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Mitt and Anne in Tampa

The next three days will be full and hopefully interesting. This blog post is going to stay up during the Convention. There will be so many reports of doings and speeches and, of course, the usual nutters protesting (Code Pink, Occupiers and Black Bloc to name a few). A lot of conservative bloggers are in attendance so the news and views will be reported daily and updated very quickly.

So, there you have it, a list of must reads, some loud guffaws at the leftist stunts. I particularly despise Code Pink for their hypocrisy. What happened to the anti-war rhetoric? Seems to me, with the left, everything they ranted and screamed about is O-U-O (Ok-Under-Obama).  I am ready for a President with less celebrity and a whole lot more substance.

“We do not have to have unemployment in excess of 8%.
We do not have to have Federal budgets with annual deficits in excess of $ 1 trillion.
We do not have to have a deteriorating navy, air force, and army.
We do not have to stand around and watch our friends fall, and our enemies rise.
We do not have to have class warfare.
We do not have to have a government hostile to free enterprise.
We do not have to have ever-increasing taxes and spending.
We do not have to be dependent on hostile foreign countries for our energy resources.
We do not have to have a Federal government dictating our health care.
We do not have to have a Federal government that sells weapons to Mexican drug cartels, which kill hundreds of Mexicans with them as well as two US agents.”

h/t to sportin for the quote and to Adrian for the Romney family photo…

updated, open thread


  1. Carole

    Evidently, when Moo appeared on Letterman, she must have slit the sides of a top or short dress and put it over another dress or a skirt. When you see it from a side view, it looks tacky, tacky, tacky. We Birdies would not expect Moo to fgo on TV wearing something sophisticated, sheek, well l fitted or appropriate. She never fails us, never!

  2. sportinlife10

    I was reading Newsbusters this morning, and they were running a response to Toure’ Neblett, who is upset tht Paul Ryan said tht our rights come from God. Neblett believes they come from government, if you are not a white male.
    What I like is the fact that someone is using both his names, instead of the oh-so-pretentious Toure’.
    Why oh why is IE fooling around withthis site this morning? It won’t stack comments, and types out one letter at a time. Back to Firefox.

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