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The world explodes..Obama makes excuses

Looks as if the real journalists at Univision weren’t about to throw softball questions at Obama. While Dems held control of both houses of Congress and Obama held the Presidency, they invested all their political will to enact a health care law that is now falling apart and becoming much more expensive due to the high unemployment rate. For two years, after he got the gullible Latino vote, Obama did nothing to institute the immigration reform he promised. Like everything else, this promise had a very early and quick expiration date. His explanation rang very hollow as he explained the operations of the branches of government to his Latino audience. Does Obama not realize most of his audience is American?  DUH!! Is there anyone that Obama doesn’t think is stupid? Anyone?

But to host Jorge Ramos, that answer was not good enough.

“You promised that, and a promise is a promise,” Ramos told Obama. “And with  all due respect, you didn’t keep that promise.”

(Also  on POLITICO: Mitt says Obama ‘inside-out’)

Obama responded with an explanation for the Spanish-language audience about  the separation of powers in the federal government.

“There’s the thinking that the president is somebody who is all-powerful and  can get everything done,” Obama responded. “In our branch, in our system of  government, I am the head of the executive branch. I’m not the head of the  legislature, I’m not the head of the judiciary.

Conspiracies from the left are a neverending laughfest. Just can’t make this stuff up.

There is ample evidence the Administration totally screwed up and intentionally lied to the American public about the Benghazi raid. But, the LSM keeps trying to run cover for the scandalous actions of the Obama regime. What an embarrassment this has become.

In the meantime our -resident partied it up and had a good time in NYC.

Of course, never a week goes by without MO telling us how “hard Buh-rock works” for “all of us”. Her “adoring fans” may believe that but, we know better. Buh-Rock works for his cronies by giving them taxpayer money and appointments. Nothing they do is “too big to fail” because Buh-Rock has their backs. His only struggle is how to get re-elected after turning the US deficit into 16 trillion dollars.

Romney released his tax returns. Harry Reid not available to apologize.

“Over the entire 20-year period, the total federal and state taxes owed plus the  total charitable donations deducted represented 38.49 percent of total [annual  gross income],” R. Bradford Malt, the lead trustee on the Romneys’ blind trusts,  said in a memo posted on the campaign’s website.

Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone but the DNC owes the SEIU $8 million

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz hailed the transition to Amalgamated Bank, and noted the longstanding political and financial ties between the two organizations.

The committee, she said, had a “fiduciary responsibility to those who invest in our party.”

“It is critical that we honor their efforts to strengthen our infrastructure and build our organization by partnering with an institution that shares our commitment to standing with America’s working families and small businesses,” she said in a press release.

The SEIU is one of the most active political interest groups in the country, and a top financial backer of the Democratic Party. The union has given at least $200 million in direct contributions to candidates and committees since 1990 and has spent at least $14 million on lobbying since 1998, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

And last but certainly not least, Gallup has finally found out what we already knew, Americans do not trust the mainstream media. Bias and lies are the main cause of mistrust.

Gallup is out this morning with a new poll that contains a damning indictment of the mainstream media. 60% of Americans, an all-time high, do not trust the mass media to accurately or fairly report the news. Mind you, that isn’t 60% of Republicans or conservatives, but Americans of all political persuasions.

If the last week has disgusted you as much as it has me, get out there and do something more enjoyable this weekend. Kiss your kids or, your grandkids, tell them how great they are. Have some fun, cause it isn’t over till the fat lady sings.

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  1. No more apologies…”It is clear that a large part of the protests in Muslim countries should be attributed to agitation by governments and religious organizations that have exploited religious feelings for their own purposes.”
    Yep to distract from the Sh**holes that are most Muslim countries and their corrupt governments and dictators…

    • Lynn II, I would like to recommend to you and the other Birdies a video I saw posted yesterday on Hillbuzz. It was a guy named Pat Condell who spoke passionately about free speech as well as the situation with the islamofascists. I don’t know how to “copy” a video into this blog, but it was so good that I found myself nodding in agreement with everything he said. I think you will like his message. I wish we had more Pat Condells to speak up.

      • Condell has a lot of videos on YouTube. He rails against Sharia and the ruinous consequences of it in the UK. Lawsuits for “hurt feelings” abound.

      • We don’t care if they’re offended and never will care. They should just get over it!!

      • Here’s his website if you’re interested in more of Condell…

        • Thank you LynnII. I had never heard of him until yesterday. I appreciate the link. I will check out his other videos too.

