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Shiny Objects….again

A new “shiny”, glossy pamphlet is being shaken in our faces to prove Obama has a second term agenda. Twenty pages of “shiny” pics that cover half the pages in this “shiny” outsized pamphlet which looks more like a book.

The plan purports, first, to be a plan, and second, to outline a second-term  agenda distinct from his first-term agenda. It fails on both counts. It cobbles  together his current policies with some ill-defined new bullet points to barely  cover 20 pages largely devoted to nice pictures of the president.

Make no mistake: What the Obama agenda lacks in substance, it  makes up in graphic design. The pamphlet has as much gloss and as many  soft-focus photos as a copy of Playboy. The seriously besotted Obama fan might  have to assure friends, “No, really — I only read the Obama second-term plan for  the policy details.” ….snip

The pamphlet’s “reviving American manufacturing” section touts the creation  of a new network of 15-20 manufacturing innovation institutes and a new trade  enforcement unit. Heady stuff. The big idea is a reform of the corporate tax  code. Obama calls for reducing rates and making up revenue by closing tax  preferences and loopholes — in other words, exactly what Romney is proposing for  income taxes and what the president deems utterly impossible.

Pretty darn pathetic when the Preezy has to steal his opponent’s ideas and plans because he has nothing else to offer.

Quotes of the day … Read it all

From the BBC… ”

And now, I guess Chicago has said, ‘Hey, we think this Romnesia idea is your ticket to reelection, Mr. President, in the last two weeks.’ I think you’re right — it’s sort of depressing, if that’s what it comes down to.

Maybe it’s just that it’s gone on too long. Maybe we just got to the stage where there’s nothing left of importance to say.

and this …  “Gone are the days of hope and change – now it’s just one long bout of concern trolling. It’s as if the bitterness of the 2010 rebuff has stayed with Obama ever since, gnawing at him, preventing any reflection on his choices. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time anyone’s told him “No.”

and here … “[I]f you’re looking for a reason (besides, of course, the national polling showing an ever-so-slight Romney edge) why the media narrative has tilted toward the Republicans over the last week or so, I think the Romney campaign’s guarantee of victory has mattered much less than the Obama campaign’s recent aura of defeat.

Everything Obama says has an expiration date. Anyone still on the fence in this election should read this National Review article.

My personal favorite;

STATEMENT: “We can, then, more effectively deal with what I consider to be one of the greatest threats to the United States, to Israel, and world peace, and that is Iran,” Obama speaking to American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Chicago, March 5, 2007

EXPIRATION DATE:  “Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, these countries are tiny . . . They don’t pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us.” – May 20, 2008

See how far we’ve come? Now, he promises Putin “more flexibility” in his second term and, doesn’t seem to have a problem with a nuclear Iran. Iran’s long range missiles are now capable of reaching Europe, they are the largest supporters of terrorism in the world (think Hezbollah, Hamas, etc;). From CBS, published in 2009

Iran said it successfully test-fired a new generation of long range surface-to-surface missile on Wednesday – one that could easily strike as far away as southeastern Europe with greater precision than earlier models.

The Sajjil is a solid fuel high-speed missile with a range of about 1,200 miles, Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammed Najjar said on state television. At that range, it could easily strike Iran’s arch-foe Israel and go as far as southeastern Europe.

Solid-fuel missiles are more accurate than the liquid fuel missiles of similar range currently possessed by Iran. The country has had a solid-fuel missile with a shorter range – the Fateh, able to fly 120 miles – for several years…..snip

State Department spokesman Robert Wood said the missile tests were not good for the stability of the region and were another sign that U.S. plans to construct a missile shield in Europe are critical to international security. He said Washington hoped Russia, which has criticized the proposed shield, would recognize the threat posed by Iran and realize the system is not aimed at Russia.

“I think it’s pretty obvious when Iran launches one of these ballistic missiles, that this is something of concern to the international community, and I’m including Russia in the international community here,” he said.

As luck would have it that missile defense system also had an expiration date. Obama was very much into appeasing Russia and, offering an open hand to Iran which was promptly slapped by the mullahs.

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  1. I’m enjoying that the media is starting to turn on BO (not carrying his water, mocking made up words, endorsing R/R, etc.). Wish they had done this four years ago. But better late than never.

    • Deeeeefeat!! LOL 😀

  2. Get out there and vote!!

    “So, let’s get that straight. If Mitt Romney and the Republican Party win — the party supposedly run by Tea Party extremists — it still means that left-liberalism has won. That is, definitely, one way of pretending that you’ve won when everyone else thinks you’ve lost.

    Dionne and others are hence preparing themselves for a possible outcome they never thought possible. Let’s get out there on Election Day and make their fearful dreams come true.”

  3. Don’t let BO fool you…he does have plans….just not plans that are very helpful to US citizens or their jobs.
    “From greenhouse gas regulations to water guidance to the tightening of the ozone standard, the Obama-EPA has delayed the implementation of rule after rule because they don’t want all those pink slips and price spikes to hit until after the election. But President Obama’s former climate czar Carol Browner was very clear about what’s in store for next year: she told several green groups not to worry because President Obama has a big green ‘to-do’ list for 2013 — so they’ll get what they want. As a result, hard working Americans will lose their jobs and be subjected to skyrocketing energy prices

    “This report also importantly puts the spotlight back on an Obama-EPA that has, as the Washington Post said, earned a ‘reputation for abuse.’ It serves as a stark reminder that President Obama has presided over a green team administration that works every day to ‘crucify’ oil and gas companies and make sure that ‘if you want to build a coal plant you got a big problem.'”

