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Get your game face on….

After that bizarre spectacle at the DNC it is more obvious then ever we can win this one. BO can trot out the Flukes, the Granholms, the Cleavers and anyone else but, it doesn’t change one pure fact, he is an abject failure when it comes to economic policy and, a big government pay to play champion of the left. Want an Ambassadorship? No qualifications necessary, just bundle $500,000 for BO and the job is yours. Want a taxpayer subsidized loan for a failing endeavor (Solyndra, GM, etc;)? No problem, BO’s guys at the Dept of Energy and Joe Biden will make sure you get that. All you have to do is raise a few million for BO’s campaign. Belong to any union and BO’s Labor Dept. will set rules to tip the scales in your favor. Ask the investors at GM or the parents of any school aged child.

The DNC knows exactly what they’re doing, it’s always been part of the playbook. Demoralizing your opponent and creating a “we can’t win” attitude in the electorate. The polls are skewed to Dems by +8, If they ask 45% Dem what can one expect? It’s really pathetic that some right leaning people are helping the other side now by pushing leftist propaganda. What the hell is that about?

Yesterday at various blogs I read over and over again that the Dem convention gave Obama a big bounce, that he’s winning, that his approval is now over 50%, that their enthusiasm is as high as that of the Republican crowd, that–

And then you look at the polls that caused this “sky is falling” fit.  What are those polls?  Those polls are, in fact, the same old sh*te.  They poll all adults, which you KNOW skews Democrat.  They poll registered voters, which you know skews Democrat.  They poll with a skew of 4% Democrats over Republicans as though this were still 2008, as if 2010 had never happened.

Then all the people on the right echo these as though they were legitimate and say “oh, but the polls were correct before.”

Really?  The polls were correct before?  When?  The very last polls before the elections, when pollsters try to salvage their reputation?  Sometimes.  More or less.  Kind of.  But up till then when something can be got from the propaganda and from seeding despondency on the right, the polls have been insanely skewed.

Beyond all that, 2008 and before was a different game.  The unemployment statistics used to be more or less correct, too, and, oh, yeah, the Justice Department didn’t used to sue pollsters.  Neither of those is true anymore….[snip]

After the nomination, people fell in line for Romney because – anyone but Obama.  I’d vote for Clone-of-Obama if needed, because during the transition the wrecking of the country would slow down.  Beyond that, while Romney might be a RINO (there are indications he actually is a federalist) he doesn’t hate the US and he doesn’t want to destroy us.  If you don’t think that’s a big difference over Mr. “every country is special” and Mr. “I’ll have more flexibility after the election,” you are out of your mind.

Get your game face on! The Progs fight dirty, especially in politics. They want you to believe, after their convention, you are in the minority. Well, you aren’t! They want you to give up but, you can’t! Stop freaking out and giving them what they want. So if you’re feeling nervy, irritable, depressed and/or tired of life by the polls this weekend, well, that’s just how the MSM wants you to feel right now. You bet they do. They want to bury all BO’s failed policies and distract you. Seniors, BO stole 716 billion of your Medicare to prop up his Obamacare. HHS is implementing a pilot voucher program to take you off Medicare and put you into state-run, state managed, private insurance plans. It will hurt the very people BO claims to help. Moms, don’t your kids deserve better than the public school system now in place? Teacher’s unions keep telling you everything they do is “for the children”. It isn’t, take a good look at Chicago and tell me those people are striking for the sake of the children.

You guys, yes, I’m talking to the men, what are you doing? This is one of the biggest mancessions this country has ever known. Only 69% of all white men are working, 16% of black men between the ages of 18 and 28 aren’t working.  60% of the jobs lost are in the median income between $14.00 – $36.00 per hour and mostly male oriented. 58% of job gains are $7.41 – $13.00 per hour. Is this what you want for your families? BO promised you jobs through his 800 billion stimulus plan. Where are those jobs? This country needs its skilled laborers and that’s you. You’re the ones who built this country, not the pols and their ‘yes men’. They didn’t build the houses, they don’t make the trains run, they don’t labor in any skilled field. All their good intentions have made it worse for you and your families and made themselves wealthier.

We haven’t lost, we have close to two months to go. Chin up, fight back, this is our time. The Dems and Progs are desperate and it shows. Who do we want as President, a man who keeps apologizing for our greatness, lowering our expectations or, a man who believes in us? We cannot accept what the media is calling “the new norm”. We deserve better and Romney believes that too.

open thread….


  1. BO’s own words….”And I will — I will never turn Medicare into a voucher.”

    […]In his convention speech in Charlotte, President Obama vowed to block the Republican Medicare reform plan because “no American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies.”

