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Oh my, how things have changed

All those happy pollsters have finally discovered Obama isn’t ahead of Romney by double digit points.  The closer we got to the October 3rd debate, the closer the polls have become. Welcome to reality! CNN’s latest poll, with a D+8, and BO still  is on a downslide. So cheer up, there are 41 million Tea Partiers all set to vote. Conservative pundits need to stop complaining and help us elect Mitt Romney.

Caving to the BO team…can’t let reality get in the way of Obama. From Hotair:

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin heeded a request from the White House today – one with political overtones – and announced it will not issue layoff notices to thousands of employees just days before the November presidential election.

More Fast and Furious?

Remember when the left howled at soldiers being killed in war? Where are they now when innocent people are gunned down by cartels using weapons illegally run into countries by the ideological asshats currently in the DOJ and White House.

Biden finally speaks with truth, without meaning to. Obama policies caused this downgrade in income and class.

 Biden tells audience middle class has been ‘buried’ last four years

Obama isn’t having fun preparing for the Wednesday debate with Romney.

President Obama played some hookey from his intense debate preparation early this week in Las Vegas, visiting a campaign field office in nearby Henderson and chatting with volunteers for his re-election effort.

“It’s very nice. Although basically they’re keeping me indoors all the time. It’s a drag. They’re making me do my homework,” Obama joked with volunteer Andrea Stinger.

Obviously he doesn’t realize what a complete ‘drag’ he has been on the US for the last four years. His “recovery” has been the worse since the Depression, incomes are down, unemployment at extremely high levels (8.1% and climbing again) even worse still the American spirit is flagging due to the depressing economic policies of Obama.

Denied security upgrades by the State Dept. in spite of prior attacks and fears of more to come.

“Based on information provided to the Committee by individuals with direct knowledge of events in Libya, the attack that claimed the ambassador’s life was the latest in a long line of attacks on Western diplomats and officials in Libya in the months leading up to September 11, 2012,” […]

“In addition, multiple U.S. federal government officials have confirmed to the Committee that, prior to the September 11 attack, the U.S. mission in Libya made repeated requests for increased security in Benghazi,” Issa and Chaffetz added (my emphasis). “The mission in Libya, however, was denied these resources by officials in Washington.”

The failures of this administration are destructive to the country. Hopefully a lot of voters will understand why we support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan after the debates. Four years of this far left ideology is enough. It’s time to believe in America again. We will hold them just as responsible, if elected, as we do Obama.

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  1. TMI!!! I am so tired of the FFA and her “first kiss” story. Her pink outfit matches the couch…she looks upholstered.

  2. Francine

    I am posting this a couple places as it makes complete sense about what happened in Benghazi. From a poster named Sam at American Thinker:

