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Running out of stupid people

Life would be so much easier for the Obama campaign if we all just ‘shut up’, sit down, and let the ‘fundamental transformation’ BO wants just happen. Churlish and childish BO thinks objectivity in the news is unfair and has discussed with columnists, in private meetings, about the concept of ‘false balance’. He doesn’t believe one should weigh both sides of an argument or issue and make an informed intelligent decision or give equal weight to both sides of an argument, even those based on facts and/or science.

Jay Carney, the White House press secretary, was previously Time magazine’s Washington bureau chief. He said the president thought that some journalists were more comfortable blaming both parties, regardless of the facts. “To be saying ‘they’re both equally wrong’ or ‘they’re both equally bad,’ ” Mr. Carney said, “then you look high-minded.”

Oh, heaven forbid anyone disagree with teh WON, the Lightworker. Why would anyone have the audacity to blame the Party in charge for any of their spendthrift ways? Why would any journalist find fault with Obamacare and give the other side’s ideas or thoughts and be so sacrilegious? Didn’t the oceans cease to rise and the planet begin to heal when he was immaculated?

The president still thinks poor story-telling is his biggest problem. In the real world, while high unemployment festered he chose to lard up his stimulus bill with payoffs to unions, and he chose to ram job-killer ObamaCare through, despite the majority’s opposition to that bill. By casting the blame on story-telling, Obama is casting blame on his message handlers and on the press, and not accepting any blame for his own poor choices.

All the whining and complaining from the Obama camp hasn’t changed the fact the economy is in the doldrums, Obamacare is still a really bad idea filled with pork and perks to the unions, the stimulus didn’t work, and unemployment is above 8% and, over 3 million have been added to the SS Disability roles.

We stand defiant against BO’s policies and that scares the Dems. Americans are getting a real eye opener and don’t like what they see. We see an ever expanding, demanding and, incompetent governing administration, embodied in the BO ideology of government, and we despise it to our very core.

David  Gelernter (like Slate’s Gage, a Yale professor himself)  writes in his  new book America-Lite:

Everyone  agrees that President Obama is not only a man but a symbol. He is a symbol of  America’s decisive victory over bigotry. But he is also a symbol, a living  embodiment, of the failure of American education and its ongoing replacement by  political indoctrination. He is a symbol of the new American elite, the new  establishment, where left-liberal politics is no longer a conviction, no longer  a way of thinking: it is built-in mind-furniture you take for granted without  needing to think. [/quote]

Read more:

BO’s ideology is squeezing the middle class down by forcing its dependence on government. By making more Americans dependent on government, they quietly do what they’re told. Filling out forms for government largesse is becoming a way of life for 45 million Americans. Individualism and entrepreunership is being tamped down through regulation and, lack of loan availability due to the ever increasing banking regulations.

Consider the pernicious nature of Mr. Obama’s deeply rooted hostility toward  individual achievement: “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.” A rationale for confiscatory taxes? Certainly,  but it’s so much worse.

Mr. Obama’s notion that government, rather than people, creates prosperity is  not only an insult to every hardworking American, it is the subversion of the  individual. If your success is the result of someone else, then you are nothing  more than an expendable cog in the wheel. On a fundamental level, you no longer  bring value to society other than taking up the space government provides you.  So long as your rulers build roads and public schools, Mr. Obama claimed, you  could be replaced.

Read more: WOLF: Barack Obama: The welfare king – Washington Times

So, here we take a stand, Repubs, Dems, Libertarians and Indies in defiance of Obama and his increasingly evident socialism and dislike of our country.

We will not shut up and sit down and, BO really is running out of stupid people.


  1. I will not shut up. I will not stand down. I will fight for my country until I leave this Earth. BO will have to pry the Constitution from my cold, dead hands.

    In the meantime, he can kiss my @$$.

    • Carole

      Nor will I shut up and roll over and play dead for the Obutt regim. I am refusing to call him Obama since has given me no proof that is his legal name. I will continue to prove that Moo is no fashion icon, that the Obutts are not christians and that their political ideologies are nationalistic/socialistic and maybe down right communistic. Ditto, the Obutts can kiss my asshat!!!!!!!!

