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Debate open thread

I’ll be leaving this up for comments on the debate tonight. Please feel free to add anything you want to the discussion. On average we get 200 to 700 views per day. So, viewers feel free to jump in and comment. We’re happy to have you on board too.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!


  1. srdem65

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s debate. My fingers are crossed that MrRomney does well.

    way, way OT: The girl with two heads or is it the two girls with one body. I don’t know. I confess that seeing her makes me cringe and I’m almost ashamed that I do. Physical, and even mental, disablities or deformaties in others don’t bother me this way; I’m very supportive and considerate of those who aren’t “normal” (whatever that is). But this is somehow different.
    I wish I knew why I feel like this..

    • Francine

      Where did you see them? Are they in their twenties?

      • They were in a Daily Mail article not too long ago

        • srdem65

          They have a reality show on one of the American cable TV.

          • I used to have feelings like that, until I realized that it was only towards sideshows in general, and not people who have differences. Perhaps that’s where the unsettling feeling comes from. In my daily life, would come across people with such differences, and feel no differently than talking to anyone, but the idea of a person behind a velvet rope in a sideshow would keep me awake nights.
            Then I met a set of twins who were able to buy a house with the money they made from sideshows, and they had no ill feelings towards it, because they were able to be independent. My fear of the different disappeared after that.

  2. WTH is going on? Encouraging immigrants to chase welfare?
    This aide told The Hill on Tuesday that the GOP has also learned from the State Department that there were 10 million visa applications in fiscal 2011, and that only 7,000 were denied under the public charge rules. That amounts to a rejection rate of just 0.07 percent, which the aide said seems small given estimates that there are two million visa holders using federal aid programs.

    The GOP is also noting a study by the Center for Immigration Studies that said in 2010, 36 percent of β€œimmigrant-headed households” used at least one federal welfare program, significantly more than the 23 percent for citizen-headed households that used these programs. Taken together, Republicans believe that DHS has the data to show that it is allowing people to enter the United States who are likely to use federal programs, but is not sharing it.

  3. I have a feeling Romney will do very well tonight. I don’t have cable, though. If the debate is not online, then you ladies will be my ears. πŸ™‚

    • Done! We’ll all post a much as possible. Eyes and ears wide open! πŸ˜€

    • srdem65

      It will be broadcast on every MSM channel and PBS., so I’m guessing it will be on certain radio stations, too. Some internet sites will also be streaming the debates live… for one.

    • Live stream of debate at White House Dossier….Don’t want you to miss one minute

    • Francine

      Somewhere I heard that Romney has much more debate experience than Obama. I sure hope his experience mows down the little weasel.

    • Francine
  4. MO brags about BO’s dictator style…loves the thug-in-chief…
    From the comments….

    “The congress Obama is working around is elected by the people of the US. So, she’s proud that her husband is defying the people. She needs to get her little idiot ass a copy of the constitution and read it.”

  5. Watching the “Five”….Beckel didn’t realize BO, as Senator, voted against the Stafford, New Orleans how do you feel about that one?

  6. Just in case anyone missed it, Turkey fired on Syria today because a mortar hit one of their homes on the Turkey/Syria border. Turkey is part of NATO…they have declared war on Syria.

  7. Francine

    Been praying for Romney to do well tonight, please pray everyone!

  8. Francine

    A new vook reveals Obama didn’t want to kill Bin Laden but instead wanted to put him on trial!!

  9. Francine

    About the polls:

    Tonight, National Journal released their latest poll. Among likely voters, the race is tied. Among independents, Romney has an 8-point lead. As you can probably guess, the poll assumes a 2008 turnout model and is D+7. So, if Democrats achieve the same history-making turnout they experienced in 2008, Obama and Romney are tied. In 2008, with a D+7 electorate, Obama defeated McCain by 7 points. Today, with the same electorate, Obama is tied.Β ”

  10. The Original

    I have to be gone tonight and will miss all of the debate so I hope that you people will provide a good concise summary of the debate. Basically, I want to know if you think Romney did well or if Obama made a good showing. Please! Thanks!

    • We’ll keep up

  11. First thing…Bo is very nervous up against Romney… πŸ˜€ Romney is more assured of his position. Bo is vague

    • Romney is on the offensive…BO is already looking pissy…Romney’s gotten under that thin skin!

  12. Romney is kicking a**…Bo is showing he doesn’t like to be challenged…it’s a hoot! πŸ˜€

    • Donald Trump qualifies as a small business? What a bunch of baloney!!!

    • BO–Social Security is sound…just needs to be tweaked a little…

  13. IMHO…Romney hit it out of the park. BO was stuttering, filibustering, and flat lost on facts. Lots of smirks…

  14. Francine

    Concensus on Twitter is Romney won!

    • Out of the ball park!!!