    But back in Washington, his Health and Human Services Department is launching a pilot program that would shift up to 2 million of the poorest and most-vulnerable seniors out of the federal Medicare program and into private health insurance plans overseen by the states.[…]

    • srdem65

      “mercy of insurance companies” Ha! What does he think Medicare is? a benevolent program that allows any procedure without question?

  2. New Mexico…yep, looks like it could be in play…from POLITICO

    “The state is not being treated as a battleground by either presidential campaign, but an Albuquerque Journal poll finds Barack Obama and Mitt Romney separated by just 5 percentage points there — and former Gov. Gary Johnson pulling down 7 percent as the Libertarian nominee”

      • srdem65

        I believe it. Their govenor (a Repub) is very popular with everyone. Imagine that, a Repub Hispanic govenor!

        It looks like they don’t even consider Arizona to be in play at all, no Presidental vists, a few ads here and there. zip,nada, nothing going on here except local contests and the empty US Senate seat that is almost guaranteed to go to the popular congressman, Jeff Flake.

    • That dang Gary Johnson, and the idiots that are going to vote for him. R² would be up if it weren’t for him. I have a friend who voted for The Won last time…this time, he’s going to vote for Johnson. I tried to convince him it would be a wasted vote…he’s standing by his decision.

  3. “We’re raising Americans who don’t know how to take care of themselves”

    • srdem65

      How true. I read this at Drudge:

      If you read the story, they feature a fatherless family and their life in a homeless shelter.
      The mother says she came from PuertoRico six years ago, with her five chidren, and has not been able to work because of illness. Sad, huh?

      What I read between the lines is that this woman gamed the system from the moment she set foot in the US. She never worked so WE paid for her family, her housing and her medical expenses. Which is…..why she came to the US in the first place.
      I’m not a heartless person, but I deeply resent those who come here to take advantage of our largess to the less fortunate, and then have the nerve to complain that it isn’t enough.

      • It’s never enough for the entitlement whiners, including Fluke.

  4. “President Clinton, President Reagan. And if you look at them, you can criticize them for lots of things. They by and large worked their will,” Woodward told Sawyer.”On this, President Obama did not.” …

    “I am not ducking this. I am weighing evidence, and there’s evidence that he got on top of a lot of things, he did a lot of things. And there’s evidence that there are gaps,” he said. “He did not fix this.”

    Woodward places particular blame for the failure to reach a deal with Obama, writing that the seeds of discord were planted early in his administration. He displayed “two sides” of his personality in early meetings with congressional leaders, Woodward said.

    “There’s this divided-man quality to President Obama always. Initially he meets with the congressional leaders, he says you know, ‘We’re going to be accommodating, we’re going to listen, we’re going to talk, we’re going to compromise,” Woodward said.

    “But then they — Republicans ask some questions and challenge him a little bit and he says, ‘Look I won. I’m in charge here,’ ” Woodward continued. “And the Republicans feel totally isolated and ostracized. And this was the beginning of a war.”

    • srdem65

      The surprise here is that MrWoodward has the insider info in the WhiteHouse. His last book wasn’t very kind to MrObama either.

      We already knew that BO thought he didn’t have to meet with anyone of the Repubs, then found out that he didn’t even want to meet with his own Dems. He knows he’s a fraud and is afraid to meet one on one with them.

      I know we all despair of the impending doom if BO is re-elected (arrrggh), but if Congress stays a majority of Repubs, nothing really bad will happen. In fact, what will happen is that taxes will go through the roof, Obamacare will become the nightmarish reality that we fear and BO will be the most hated President in history. Not much consolation, I know.

      • BO is a spoiled, egocentric, brattish, childish man. Going down the road with him for the next 4 years is not part of the plan for our kids future.

      • Missing Laura Bush

        If BO wins he will continue to go around Congress with numerous executive orders. We will be hit with one after another further destroying our freedom and economy. We must gain a majority in the Senate so that we have impeachment and conviction as a last resort.

  5. I’m hearing alot of rumblings from contacts in Chicago that Rahm is planning to run in 2016. Spare me!

  6. “Insight: GM’s Volt: The ugly math of low sales, high costs”

    • yep…if the Fed hadn’t bought 79,000 of those cars it would be worse. Closing down their Volt line for a month tells me a lot.

    • and the REAL problem is…. cronyism…collusion between business and government…

      “So why isn’t economic freedom the “default setting” for our economy? What upsets this productive state of affairs? Trouble begins whenever businesses take their eyes off the needs and wants of consumers—and instead cast longing glances on government and the favors it can bestow. When currying favor with Washington is seen as a much easier way to make money, businesses inevitably begin to compete with rivals in securing government largess, rather than in winning customers.

