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OMG! The debate was last week but, the pundits and pro-BO jour-no-lists are still whining and making excuses. Joey B has taken a week off to get prepped for the upcoming debate with our wunderkin Paul Ryan. Axelrot is personally prepping him for the coming smackdown. Ryan is quick and Thursday’s debate is going to be more shock and awe for the BO camp. The VP debate is usually a yawner and not very important but, the BO camp is taking this one dead seriously. The new PEW POLL is devastating to the BO camp with Romney taking the lead. Amazing what 90 minutes has done to change so many minds about Romney, particularly since the BO team had painted him as a caricature.

The president can’t run on his record, and he isn’t proposing a second term agenda. All he has to run on is the caricature of Mitt Romney that his campaign, his surrogates, and liberal opinion makers in the press have been fashioning for a year. Their goal has been to prevent the election from becoming a referendum on the incumbent, which the Romney campaign had clearly hoped it could be, and to make it not even a choice election but a referendum on the challenger. Obama seemed to have a remarkable degree of success with this approach, but the debate represented Romney’s response: Rather than continue to insist that the election should simply be a referendum on Obama, Romney effectively presented a case for seeing it as a choice between two agendas, and presented his own proposals and vision in his own terms. The Obama campaign had been able to paint Romney in scary colors for months because Romney had declined to describe himself and his agenda much. Now that he’s finally running for president, the Democrats have a problem.

A 12 point swing in Romney’s favor was the boost the naysayers in conservative circles needed to see. Maybe now they’ll stop whining and gnashing their teeth over how Mitt is running his campaign. The next Town Hall debate is going to be a really good one.

Obama’s campaign is talking up its plan to roll out a new, tougher Obama who will challenge Romney’s slick evasions. But a town-hall meeting is a whole different animal. In a one-on-one debate, you can fillet your opponent. A town-hall meeting consists of undecided voters pressing the candidates for answers. The focus of the event is on answering the questions of the voters. Using their questions to assail your opponent is bad form — indeed, the Regular Voters who ask the questions, and serve as proxies for the public, can be counted on to implore the candidates to stop attacking each other so much. Romney will use the town hall to proclaim his deep and abiding concern for all of America, and Obama will have little chance to disprove it.

Seems there is another scandal unfolding in the BO camp. This one has to do with foreign contributions that threaten our sovereignty. Contributions up to $200.00 do not have to be reported. The BO camp does not have credit card security checks on its online donations page, Romney does. The Government Accountability Institute has released a 108 page report and is being flooded with tips on illegal foreign donations.

 GAI says the tip box on its new website,, has been flooded with new research leads and information on possible illegal foreign campaign contributions.

Remember the rumors floating about in 2008 over BO’s foreign illegal contributions? Looks as if that is no longer just a rumor. I guess BO is now counted in the “too big to fail” category too. What does it say about a sitting POTUS when he resorts to anything to win?

The BO camp lied to the American people about Fast and Furious and hid from the public view other gun running schemes, the attacks by terrorists in Benghazi, not to mention the lies about “investments” in Green Energy which were used to prop up BO’s cronies and bundlers. His Administration incited rioting at our Embassies in the ME and Africa by publicly touting a film-that-wasn’t-a-film to cover for their own Security errors which caused the deaths of four Americans. His campaign staff call Mitt Romney “brazen”? Well, this Administration has brazenly lied and, after saying they would be the most “transparent” governing body ever, used the power of the Executive Branch to intimidate whistleblowers and hide the truth from the American people. When BO talks about the “smallness” of our politics, he needs to look in the mirror. He reflects everything that is wrong with politics by his smarmy, ugly, campaign messages, mostly proven false. He focuses on Big Bird while his foreign policy is a mess. While he plays footsie with Putin, promising more “flexibility” in his second term, Russia is pushing Iran and Syria into a war in the ME. Does anyone really believe this won’t affect us? BO’s “Arab Spring” has turned into an Arab Winter with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. We definitely don’t need 4 more years of failure. In contrast Mitt Romney’s foreign policy ideas are more in line with the America we know and love. Text of his foreign policy  speech at VMI is in the Wall Street Journal, here is just an excerpt; Read it all

This is what makes America exceptional:  It is not just the character of our
country—it is the record of our accomplishments.  America has a proud history of
strong, confident, principled global leadership—a history that has been written
by patriots of both parties.  That is America at its best.  And it is the
standard by which we measure every President, as well as anyone who wishes to be
President. Unfortunately, this President’s policies have not been equal to our
best examples of world leadership.  And nowhere is this more evident than in the
Middle East.

We have taken the full measure of Obama’s term of office and found him seriously lacking. It is not the color of his skin, it is the content of his character and his far left ideology we oppose. Vote Romney/Ryan 2012 for leadership for a better America. He won’t just phone it in!


  1. Francine
    • They’ll “review the request”….. really?
      In case anyone is interested, Sesame Street with all its promos makes 400 million a year on toys, games, clothing, etc;, does anyone really think they need to be subsidized?

