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OMG! Romney caught!

Mitt should take that “47%” fundraiser video and just plunk “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message” on the end.  Well, I happen to agree with Dennis Miller. Of course the Dems are saying, ‘How dare Romney sound like a conservative candidate!’ Well, isn’t it about time he did? Since the Dems base their whole campaign strategy on government dependency, the life of Julia comes to mind, isn’t it great to have a candidate who says it doesn’t have to be that way?

That’s Obama’s reelection message: “Vote for me or Romney will take away all the  free goodies you’ve got coming to you! By the way, can you believe he called you  a mooch?” The Democrats based their whole convention around the premise that you  need Obama just to survive. (Well, that and killing Bin Laden. Which they  suddenly don’t feel like talking about anymore, for some odd reason…)

Mitt Romney is doing the hard things. Talking about reform is never the easy way but, it has to be done. While Obama is promising you a government controlled life, Romney is telling you government needs to get out of the way and let people succeed without all the bureaucratic red tape. Romney wants to cut the size of government and end the overlapping programs that call for bigger government. What is so bad about that? Do we really need another Dept. of Consumer Affairs? Why not make the existing one better for the benefit of all. Do we really want a NLRB that advocates for unions or, a Board that advocates for all workers and doesn’t pass laws to benefit the few. Romney advocates for streamlining government to work for the citizens not against them. Gutting the 1996 Welfare Reforms hasn’t worked out very well either.  Able bodied adults on Food Stamps have grown from 1.9 billion in 2008 to 3.9 billion in 2010. Is this the America we want or need to live in? People need jobs, not handouts. Government needs to stop picking and choosing which businesses benefit from their largesse and let the free markets work.

Obama’s Health and Human Services is taking the Romney/Ryan concept of vouchers to form a program which will be tried out in 18 states. So, why are they using the Mediscare tactic against Romney?  This trial will let the states provide people with private state controlled insurance plans with the assistance of vouchers. Please explain the difference is between the current HHS trial program and what Ryan has said. Obama has shifted 716 billion dollars out of Medicare to pay for his new Health Care Law. Seniors who have paid into Medicare for years will not benefit from this move by Obama and the Dems.

The economy is collapsing. Our embassies are being overrun. Our diplomats are  being murdered, and our own government is blaming it on the First Amendment. And  Obama doesn’t know what to do about any of it, except for his usual plan of  lying his ass off. So he and his enablers in the media hope you’ll be distracted  by Romney’s “gaffe” of criticizing the Democrats’ strategy. They hope you’ll be  offended that Romney pointed out what the Dems have been telling you your whole  life: You need the government to provide for you, and you can’t go a single day  without a handout.

Obama’s policies have turned 47% of the populace into dependents of the government. It’s the Obama way of governing, bloated government, government as the answer to all things, Americans losing their sense of independence, all for a leftist ideology of what he deems as “fair”, no matter who it hurts or what it does “our” country.  Make no mistake, Eastwood was right, if someone isn’t doing their job then we have not just the right, but the obligation, to our country and future to “let them go”. This country belongs to us, not the politicians. What Romney said is also right, we have the right to “fire” an employee who isn’t doing their job. Obama is “our” employee, he’s not doing the job we expect of him and his contract is almost up. There is no Obama money, it belongs to the taxpayers and, the left hasn’t been very prudent about the way they spend it. They just keep upping the ante and losing. Now, we, the taxpayers, are expected to take the loss and shut up about it. Obama is already redistributing the wealth, mostly to his backers, while we pay the bill. He is depressing our country in more ways then one. Romney gets it, Obama never will.

“We are compassionate people but we let people build their own lives,”…. “We believe in free people and free enterprise, not redistribution. It’s to create growth and not to redistribute wealth.”- Mitt Romney

Notice anything? From Iowahawk via Instapundit

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  1. Yes, and BO added another 7 trillion to that same debt over 4 years…and he calls anyone else unpatriotic? (he said he never said that about anyone)

  2. Carole

    This will not surprise any of the birdies. Mooch is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood. Absolutely no surprise at all!!!

    • Why am I not surprised…

    • Thanks for posting that again, Adrian. You rock! 😀

      • You are very welcome!