      We have a term for this kind of collusion between business and government. It used to be known as rent-seeking. Now we call it cronyism. Rampant cronyism threatens the economic foundations that have made this the most prosperous country in the world.

      We are on dangerous terrain when government picks winners and losers in the economy by subsidizing favored products and industries. There are now businesses and entire industries that exist solely as a result of federal patronage. Profiting from government instead of earning profits in the economy, such businesses can continue to succeed even if they are squandering resources and making products that people wouldn’t ordinarily buy.

      Because they have the advantage of an uneven playing field, crony businesses can drive their legitimate competitors out of business. But in the longer run, they are unsustainable and unable to compete internationally (unless, of course, the government handouts are big enough). At least the Solyndra boondoggle ended when it went out of business.”

  7. The Original

    This is not a good day for me. Both my college and pro football teams lost over the weekend . . . and all I am reading and hearing is bad news regarding Obama’s rise in the polls. I need som good news.

    We CANNOT survive 4 more years of Obama. I don’t care if either of my college or pro teams win another game . . . but we cannot let Romney lose.

    • the good news….the polls are skewed to Dems…also skewed to registered voters, not likely voters….if Romney is only down by 5 points in NM, that is saying something. In OH they are still tied.

      • The Original

        My problem is with Rasmussen that basically backed up the Gallup poll. I trust Rasmussen. I am hoping that it is a lead that will fade when we get farther away from the DNC Convention. People still fall for Clinton.

        I met both Clintons . . . had to be in some social situations with them. Not really fond of either of them. But I do realize that there are still people out there who hang on every word that Bill says. I think he can still sway people. I don’t think they would if they really knew him.

  8. Jay-Z, Republican at heart ….LOL 😀
    disses Occupiers and Russell Simmons
    “Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, transformed himself from a poverty-stricken crack dealer to a multimillionaire music mogul and co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

    He said Occupy Wall Street’s blanket demonization of the rich is un-American.

    “I think all those things need to really declare themselves a bit more clearly because when you just say that ‘the 1 percent is that,’ that’s not true,” he said.

    “Yeah, the 1 percent that’s robbing people, and deceiving people, these fixed mortgages and all these things, and then taking their home away from them, that’s criminal, that’s bad.

    “Not being an entrepreneur. This is free enterprise. This is what America is built on.”

    Read more:

    • srdem65

      Bull cookies. He finally figured out that BO and the OWS nutsos are talking about his “million dollars a year” income. Isn’t he the husband of MO’s BFF Beyonce? and doesn’t she earn over a “million dollars a year”, too.

      This wealthy entertainers and sports figures have watched what happened in France and other countries that want to tax (confiscate) up to 75% of rich people’s income.
      They’re scared and they should be.

      • Yep, time to grow up and see where BO leads them. Maybe they’ll secretly vote for Romney. LOL 😀

        • Beyonce’s family publicly supported Republicans when they lived in TX. (Friend of the family was their next-door neighbor for over a decade.) The first democrat that he knows they endorsed was BO. Wonder why?

          • We know why…we hope they will not do it again…

  9. Yeah, that will be great for diplomacy…and what will it cost the taxpayers for this latest bit of comedy? New type of “don’t ask, don’t tell” charade that is the Obama government.
    “Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has signed up celebrity chefs from across the nation to cook special themed-menus for foreign dignitaries in an attempt to influence diplomatic relations.
    More than 80 top-rated chefs were inducted into the first American Chef Corps on Friday.
    The State Department plans to use the chefs to cook meals for visiting dignitaries, travel to U.S. embassies abroad to help educate foreign audiences and host culinary experts from around the world in their U.S. kitchens.
    The department has so far declined to announce how much the programme will cost taxpayers.”

  10. The dark side of the GM bailout….
    “This is one of the dark sides of the GM bailout. The Obama administration desperately wants to spin GM as a success and the mainstream media tries to ignore the Delphi pension problem to protect Obama and help his reelection chances.
    “For me and my fellow retirees, the burden of trying to figure out how to make ends meet gets heavier every day, as we struggle to pay our bills without the pension dollars we worked so long and hard to earn,” Mary Miller said at the rally, according to The Daily Caller. “Rather than being a president to all people, President Obama decided to let his henchmen exclude from justice those who weren’t politically connected enough to him.”

    they will vote Romney and work to fire BO.