  2. Are you better off then you were 4 years ago?
    […]The results are similar for all U.S. registered voters, among whom 42% say they are better off and 55% say they are not.[…]

  3. BO’s idea of ‘fair’….whatever is politically expedient and brings in money and votes…
    ““President Obama rightly talks a lot about the importance of fairness, but was it fair for his Administration to terminate the pensions of Delphi’s 20,000 salaried retirees while bailing out the pensions of the union retirees at the very same company?” Let Freedom Ring president Colin Hanna asked in a statement announcing the new ad.

    “Is it fair for two hard-working Americans to work side by side for years doing the very same job, and for one to wake up one morning and find out they lost their pension because Obama’s Administration thought they were less politically valuable and the other to wake up and find out they get to keep everything because his Administration considered them to be more politically valuable?”

    Read more:

  4. HAH!!!…..BO got cold feet,

    EXCLUSIVE: Obama ‘cancelled missions to kill bin Laden THREE TIMES after getting cold feet – until Hillary Clinton stepped in’, claims explosive new book

    Read more:–Hillary-Clinton-stepped-claims-explosive-new-book.html#ixzz247EnkXxE

  5. srdem65

    It’s really great to read of the resolve of our fellow nesters here. We’re all in this together, no matter what. I try to think what will happen if BO wins reelection and it scares me a lot.
    As a senior, a lot of what will happen to our country might not affect me personally, but will make the difference for our children, grandchildren and everyone to follow.

    My dear Father, along with millions of others, risked his life to eradicate tyranny and the destruction of a whole religion. My dear Mother, along with millions of others, sacrificed and endured rationing of basic goods, worrying every day about the fate of our soldiers.
    They are no longer with us and I miss them dearly, but I am grateful that they can’t see what has become of their beloved country and what might happen in the future.

    I know that none of us will get any sleep the night of Nov6th until we know what the outcome of the election will be. I pray that we will rejoice in the rebirth of the America we love.

    • Astroserf

      Yes! Second that.

  6. “First lady hosts kids’ ‘state dinner'”

    A what? This is getting silly.

    • 54 kids and a whole big bunch of adults….

    • Wonder what that cost us? Judging from all the cameras in the room, including the parents’, just another campaign event disguised as the Obamas are great for our country.

      • My thoughts exactly. We flew 54 kids & parents in from all over the country, hotel & expenses for at least 2 days/nights, purchased favors– “Let’s Move” bracelets, Mason jar drinky cups, cook books…hired someone to make balloon animals… I wonder what they did with all the veggies from the centerpieces…throw them away?

        • Green Dragon

          Looking at the clothes, someone sure went shopping. Even middle class boys now do not have suits or sport coats. White shirts and ties are a strech for teen boys unless football or basketball coach demands that dress for game day triip.

          Also did you notice the proper placemnet of the forks on the plates. Some lessons in manners were surely given.

          I am not saying that people do not dress there children properly and do not teach them good manners, but to just randomly pick 54 that meet that criteria….If you believe that I have this large bridge in far West Texas that you must immediately purchase.

  7. “Obama worried that Romney might take credit for turning economy around”

    Are you kidding me? He can’t be blamed for the tanking economy, but expects to be commended is someone else cleans up his mess. Unreal.

    • BO is such a narcissistic asshat

  8. Carole

    It is a sure bet that after the Obutts leave the White House, they will eat whatever they fancy. I expect rto see articles years from now reporting how the first daughters are in therapy with lots and lots of anger and emotional problems caused by their parents. Imagine, finding out who really were your grandparents or that your father had/has a “secret gay life,” or even more, that your mother and father both belong to hate groups that support anti American ideology or promote racism and classa warfare. The hate talk these girls must hear coming from the mouths of their parents.

  9. BO’s nose keeps growing….liar, liar, pants on fire….
    […]Are you comfortable with the tone being set with your campaign? Have you asked them to change their tone when it comes to defining Mr. Romney?

    President Obama: Well, first of all, I am not sure that all of those characterizations that you laid out there were accurate. For example, nobody accused Mr. Romney of being a felon. And, I think that what is absolutely true is if you watch me on the campaign trail, here’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about how to put Americans back to work.”

    • And when questioned about the most recent Afghanistan deaths, he referred to it as “green on blue” violence. Excuse me, sir…that is blue on green…they are killing ours! I heard it…I’m sure no one will report this gaff.

  10. domanii

    This ass is just dying to get the shit beaten out of him.
    He doesn’t take the Seals seriously. BIG MISTAKE!!