    • Waiting for 2012

      Mitt was on FIRE last night. Hubby & I were impressed. Some of my fave remarks: “As a President, you may be entitled to your own jet and your own house, but not your own facts”; I raised 5 boys, and I think I know what it’s like to have someone tell you the same thing over and over, trying to get you to believe it” and “I’ve been in business for 25 years, and I don’t understand what you’re talking about”.

      I caught Obama in so many outright LIES.

      Love Mitt’s expression while Bamster was speaking; that little smile told you that Mitt was prepared to fire back with the truth.

  15. Francine

    Obama looked smug and smirky. Even Bill Maher said Obama needs his teleprompter!

    • YEP!! πŸ˜€

  16. The Original

    Okay, so what little I have heard Romney won! Can sleep better tonight.

    • Romney looked Bo in the eye…Bo either looked down or looked at Lehrer…Romney was self assured, has a real plan…complimented BO on educaton but said he could do better… believes in the power of states whereas Bo touted the Fed…Romney won this one hands down…good times…I’ll sleep better tonight too…When you’ve lost Bill Maher….. πŸ˜€ total win! Joe Trippi looked pale and sickly too! πŸ˜€

  17. OMG, whiners unite in wimpy …well, whining. LOL πŸ˜€

  18. Mitt just kept smiling…BO looked and sounded stupid…yeah practising for those debates is boring ….except when you get your a** kicked by the Mormon…LOL πŸ˜€

  19. Francine

    Chris Matthews is going to have a stroke!

  20. LOL πŸ˜€ Matthews meltdown…too funny! πŸ˜€ Have to see it to believe it….:D

  21. The left had a major meltdown…. their boy isn’t walking on water today! πŸ˜€

  22. sportinlife10

    Isn’t it a wonderful day!!!! Our guy came through.
    Now, the day after, to the tune of “Here Comes the Sun”, listen to the dems: “Here Comes the Spin”.

    • Francine

      I keep thinking “The Saints Come Marching In” lol, as in LDS.

  23. srdem65

    Ryan/Biden smackdown next. Oh, boy.
    After that, Obama/Romney foreign affairs. Can’t wait to hear MrObama defend his foreign policy and MrRomney ask him to explain what he meant by “more flexiblity” with the Russians. Double Oh, Boy.

  24. Francine

    A summary of Drudge headlines:

    Michael Moore to Obama – ‘This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach’. NYT: “President Xanax”. James Carville, “Romney Came Out with a Chainsaw”. Gore blames the altitude!!! And Chris Matthews, about to have a stroke asks “What was he doing??”

  25. Francine

    Love Iowahawk snark, “the teleprompter has no clothes”!/iowahawkblog/tweets

  26. domanii

    In my opinion it wasn’t so much a debate as a lesson in truth telling. Romney was absolutely incredible. He wasn’t really coached, he just stated TRUE facts. He was quick to respond to Obama’s lies, more than once concerning the 5 trillion in taxes. My husband who is NOT a political watcher even commented on how Obama came across physically. Head down, not looking at Romney when he talked, and he said he looked embarassed. It certainly was a sight to behold. Romney showed guts and Romney showed compassion. Two things that Obama has never felt in his miserable life.

  27. Al Gore says the “altitude” was the reason BO was a loser…”Romney did his debate prep in Denver”. LOL πŸ˜€

  28. Francine

    Here is Biden trying to convince the base that Obama did a great job last night:

  29. “a remarkable slip. “All those things are designed to make sure that the American people, their genius, their grit, their determination, is — is channeled and — and they have an opportunity to succeed. And everybody’s getting a fair shot. And everybody’s getting a fair share,” Obama said, before quickly correcting himself and adding.
    “[E]verybody’s doing a fair share, and everybody’s playing by the same rules,” he added.”

    Yep, he went there

  30. Francine

    One of the worst things Obama said last night is at the end where he promised to work as hard for us as he did the last four years. To me he sounded like a middle schooler running for president of the student council but more importantly all I could visualize is an ad showing the President on the golf course with his words repeating over and over. My husband and I had a good laugh when he said that and shouted at the TV as I expect many others did too.

  31. Francine

    The nice thing is early voting has begun!

  32. Power failure last night where I live, so no debate or communication whatsoever. But you can probably guess how I feel today. Mitt knocked it out of the park! BO stumbled, mumbled and just plain failed. All of the Libs in my office refuse to comment. Let’s hope the tide has officially turned.

    • One more thing. BO out-talked Romney by a long shot. He proved once and for all that there is a difference between talking and saying something.

  33. DLeigh

    Here it comes….”Distractions” of a President.
    More important things going on is the reason for the poor performance. excerpt.. “So if President Obama was off his game during the debate, it was because he had more pressing matters on his mind: avoiding a war in the Middle East that involves NATO, Syria, Iran and Israel. It’s easy to see why that would be more important to him, than winning an argument with an empty suit.”….. or, the Altitude did it. Was not his fault! Something else did it…made him look ahhhh, not so good. It was his baby blue tie, not a power color.

    • BO is saying “Romney doesn’t want to be held accountable”. {{{snickering}}}

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