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Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi.

In the spirit of a free society, which should never be censored or have First amendment rights curtailed for political expediency or, send a US citizen to jail to cover their failure to defend our citizens.

Obama made sure there were photos of the situation room during the bin Laden raid and now during the Frankenstorm. Where are the photos in the Situation Room the night Ambassador Stevens was murdered by jihadist terrorists? Crickets….

I was floored today when during Obama’s brief visit to the Red Cross he said “we don’t leave anyone behind”.  Yes, you did Mr. -resident, you made that decision in Benghazi.

When reelection politics demand Obama remove himself from the campaign trail and head back to the White House to “monitor the storm,” he did exactly that.

But when those same politics demand Obama downplay the murder of four Americans in Libya by blaming a terrorist attack on a YouTube video and then jetting off to Vegas for a fundraiser the same day he learned of the murders, he did exactly that, as well. 

Since journalism seems to be so hard for the LSM when it comes to Mitt and Anne Romney, berating them for collecting food and other stuffs here in OH, let me take an opportunity to explain about Food Banks and their need for supplies in OH. We have close to half a million people without electricity, which may not be on for a lot of them until the weekend. How long does the LSM think refrigerated food will last? And, some will not be able to get to work because of downed lines and trees. Those people will need help. Instead of berating the Romneys for caring about this issue, the LSM should be asking for others to do the same to help fill the Food Banks in other states like PA and WVA also hard hit by the storms.

The Romneys have also asked people to donate to the Red Cross which will certainly need the infusion of cash and blood supplies. From Hot Air, (video and pics at the link)

Note to Andrea Mitchell et al;, instead of whining about the Romneys, try making a real contribution to society by using your ‘voice’ to help your fellow Americans.  The fine people of OH know what we have to do, we don’t need your input or your putdowns.

A big thank you to everyone for all your prayers and, for keeping the nest tidy while I was out of commission. You rock!!

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  1. Romney doing his part to help, Obama doing his best to get photo ops…..

    “We’d love to have him, but we’ve got lots of things to do,” Bloomberg said, adding that the president’s planned trip to New Jersey Wednesday is “fine.”

    “It represents the whole region,” he said. “People understand the storm and he doesn’t have to…he’s got a lot of things to do.”

    The mayor said he was “flattered” that Obama offered to visit, but “the thing for him to do is to go to New Jersey and represent the country.” ……snip

    A White House official told Fox News that Obama and Bloomberg agreed that this “would not be the right time to visit New York City.”

    Sure… he wants to “tour” …’s campaign season

    Read more:

    Read more:

    • Of course, no matter what Romney does to help people, it will not be enough. He could donate more, collect more, pray more, etc. Nothing he does is good enough for the Dems.

  2. Good for Mayor Bloomberg. This is the first thing I have ever heard him say that was logical and common sense. The disaster areas do NOT need a president or the crowds of security interrupting first responders in rescue and recovery attempts. He will only get in the way, and IMO, no one really cares about him right now. Those people in the hurricane have more pressing needs, like food, clothes, electricity. Not to be met by some a$$hole pRes just wanting a photo op and their vote. zero needs to stay in DC and “coordinate” relief efforts from there. Let the emergency workers do what they do best w/o any intrusions or interruptions.

  3. And another thing….BRAVO/KUDOS/Great job for Romney and his campaign staff to collect donations and use his bus to transport supplies to those in need. That is more useful and helpful that flying into the disaster zone and ‘touring’ the devastation w/ local officials, like bo wanted to do. At least Romney et al want to help people directly, and by accepting food/blanket/etc donations from “us folks”, he is directly providing aid to those who need it. And while I understand it is a campaign, I really feel that he would be doing this regardless if he is running for President. I think his motives are true and he is the real deal. Just my opinion….

    • Collections for Food Banks are really important at this time. The people who run them are on the front lines too. The Food Banks and Meals on Wheels are up and running before the Red Cross can mobilize and reach people in less hardest hit states. The Romneys did the right thing.

    • The Original

      I will take that as a good sign.

  4. Looks as if I’m one of the lucky ones here in OH. Power out to a hundred thousand homes in my area alone. Our generator is now in another household running their refrigerator, charging their lamps, and running a heater in one room. Still raining, not good because of the flooding going on, trees weakened from the winds and saturated ground still in danger of falling, winds still gusting off the Lake at 60-65 mph…..shocked by FOX News and their reporting on Cleveland. We usually don’t get national notoriety like this.
    Reminder, if you live in OH please, if you’re able to get out, donate to the Food Banks in your area. They are short on supplies and need your help.

