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A Star is Born…

From an inconspicuous very humble beginning to a rising star.

You have seen him playing bit parts in the most awe inspiring films. You have seen him in eateries, from the poorest to the most fancy of restaurants, working silently to provide comfort to the patrons. He’s been a most dutiful servant to all, quietly waiting for the day to be recognized and honored. He was given his big break earlier this year, being presented in all his glory to the world. From there his reputation has grown. His picture has been an inspiration to so many who now understand his role to be one of great worth. His latest foray into the political realm was, at first, met with derision. That soon changed, and he has become the very symbol of the most powerful man in the world.

MT Chair!

“This image seemed like a proper response to the first Presidential debate,”

Not to be outdone by MT Chair, MO was out and about channeling her star qualities too. Wearing a “modern weave dress”,  a very colorful (to say the very least) mini cardi and a “statement necklace”, designed by Jason Wu for Miss Wu, to show her softer more feminine side.  The new contemporary collection, which is  ‘a little bit more playful and a little  younger,’ will retail for less than the  Jason Wu line, and launches in partnership with Nordstrom in January.

As always MO is the height of fashion.

 Awkward…. How to make a graceful exit….back out?

open thread….


  1. srdem65

    Kudos to the NewYorker.

    What I could see of MO’s dress looked OK, but the sweater is ugly and too small for her
    Gee, how many times have I writter “too small for her” or something like that in the last four years. gak.

    • It’s a mishmash of stuff…. looks bizarre to me

    • or maybe that should be bazaar…. lol

  2. Carole

    The outfit Moo wore to the debate was her idea of wearing something again in a new way. The jacket was backwards and looked strange as she stood with her back to the cameras. It doesn’t matter what she wears anymore, she just appears to be a mess. The hair at one point looked like the wig was further back on her head and all the frizz on her forehead indicated that little effort was spent to avoid that problem. The dress with the too small sweater made her hips look as wide as the Pacific Ocean.
    Did anyone else catch the view of her implants in the cheeks and chin in the close up pic of her at the debates? She made Anne look slender and petite. I actually thought Anne’s suit outfit looked too small, but I am very careful about wearing anything that looks too snug, so it is a critical observation on my part.

    • She’s starting to get that “cat face” look.

  3. The Original

    You can tell that the cardigan is too small for her because of how it pulls at the sleeves. I am pretty sure I would never wear it.

    • It’s something our 16 year old would wear with jeans and ankle boots.

      • The Original

        You are totally correct. She is like someone I saw today at Target. At least 10 years older than me, but dressing like she is 16 years old. I just want to scream at people like that . . . “Dress your age. You would look so much better.” . . . but I don’t. I just walk away vowing to never do that to myself.

        • sportinlife10

          Besides that, original, he/she/it would prob shoot you.
          Note to self: keep walking away.

  4. What gets me about MO’s clothes is that most of it is actually beautiful and well-made. However, she either wears them too small or in a peculiar combination, thus rendering every outfit a disaster. This dress seems lovely and the color is nice on her. The sweater is cute and would add a little pop to an all-black ensemble. Worn together, it’s a hot mess. I wonder what her wardrobe will look like on January 21.

    • Mourning…

      • DLeigh

        Thanks for the morning smile ladies.

        • We aim to please…. 😉

    • sportinlife10

      Jason Wu: sackcloth, ashes, but DESIGNER s&c

  5. srdem65

    Some pundits are still picking over the debate disaster and coming up with some interesting claims. One I found that struck a chord was that BO was totally intimidated by what MrRomney represents; everything he hoped he would be, but isn’t. MrRomney is a man raised in a normal, loving family, schooled and educated and proud of his grades, a business success, married to a lovely woman who he shares five incredible sons with, and the ability to earn money by working for it.

    There are some who believe that BO will be ‘on his game’ for the next debate, but I don’t think so. He still has to face the man he hates for making him look like a failure and a fraud.
    Even though it’s a “town hall” format, they will still have to answer the same questions and BO can’t learn enough about the issues before the debate.
    I predict that MrRomney will finish the job, that MrObama will have an epic melt-down and we can look forward to a new President on November 6.

