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“A Big F***ing Deal”

Looks like BO et al are going to get down in the mudpit with two weeks to go before the vote. Slinging mud at his opponents is the way he won his first state Senate spot. Gloria Allred , in my honest opinion, is an ambulance chasing snake. She doesn’t speak for women as much as she speaks for a candidate. She certainly doesn’t speak for me. Supporting a misogynistic “good ole boys club” in the White House doesn’t support any feminist view I’m aware of in 2012. Creating a “scandal” as a means to an end is lowlife politics. The real scandal, at least for me, is the pay disparity between men and women in the Democratic Administration. We know this to be true because women, like Anita Dunn, complained about it to writers and journalists. Note to Allred; It’s still the economy, stupid! That goes for women as well as men. Getting in the mud doesn’t change the unemployment numbers, doesn’t change the fact the market lost $500 billion yesterday, doesn’t change the restrictive business policies of this administration, doesn’t change the high inflation of everyday commodities and certainly will make Obama look even more pathetic, petulant and petty. I’m not the only one who thinks this way.

Team Obama has played so cynically with sexism and “women’s issues” for so long, it’s time they got a taste of their own medicine. Let Allred go down in flames; she has no business trying to be the voice of American women anyway, and she certainly doesn’t speak for me.

and this….Wall Street Journal

President Obama makes much of his concern for women’s rights, particularly regarding equal pay, but he seems not to be aware that for nearly half a century we have enjoyed the protection of two laws requiring equal pay. The 1963 Equal Pay Act and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act combined to settle the matter in law.

Mr. Obama brags that the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act bestowed equal-pay rights for women. The act, he has said, “is a big step toward making sure every worker,” male and female, “receives equal pay for equal work.” No, it was a teensy step. It merely changed how the statute of limitations is calculated.

Now the real motivation behind Allred’s absolute ignorant ploy to save Obama’s skin.!

and from Gateway Pundit

**  White House officials watched the terror strike live by unmanned Predator drone ** White House knew Al-Qaeda linked group was behind terror strike at 6:07 PM EST on 9-11 **  An estimated 300 to 400 ‘national security figures’ received emails from Libya day of attack ** US Troops in Italy were not called in to rescue officials **200 attacks in Benghazi before 9-11 ** The Obama Administration was concerned using troops from Italy would violate Libyan sovereignty

The US had troops in Sigonella, Italy – about an hour away. The attack went on for at least four hours.

Obama lied, Clinton lied, Susan Rice lied, Carney lied and that is a Big F***ing Deal!  Now, the talking head (media) are saying the US Government couldn’t violate Libya’s sovereignty. When Obama sent in US planes to bomb Libya he didn’t care about their “sovereign airspace”.  They stood and watched, they did nothing to help our fellow Americans, they lied about their complicity in those deaths, they lied to cover up for their errors, and now, they want you to put them back in the Oval Office….that would be an unmitigated disaster for the US…that also is a Big F***ing Deal! In the meantime an American citizen sits in jail because of this Administration’s lies. That also is one Big F***ing deal!

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  1. Votes have been counted and you have all decided to keep Calistressthemistress from commenting. I respect your decision.

    • Carole

      I applaud the decision.

    • good!!

  2. Alrighty then! Eastwood “makes my day”!

    • LOL kids… 😀

  3. I can’t get over the Benghazi mess…they left them…we don’t leave people behind without a fight…Obama went to bed and just left them to die….nothing anyone says will ever change that… 😦

    • This whole Bengazi mess is almost too much to comprehend. It is so surreal that our own government, hell our own pRes, would sit by and WATCH LIVE FEEDS of our people getting slaughtered. And then to lie about it. And to go to bed, to SLEEP PEACEFULLY and then hop on a plane to Vegas to party and campaign…..I just don’t have words. I mean, WHO DOES THIS????? This is like a plot from some suspense thriller or James Bond type movie, with zero being the super evil villain. It is so beyond the scope of normal honorable decent behaviour (and I know those words don’t belong in the same sentence as anyone in this admin) that it simply boggles the mind. I really hope and pray that FINALLY the lamestream media and the public are waking up and demanding answers. Zero and several of the admin need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for this. This is DISGUSTING!!! BTW, please read the latest posts on Ulstermann. It will have your blood boiling.

    • Carole

      The Benghazi mess has made me sick at heart. I have absolutely no respect for Obama or any of his scapegoats for lying and lying. It will forever be something that will upset me.

  4. “Police: Black Woman Lied About KKK Setting Her On Fire”

    • Burned over 60% of her body……..did more harm to herself then anyone else. It seems there is more of this going on lately.

  5. Guantanamo defense: No war means no war crimes

  6. Unbelievable…LSM never reports on this…warning graphic pic….notice the same group of Al Qaeda linked jihadists that were the culprits in Benghazi also did this.

    • I saw that pic when it first happened. Unbelievable that this still happens in this day and age. Barbarians.

