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For months Obama has been using the same message to tell us why he’s such a great Preezy, “bin Laden is dead, GM is alive”, “Al Qaeda is on its heels”. We know the SEALS killed bin Laden but, Al Qaeda isn’t falling apart. Obama touts his foreign creds to prove what a remarkable world leader he is to get votes but, he has made the most incredulous missteps of any sitting President in modern history. To cover for his naivete, he has lied and hidden the truth from the American people. He sat by and said nothing while the Green Revolution in Iran begged for a few words of support. While so many of us were screaming at him to help them, show the strength of the US in support of them, Obama said nothing. That was the start of his Iranian problem. The mullahs view him as weak and ineffective and have become more brazen in their move to get WMDs.

Egypt has now become our problem as well. Instead of using the power of his office to quietly demand reforms, he supported a revolution which became a monumental failure. Egypt is now on the path to regression with the Muslim Brotherhood at the helm. Does anyone really think this will turn out well?

Al Qaeda is surging again in western Iraq and Maliki is turning to Iran. Obama sent Biden to negotiate with the Iraq government to maintain a security presence in that country, a deterrent to Al Qaeda and Iran. Biden failed miserably and came back with his tail between his legs. Obama says he ended the war in Iraq but, that’s not true. That agreement for drawdown was made long before he came into office and was negotiated by the prior Bush Administration.

Libya is the final straw, at least for me. To make himself look good to the electorate Obama hid certain facts which are now coming to light. Our consulate was attacked with bombs months before the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans, in April and June of 2011. What does it say about the character of the Preezy when he denies increased security to our people and, as a result, those people  are murdered in cold blood? All for votes and to keep his creds intact and continue to brag about having Al Qaeda on its heels while campaigning. Yesterday a young Bangladeshi, who was granted a student visa to enter the US, was arrested for attempting to blow up the NYC Federal Reserve. Thank goodness his online activity was picked up by the authorities. He was inspired to commit this act of depravity by bin Laden. Yesterday Obama stopped bragging.

Returning to the Age of the Camel

From here it is clear that we are facing a state of chaos, and a constant desire
to destroy the concept of the state, its laws and regulations. We are witnessing
“spiritual” authorities attempting to outweigh the state authorities and the
law, yet al-Qaradawi is not the Grand Mufti of Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, or
Muslims in General!

This is what Afghanistan looked like in the 50s and 60s….

Qayoumi’s gallery of what the Graveyard of Empires looked like before it was brought into contemporary civilization by the Hippie Trail, Soviet modernization, Taliban discipline and American nation-building is at once endearing, heartbreaking and disturbing

This is the Iranian people before the Islamic Revolution in the 70s.

What do you think will happen to Egypt and Libya with the rise of the Islamists in those countries? Al Qaeda isn’t “on its heels”, bin Laden is now a martyr for the “cause”, the extremists of Islam are winning in the ME and, Obama’s incompetence has brought more problems to our doorstep. Take a good look at the links posted above they tell a sad story of the regression of millions of people under the jackboot of Islamists.

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  1. Iran is not content to keep to its borders…..

    “Bahrain yesterday summoned the Iranian charge d’affaires to Manama, Mahdi Islami, to protest against Iranian claims that Bahrain had tasked Iran with mediating in its internal affairs. The Bahraini authorities described the Iranian allegations as lies and fabrications.

    Tensions between Manama and Tehran escalated after the Iranian charge d’affaires controversially met with top Bahraini Shiite cleric Sheikh Issa Qassim. Sheikh Issa Qassim, along with Iranian media, claimed this meeting had taken place in the context of an official Bahraini request to Tehran – submitted during the Mecca Summit last August – for Iranian mediation to resolve the Bahraini crisis.

    Bahrain strongly denied making any such request, with Bahraini Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed al-Khalifa calling on the Shiite cleric not to repeat false Iranian statements to ensure that he cannot be accused of working for a foreign power. He stressed that Manama had not asked anybody to mediate in Bahraini affairs, confirming that he had repeatedly complained of such claims to Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and Iranian charge d’affaires to Manama Mahdi Islami.”

  2. Blue Mountain and GM????…looks like the security company hired in Benghazi to protect our people has ties to GM as well…why do I have to go to the ME papers to find this out?
    […]State Department security officials had their own concerns about some of the guards at the mission months before the recent attack, according to emails obtained by Reuters this week. One guard who had been recently fired and another on the company’s payroll were suspected of throwing a homemade bomb into the U.S. compound in April. They were questioned but not charged.

    The State Department has declined to comment on the company other than confirming it was the contractor in Benghazi. Blue Mountain did not respond to numerous emails and phone calls, and a person answering the phone at its office in Carmarthen, Wales, said the company would not discuss the issue.

    Previously known as Pilgrim Elite, Blue Mountain says on its website that it offers security services and professional training and has operated in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan.

