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The left is jumping up and down in faux outrage over Romney’s birth certificate comment.  As a crowd of thousands laughed and cheered, reporters and the Obama campaign gasped and whined. It isn’t that Romney doubts the birth place of BO, he doesn’t. It’s the basic values BO espouses which are so foreign to what we think of as America. We are a center right nation, believe in American exceptionalism, the rule of law and, individual freedom. The more Preezy tries to yank us to the left, the more resistance he gets. We regard government more as a necessary evil with certain duties to the citizenry as a whole, not catering to special interests to the detriment of all citizens. The reason so many US citizens like the Romney/Ryan ticket is because they treat us like grown ups and actually speak to the issues most of us are concerned with, jobs, economy and the massive deficit. BO wants to harp on social justice, social issues, and more spending (he calls it “investment” and “savings”). We are not interested, we know the more people put into the work force the more revenue there is, the better the economy the better off everyone is, and, it’s the massive spending of government that is lowering all standards of living. At this point in time, we are no longer interested in “idealism” or “hope and change”, even “yes we can” rings of falsehood in our ears.

Obama is waging a relentlessly negative campaign of changing the subject from the one that, overwhelmingly, most Americans care about – the economy. Every week there is a new issue his campaign seizes on, preferring to talk about something, anything other than jobs and 8.3 per cent unemployment.

What a contrast there will be in the two Conventions. One based on social issues the other on the economy.

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  1. We welcome our Australian friends too! 🙂

  2. Michelle: To Each According to Their Needs…..from everyone else who pays taxes to foot the bill.

  3. francinepink

    Has anyone seen this film yet? Should be in my town this weekend:

    • Friends have seen it. Say it’s good…not negative or hateful in any way.

    • Missing Laura Bush

      My husband and I saw it last weekend. It is really well done and riveting. All Americans should see it. I didn’t agree with the author’s premise that the President was born in Hawaii to Stanley Ann and O senior. We have not been offered proof of that in my opinion.

      I don’t think the movie goes quite far enough in painting what bad shape our country will be in come 2016 under the current leader. I think it should have been more hard hitting. The theater was packed and many people were turned away. The atmosphere was somber and all were quiet until the end when everyone applauded.

  4. WHOA…jawdropping ….in OH

    It’s 8:21 on a Saturday morning and according to this photo snapped by Sharon Broadie, this is the size of the crowd that showed up in Powell, Ohio, (just outside of Columbus) to see Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan:

    • Hollydolly

      And Eye Popping!!! That picture made my day!

    • This morning Carl Cameron reported that the Secret Service told him more than 5,000 went thru magnetometers. Yesterday, more than 9,000 in Michigan.

    • srdem65

      Good golly molly! Holy cow! I wish I could have been there, too.

      • That is REAL hope and change… 😀

        • sportinlife10

          Remember 2008, when women kept “fainting” at the o’s speeches, and he would say, from the lectern, “Stand back, give her some room, does anyone have some water?”
          Ah, the good old days.

          • LOL 😀

  5. Here’s more good news: “University of Virginia Declines Obama Campaign Request”. Be sure to check out the comments!

  6. geoprof

    Haven’t posted in a while, very busy here, but Lynn II, I have read that there is some sort of app that allows people to photoshop billboards. Do you know if that photo of that billboard is real? I have seen it at other blogs and just wonder. I am seeing more bumper stickers here in the metroplex (DFW) that are complaining about Zippy Zero.

    • Have no idea if real, one can only hope so. Small business has being doing a lot of this kind of thing.

  7. WTF…an appropriate photo of a young supporter of R²? That’d be Paul Ryan in the chair…

    • I shouldn’t laugh but I did. Not appropriate at all. Then again, we’ve seen some of the angles MO has been snapped at. 😉

      • YEP, and many were very….revealing. 😀

        • srdem65

          They snap hundreds, maybe more photos at a time and this is the best they could come up with?
          There’s a photo of the back of MrRomney and MrRyan where MrRomney has his hand on MrRyan’s shoulder. It just struck me that MrRyan was chosen carefully with the full support of MrRomney. What a great team they make. They make The O and MrBiden look and sound old and tired in comparison.

          The Repubs picked a great candidate and he picked a great running mate.

          • The difference between knowledge and hype is stark.

  8. Michelle M…access to power and privilege….
    […]Carney’s boss once made it a central hobbyhorse of his presidential campaign. When he announced his presidential intentions in 2007, candidate Obama decried “the cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests who’ve turned our government into a game only they can afford to play.” He indignantly singled out “the best bundlers” who get the “greatest access” to power. ComEd’s Clark bundled at least $200,000 for Obama in 2008 and at least $100,000 for the 2012 cycle, and forked over nearly $30,000 more to committees supporting Obama. Earlier this year, Obama acknowledged raising at least $74 million through his team of big-time bundlers who have been showered with access, tax dollars and plum patronage positions.[…]

  9. succotash
  10. So, where is the IRS? Looks like the tax evaders are living and cavorting in Big White

    36 Obama aides owe $833,000 in back taxes

    Previous reports have shown how well-paid Obama’s White House staff is, with 457 aides pulling down more than $37 million last year. That’s up seven workers and nearly $4 million from the Bush administration’s last year.

    Nearly one-third of Obama’s aides make more than $100,000 with 21 being paid the top White House salary of $172,200, each.