    It starts to make sense if you apply a wag the dog template to the events. Ambassador Stevens encouraged the anti-Qaddafy rebels with American money and arms. Some of these went to the “wrong” rebels. The former SEALs, now civilian contractors, were there to track down the SAMs and recover them since a surface to air missile can take down aircraft. The ambassador who was reportedly fluent in Arabic knew that the situation in Libya was volatile and likely to explode at any moment. The plan was for a group of rebels to attack the consulate and take hostages to hold for ransom. The White House expected to blame the attack on an obscure video made by an Arab man who claimed to be a Coptic Christian. The White House expected to either negotiate for the release of the hostages or use a special forces team to recover them, killing the captors in the process. The special forces were there to both recover weapons and recover hostages. The scheme didn’t go as planned. Whether things spun out of control on the Libyan side or whether they knew they were about to be double-crossed, they murdered the ambassador and his aide. The safe house was mortared. The attackers knew the cowboys were on the way to rescue the Americans in the safe house and attacked them.
    The plan was for 0bama to appear strong and presidential by dealing forcefully with the situation. The plan went wrong when Stevens was murdered. Now the WH had to go to coverup mode and the video was blamed even though almost no one had seen the video. They knew this narrative was untrue while they said it and the WH knew within 24 hours that the attack was a terrorist attack carried out by a group billing itself as al Qaeda. Yesterday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, became the designated fall guy and his office is being blamed for faulty info. The WH is saying it got bad intelligence from…the WH since the DNI is in the executive branch. Holder’s FBI is in charge of the investigation, although no one has actually been to Benghazi or secured the consulate as should have been done within 24 hours. Any evidence is long gone. The Libyans who were working with the US had their records taken from the consulate and they are probably dead by now. Holder can obfuscate and refuse to provide info on the Libyan F&F just like he did on the Mexican F&F.
    If the scheme had gone off properly, 0bama would look good and the public would rally around him in time for the election. The First Amendment freedom of speech could be curtailed since the video would have taken the blame for riling Muslims. And obviously, the Second Amendment could have come under fire as well, although that one’s a stretch since ordinary citizens don’t possess RPGs, automatic weapons or mortars. Still, much of the public doesn’t understand weapons and it might have worked. I likely have some of the details wrong, but that’s the gist of it.
    Am I paranoid? Have I read too many spy novels? Well, maybe, but I remember Bill Clinton starting a war while president to raise his standing with the American people. It worked for him. And it was a wag the dog operation. Many of the same people who were in the Clinton administration now work for the 0bama administration, including Hillary. If we had a functioning media rather than a Goebbels style disinformation machine we might get some answers. It seems unlikely to me that Congress is capable of getting to the bottom of the Libyan mess. Contempt of Congress means nothing to Holder or 0bama, so they have no reason to cooperate with an investigation especially if they have something to hide. What a CF!

    Read more:

    • there isn’t much I wouldn’t believe of the snakes in the grass in the White House…never let a crisis go to waste…or make one where none exists for the sake of votes.

  3. The Original

    “Defense contractor Lockheed Martin heeded a request from the White House today – one with political overtones – and announced it will not issue layoff notices to thousands of employees just days before the November presidential election” . . .

    So people working for Lockheed Martin just don’t listen to announcements so they don’t know that the pink slips are coming? Really??? Are you kidding me?

    • srdem65

      I agree. I think it has more to do with the percentage of unemployment….not that it actually counts how many are unemployed. The workers know it’s coming and I really feel sorry for them, just as I do for everyone who loses a good job.

  4. The Original

    By the way, I hope you are watching “Hannity”. I can’t, but I do hope what he is going to show is truly devastating to Obama.

  5. Every single shooting will leave us wondering if the Federal Government was complicit….

    “The region has seen its share of violence in recent years, including the Terry shooting and the slaying of a well-known rancher in 2010. That killing is, in part, credited with pushing Arizona lawmakers to pass a law that requires officers, when they stop someone, to check the immigration status of those they suspect are in the country illegally.

    ‘There is no security on the border – none,’ said Edward L. Thomas, who owns rental properties in Bisbee.”

    • srdem65

      There is a war on our border. Men are being killed by invading hordes of foreigners.
      America can’t get their head around that, oh…it’s just Mexicans and they watch our kids and cut our grass……and border agents are killed.
      Suppose boatloads of Arabs or Asians stormed the beaches of NorthCarolina or Long Island carrying firearms or drugs or both and were willing to shoot or kill anyone in their way.
      Same thing.

      The difference is Arizona is far away, a desert, exotic, just as we think of Montana as far away from “everything”. It would be different if 10 million Canadians snuck across the border of NewYork with their guns and drugs, then demanded to be American citizens.

      10 million Canadians tromping through Buffalo NewYork, down to Cleveland Ohio, leaving a trail of misery, of drug smuggling, kidnapping or worse. Then it would be different.

      • what upsets me to no end is hearing Obama and J-No say “they just want to come here to work”.