      • and the Progs call us stupid….all done for political gain.

  11. Originally, banks and lenders were supposed to pay 50 percent of the cost of reducing the principal for those whose homes are worth less than their mortgage. But when the banks refused, California took the controversial step of paying the entire amount, up to $100,000.

    “We thought, you know, 50-50 was much more attractive and we’d have much more traction with lenders, and it just didn’t turn out to work as well as we would have liked,” said Diane Richardson, legislative director of the California Housing Finance Agency.

    The program, known as the Hardest Hit Housing Market fund, is part of a $7.6 billion federal effort to help underwater homeowners in 18 states. California received $2 billion. But when banks and lenders who service loans refused to write down even a small portion of the negative equity loans, California decided to use the taxpayer money to pay 100 percent of the mortgage reduction.

    Richard Green, a professor of real estate at the University of Southern California, said it’s not what taxpayers signed up for.
    “I think taxpayers would be furious at the idea that everybody gets completely off the hook for this,” Green said. “There are people that say, look, I’ve been a renter all these years, I’ve been paying my mortgage all these years, why am I bailing out these people who made a bad decision? I think the politics of it are very combustible.”

    Yes, 7.6 billion to pay other people’s mortgages. Combustible….no furious!!

  12. Now this administration is giving 7.6 billion of taxpayer money to the “hardest hit states” to pay people’s mortgages. 7.6 billion!! WTF?!?

  13. Thought for today…
    “Don’t underestimate the power of your comments on these threads. You never know who may read a comment, follow a train of thought, become curious, and maybe, just maybe, begin a journey.”

  14. Great news about the Newsweek cover …. head’s exploding in cheetoville 😀

    • LOL 😀 …cheered me on considerably!

    • “Can the DOJ ban the cover?”

      ROFLMAO!!! 😀

  15. My blood is boiling this morning.

    “Immigrants protest ‘illegal’ label”

    • “We also have feelings too,” said Llivicura, of Bellport, who came to Long Island from Ecuador at age 8. “It makes me feel like I’m different from everybody else,” he said. “It makes me feel like really bad inside.”

      You are different, you don’t belong here, neither you or your parents….illegal alien is exactly what you are…..whether it hurts your feelings or not. None of the illegal aliens are “undocumented immigrants”. They need to get in line like all the others wishing to immigrate. Like some of my friends who have immigrated.

  16. YEP, BO is truly running out of stupid people…

    “Unaware and naive are the nicest possible excuses you can make for people willing to believe that a messianic politician really doesn’t want to be greeted at every stop by massive, adoring, idol-worshiping crowds like he was the last time around.

    And these are the fools who look down their elitist noses at the rest of America.”

  17. Proud of OH…we may just hand the Senate to the GOP…and the state to Romney.

    “Polls show the race to be a dead heat right now, with the incumbent Brown unable to push to a majority. Mandel famously went door-to-door in his very Democratic leaning district when he ran for (and won) a state assembly seat. If that kind of energy and aggressive spirit continues against the relatively laconic Brown, Romney might end up thanking Mandel for handing him Ohio, and a GOP majority in the Senate.”

    • We have to get that idiot Akin to step aside in Missouri. Claire McCaskill is an easy win…but not with that knucklehead on the R-side.

      • The Original

        Unfortunately, he isn’t going to do it. McCaskill is going to head for an easy win.

  18. Facing the truth has been hard for some….especially BO

    • How did BO know the ad on “Romney killed my wife” was “barely” shown?

  19. The Original

    White House Dossier is offline for some reason. I was reading one of the articles and bloop . . . off it went. Now, I can’t get it back.

    Hmmm . . . I was reading a story on the parameters of questions the White House has given to interviewers from local media outlets.

    • Happened to me too… server problems? Or government….take your pick

      • The Original

        I am not thinking server problems. Just not. And I am no conspiracy theorirst. His article was linked on Hot Air and was getting a lot of responses.

        • srdem65

          Blame it on Drudge. Tons of hits. Happens every time.

          • It was headlined on Drudge ! WVEC Norfolk is my local ABC station and their FB page was hit hard with Keith’s post too. Of course, they denied pandering and called Keith’s article “inaccurate”. I told them to read the comments as they were missing the point. No President should tell the media what to do. Period.