  3. How is it possible that Holder was cleared in F&F? This entire government is corrupt!

  4. Well, looks like Obama and Big H were wrong again…the Libyan attack was terrorism. Linked, a Gitmo detainee who was cut loose. Al Qaeda inspired and carried out

  5. Mine layoffs, energy company layoffs…Obama says things are going according to plan….millions more jobs /sarc

    • srdem65

      I was born and raised in an area where steel mills and coal mines provided most of the employment.
      Coal miners are a special breed of men. There isn’t enough money to get me to work in a coal mine, but these men put their hard hats on and walk deep into the mountains, risking their very lives.
      There are whole communities in West Virginia that are solely dependent on the coal mines and the industries that come from coal. They will be devastated.
      Most of the roads there have a special accomodation for trucks that carry coal; they allow trucks to weigh 3-4 times gross tonnage than anywhere else in the US.
      Coal is their lifeline.
      There won’t be one single vote for MrObama in these towns.

      • Sadly there are people in the Electric suppliers who are going to be laid off too. First Energy is laying off here, 200 employees.

    • (rolls eyes) what an asshat!

  6. “unexpectedly” CBO again changes the cost of Obamacare…who would have guessed that would happen?

  7. LOL 😀 I love oneupmanship….

    The House on Wednesday passed Republicans’ own version of the Buffett Rule, which allows wealthy Americans to voluntarily pony up to reduce the deficit.

    The bill, labeled the Buffett Rule Act, passed by voice vote, meaning Democrats and Republicans agreed with it. Under the legislation, which would still need Senate approval, taxpayers could check a box on their taxes and send in a check for more than they owe to the IRS.

    “If Warren Buffett and others like him truly feel they’re not paying enough in taxes, they can use the Buffett Rule Act to put their money where their mouth is and voluntarily send in more to pay down the national debt, rather than changing the entire tax code to inflict more job-killing tax hikes on hard-working Americans,” said Rep. Steve Scalise, the Louisiana Republican who wrote the bill.

    • srdem65

      While I don’t like Congress fooling around with goofy things, this one is really good.
      Sure, Cher, step up and pay your ‘fair’ share now. Beyonce should kick in a couple of million, too.
      Warren Buffett can pony up at least one billion.

      • It would be nice if Warren paid what he owed…he isn’t

  8. francinepink
    • One thing for sure both of them are a whole bunch better off then four years ago…the rest of us, not so much.

  9. Wafa Sultan…a woman to be greatly admired..Syrian by birth…has challenged Islamic clerics all over the world…I admire her greatly and have done so for 10 years…

    • srdem65

      If only. sigh. I have my fingers crossed.

    • Which should shoot down that whole “likability” meme…but, ya know it’s been “sooo hard” because everything was “sooo much worse” and BO has been “working real hard” and telling MO “we gotta do something”……he just doesn’t know what or how.

  10. Ooh…I just got polled…Public Policy Polling (showed up as “unknown caller”). I normally don’t answer unknowns, but for some reason, I picked up. At least 15 questions from the computer…at least 2/3 were EPA based…”One candidate wants to curtail mercury production, the other wants no limits on mercury production…which would you want?” I did skew a little at the end when I was asked about party “Republican”, age “50 something to 65”, and ethnic background…I checked “Hispanic”. Heck I’m still married to one. So no big lie.

    • srdem65

      Mercury production? What? Is that an issue where you live? I never heard of it.
      I think mercury is an important component in a lot of things…..right?

      A while back I was being interviewed 2-3 times a week. I guess they don’t care what i think anymore. I always lied anyway. One time I was a 23 year old college student. snort.

      • One time I was a 23 year old college student

        LOL 😀 We all have fun with the polls….

      • I assumed it had to do with the light bulbs…it’s not an issue here in NM, so not sure why it was on the poll. It was so skewed, in order to vote for Romney, I had to like polluted air, dirty water, and polluted wells from fracking.

    • srdem65

      That is disgusting, un-American and an insult to all of us. To have the POTUS endorse a distorted image of our flag to boost his campaign is unforgiveable.

      The longer this campaign goes on the more the Dems are acting like a weird cult devoted to someone who really doesn’t give a fat rat’s patooty about any of them.
      I like MrRomney but I don’t want a t-shirt with his face on it. I don’t even want a coffee mug with his name on it. I don’t “love” him, I respect him. Big difference.

  11. srdem65

    Lynn2, check out the Washington Examiner’s 10-part expose on BarackObama.
    I don’t know how to exerpt the series or even to linky it.
    It’s stunningly eye-opening.. a lot of background.

  12. […]CNN report says that Ambassador Chris Stevens had expressed concerns about the safety of the mission in the months before his death. According to “a source familiar with his thinking,” Stevens was worried about the growing threat of al-Qaeda and other extremists in Libya and even mentioned that he was on a terrorist “hit list.”[…]

    He told the State Dept……they knew……. they knew.

  13. srdem has pointed out a series on Obama in the Washington Examiner…four parts are already written and can be linked to in the sidebar or the header…here’s the link

    • srdem65

      There were a lot of surprises in this and a lot of what we already knew.
      Some of what BO brought to the WhiteHouse was his distain? aloofness? shunning? of his associates wherever he was employed.

