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It’s Empty Chair Day!

So, all you “mavericks” out there get your chairs out and display them proudly! It’s also Labor Day. A celebration of the American worker. At least the ones who actually have jobs. The rest, not feeling so celebratory. They’re either out of work or in lowpaying or part time jobs. For all of you who come to this site, we want you to know, it’s OK. 

It doesn’t matter if there is a D or an R after a pols name. It’s OK to let them go if they aren’t doing their job or aren’t up to the job they were hired to do. You really aren’t betraying anyone by voting for a different candidate. “Likability” is not a good reason to vote for a President. Obama may be personable, have a terrific family, be a great father, but, that really isn’t a good enough reason to re-hire him. When each and every American owes $800,000 of the existing debt, brought on us by this administration, it really is time to think about replacing them. When an administration has decided they can have a kill list, can indiscriminately decide to kill American citizens or lock them up indefinitely without benefit of trial, it really is time to think about a replacement. When the power of the executive branch has become so out of balance with the other branches of government, making end runs around Congress and the Judiciary, we really do have to think about what we want to be as a country and a people. Are race politics and class warfare really what we want to see in our politics? Are we to be envious of success or despise our countrymen because of the color of their skin? The pols think so, and use it as a means to garner your vote. Have we the people become that petty or have our pols become that petty? I think you know the answer.  If the only reason you have for voting for a candidate is the “D” or “R” behind their name or because of “likability”  then you aren’t voting in the best interests of your country, you’re voting in the best interest of the pols who want to be in power or those who are desperate to keep their jobs. We can do better, we will do better.

In other news, the Dems are having a very hard time filling that 74,000 seat stadium for Obama’s acceptance speech. They’re busing in loads of people for that event. Maybe they should have chosen a smaller venue?

College students from across North Carolina will arrive in Charlotte by the busload. Same with members of predominantly black churches in neighboring South Carolina.

Their goal: help fill a 74,000-seat outdoor stadium to capacity when President Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination Thursday night.

Anything short of a full house on the final night of the Democratic Party’s national convention will be instant fodder for Republicans eager to use empty seats as symbols of waning voter enthusiasm for Obama.

I don’t think filling a stadium is the answer to our problems. It might make Obama feel better, give him a sense of hope for re-election, soothe his damaged ego but, what will filling that stadium accomplish for the rest of us?

Stand by for a week of obfuscation and rationalization, but as Joe Louis once said of Billy Conn, dismissing the latter’s strategy of bobbing out of danger, “He can run, but he can’t hide.”

That’s kind of how it is for this president as he tries to once again charm a constituency now in urgent need of something more than a smile, as the mythical Willy Loman would have put it.

He’ll be trying to charm an audience in desperate need of the hope he vowed to deliver back in 2008, remember?

Smooth talking, which is his only apparent gift, won’t cut it anymore because sugar pills can’t cure a hurt that’s very real.

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  1. A warm welcome to our friends from Senegal and Malaysia… 🙂

  2. srdem65

    Bussing in supporters raises a few questions; first of all, who’s paying for the bus ride. The other is; just how many of the 75,000 can the bus-alooza bring to the convention.
    If a typical bus holds 60-75 people, they’re going to need a whole big bunch of busses and it’s not cheap to charter a bus.

    The stadium speech was a tactical mistake in what now looks like a losing bid for re-election. It seems everything about this confab is off-key, off the tracks and just puzzling; Charlotte is a beautiful, charming city but it doesn’t have enough hotel rooms for such a gathering. What hotels they do have are spread far and wide from the convention site. Then to pick a site in a right-to-work state was to guarantee that their union supporters would raise a fuss. The line-up of speakers is just awful; the old guard like MrsPelosi and MrReid to the scary MsFluke, then the only Latinos the Dems could produce were city mayors because Dems don’t elect anyone but White Dems to high office.

    Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to watching the convention and eagerly awaiting the start of the debates.

    • With only a third of the seats filled, they’re going to need a huge bunch of buses. Dems are also giving free tickets to new campaign workers who sign up 9 new voters in three days running up to thursday. Dem Convention seems sort of messy. But, I am also going to watch. Doesn’t seem to be much about Obama, more about Clinton’s record than his.

  3. Happy Labor Day, Nesters!!! I’ll come back with someone snappy later, but I wanted to leave everyone with warm wishes on this (unofficial) last day of summer.

    • Enjoy the day, we’ll be going to the Air Show later. 😀

  4. OMG, 2 other neighbors have empty chairs on their front lawns. Whoa… LOL 😀

  5. August jobs numbers will be out on Friday….probably won’t be mentioned by the LSM….more than likely will throw a real stink bomb into BO’s case for re-election. Of course it will be revised a week later as per usual.