  6. srdem65

    oops. meant to say I LOVE the first photo!
    We all know the polls are bogus. We know people are lying about who they’re going to vote for.
    Rush L. had a segment on the lack of political signs in people’s yards. So true here in Arizona…nothing much. It’s like everyone is being…quiet…shhhhh.
    Just like 2010….shhhhh. Don’t make a fuss…shhhh.

    • YEP, the calm before the storm….

    • and this…
      “From fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2011, according to the U.S. Treasury, the federal government increased spending on foreign aid by 80 percent and, in fiscal 2011, spent 76 percent more on foreign aid than it did securing the borders of the United States.

      In fiscal 2008, the government spent a total of $11.427 billion in international assistance programs, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement. In fiscal 2011, according to the statement, it spent $20.599 billion—an increase of $9.172 billion, or 80 percent, from 2008.”

  7. We don’t really want or need this…
    “The White House announced Monday plans to expedite a grant for a “nationally and regionally significant” transit project in Cleveland, Ohio, as part of its “We Can’t Wait” initiative.

    The project, the relocation of an existing rail station with a “new, energy efficient building,” will be funded in part by a Department of Transportation TIGER grant, according to a statement released by the White House.”

    This station was and is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Used very little by anyone, an Amtrak station located in one of the most bizarre out of the way places near downtown. It won’t matter where they put it, it takes longer to ride this train then to drive to Columbus or Cincinnati. They’re nutz!! The parking lot usually has one or two cars parked in it at the most.

  8. Busted!!
    […]The counterterror effort indicates that the administration has been worried for some time about a growing threat posed by al-Qaida and its offshoots in North Africa. But officials say the military organization was too new to respond to the attack in Benghazi, where the administration now believes armed al-Qaida-linked militants surrounded the lightly guarded U.S. compound, set it on fire and killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.[…]

  9. Some rally …too funny
    […]Turner said she and about 200 people rallied Monday night at 7 p.m., and 15 of those people spent the night.

    By 7:30 a.m. today, they had cleaned up the tents.

    She said Mayor Frank Jackson stopped by during the evening. The weather was wet, cold and rainy, but enduring that was “a small sacrifice,” she said.

    Craig Robinson, brother to First Lady Michelle Obama in Cleveland to support votingCraig Robinson, brother to First Lady Michelle Obama, joined politicians and supporters to encourage voter registration and early voting outside the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in Cleveland. Watch video

    Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother and the president’s brother-in-law, appeared at the offices a little before 8 a.m. “to support my family and support the country.” Robinson is basketball coach at Oregon State University.[…]

  10. A.Men

    obama’s first kiss was to Frank Marshall Davis, communist pedophile.

  11. Stonewalling…as always with this bunch…get caught in lies and then stonewall congress and investigations….

    Three weeks after the attack that killed four Americans in this city, the investigation of its causes remains in its initial stages, with just a handful of suspects detained, the crime scenes minimally secured and Walid Faraj waiting for a phone call from someone, anyone, asking him what he saw on the night he was injured while protecting the U.S. mission…

    “Since that day, nobody has called, nobody cared,” said Faraj, 28, who lost a tooth in the attack and whose legs are peppered with small wounds from the firefight. “How is it the Americans didn’t anticipate anything?”

    Witnesses are scattered across Benghazi, a port town where the uprising that toppled Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi began. But many witnesses say they haven’t heard from investigators.

    The Washington Post is on the scene but Hillary Clinton’s crack investigative team is nowhere to be found. Between this and her letter to Issa, I’m wondering if the White House has finally transitioned from trying to cover up what happened with “spontaneous protest” nonsense to simply stonewalling the investigation until the election is safely past.

  12. Rare footage of Bernanke as a child.

    • LOL 😀 …that’s him! 😀

  13. Francine
    • Well, IMHO he’s too stupid for words…. his genius is marginal, very marginal.

  14. Francine…ry_left_column

    Barack Obama: The Slacker-in-Chief

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