      I’m sure the WhiteHouse isn’t going to like this expose, but I haven’t seen anything they could object to as bias. He either wrote something or he didn’t kind of things.

    • The Original

      They were talking about it on Fox this morning, but I only got the end of it.

  14. The Original

    Anyone hear Mitch McConnell’s 3 minute tirade against Obama on the Senate floor? On, my. It was awesome!

    • srdem65

      Missed that. Got a linky?

      • The Original

        No, I don’t. I just saw it on Fox. It might be on YouTube.

      • Is this it?

        • He’s right, they need to change and work for the people not for BO’s re-election.

        • Thanks for posting it!!
          See, it works when we all work to make this “our” blog. 🙂

        • Adrian–I only caught part of the clip, but I think this is it.

    • No, darn it, had a meeting with one of the pols here. They show up at the most inopportune times. Can’t find a link either….darn…

  15. francinepink
  16. francinepink

    I seem to be reposting stuff you already posted Lynn!! Oh well, they bear repeating!!

    • Never a problem…some things can’t be said enough…they knew…this freaked administration and the State Dept. knew…they did nothing. 😦

  17. francinepink
  18. francinepink

    From Drudge: Gallup O 47% R 47%:

    • Anon

      My eighth grader comes home like that every day.

      • LOL 😀 …..mine used to…in technicolor

  19. francinepink
    • That was a quick change we can believe in…after her speech she went up in the polls….looks like that “bounce” has browned out. LOL 😀

      • srdem65

        There must be something radically wrong with the electorate there. MrBrown isn’t the best, but he seems serious and honest. Why they would even consider electing that lying professor is beyond me.

    • srdem65

      That was fun. You don’t mess with Seniors, we’ve been there, done that and have nothing to lose. good times, for sure.

      • LOL 😀 …I certainly thought it was “good times”

  20. deserves a new viewing…for anyone who hasn’t seen it

  21. Tweet of the day…Governor Perry reminds Obama of the debt… LOL 😀

    • srdem65

      Love that DrK, for sure.

  22. srdem65

    Talking with some friends and associates;
    we determined that we would probably be supporting MrObama’s re-election except for Obamacare, wasting our money, the apology tour, the crummy economy and a few other things. None of us are pro-choice, but we understand that it’s the law of the land. We were split on the gay marriage thing.

    We tried to be as objective as possible. It was an interesting afternoon discussion.

  23. It’s important to destroy their sense of individualism early on…

  24. francinepink

    Obama gets testy when asked about immigration reform:

    • srdem65

      I posted a comment there about the ‘arrogant’ attitude of both the Hispanics and MrObama.

      How dare Mexican nationals demand, DEMAND, that they be given American citizenship because they broke our laws and entered our country illegally? We’ve fallen for the constant MSM sob story of how they’re just here to find a better life for their families but that’s just a lot of crappola. Educated citizens of Mexico are not jumping our fence, business men in Mexico are not sending their children into a life of hiding in a foreign country, but illiterate, poor people with no chance of prosperity are being encouraged by the Mexican officials to jump our fence and live in America. Why? because those illiterate, poor, disadvantaged people drain the resources of their country and are prone to violent revolutions.

      Mexico isn’t poor, isn’t a backwards country. The richest man in the world is a Mexican.

      MrObama promised these illegal aliens that he would make their dream come true b y making them citizens, ignoring how many people follow the law and apply for citizenship.

      • On the subject- One thing that I understand, but don’t understand, is how someone can spend years in our country without learning a lick of English. I woman at my office came to the US (legally) with her family from Argentina when she was a baby. That was in 1964, and her mother still only speaks Spanish. Unreal.

        • srdem65

          You know that thing….’press 1 for English…press 2 for Spanish’. That’s why.
          My Polish ancestors had to learn English, were proud to speak “American” as they called it. There was no “press 3 for Polish or German or French or Mandarin or anything”.
          I know if I moved to Mexico, I would learn as much Spanish as possible. Even at my age, I would try very hard to speak the language.

      • francinepink

        I agree, Mexico uses the U.S. As their welfare state.

  25. francinepink

    Lies and more lies, this makes me so angry! Obama said this when asked about Fast and Furious:
    “I think it’s important for us to understand that the Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration,” the president said. “When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it. We assigned a inspector general to do a thorough report that was just issued, confirming that in fact Eric Holder did not know about this, that he took prompt action and the people who did initiate this were held accountable.”

    • francinepink

      In reality, Fast and Furious began 9 months into his administration in October 2009.

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