  2. OK, the Big Bird joke might have been funny the first time BO cracked it. 13 performances later…not so funny.

    • Isn’t he brilliant? The most special enlightened intelligent -resident evah! LOL 😀
      Wonder when he’ll start running on his record….you know, the big fail

      • I pray you are not holding your breath. LOL

        We are less than 28 days away from the election. With any luck, BO and Co. will keep up this nonsense, putting the final nail in their coffin.

      • Annie's Mom

        The fact that he walked off the debate stage thinking he’d done a good job speaks volumes about his intelligence, IMO.

        • Heard that this morning…BO fell for his own hype…. too funny! 😀

        • skedaddle

          B0 has to be very self-UNaware to think he’d done good at the debate. Judging by the looks on their faces, I don’t think MO and ValJar thought he’d done good. I pray with fingers crossed that we’re done with these awful people on January 21, 2013!

    • “Lost by Obama: Wall Street, Main Street and now Sesame Street.”

      “Today’s Obama for President commercial was brought to you by the number ’1.1 trillion’ and the word ‘deficit’.”


      • OMG that is tooooo funny!!!! I nearly spit my coffee on the computer screen when I read that. So true, too! Great one, LynnII!

        • 😉

  3. YEP, being “obssessive” is what got us here in the first place…

    […]“I very much intend to win this election,” Obama told donors in San Francisco Monday night. “But we’re only going to do it if everybody is almost obsessive for the next 29 days.”[…]

    Losing his rock star status would be good for BO. He needs to face some degree of reality like the rest of us have faced in the last 4 years.

  4. Just when you think it can’t get much worse….it does!

    […]Gul said that the violence in Turkey’s southern neighbour, where a revolt against Assad has evolved into a civil war that threatens to draw in regional powers, could not go on indefinitely.
    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday the escalation of the conflict along the Turkey-Syria border and the impact of the crisis on Lebanon were ‘extremely dangerous’.
    The Turkish army fired back on Monday for a sixth day after a shell from Syria flew over the border and has bolstered its presence along the 560-mile frontier in recent days.
    Rasmussen commended the Turkish government for its restraint, adding he hoped the parties would avoid an escalation of the crisis.
    ‘Obviously Turkey has a right to defend herself within international law,’ he said. ‘I would add to that that obviously Turkey can rely on NATO solidarity.'[…]

    All that “leading from behind” has worked out so well…NOT!

    • Linda Ellerbee must be so darned disappointed….BO will be there….she’ll cheer up LOL 😀

  5. Lara Logan has some brass ovaries…after getting mauled by a bunch of men in Tahrir Square she finally gets it….

    Eleven years later, “they” still hate us, now more than ever, Logan told the crowd. The Taliban and al-Qaida have not been vanquished, she added. They’re coming back.

    “I chose this subject because, one, I can’t stand, that there is a major lie being propagated . . .” Logan declared in her native South African accent.

    The lie is that America’s military might has tamed the Taliban. …

    “There is this narrative coming out of Washington for the last two years,” Logan said. It is driven in part by “Taliban apologists,” who claim “they are just the poor moderate, gentler, kinder Taliban,” she added sarcastically. “It’s such nonsense!”

    Logan stepped way out of the “objective,” journalistic role. The audience was riveted as she told of plowing through reams of documents, and interviewing John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan; Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and a Taliban commander trained by al-Qaida. The Taliban and al-Qaida are teaming up and recruiting new terrorists to do us deadly harm, she reports.

    She made a passionate case that our government is downplaying the strength of our enemies in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as a rationale of getting us out of the longest war. We have been lulled into believing that the perils are in the past: “You’re not listening to what the people who are fighting you say about this fight. In your arrogance, you think you write the script.”

    Logan has a prescription for that:

    Logan even called for retribution for the recent terrorist killings of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other officials. The event is a harbinger of our vulnerability, she said. Logan hopes that America will “exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil. That its ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.”
    Obama lies, people die

  6. Francine

    Good for Lara!

    Logan even called for retribution for the recent terrorist killings of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, and three other officials. The event is a harbinger of our vulnerability, she said. Logan hopes that America will “exact revenge and let the world know that the United States will not be attacked on its own soil. That its ambassadors will not be murdered, and that the United States will not stand by and do nothing about it.”

  7. Paul Ryan leaves interview with an ABC affiliate…trying to tie guncontrol to Romney tax cuts
    Links at bottom of the page tell the story

  8. Annie's Mom
    • He didn’thide his disdain very well, what with all the smirking he was doing. Romney knows him, he’s going to own him at the Town Hall. Don’t think Romney hasn’t met up with people like BO before…he has.

  9. Francine

    Lies and coverups for weeks. I bet Hillary leaked this, she doesn’t want to be the fall guy for this debacle.

  10. Carole

    Obama believes he is a happily married man, although he seems to like “old, white rich men” doing the hanky panky with him in Man’s Country. No, no don’t get me wrong, the articles that are related to his life Membership in Man’s Country, definitely let him off the hook by saying he never recipercates back any naughties to these disgusting old white rich Chicago men. So I guess that means he is not or has cheated on Moo. (Didn’t that happen to Clinton?)

