion. They all sound like wound-up wodden puppets programed to repeat Obutt’s lies and socialistic platform. Old Nutty Nanny may retire after the USAF took away her perk of flying on military aircraft. Actually, she could fly back and forth from Washington to California on her broom. I know if Obutt could find the Wicket Witch of the West, he would hire her in heart beat, to add to his collection of “uglies” in his female fan club.

    • The Original

      I just can’t watch those kind of shows anymore. Fox is about all I can do.

      • srdem65

        I like to watch them all. Mostly, I end up confused that the Obama people are so robot-like, they all say the same things. None of them have anything really positive about Obama, it’s mostly…Romney bad. They keep saying 2 million jobs ‘created’ but the unemployment rate keeps going up, people are still losing their homes. It’s like they’re on a different planet and don’t know it.

        The most fun is watching RevSharpton and his over-the-top rhetoric. He mangles the English language and makes outrageous claims that no one with a single brain cell believes is true.

        I guess it’s the ‘know your enemy’ kind of thing with me.

        • I guess it’s the ‘know your enemy’ kind of thing with me.

          Yep, have to know what they’re doing and saying in order to combat the smears and BS.

        • The Original

          I just get so frustrated that I find myself pacing so I just quit watching. I can only take so much.

  8. It’s alway nice to start the day with a laugh. Happy Sunday, Ladies.


    • srdem65

      That claim is so ridiculous, it’s beyond funny and into the pathetic file.

      I quit buying new clothes because I want to save the planet.
      I’m not going on vacation so that I can spend money in my home town.
      I quit eating steaks because of my health concerns.
      I let my house go into foreclosure because it was to big to keep clean.
      I shop at thrift stores and yard sales because I want to help out my neighbors.

  9. Wow…full campaign mode. The Wons went to church this morning!!

    • Wow…what’s up with that Sasha face…MO is clearly in campaign mode,

      • Looks like the little one is entering a growth spurt phase. I remember those awkward days of early puberty. Your body goes crazy and you don’t know how to handle it. At least I didn’t do it in the public eye. Best wishes to the girls.

        • srdem65

          My daughters called it the “Dork and Roy” period. When some of the adult teeth are bigger than others, bumps are forming but you still walk like a boy, there are no suitable outfits for that in-between years. Girls are still learning how to put on makeup, do their hair. It only lasts about 2=3 years.

        • I remember that spurt…I was in the 6th grade. As I was sprouting upwards, Connie Cruise was developing elsewhere…one day she showed up in a white blouse. She sat in the front of the classroom and sat with her elbows on her desk…she was wearing a bra!!!

    • At least they’re not all holding hands like they usually do.

      • Carole

        Well here we are going to church as show and tell as we do our fake praying and pretending to be a Christian, while Granny Marian is back at the White House sticking pins into her Mitt and Paul voodoo dolls. What great pretenders the Obutts are, so phony. The song ‘The Great Pretender,” should be playing as the walk tro church to pretend they are people of the Christian faith.

  10. “The Obama campaign is asking supporters to sign a letter to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney asking him to release “just five years of tax returns.”

    In an email to the list, campaign manager Jim Messina noted the letter he sent Friday morning to Romney’s campaign manager, vowing to get off Romney’s back about the returns if the documents were produced. The Romney camp brushed off Messina’s move.”

    Now they’re asking BO supporters to sign a petition….always trying to make an issue where there isn’t one. Does anyone think if Romney didn’t pay his taxes, dictated by tax law, the IRS and Messina would have found out by now? Their problem is Romney is so clean they have to manufacture something to whine about. Who cares about Romney’s money, it’s the taxpayer’s money that BO is spending on his cronies and bundlers that I care about!

    • srdem65

      IMO, they want to beat MrRomney over the head because he put some of his vast fortune in off-shore banks and Switzerland. Most poor people like us are lucky if we can have a savings account at the local bank, so they’re hoping to make a class-warfare point.

      I don’t begrudge any wealthy person their fortune (well, maybe BillGates who kept making everything I bought obsolete) and I congratulate the Romneys for their charity and for raising five children who would make any parent proud.
      The Dems need those tax returns because they already know what’s in them by way of the IRS files They can’t make them public because it’s illegal….unless MrRomney releases them to the public.

      Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares what’s in his tax returns. We’re worried about JOBS, the economy and our future.

      • sportinlife10

        Again, in politics, you never let the media control the narrative.

      • Carole

        They need Mitt’s tax returns to take off any attention to Barry’s sealed records, alligations of gay sex life and the murder of three ex gay lovers, Michelle’s Harvard thesis, Fast and Furious, Obutt’s own off shore accounts, and the Obutts’ voluntary surrender of their law licenses. In general, to take the heat and focus away from Obutt’s miserable presidency and past behavior of both the president and first lady.

    • Would a man who accepted no salary as Head of the Olympics and as a Governor cheat on his taxes?

  11. domanii

    The dems are trying to take the focus off Obama. He has nothing to run on but his dismal record of everything he’s done. I’ve never seen such crap in my life. The excuses the dems try to give are pathetically sorry. I’ve heard better lies from a 3 yr old who got their hand caught in the cookie jar.

  12. Carole

    I found this on the internet when looking for reasons that Mitt may want to explore about Obama, especially after he has been badgered about showing 5 years of income tax returns. I know this isn’t a proven fact, butt it is food for thought about Obama’s cover-ups and his need for deversion of his past and his present failures.

    • srdem65

      There’s always a hint of the truth in some of these accusations. I was born in PA and my SS number verifies that. Why would BO have a SS number from anywhere other than Hawaii?

      We know so little about this man. Shame on us, I guess.

  13. srdem65

    Perusing the comments at White House Dossier;
    200* people that commented don’t believe that BO is a Christian, but a Muslim.
    If you go to other sites, people believe that BO is a gay man, hiding behind MO.
    They call him a communist, a marxist or worse.

    I have never heard of anyone questioning the sexual orientation of any previous President, nor his religion (even though some were not very church-going) ,and no one has ever accused a sitting President of being a communist or a marxist before.

    We might have believed that this President or that one was not a good leader, or that they didn’t do the right things, but we always believed that their actions were for the good of America, even if we disagreed with the plan.

    • BO doesn’t have a plan…nada, zip, zilch…all he has are words..powerful things but, we have words too. That and the vote is where our power lies.

  14. srdem65
  15. srdem65

    Look what MO started;

    The big food companies got Congress to agree that PIZZA is a vegetable! snort.

  16. sportinlife10

    I see Gwen Ifill of PBShas a case of the nasties since she was passed over for moderating any of the debates this year. She “moderated” the 2008 VP debates, without mentioning she was writing a slavish drooling book about (you guessed it) her fellow AfAm, the o.

  17. domanii

    Saw this on facebook and thought it was hilarious.

    • LOL 😀 ….exactamundo!

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