  20. The Original

    I know this is a bit early to think aobut this . . . but when Gov. Romney becomes President-Elect Romney on November 6th, what kind of riots should we expect? I live in an area that will not be affected because the majority of the people where I live want BO out of office.

    I can’t imagine the destruction that will occur that night in cities like DC, Philly, LA, Chicago, Boston . . . I hope those cities will be ready for what will come.

    • I’m worried about the Republican convention. All kinds of anarchist/OWS groups are showing up to protest and Tampa’s facing a hurricane threat ! Oh, and Joe Biden’s planning to hang around Tampa too.

      Election night riots, bring it on ! Oh and there will be Obama surrogates mentioning “blood in the streets” if he loses as they did in 2008. I doubt there’s that kind of passion left with his supporters 😉

      • Funny thing is- Isaac is scheduled to be right on top of me (Naples) 8am Monday morning. But all I can think about is the RNC convention. Go figure.

        • Stay safe ! Issac is sure giving the RNC a lot of free publicity 😉 Seems once there’s a threat to the U.S. it becomes a news story, not just a weather forecast. They can’t mention Issac with the RNC convention now 😀

          • “without the RNC….”

          • Thanks. We are getting ourselves together and planning our evacuation route.

            The good news is that, with the convention, state and local authorities will be even more tuned in. Florida has always been good about sounding the call early (unlike NOLA), and lives have been saved this way. We should know by Friday morning if we are in full evac mode.

  21. BO pi**ed on Soros…so says a confidant…WTH….He’s pi**ed on all of us too.

    “Soros declined to comment for this article. But several people familiar with his thinking suggest that Soros—who was born in Hungary, and who has made his fortune in global investments—is currently preoccupied with other issues, such as the fate of the European Union, and is not inclined to take an outsized role in the 2012 Presidential campaign. As an advocate for greater government transparency, he is reportedly uncomfortable with the burgeoning role that secret donations now play in U.S. elections. In addition, confidants say that, although he still supports Obama, Soros has been disappointed by him, both politically and personally. Small slights can loom large with wealthy donors. When Soros wanted to meet with Obama in Washington to discuss global economic problems, Obama’s staff failed to respond. Eventually, they arranged not a White House interview but, rather, a low-profile, private meeting in New York, when the President was in town for other business. Soros found this back-door treatment confounding. “He feels hurt,” a Democratic donor says.

    “They pissed on him,” a confidant says. “He didn’t want a fucking thing! He didn’t want a state dinner, or a White House party—he just wanted to be taken seriously.””

  22. EPA loses one…in DC circuit court…overstepping their authority

    In a major blow to environmentalists and the Obama administration’s crackdown on coal-fired power plants, a federal appeals court on Tuesday struck down a key Environmental Protection Agency rule to limit emissions.

    The D.C. Circuit Court ruled 2-to-1 that the agency’s “Cross-State Air Pollution Rule,” meant to limit harmful pollutants from drifting downwind and harming the air quality in neighboring states, went too far and exceeded the EPA’s “statutory authority.”

  23. Welcome to all our viewers from Kenya… 🙂

  24. DHS, a criminal org?
    “In his remarks, Edwards added that as of July 15, the DHS OIG (Office of the Inspector General) was dealing with 1,591 open criminal cases involving DHS employees and some accomplices. Some cases date back to fiscal year 2004 (Oct. 1, 2003 thru Sept. 30, 2004) although the majority of the open investigations were initiated in the last three fiscal years. The DHS started operating in March 2003”.

    Notice how the majority of cases have been in the last three years of the BO administration.

    Read more:

    • srdem65

      It’s not surpise that a lot of potential criminals are working in the DHS. Who in their right mind wants to be a screener at an airport? Smelly feet, dirty clothes, and feeling-up perfect strangers is not my idea of a worthwhile job or career.

      My last airport experience was to be singled out as a prospective ‘terrorist’ and to be subjected to a thorough exam by people I wouldn’t sit next to on a bus.
      My family thought it was funny….hmmmpf. As if all “terrorists” are over 65, wearing sensible shoes and carrying a crocheted hand bag.

      • Oh, srdem…didn’t you know that the crocheted handbag was the dead give away? 🙂

      • OMG! You were wearing sensible shoes? Dead giveaway LOL 😀

        • sportinlife10

          One of my snarky kids (wonder where she gets that?) says TSA stands for “thousands standing around”.