    Well Hillary must lay low so she can run for president. Hope she catches her reflection in a mioor soon. We all know that Moo has no mirrors in the White house, butt doesn’t Hillary have one in her hotel, home, disco, bar, ladies restroom, or in any diplomatic place that she visits?

    You know, Big Bird always that Big Bird and Miss Piggy always looks so much better on TV than Moo. Maybe she needs to cxontact their agents and ask for hair style and wardrobe advise from them.

    • H Clinton won’t run…Not after being BO’s SoS…she’s damaged.

      • Carole

        Oh you are so right Lynn II.

  11. “The interview also sees Mrs Obama reveal that her husband would not have run for office if she had not given her OK.

    In fact, it was her brother, Craig Robinson, who persuaded her to agree to the idea.

    Mr Robinson, who is interviewed for the series, recalls Mr Obama’s approach: ‘He said to me, “You’ve got to do me a favor. You’ve got to talk to her because she is not gonna go for it.”
    I said, “You’re right. You’re darn right she’s not gonna go for it.”

    ‘I eventually talked to her, and I said to Michelle you know, I said you cannot penalize Barack for being good at what he does.'”

    HAHAHAHAHA….being good at what he does…..Campaigning… LOL :D…BO’s failed at everything else.


    Yep, they do contribute to BO…. foreigners brag about it on web page… should be arrested.

  13. In case you need proof the BO backers will lie, cheat and steal to win this election

    New O’Keefe video: Obama campaign staffer caught helping activist vote twice

    Stephanie Caballero is the regional field director for Obama’s Organizing For America in Houston, Texas. Federal Election Commission documents show, according to Project Veritas, that Caballero is a “salaried employee of the DNC [Democratic National Committee].”

    Caballero is caught on camera helping the young woman try to vote in Florida and Texas in the upcoming election.

    Read more:

  14. DLeigh

    Quick flip through the net this morning. Lots of “soft” news on the Won and family. Bo and the girls have re entered for the awww factor. Crisp pictures showing the soft side of the White House, Bo the dog and the family. I will like it more when they move on to the Hawaii estate, Bo can have doggie play dates all year long and the girls can string pretty flowers while their parents do whatever it is they do… PERFECT!

    • ……..and his donors and backers can pay for everything, including the house, instead of US taxpayers. I am so over the Obama family “AWWWW” factor. It’s his policies, not his kids or dog, I despise….that includes nanny MO too.

    • Annie's Mom
      • Waving and smiling for the camera? Malia never does that, not ever…..nothing like politicizing your kids after you demanded no pics without parent permission…please respect our children’s privacy and all that. lol

  15. WaPo gives BO 4 Pinocchios…for lying his a$$ off. LOL 😀
    Now give him the same 4 for lying his a$$ off about Libya…jerk

  16. Francine

    So Obama has a ring glorifying Allah??? Is this true?

    • I will never forget him saying to Stephanopoulas “Some people question my Muslim faith” and the “call of the muezzin is the prettiest sound in the world”. If he was Muslim it would make more sense to me then calling himself Christian. Especially that speech in Cairo when he said we need to be more like them (Muslims). Since he lies about everything it would not surprise me if he lied about that too. There does seem to be some verification from a person who speaks and writes Arabic.

      • Francine

        He also said he would stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

        • They shifted on 9-11. He’s already making it obvious who he stands with….it sure isn’t the US and her allies

    • “Acknowledging that most Americans face much more hardship and difficulty than she does, she said she nevertheless sometimes regrets the “loss of privacy” and “loss of anonymity.””

      In the Daily Mail she contradicts herself telling Malia;
      […]She also shed light on the kind of reality check she gives daughter Malia, 14, if there is ever a complaint about how tough it may be becoming a teenager in the White House.

      ‘We point out, “Look around, you wanna see hardship? You wanna see struggle? You don’t have it, kid.” So I think giving her some perspective on what tough is,’ she said.
      ‘Being 14 and having the President as your father is way down on the list of tough,'[…]

      MO whines but, the kids can’t? What a blooming idiot!!

    • Waiting for 2012

      When she picks up that soap at CVS, she should use to to wash put her hubby’s lying mouth.

      • Waiting for 2012

        “should use it to wash out her hubby’s lying mouth.”…sorry!

  17. […]Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said Wednesday he didn’t know of any plans to take down the controversial ad featuring the famous feathery star, despite a request by Sesame Workshop.[…]
    Respect for me but not for thee….they should make that their campaign slogan

    • srdem65

      As much as I’m against re-electing MrObama and how horrible I think his administration has been for our country, he’s still the POTUS and I expect him to act in a mature and deliberate manner. That he would think we give a fat rat’s patooty about the fate of BigBird or anything else on TV is sickening and disgraceful.

      Have they lost their minds in Chicago? How can they not see how silly and immature something like this is when we’re all talking about a terrorist attack and the economy is in the toilet and we don’t see a bright light down the end of the tunnel.

      Big Bird, contraception, war on women, Bain Capital, tax returns and all the rest are not suitable subjects. The only ones talking about these things are looney Dems.

  18. I just got polled by the Dems…I didn’t let them shake me, not one iota. LOL 😀


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