  11. YEP…media will do its best to convince us BO is the inevitable winner….he isn’t…not by a long shot

    “In other words, using all of its resources to push what I’ve described above, the corrupt media turned a standard post-convention bounce into a OBAMA’S VICTORY IS INEVTIBALE!!! narrative.
    And some conservatives who should know better are falling for it.
    A convention bounce is just that — a convention bounce.
    Romney had one too, you know, and the media didn’t scream then about how the election was over. In fact, as Romney’s poll numbers climbed after the convention, Nate Silver was decreasing his chances of winning at his lofty New York Times’ perch.
    Don’t you see? It’s all a ploy, a con, a hustle — it’s all about turning a fabricated reality into a real reality by bumming out conservatives; by killing our fight, our willingness to volunteer and turn out”

  12. No way will I go down without a fight….no way in hell should we let the LSM define our choices for us.

  13. sportinlife10

    To Breitbart: Credit Where It’s Due?
    Posted By: Warner Todd Huston 9/10/2012 12:43:27 PM
    Publius Forum, by Warner Todd Huston
    Original Article

    This is from the site, “Blogs Lucianne Loves”. I can’t get it to link. Besides the good writing, which you may have already seen, there is an amazing graphic of Andrew Breibart’s face, composed of words and sentences he used. I can’t figure out where to find that either.
    The graphic is so memorable. It would make a wonderful t-shirt.
    Sorry I can’t post it. @#$%^&

  14. So, Carney says BO was committed to debt negotiations by playing golf and sitting on the patio… LOL 😀
    If you ask me that bunch ought to be committed.. 😀

    • And then had to cover his mouth with his hand after he realized what he said. Ha, ha, ha…

      • “including at the residence”…. LOL 😀
        Uh.. yeah…riiiight…{{{snicker}}}

  15. Carole

    I am not posting this because it has proven to be true, butt because sadly i wouldn’t put it passed the Obama administration to pull off a terror attempt to get Barry reelected.

    • This is very disturbing. I remember reading something recently on Ulsterman about the WHI pointing to a possible false-flag scenario at the recent conventions. Thank God nothing happened. But it is sick that there are those who would plan such horrific events to stay in power.

  16. Carole

    Oh, I came across the article when looking for other Obama information.

  17. sportinlife10

    To Breitbart: Credit Where It’s Due?
    Posted By: Warner Todd Huston 9/10/2012 12:43:27 PM
    Publius Forum, by Warner Todd Huston
    Original Article

    I found this at Blogs Lucianne Loves; can’t get the link to post.
    BUT besides the very good article, there’s a fascinating graphic of Breitbart’s face, composed of words and phrases he used. I can’t get that to post either.
    It would make a wonderful t-shirt.

  18. “Obama Mega-Donor Bill Maher Says Tom Brokaw Encouraging Bither Movement By Not Calling It Racist, Praises Tingles…”

    • eating their own is what they do, especially the Progs… 😀

  19. ABC poll…BO approval rating down to 46% among women…a drop of 15…6 million women unemployed under BO economic policies….

  20. Good grief, this is the man so many people think is brilliant? Why doesn’t BO do his job? Is he bored or just too arrogant for words…

    “President Obama is touting his foreign policy experience on the campaign trail, but startling new statistics suggest that national security has not necessarily been the personal priority the president makes it out to be. It turns out that more than half the time, the commander in chief does not attend his daily intelligence meeting.

    The Government Accountability Institute, a new conservative investigative research organization, examined President Obama’s schedule from the day he took office until mid-June 2012, to see how often he attended his Presidential Daily Brief (PDB) — the meeting at which he is briefed on the most critical intelligence threats to the country. During his first 1,225 days in office, Obama attended his PDB just 536 times — or 43.8 percent of the time. During 2011 and the first half of 2012, his attendance became even less frequent — falling to just over 38 percent.”
    Doesn’t that make you feel safe and secure? Yeah, right BO killed bin Laden…NOT!

    • srdem65

      No doubt he lost interest in foreign affairs when he found out that none of the foreign leaders respected him and mostlIray ignored him. They got his number right away with his stupid apology tour. Iraq is still a hellhole, but with a different leader, Afganistan is worse than a hellhole and Iran just laughs at us. Our only ally in the MiddleEast, Israel, has been ignored, insulted and has no respect for BO.

      He really thought he could ‘rule the world’ once. He thought he would bring the Olymipics to Chicago just by asking for it. He thought that the Arab world would be our friends.
      I believe that our allies would welcome a strong leader like MrRomney and our enemies would fear him.

      • srdem65

        well, doggone it, speling ain’t gone git no bettor after too cups of tea.

      • Well, BO did get that Peace prize for what he might do….looks like that was also an epic fail.

  21. The Original
  22. The Original

    I heard about this prediction a couple of weeks back. It is based on economic indicators on a state by state basis. The only thing that usually ends up skewing their results is a strong third party candidate like Perot.

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