      • srdem65

        One of my fav bloggers, David Greenfied (sultan knish) comments on this disparity between the western world and Islam. He impllies that Muslims look at the rest of the world as we would an alien population; they don’t understand us or our way of life.
        Our mistake is to think that reason and common sense would appeal to them or that they would want to partake or join the modern world.
        They see every race, every ethnic group treat their women as equals. To them, women are baby machines or simple minded sex toys who can be discarded for any reason.
        The modern world insists on education for everyone and their world only relies on enough knowleged to read and understand the Koran.

        There’s a lot more of this. Remember the old movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”?
        Almost the same thing but without the constant violence.

        • People make jokes about the ME being a product of too much inbreeding. Sad part is, they’re right.

    • Waiting for 2012

      And we’re supposed to reason with these people. Right.

      And isn’t the organization who crucified this poor man the one that’s connected with the Benghazi incident?

      • YEP!!

  7. Francine

    I alwas get a chuckle from Rush. Here he is talking about Benghazi:

    Limbaugh scorched Obama for not sending in U.S. military to help the Americans at the consulate:

    “The president may not have been aware that he had aircraft carriers in the region that planes land on and take off from and they go out and complete missions and they come back and they land. And we got these things they call submarines. They go under the water so the bad guys can’t see ‘em. They’re in the region, too. We got some naval assets in that region that could have been used.

    “They could have been authorized to take action to save the lives of Americans. Remember: Four dead in a seven-hour attack, two of them died in the final hours. This government made not one move, with full knowledge of what was going on, to protect those Americans. We had hundreds of people watching in real time, folks, as 30 Americans were being attacked for seven hours. Nobody rode to their rescue.”

    • srdem65

      Now that we know that nothing was done to help those in Bengazi, I said a prayer for the loved ones of those who were murdered. Imagine knowing that maybe, just maybe, your husband, father, brother, or son could have been saved and our government didn’t lift a finger to help them; it must be awful.

  8. A little reminder for BO what’s going on halfway around the world. **Graphic**

    • Shiites and Sunnis, both sides commit horrible crimes. Both sides use women and children as human shields, they are expendable. Then they accuse each other of horrific crimes. Just another day in the world of Islam….the West doesn’t get it, not at all. In the meantime both sides of the conflict murder Christians and fire missiles into Israel and not a peep out of the West. We stopped defending the innocent children of the world a long time ago in favor of being politically correct and taking sides in a war that’s been going on for at least 1500 years. When we do step in, both sides of the Muslim conflict get ticked off because no infidel can accuse a Muslim of a crime.

    • srdem65

      Thanks for the graphic alert. I didn’t linky because it would just haunt me to remember how barbaric some people can be.

  9. Oh no, BO has nothing to do with Allred’s crap /s

    “After the fundraiser, Allred admitted to O’Reilly Factor correspondent Jesse Watters that she “just had a few words with the President” backstage, “he had some very kind words for me,” and “knows of my work…” but would not elaborate more on the details of her conversation. Now, two weeks later Allred is spearheading an “October surprise” targeting Mitt Romney just days before the election.”….snip

    “Allred appeared in court today with ex-wife Maureen Stemberg. Many are wondering if there is any coordination between the Obama campaign and Gloria Allred, considering the relationship involved…”

    • Francine

      I think it is interesting that Trump is trying to get Obama’s records which he has spent millions to keep hidden and Allred is trying to find dirt on Romney and Romney doesn’t seem to care. Only one difference among thousands between the two.

      • There isn’t a gutter Allred doesn’t like crawling into.
        MO might bite on Trump’s offer….think of all the couture it would buy.. LOL 😀

        • Waiting for 2012

          Yeah, 5 million should keep MOO in mis-matched separates and the famous Camel Toe Collection for quite some time.

          • LOL :D….Camel Toe Collection….

        • srdem65

          They’re making fun of MrTrump’s weird offer, but just like Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” routine, it’s making news that BO doesn’t want to hear.
          He can joke about it, but a lot more people are going to wonder why he hasn’t released his records. I think it’s payback for making a big deal out of MrR’s income tax returns.

          I just bet when he heard what The Donald offered, smoke came out of his ears.

  10. Off the record….now on the record in Iowa… two day expiration date noted….

    “Recall that in the third debate, President Obama claimed that he did not come up with the sequesters and that “it will not happen.” It has already been reported that his administration did come up with the sequester. Now, in that Des Moines Register interview that was briefly off the record, he touts the sequester as a means by which he will achieve spending cuts.

    OBAMA: “So when you combine the Bush tax cuts expiring, the sequester in place, the commitment of both myself and my opponent — at least Governor Romney claims that he wants to reduce the deficit — but we’re going to be in a position where I believe in the first six months we are going to solve that big piece of business.”

    No wonder he wanted to keep it off the record…

  11. The Original

    You know what bothers me really bad . . . and has since I heard about it. We know that the ambassador was not just killed . . . he was tortured and treated horribly. What happened to him . . . I would not wish on my worse enemy. We did nothing to help those people. NOTHING! This bothers me so horribly. It is bad enough that those men died. But the fact that we did nothing just makes me sick. How could humans do that to other humans? It is beyond me.


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