          • Welcome 😀

  2. “There’s nothing wrong with exercising sound judgment, even caution, when it comes to offending another’s most cherished beliefs. But the First Amendment isn’t the problem here, the dysfunctions and inadequacies of the Arab and Muslim world are.

    James Burnham famously said that when there is no alternative there is no problem. If free speech in America causes a comparative handful of zealots to want to murder Americans, the correct response is to protect Americans from those zealots (something the Obama administration abjectly failed to do in Libya) and relentlessly seek the punishment of anyone who succeeds. Because, as far as America is concerned, there is no alternative to the First Amendment.

    • srdem65

      I think we all agree with MrGoldberg on this. Without free speech we might as well toss the whole constitution in the trash.

  3. srdem65

    We were right, MrsRomney was right, the pundits were right; MrRomney releases his tax returns and its still not enough for the Dems. “he paid too much’, seems to be their complaint now….??….Ok.
    I saw two pieces that mentioned the Romneys didn’t include any mention of household employees on their individual returns. The Romney spokesperson said that the employees are paid by a ‘payroll company’, so of course that’s supposed to be bad, too.

    We know MrsObama and MrsRomney and MrsBiden and MrsRyan and MrsReid and MrsClinton are not washing windows on the weekend, or scrubbing the tub. The Romneys are wealthy, as are the rest I named, so it’s safe to assume that they have hired nannys and/or a cleaning staff to take care of things for them. I know I would have done so if I were able to afford such things.

    The bias against mrRomney is just ugly and mean. It’s sickening.

    • But crazy Harry still thinks that something is being hidden. He refuses to admit he was wrong. He refuses to apologize to the Romneys.

      • and—he isn’t releasing HIS tax returns. . .

        • Of course not, that would take away from the “Dems love the poor and are just like them” meme.

    • Wonder how much Dingy Harry gave to charity…with Dems, their giving is always so minimal, unlike the Romney’s.

  4. 160 different Federal programs dealing with housing, across multiple Federal entities. This is not streamlining government like BO promised. 160!!…

  5. When you think seriously about this…

    “Obama pledged that under his leadership, “our path is harder” and “our road is longer.”

    Seriously? After four years of the worst economic recovery since the Depression, falling incomes, lower-paying jobs, increased hopelessness and exploding debt, all Obama has to offer is that he’ll make this nightmare last even longer?”

    ….pretty scary proposition…what will Obama impose on us next, blasphemy laws? End 2nd amendment right to bear arms? OR, curtail 1st Amendment speech? The possibilities are endless with BO and MO in charge for another four years…endless and terrifying.

    • 2016…the movie

      • Darn, it’s been pulled!

        • Yep, but we’ll find it again!

          • francinepink

            I heard it is supposed to be broadcast on Fox today.

  6. just in case you need to let likely voters know what is going on….

    What Obama and his allies are doing now: “The Democrats want to convince [these anti-Obama voters] falsely that Romney will lose to discourage them from voting. So they lobby the pollsters to weight their surveys to emulate the 2008 Democrat-heavy models. They are lobbying them now to affect early voting. IVR [Interactive Voice Response] polls are heavily weighted. You can weight to whatever result you want. Some polls have included sizable segments of voters who say they are ‘not enthusiastic’ to vote or non-voters to dilute Republicans. Major pollsters have samples with Republican affiliation in the 20 to 30 percent range, at such low levels not seen since the 1960s in states like Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and which then place Obama ahead. The intended effect is to suppress Republican turnout through media polling bias. We’ll see a lot more of this. Then there’s the debate between calling off a random-digit dial of phone exchanges vs. a known sample of actual registered voters. Most polls favoring Obama are random and not off the actual voter list. That’s too expensive” for some pollsters.

    • srdem65

      I don’t believe that anyone who wants to see MrObama defeated in November won’t vote because of some polls or some MSM talking head claiming that he’s going to win.
      What’s more likely is that the so-so Obot won’t even bother to vote thinking why bother.

  7. francinepink
  8. francinepink

    40 Days of Prayer for our Nation , Sept 28 thru Nov 6th:

    • I’m all in…

    • srdem65

      OK. But I think we’ve been praying for the last three years already.
      If God truly does bless America, he’ll help us get to the polls.