    • Let ’em pick…all the excuses in the world do not change what happened. The spin masters are making too many to be believed. 🙂 Your truth sounds more logical then anything else I’ve read from the left. BO looked out of his depth and scared. Especially when he stumbled around about Obamacare. I really believe it’s up to the states to work out not big government.
      Epic meltdown ….sounds good…I really like the town hall format.
      Candy Crowley is up next, she better keep it straight up. No more softballs for BO.

  6. The left really, really missed TOTUS….without it BO is sooooo disadvantaged… LOL 😀
    Maybe they should look up the definition of ‘debate’. LOL

    • The Original

      Yeah . . . that would really help! NOT!

      Definitely not the definition of a debate.

  7. this is the DWS we all know…photoshopping her to death doesn’t change how she looks…riding the bus to keep from being thrown under it… 😀

    • srdem65

      Now that’s the Debbie we all know and hate.

    • sportinlife10

      That’s REALLY funny.

  8. Roger Simon has an interesting take on the debate….one I’ve not yet heard.

    • Annie's Mom

      From Lynn Sweet…”Obama blew his first Democratic primary debates in his 2008 campaign and on Wednesday was just too rusty at the podium–which he is not used to sharing with someone who is not his equal.”

      Not his equal? Good grief.

      • The Original

        Well, Gov. Romney is not his equal . . . Gov. Romney is his superior! Trouble with Obama is that Gov. Romney is smarter than he is. And he knows it!

      • I know Sweet meant that in the most negative of terms, but Romney wiped the floor with BO and really was far superior in his delivery and knowledge…the next is on foreign policy…that should be a good one…I can hear it now… “I killed bin Laden”…that’s all he’s got..well, that and increasing aid to foreign countries by 80% while we pay for it borrowed from other govs.

  9. Francine

    Just finished watching this documentary on youtube. Kevin from Hillbuzz is in it. Really thought provoking and well worth the 90 mins when you have time:

  10. sportinlife10

    I still can’t for the life of me figure out how the o is so brilliant. When? Only with a teleprompter? Only with Chicago thugs covering his back? (I don’t even want to go into his front.)
    This is another thing I THINK I’ve figured out: the reason MOOch doesn’t wear what polite people (never mind MOOch’s people, they wouldn’t know what I’m talking about) call
    HOSE, aka stockings, pantyhose, is that she is so large, NOTHING FITS. Think about it, ladies: how would YOU like to get a pair of pantyhose (one size does NOT fit all) or knee-highs up that body? She’d have to hire it out.

    • Annie's Mom

      Hee, hee…I had clean my screen after reading the “one size does NOT fit all”!!! I think you nailed it, Sportin’!

    • LOL 😀 they do make big and tall…L’eggs

      • Yeah, that size is called “queen”. Perfectly appropriate for mooch.

        • LOL Queen size..fits MO to a tee. Good one! 😀

    • The Original

      I have wondered why Obama is considered so brilliant. I need some evidence. Just because he was law review editor does not mean he is brilliant. I bet he hasn’t written a speech on his own for years.

      I demand evidence that he is brilliant . . . yeah, that’s the ticket!

      • For the last five or six years, in every single speech he’s given, he has said nothing. Words with zero substance or ideas. Anyone who could have helped him be a halfway decent president has been tossed to the wolves by Val-Jay and MO. He’s not even close to brilliant. He is mediocre at best and his philosophy is pathetic.

  11. “What once was “Hope and Change” is now “Mope and Blame,” and this time it’s John Kerry under the President’s bus”. …. LOL 😀
    Everyone on the O Team has a very short shelf life….

  12. Scroll down for the SNL video of the ‘debate’……MO’s face is hilarious all the way through…

    • srdem65

      Counting the ‘official’ number of viewers of the debate, add in the ones who didn’t watch but were so curious they watched video the next day, the whole voting public saw MrObama melt down to the fraud he is.
      What’s amazing is that the spin from the MSM didn’t happen until days later when they all got their talking points from the WhiteHouse. And what did they get? MrRomney is a “liar”, he cheated, Denver is too high, and anything else they could come up with.