    • The Original

      We are going into another big harvest in our area. The harvests where I live will be going on from now until the end of October or maybe mid-November. That means that we will see hiring for a while where I live.

  6. Best “empty chair” ever… lol 😀
    Annie’s Mom told me about it, had to go find it…too funny

    • Isn’t it great!! creeper posted it yesterday at MOTUS.

    • The Original

      I think I will dig out an old chair and put it out in the front yard. I live in the country, but I still may do it.

  7. The Original

    Look at the last picture of this blog post. I cannot tell you how much that angers me.

    • ACK to the last photo, Original, but the one with the doggie seems to invite sarcasm, and they don’t seem to be into that. It reminds me of the “Hitler finds out obama ate Fluffy” video.

    • srdem65

      I agree, it’s very upsetting and really creepy. But, the truth is there are people who feel this way about Obama, and nothing is going to change that. It’s like they were hypnotized or made into zombies. I call them Obots. They parrot in a robot-like tone all of the things Obama wants them to believe. They ignore logic, truth, and turn from God to support a man who cares nothing about them.

      • …and what mah man, the psychiatrist, calls, “the willing suspension of disbelief”
        And I think Sultan Knish was writing about the obots yesterday?
        AND, while I’m at it, that smarmy Kathleen Parker (and Wapo) wonder “Where is the Republican.Barack Obama?” Yawn. You remember, Birdies, only AfAm guys qualify as diversity. And don’t try to include Condoleeza Rice or Mia Love. The fun never stops with these fools.

  8. Oh Boy!! more “Empty Chair Day” photos…so many they had to stop taking them… LOL 😀

    • Anon

      This couldn’t have turned out better if it had been planned! You know this is pi$$ing BO off big time.

      • I put my chair out front on my lawn too. Haven’t seen any other empty chairs, but that is ok. I feel great about this. So perfect to ridicule the zero.

    • The Original

      Just put out an empty chair in my front yard!

      • Even tho I live at the end of the road, mine’s out, too.

  9. The Original

    This is a devastating ad prepared by the RNC. It comes in 2 versions. One probably for TV and the other for other broadcast outlets.

    Short version . . .

    Extended version . . .

    • Anon

      Wow! He even plagiarizes himself!

    • Who is living in the past and in a black and white world now?

  10. Carole

    I put an empty chair out on my lawn right under the American flag jutting out from my long porch in front of my house. God bless America, God bless her people and God bless our Birdies.

    • Glad it made you feel better…a statement does that 🙂

  11. Carole

    Oh and I printed a big sign that said, Make my day November 6th 2012. I put it standing up on the ground in front of the chair and draped a second American Flag over my rose bushes behind the chair. It fdelt so good and the right thing to do.

  12. srdem, your post at MOTUS was very poignant. There really are a lot of empty chairs.

    • Second that, Lynn. I had tears in my eyes by the time I was at the end of srdem’s post.

    • srdem65

      Thanks, lynn2 Sometimes there’s just no snark to write.
      The empty chairs reminded me of so much, the Oklahoma City bombing that killed innocent people to satisfy some bizarre payback for a crazy person, and my neighbors from all over America who will never get another job…
      I didn’t know anyone personally in the OKC bombing nor am I concerned about getting and keeping a job, but we’re all in this together so it hurts me too.

      All of us are connected and informed on political issues and national affairs. We know somewhat what’s going on in foreign countries too, because we are interested. I was reminded today by a family member that most people aren’t the least bit interested in anything beyond their purse, their job if they have one, and their family. They know the latest popular song and who sings it, but don’t know what ‘sharia law’ is or how Obamacare is going to impact them personally.
      This person told me that MrRomney is going to force companies to reduce the salary of highly paid employees so that they can hire two more people with the money saved. Yes, my jaw dropped. Where did you hear that? I asked…they said everyone knows that’s how Romney is going to get 120million jobs when he’s elected President.

      I changed the subject because I knew that nothing I would say would convince them that what they heard was preposterous or wrong.
      These people are where MrObama is getting his 40+% approval, they just don’t know any different.

      • The rumor mill churns away….

  13. Carole

    Maybe this means that we will soon find out Obama’s elgibility of the USA.

  14. BO's chair
    One more person who had to join the empty chair mavericks… 😀

  15. I wish someone would put together an “Empty Chair Day” Album, of all the photos, digital or paper. . It would be a great fundraiser. I’d sure buy one, if only for the memories of a great national meme, one that proved ridicule is mightier than the MSM, and that conservatives are really funny, imaginative people.

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