  9. ““What you get a sense of is an attorney general who saw himself as enabler of the administration as opposed to somebody who was actually trying to look out for the American people’s interests. For that reason, I think it’s time for him to step down and for another attorney general — who can exercise some independence — to be put for the remainder of this president’s term.”—-Obama

    Alberto gonzales fired a few people, Eric Holder killed a lot of people.

  10. Obama has been whining about the R-words again. He blames them for not doing “their work”. Trouble is, the Dem controlled Senate passed a few measures and adjourned to go back to their states
    […]The votes, which were cast late Friday evening, allowed the senators to take the weekend off and go back to their states to campaign for reelection even though the Senate has not adopted a budget. The Senate has also not laid the groundwork for how to avoid the looming fiscal cliff.[…]

    The House has passed Bill after Bill which Reid won’t allow to come to the floor in the Senate for a vote. A lot of the “jobs bills” have been bi-partisan. The Dem held Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over 3 years. Obama lies so much to the people in his weekly address. He doesn’t care about anything but getting re-elected.

    • srdem65

      If I recall correctly, the House has passed many, many pieces of legislation that HarryReid just stuck in some desk somewhere. The Senate hasn’t done diddly for years.

  11. Juxtapose this!! …German troops riot in Italy over propaganda film

    • srdem65

      Made me laugh, even if it isn’t so, so true.
      George Patton! where are you when we really need you?

      Seriously, what’s wrong with our President saying ‘hey, cut that crap out or else’, or Hillary making calls threatening these out of control countries with sanctions?

      • srdem65

        How about the President and the head of the EPA make a public announcement that all oil permits in America are now approved, Drill, baby, Drill.

      • Would we be apologizing for freedom to anyone but the Muslims?

  12. francinepink
  13. BO…no time to meet with world leaders..plenty of time to appear on the “View” with MO…
    but, he’s really engaged…really/s

    “Wallace: “You don’t have a problem with the fact that he’s not meeting with any world leaders, but he’s going to appear on The View?”

    Gibbs: “I have no problem with that, because, Chris, you’re the President of the United States every minute of every day. That’s why you talk to the leader in Turkey, a hugely important leader and country in that region of the world. That’s why you pick up the phone and talk to the President of Egypt and tell them, they have to have a strong reaction to this violence at our embassy, they have to protect our consulate and our embassies and the people that work in them. Chris, this isn’t just about one meeting on one particular day in New York. The President is actively involved and engaged in the most dangerous place in the world every single day of the week.”

  14. MO at it again…likens this election to the civil rights sit-ins and marches….

    • srdem65

      Of course, because it’s all about racism. No matter what happens in November, there will never be another Black President after Obama.

      • If it were a person with actual credentials and some degree of experience at actually doing something, I think it wouldn’t matter much what color or culture they come from as long as they uphold the rule of law and the Constitution.

      • Added thought….I was ready to vote for Colin Powell when the RNC wanted to draft him.

  15. srdem65

    Way OT: football
    My Arizona Cardinals are whopping the Philadelphia Eagles football team. They sacked their quarterback, Michael Vick, over and over. .
    arf, arf, Michael Vick. I haven’t forgotten what he did to some of God’s creatures, dogs.
    arf arf.

    • LOL 😀

      • srdem65

        We won! Yea Cardinals. 3-0 so far.
        Every time I see MrVick I have the urge to throw something at my TV. arf arf.

  16. “Now, back when our great-grandparents were riding that Underground Railroad…” Does MO know that on the UR there wasn’t an actual train?

    • Just for clarification, I know that sometimes trains were used for transportation. For the most part, slaves escaped on foot, not wanting to risk being seen in the light of day. Not preaching to the choir, only making sure that trolls don’t attack me. 🙂

      • I’m not sure MO can even seperate fact from fiction at this point. Her stories do lack a great deal of honesty. 😀

  17. srdem65

    I thank the Lord for a beautiful day yesterday, church, family and football. No politics, no crime reports, no stress. Well, there was the dead lizard the cat brought in, but that was OK.

    Yesterday MrObama described the turmoil in the Middle East as ‘bumps in the road’ and threats of war a ‘noise’. When I heard that, it just took my breath away that our CiC, the POTUS is so unconcerned, so dismissive of what could be WW3 or worse.

    The real professionals at the State Department and the Pentagon must shiver in their boots when BO talks like that. I know they work 24/7 to get intel, work their magic and try to keep things smooth, all in secrecy, smoke and mirrors. That’s OK, I believe they’re working to keep us safe.

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