      That SNL and the late-night comics feel free to finally find some humor, some ridicule is amazing. I guess they couldn’t just ignore what happened because 100 million people saw it with their own eyes.

      The day after the debate, when MrO was speaking to some students in Ohio, his attitude and remarks were so off-kilter, so offensive and made him look even more unaware of how bad he really did in Denver.
      I’m starting to think that there is something really wrong with Obama. IMO, anyway.

      • Something is wrong with BO. Every decision he’s made in office has been about him. What will make him look good politically, what will get him the most money, who he can impress enough to donate to him, ….not one bit of good has come out of this administration that will benefit everyone….he’s cutting the military and at the same time adding 80% increase of foreign aid to countries that are killing our troops, burning down and attacking our embassies and murdering our citizens….yep, something is very wrong with him…

  13. MO destroys another school district fundraiser….she’s as good as BO when it comes to screwing over everyone.
    “Kids may be screaming for ice cream after a New Jersey school district bans … yup, ice cream. A long-time PTA fundraiser of selling the treat at lunch has been forced to end thanks to the government. The superintendent said under state law, selling food for fundraising can’t happen at the same time as the school’s nutritional program.”

  14. Carole

    The Obutts are beyond hypocrits. This what the Obutts ate for their phony 20th anniversary dinner at an expensive restaurant in Georgetown. The Obutts will continue their charade of a happy married couple with happy ice cream eating daughters until someone pulls the plug on them. Betcha that old MooCow will escape the marriage once Obutt vacates his chair (empty actually) at the White House for good.

    • Immediately deleted from the Twitter feed…”uh, no they didn’t have that, we were just kidding around…uh er, never mind”
      LOL 😀 they look worse and worse…

    • Annie's Mom

      So, the restaurant created a special meal for them…and they declined it? How incredibly rude!

    • srdem65

      I don’t know. I wouldn’t eat half of the items on that menu. yuk. “”crispy chicken skins”?
      “sweet potato soup with cabbage”..

      In all fairness, the O’s seem to like a tradional menu from burgers and fries to steak and lobster…not quail eggs and duck goop. I bet when they saw the menu, they said ‘no thanks’ and that’s why it took two hours to eat…the kitchen had to get other things ready.

  15. This poor, sweet child.

    “Meet Janiya Penny, the terminally ill eight-year-old whose dream came true earlier this year when she got to meet her idol, President Obama.”

  16. Carole

    IMO I did feel Obutt was on something during the debate with Romney. This article may or may not be true in all its facts, butt….you never know anymore with this administration if there is any real truth to anything said or written.

  17. francinepink

    Been browsing a liberal blog and it is so hard to keep quiet when I read things like this:
    Regarding the debate, whatever strategy was being played out, or whether Obama was tired or off his game, or whatever was truly going on, for me, the experience of seeing this arrogant, entitled man of privilege steamroller over our president, interrupting him, dismissing him, smirking arrogantly at him, just made me ill. It was as if all the extraordinary achievement, even to the pinnacle of becoming president, all the hard work and respect of the world, were diminished by this man of no integrity who commands so much money and so much power. It was wrong on so many levels I can’t even begin to describe it all. I hope this painful image is erased by the next debate, but I am having a hard time letting go of the bad aftertaste of the last one. I know there are reasons and rationales about what happened. But this is the image that is imprinted in my mind that is so very troubling.”
    I do kerp quiet, nothing worse than a troll in someone’s safe haven but I find the viewpoint so completely at odds to what I believe most of us think and it is jarring.

    • How can anyone be so invested in a President? Romney held his feet to the fire and Obama did miserably. We should all do that for each and every single one of our reps and the President. (no matter who they are) That person is just pathetic.

  18. Francine

    Even worse, she is an astrologer with a large liberal following. She was wrong in her prediction of the 2010 midterms and wrong about her predictions of the debate. It is fine to be wrong but she spews venom with her predictions and I would admire her more, because she does have talent with astrology, if she could leave out all the nastiness and stick to the facts. She predicts an Obama win.

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