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Give me one reason

One that is in the realm of reality. One that will not sound disingenuous. One that does not concern Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. One that will speak of an accomplishment (other than killing bin Laden) that has been a benefit to our country. One which will not contain the words “hope” or “change”. One that does not include class or race warfare or gender warfare. One that does not include the “symbolism” behind BO’s re-election. Give me one reason  the American voter (the ones who actually bother to exercise that right) should give their vote to BO. Thanks, we’ll all be waiting for a reply that won’t include vulgarity or racist sniping.

While the American public waits for the jobs markets to open, BO seems only interested in his own. His “joyless slog” to November 2nd, no one is enraptured anymore, is more an act of constant desperation than a campaign. ” Listening to him at times it is as if the last four years never happened”, it’s always someone else to blame. He’s running more against himself in this election than against Mitt Romney.

The latest of all ridiculousness in the Obama saga is the picture that went along with his tribute to Neil Armstrong. I take personal offense at this because Neil is from OH, we’ve supplied the space program with more than a few.

We all know the world revolves around The Greatest President in the History of  Everything. So it makes sense that all the other celestial bodies were  placed in the sky to shine down upon him.

This is not a Photoshop. This was actually posted on Obama’s official Tumblr page:

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NO, BO, you didn’t build that!



  1. sportinlife10

    Larry Johnson, over at No Quarter, said it better than I: besides his narcisstic personality and his absolute incompetence, the o “has no grounding in the American experience.”

  2. srdem65

    We’ve been very careful in the past to elect men who were comfortable running a government (or GenEisenhower who ran everything) to be our national leader. Like them or not, they all were Senators or Governors and understood what we needed to do and how to do it. Gov Romney has more experience than most past Presidents in managing money and running a government.

    MrObama had little experience in anything other than skating along with the help of his friends. We know that he doesn’t ‘run’ anything, that he has no idea what his job is
    supposed to be.

    • Bingo, you nailed it, srdem. I see CEO in Mitt Romney and Chief Financial Officer in Paul Ryan…a duo that have all the skills and knowledge necessary to get us back on track.

  3. geoprof

    Well, because, apparently today, he told an audience that if he is not re-elected, it will be the voters’ fault. Not his, not his administration’s, but the voters… Can you believe the nasty little putz actually said that to his potential voters?!

    • srdem65

      Does he sound like a loser or what? Whiney little putz crying boo hoo.

    • Yes, because he isn’t a “nice guy”.

  4. OT: America and the world lost a great man and hero with the passing of Neil Armstrong. I had the pleasure of meeting him nearly 4 years ago at the 40th anniversary of the Apollo program. He was such a nice man, very quiet, and was gracious enough to let me have my picture taken with him. I had the opportunity to tell him he had always been a role model and hero of mine. God Bless Neil Armstrong and blessings to his family.

    • A real American hero…gave big dreams to lots of aspiring astronauts.

  5. Present company excluded, Americans need to wake up to what used to be American Ideals. From “The Right Stuff” astronauts, to our heroic Navy Seals. This is who we used to be, and who we Can be again.
    The O’s have coarsened and degraded our public discourse, and even our way of life. Romney and Ryan are uplifting, clean , and make us remember American ideals, and the people who personify them. I don’t get the feeling that either of them would make a pretty public speech, and then immediately hit the back rooms to cut a deal.

  6. Carole

    Today on Fox news an Obama video came on with him say that he is willing to compromise to get America back where it should be. Who is Obutt thinking he is kiding? He has hat almost 4 years to fix the economy and to get people back working again. It was pathetic, almost like he was pleading to get reelected. Obutt played golf, vacayed, partied and campaigned through his whole term. He had no time to run the country and Moo spent her time visiting talk shows, doing jumping jacks and push-ups, shopping catalogues for expensive clothes that didn’t fit or were inappropriate for the occasion, writing a book about a garden she never weeded, hoed or watered. and spent the rest of the time vacaying, hobnobing with celebs, and pretending she cared about military families.

    Time for the Obutts to swim back to the sewers of southside Chicago with all their fellow sewer rats.

  7. Carole

    Here is Obutt saying he promises to start compromising if he wins reelection.

  8. Feds: Too few Americans ‘turn to government for assistance’….
    most of us are fiercely independent…that is a good thing.

  9. sportinlife10

    “We do not have to have unemployment in excess of 8%.
    We do not have to have Federal budgets with annual deficits in excess of $ 1 trillion.
    We do not have to have a deteriorating navy, air force, and army.
    We do not have to stand around and watch our friends fall, and our enemies rise.
    We do not have to have class warfare.
    We do not have to have a government hostile to free enterprise.
    We do not have to have ever-increasing taxes and spending.
    We do not have to be dependent on hostile foreign countries for our energy resources.
    We do not have to have a Federal government dictating our health care.
    We do not have to have a Federal government that sells weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which kill hundreds of Mexicans with them as well as two US agents.

    And on and on . . . It doesn’t have to be this way.”
    That’s titled “What I Want to Hear at the Republican Convention”, on The DiploMad2 blog.

    • All good reasons for not voting for BO and his Progs. So far, not one good reason to vote for the Asshat-in-Chief

  10. domanii

    It’s too little too late with Obama promising to compromise. To blame his potential loss of being re elected on the voters is unconscionable. The blame everyone but me game is overdone and overused. The chin up pose that is usually taken of Obama is in reality more of a nose up pose. Heaven forbid that he gets too close to anyone outside his close circle of idiots. It comes across more like the “little people” have a stench of “need” around them and it’s something that he adores and hates at the same time.

  11. Most of the “community organizer” types are snobs. They don’t really mingle with the people they claim they are helping. That attitude has rolled over into the Presidency. How many of those people BO begs $3 from has he ever taken the time to speak to? Since he’s been elected, none. Reply to Domanii

  12. soccotash1

    If you want to read something scary this site lists business’ that have layed off,closed or filed bankruptcy just in August. This is Obamas’ America.

  13. Morning, fellow nesters. SW FL made it through Isaac unscathed. Prayers to the people of NOLA and coastal Mississippi as they prepare for the storm.

    One thing is bothering many people down here this morning. Prior to Isaac making landfall in the Keys Sunday, BO did not make any statements to the press regarding the safety of Southern Floridians. But he did speak to NOLA this morning (didn’t catch if his words were also directed as MS). I wonder why he only cares about one state and not another? Hmmm…What could possibly cause him to feel differently about the people od Louisiana?

    • srdem65

      I heard him this morning. Could he have seemed any more bored?

    • I found his speech to be a scolding…”Now is not the time to tempt fate. Now is not the time to dismiss official warnings. You need to take this seriously.”

      Also, he didn’t give LA all the federal assistance that Jindal requested.

  14. Sorry if this is a repeat.

    “Exclusive: Fast and Furious IG report slams ATF Phoenix personnel”

  15. Francine

    Love me some Dennis Miller:

    “I want to help the helpless, I don’t care about the clueless anymore”.

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