          • I hope President Romney gets rid of DHS and privatizes TSA. DHS is the umbrella for too many organizations that don’t get along. Also, give FEMA back it’s cabinet position to report directly to the President. Those Katrina delays were cause by all the stupid red tape b.s. DHS has created. Snarky kid is right !

          • “truly stupid asshats”… 😀

  25. Now BO and camp have ticked off the Swiss….is there anyone left they haven’t upset?

  26. sportinlife10

    Help, Lynn II: Michelle Malkin is so worth a read today. My former linkability has been archived. Or something.

      an excerpt;
      […]Just this week, ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper told conservative talk-show host Laura Ingraham that he “thought the media helped tip the scales” for Obama. “I didn’t think the coverage in 2008 was especially fair to either Hillary Clinton or John McCain. Sometimes I saw with story selection, magazine covers, photos picked, (the) campaign narrative, that it wasn’t always the fairest coverage.” Duh.

      –MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin acknowledged this weekend on the “Today” show that the Beltway press corps is helping Obama drive campaign issues that most voters don’t care about: “I think the press still likes this story a lot. The media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants, which is to focus on (Mitt Romney’s tax returns). … Do voters care about it? I don’t think so. … I think it’s mostly something that the press and insiders care about.”

      –Another MSNBC political reporter, Chuck Todd, disclosed that gaffetastic Vice President Joe Biden’s staff was trying to edit the press pool reports to cover for the second-in-command’s lack of rhetorical command. “This is an outrage that they do this,” Todd said.[…]

    • srdem65

      In another example of how tone-deaf the O’s are is this ridiculous assertion by MO of BO’s smoking habit. How more human, or relatable would it be to hear how hard he worked to kick the habit, that he fails now and then, but keeps trying.
      I believe that he didn’t smoke around the children, because if I remember correctly, he was hardly ever home. If he wasn’t out organizing, or at Man’s Country, he was swooshing snow off of her car so she could go to work.

      • Haven’t they been saying he quit since was inaugurated ? The article mentioned “in 2011”. Gee, what else are they lying about? 😉

        • What don’t they lie about….shorter list… 😀

          • Carole

            He probably still smokes and does uhhh other stimulates.

  27. domanii

    Must read about the convention. Something is planned and it’s not good.

    Be sure to read some of the comments. It clears up a bunch of stuff.

  28. Carole

    Here is Michelle’s Mirror with more scoop on Tampa, Biden and the RNC.

  29. BO truly is a desperate man. If not for the fact that he is the POTUS, this would be funny.

    • Prerequisites can be done at a much lower cost in a CC. Why not start there, do two years, get the “have-tos” out of the way and then transfer? Makes a lot of sense to me.

  30. francinepink
    • srdem65

      How dumb can they get? It spells itself….O-hi-o.

  31. Carole

    I doubt that I will watch the DNC since I cannot tolerate listening to Obutt or Moo. The only thing though, is that if I miss hearing Bill Clinton sabotaging Old Barry, I know I will regret it.

  32. srdem65

    OT: The congresscritter from MO is the dumbest man on the planet but….I support his right to say any dumb, stupid thing he wants. I support his right to stay in the race for the Senate and let the people of MO decide if they want that dunderhead or the commie woman to win.

    I know the Dems are trying their best to make all pro-lifers idiots who hate women and want to go back to caveman days. It’s time to point out that abortion is society’s way of saying “we hate children” so we’re going to kill them.

    I pray all the time that every child is loved and wanted. I wish that children were not seen as a punishment or a burden, but as our future. Who among us could resist a darling baby’s smile, or a child’s wonder as they explore a new world. I don’t know how we got to this point and I pray that someday we will overturn the abortion on demand. There are some instances where the life of the mother is a concern and I’m not against that. I don’t want a rape victim to be forced to give life to a child that makes her relive the violence she experienced. I guess I’m as conflicted as a lot of people.

    In this age of modern medicine, there is no reason for an unwanted child. None.

    • Amen SrDem. I also agree that there is no reason for an unwanted pregnancy. Oral contraceptives as well as other prophylactic measures are so readily available and inexpensive (despite what that woman Sandra Fluke says) that there is no excuse for getting pregnant unless you want to, except for being too lazy to obtain the birth control.

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