    The website once listed General Motors as a client, and a GM spokeswoman in Detroit told Reuters that Blue Mountain’s work for the company was “on a very limited basis and mostly in the UK.”[…]

  3. and this…
    “Washington announced that money initially earmarked for Pentagon operations in Pakistan would be shifted to Libya to train and develop Libyan counter-terror troops to combat Al Qaeda. This step comes following the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi and the death of the US ambassador there.”

  4. I know the saying about repeating something often enough and it becomes the truth. But I am still amazed that BO’s followers believe every bit of crap that comes out of his mouth.

    18 days until the election, and then it’s “Hello, President Romney!”

    • Some of them have hopped off that bus…the ones who stay are in for a crash

      • None are so blind, right?

        • Riiiiight!! 😉

  5. Pensions and Preezy….

    As president, he will receive $191,300 annually for life — win or lose in next month’s election — and receives a travel allotment as well as mailing privileges. Should Obama lose, his presidential pension kicks in immediately after leaving office.

    Given that the president enjoys a normal life span, the pension allotment would be worth upwards of $6 million…….snip
    In addition, Obama may be due a nice pension for the eight years he served in the Illinois Legislature as a state senator.

    Illinois is infamous for its lavish pension plan for former lawmakers
    Not to mention the money he gets for books and investments….So, BO isn’t exactly the poor kid on the block, is he?

  6. Bill Clinton just tossed Obama under the bus…. 😀 Sly dog!

    At a campaign event for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, Bill Clinton said that Mitt Romney’s argument “is true, we’re not fixed”:
    “Governor Romney’s argument is, we’re not fixed, so fire him and put me in,” said Clinton. “It is true we’re not fixed. When President Obama looked into the eyes of that man who said in the debate, I had so much hope four years ago and I don’t now, I thought he was going to cry. Because he knows that it’s not fixed.”

    • srdem65

      Remember during the last debate when MrObama said about MrsClinton,, “she works for me”. ewwwwwwww, snap crackle slam.

      • In the debate BO said the Ambassadors all worked for him…if I were one of them in the ME I would be very much concerned about my security and my chances of survival. Besides that, I thought the Ambassadors represented the US not the Preezy…he is so out of touch.
        BTW, 3,000 attended that rally…crowds getting smaller and smaller.

  7. Humor….

    • Waiting for 2012

      I heard this on Glenn Beck the other day. My first thought: she could be voting in (now) 18 days…

      • Exactly what I thought too!!

    • Annie's Mom

      Joe was here…we laughed so hard. I said that I bet she’s an Obama supporter…great minds. 🙂

    • srdem65

      While the woman sounds a little, OK a lot, daffy, there are some states that position fences on the major freeways to guide the deer to a preferred crossing area. Then they put the signs up to alert the motorists. If they didn’t do that then deer would cross anywhere it was convienent for them and many would die …deer and people.

      When interstate freeways were first constructed, no thought was given to the wildlife and their natural travel patterns.

      Just a thought; a deer in the woods will bolt like it was hit with lightning if you make a sound, but will scurry across a busy highway right in front of an 18-wheeler. Makes no sense.

      • Well, if they post the signs at school crossings at least the crossing guards would make sure the deer were safe and the speed limit in the school zones would slow traffic down……that part struck me as rather daffy, well…. a whole lot daffy

        • srdem65

          I was just trying to be um, nice, to someone who obviously doesn’t have a clue.
          Scary that this person might be raising children or gasp, even teaching them.

          • and driving after wrecking 3 cars…whoa 😀

      • Annie's Mom

        My state, NM, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create wildlife crossings under the interstate. Didn’t work. Animals follow their own instincts…we have many more 2 lane roads than we do interstates. Deer, elk do what they want…not what we want. Signs only work to warn US…the drivers…that we’re approaching a crossing.

        • srdem65

          I had spent a lot of time ‘on the road’ and have made many trips across NM, mostly on I-40. IMO, the most perfect place to live would be the area between Northern NM and Southern Colorado; mild winters, warm summers, beautiful mountains,

          One trip; we noticed up on a small hillside, 10-15 deer about 1/4 mile away from us. We automatically slowed down, kept our eyes on the herd because we knew that any second they could decide to take off across the highway. They were beautiful to see.
          They kept grazing and we were all safe.

  8. Top donors for Obama and Romney. Notice that BO’s supporters are Hollywood people living in fantasyland, while Romney’s are businessmen living in the real world.

    • Big money playing there….

  9. Interestin bit of trivia about the Romney family tree from

    • Annie's Mom

      As a serious family genealogist….cool!

  10. Waiting for 2012

    Have a lok @ Copies of the emails that prove Obama knew about Libya as it was happening. Make copies, for your kids and grandkids, before the govt. scours them off websites.

    Hmm…how about a Benghazi Crafts Day for we ladies? Fabric stores sell transfer paper that you can use to copy things onto, and then heat transfer to a blank tshirt, tote bag, etc. Just sayin’…pick a bright-colored shirt or bag, such as red, and, if you can make it look like a pro-Obama design, even better! Then, the libs will come up to you to read your tshirt, and then the fun will ensue!

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