    The IRS’ 2010 delinquent tax revelations come as part of a required annual agency report on federal employees’ tax compliance. Turns out, an awful lot of folks being paid by taxpayers are not paying their own income taxes.

  11. And who would you rather be alone with Obama or Romney? At the beginning o the 21st century we had Bob Hope, Johnny Cash, and Steve JObs. SInce Obama has taken over we have no HOPE,no Cash and No Jobs.
    That’s from a Powerline comment, from an “Anthem”. I hope to steal it.

    • srdem65

      I know which one I’d like to give me advice on investments, on findiing a good job, on raising a family, and how to succeed in life. One of them would talk to me like as a responsible adult who understands the perils that lay ahead if certain steps are not taken.
      One of them would be as concerned about my children’s future as I am.
      hmmmm. who could that be?

  12. Now this is just too much….

    When two armed police confronted Jeffrey Johnson, 58, minutes after he’d fatally shot his ex-boss, Johnson drew his caliber .45 handgun.

    However, ballistics evidence suggests that Johnson did not fire his gun, as witnesses previously testified, meaning that all of the injured by-standers were hit by police gunfire – either stray or ricocheting bullets.

    ‘It appears that all nine of the victims were struck either by fragments or by bullets fired by police,’ New York’s police chief, Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed today.

    Read more:

    • srdem65

      I’ve seen and heard all kinds of “jokes” about the police shooting innocent bystanders that don’t address the important issues or consequences that this incident will cause; all of those shot are in physical pain and some will be forever changed, in addition the policemen responsible will be forever tainted as ‘bad’ cops.

      The whole incident is tragic, from the 50-something man who lost his job who sought revenge on the man who fired him, to the end of all the shooting that found two dead and nine wounded.

      • OMG! Who would “joke” about that?
        Can you imagine how those police officers feel about this news?

  13. LOL :D…iownthe world

  14. So, Romney follows the tax laws established in the Ways and Means Committee headed by Charlie Rangle (D) and is faulted for it? Just LOL stupid! Obama did the same…took every credit he could….so does everyone else.

    • srdem65

      I do believe that the O’s took advantage of the tax laws too. They set up trust funds for the kiddies, took deductions for this and that and got a tax refund.
      OMG……the multi-millionaire Obamas didn’t pay extra! \

      Nor should they or anyone else.

      • Exactly! But, no one is accusing the WONS of gaming the system or not paying their “fair share”. Nor is anyone discussing the unfair advantage of Congress critters like Reid and Pelosi who invest according to laws they pass on to the rest of us. They take full advantage of insider knowledge and invest accordingly.

  15. NFL Burgess Owens advises Blacks not to vote for Obama…vote on principle.. Obama good for the black community, shows them what “in your face liberalism” has done to them, not for them…

    • srdem65

      I think they already know that (or the smart ones do). While they’re as proud as punch about the first Black President and his family, they’re not getting any respect from him. In fact, they’re worse off under his leadership than they were under Bush’s.
      I’ve read comments from some Blacks who are (rightfully) miffed that MrO is pandering to the illegals, the unions, and the glitterati rich, but gives them nothing.

      All of the Black elected leaders haven’t done a darn thing to make the lives of their constituents better….nothing. White Dem leaders make fancy speeches but do nothing, too.
      The Mayor of Chicago is flummoxed by the constant killing, wounding and maiming in the Black sections of his city and doesn’t know what to do. I do. You flood their streets with police, armed securtity guards, enforce a 11pm curfew, and round up the known gang leaders. It won’t stop everything, but its a start.

      I would rather live in a cardboard box next to the Lake, than spend one minute in the killing fields of Chicago.

      • You flood their streets with police, armed securtity guards, enforce a 11pm curfew, and round up the known gang leaders. It won’t stop everything, but its a start.

        YEP, and add a gang unit, plain clothes, that never lets up on them.

  16. Great interview of the Romneys by Chris Wallace. They fixed pancakes in their kitchen…Ann made the batter, Mitt made the pancakes (reminded me of my Mom and Dad). They had a chore wheel on the wall. All 5 kids were on the wheel which is changed every day. No maids or hired help of any kind. They were funny, warm, down-to earth. Mitt explained this quest isn’t an ego trip, he considers it his duty to save the country. GO R²!

  17. Friday, BO left the Big White with the Wee Wons and 2 of their little friends….butt no MO. Today he returned by himself….looking like he was rode hard and put up wet. So, the girls are all playing at Camp David by themselves…or did MO go up by herself?

    • He looks defeated….good!

    • srdem65

      He looks like his best friend dies (like they say). Must be some bad news from Chicago….or the wifey. Oh, heck, he’s probably hungover.

    • Anon

      He sure looks old and haggard. I don’t think he can take another term!

  18. A true American hero, Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, died several days ago. Here’s BO’s tribute to this great American:

    • srdem65

      It was OK, but Obama doesn’t understand or get what it was to watch and hear his words from the moon. He doesn’t understand how proud we all were of our space program.I never heard anyone, no one, complain about the money spent to further our exploration of space.

      Obama killed our space program.

  19. srdem65

    I can’t leave it at that.

    Our space program inspired generations of engineers and others to reach for the stars. Generations of little boys, then girls, dreamed of being astronauts. We all knew the perils of blasting into space and not knowing if they could return safely.

    I salute the men and women who went into space and the men and women who made that possible.

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