  4. and this….Mark Levin suing the EPA
    “Levin gave a brief explanation of the Landmark Legal Foundation — which he founded — battle against what he termed an “out of control” and “unconstitutional” EPA. Levin and his legal staff are demanding records that were requested months ago as per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but have yet to materialize, a violation of FOIA.

    “There are a host of new regulations waiting in the wings no matter who wins, but especially if the ‘dear one’ loses, to create havoc,” Levin stated.

    The records involved in Landmark Legal Foundation v. Environmental Protection Agency that are in dispute include identification of all new rules or regulations for which the public has not yet been given notice, but for which public notice is planned by the EPA before Jan. 20, 2013;”

  5. If BO’s doing so great, why the need for a $15 million loan from BoA?

    “Warren Buffett, Obama donor and namesake of the infamous “Buffett Rule,” invested $5 billion in Bank of America last year in an effort to help the ailing financial institution. Last month, two weeks after OFA took out the loan, Bank of America announced a plan that would lay off 16,000 workers by the end of the year.”

    Bet those 16,000 workers will vote for BO…right?

  6. U.N. Human Rights Council Calls for Boycott of U.S. Companies
    U.N.’s war on Israel puts American economy in crosshairs…..

    ““Employees of companies can face investigation and prosecution for human rights violations committed irrespective of where the violation was committed.”

    In addition to legal action against American employees of targeted companies, the Special Rapporteur “concludes that all companies that operate in or otherwise have dealings with Israeli settlements should be boycotted.” The companies should ”be prepared to accept any consequences—reputation, financial, or legal—of continuing operations.”

    Should the companies continue doing business in Israel, the Human Rights Council “calls on civil society to actively pursue legal and political redress against non-complying business” and “to vigorously pursue initiatives to boycott, divest and sanction the businesses highlighted in this report” and “calls on the international community to consider requesting an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice” to punish the businesses.

    When the Obama administration joined the Human Rights Council in 2009, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice pledged, “Working from within, we can make the council a more effective forum to promote and protect human rights.””

    • Wonder if the employees of HP, Caterpillar and Motorola will vote for Obama?

  7. “Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China”

    Is anything Made In America anymore?

    • Well…..if BO has his way …absolutely not!!
      Wonder how many Union members will vote for BO? Dummies…think their jobs are safe if he raises corporate taxes.

    • Francine

      To answer your question…no. The only time I am able to buy anything labeled “Made in America” is at the thrift store or antique mall.

      • Quick story- When I was growing up, I lived in a part of the country close enough to Arkansas that Sam Walton would occasionally come to the local Wal-Mart to inspect “his” store. He would greet customers, check on the employees and inspect the merchandise. It was alway a big deal when he came to town. One day, I had the chance to see him in action. He wandered around the store and inspected labels to make sure that anything marked “Made in America” actually was. He said that as long as he was living, Wal-Mart would support American industry and sell only items produced in the U.S. He didn’t know how on target he was. Good luck finding anything Made in America at Wal-Mart today.

  8. sportinlife10

    Haven’t posted for awhile – it’s cumbersome, have to use a special PW that only works on/for this site, and never the first time, so that I have to save my comments and post them when I get it done correctly.
    Just wanted y’all to know I love this site and check in 4, 5 times a day.

    • Hi! Cumbersome? No wordpress account? I miss you!

  9. Presidential Proclamation….United Nations Day!
    Coming right on the heels of the American business boycott… what a guy!! BO really wants to Secretary General, in the worst way.

  10. Annie's Mom

    Megyn Kelly spoke with Lars Larson this morning. Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods’ father called into his radio program yesterday. He described his meeting with BO and Hil as his son’s body was brought home. Disgusting…

    • srdem65

      I heard that, too. My heart ached for him and his sorrow. He wasn’t angry, but so sad and depressed. They lied to him and now he knows what really happened.
      I don’t know how they could have watched for 7 hours and never lifted a finger to try to help.

    • Our fallen deserve better…much better.
      Panetta said because they didn’t have “real time” info it would have been too dangerous to help our people.
      So, here’s my question; Do they need “real time” to go into Waziristan and use drones to take out the Taliban?
      Did they need “real time” to send SEALs into Pakistan to kill bin Laden?
      What “real time” has this government needed to operate their “kill list”?
      I. AM. SO. Pi**ed!

    • Annie's Mom

      Wow…me too! I read that police said as many as 8-10,000 were turned away…

    • Sometimes G-d taps you on the shoulder……because you happen to be the only one who can make things right again…

    • Waiting for 2012

      I’ve said exactly the same thing in prayer myself many times, though, of course, not in reference to to same situation (!). That type of prayer does not stem from showmanship nor artifice–it’s from the soul. Gosh, I LOVE Mitt.

  11. Waiting for 2012

    The Dems are so sick. I found this campaign ad for Obama–a sort of double entendre ad about losing “it” (use your imagination here, gals) to Obama:

    Glad Barack wasn’t my “first” time. Yechhh…..

    • Progressive crap!

    • The Original

      This ad has created a storm. There are a lot of people disgusted with it.

      • Waiting for 2012

        Creepy and kinda icky, isn’t it?

    • That ad is so foul. And stupid. the girl or rather “woman” in the add is just so creepy and lame. Who talks like that??? I know it is an ad, but this has gone too far. Pure disgusting.

  12. “The candidate of hope has become the candidate of fear: How Obama’s campaign is just about attacking Romney who he claims will turn the clock back 50 years for immigrants, women and gays”

  13. Look at Ann Romney on the campaign trail. Such a natural with people. Plus, she knows how to hold a baby and not scare it with weird faces.

  14. Something we didn’t already know.

    “Spending on White House dinners soars under Obama”

    • Annie's Mom

      Why am I not surprised…it’s outrageous!

  15. Annie's Mom
    • Francine

      I was just about to post that, it is sickening beyond belief.

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