    • Looks like all the camping trips, roughing it came in handy this time. 😀

  5. Went out to start cleanup….two 35 gallon rubbish cans full of debris….Lots of minor damage in the neighborhood. Shingles blown off roofs, siding gone from homes, trees down in yards. We’ll be tarping part of our roof as soon as we’re able to get up on it.
    Our damage doesn’t compare to what has happened to the east coast. We are so fortunate.

    • srdem65

      I’m glad to hear the worst that happened was a lot of debris. Take care, winter is coming, too.
      Boy, how I wish you could send some of that rain out here in AZ. Hasn’t rained in a long time.

      • Boy do I wish we could send a lot of this rain your way too. LOL 😀
        Yep, winter comes across the lake from Canada. This time Sandy went across the lake to Canada.

    • Annie's Mom

      Glad to hear it! This afternoon BO gave a press conference in NJ with Gov. Christie. He went on and on about how they could possibly use military C-130 transports to help get crews and equipment into the region, to expedite electrical repairs. Geez…shouldn’t that already have been done?

      • He was a little longwinded wasn’t he?

    • The Original

      I hope your roof gets fixed before the worse of winter hits.

      • Annie's Mom

        I can tell you, Lynn and her DH will be up on the roof fixing it themselves!

        • YEP, ladder’s already set. 😀

      • It will get done…we’re good at what we do…thanks for the well wishes 🙂

  6. HEH…..those pesky laws

    ““My office met with two delegation representatives last week to discuss Iowa’s election process, and it was explained to them that they are not permitted at the polls,” Schultz said in a statement released Tuesday. “Iowa law is very specific about who is permitted at polling places, and there is no exception for members of this group”

  7. HAH….he wishes

  8. Just for laughs…

  9. Carole

    Lynn II I hope all goes well with you and that Sand dies out very, very soon.

    • Winds are dying down, rain is still falling. It was quite a ride….

  10. Carole
    • Annie's Mom

      I think this is pretty close to what really happened…

    • Sounds about right. Proxy and terrorism….hand in glove

  11. Birdies, I hope everyone is still doing well. Does anyone know what this “sex scandal” is that Drudge is alluding to? No link yet.

  12. Our “little clan” is in a snit over BO…..Jews in Cleveland Bitterly Divided over Obama

  13. The Original

    I am watching Gov. Romney speak in Roanoke. He looks so tired. He has some very pronounced bags under his eyes. I bet he and Ann cannot wait until they can get some rest before they have to start their move into the White House next January.

    Yes, I am going to be positive about this.

  14. and it starts….”wolf packs” in NJ looting….

    “On a narrow street coated with mud and strewn with debris, Pat Shields stood at a makeshift barrier of scrap metal and plywood, tattooed arms crossed over his burly chest. He turned away strangers headed toward the nearby water’s edge.

    This neighborhood, a few hundred yards from a bay opening into the Atlantic, was battered by surging water from Hurricane Sandy, which flowed into living rooms and floated cars and trucks down the street like toys.

    But as the water receded, a new threat emerged: looters.

    “People are just walking into people’s yards and taking stuff,” said Shields, 53. “This is a crime scene. It’s a catastrophe.”

    Looters are just one of a litany of troubles on the South Jersey coast, which continues to reel from after-effects of Sandy,……snip

    Shields has been calling for help, trying to reach someone in government who can direct him to a place where he and his girlfriend can stay. The only options so far are emergency shelters, where he can sleep on a mat alongside hundreds of other displaced people, on the floor of a school gymnasium. Shields, a diabetic, said he worries how those conditions will affect his health.

    “No one knows where to go,” he said. “Where do we stay? And who is going to pay for all of this?”

    • The Original

      That’s sad. The National Guard needs to be sent into those neighborhoods.

  15. There’s more than one kind of garbage on the streets of NY….
    “Several brazen thugs have robbed their neighbors and their local shops of everything from basic food stuffs to expensive electronics and they are taking to Twitter to broadcast their spoils.

    ‘Check out this laptop I scored,’ SevenleafB tweeted earlier today. ‘It’s easy just reach out an grab it.’

    It appears the looters are organizing through the hashtag #SANDYLOOTCREW.

    Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has now called on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to put a stop to the crime-wave sweeping South Brooklyn.”

    • Annie's Mom

      Bloomberg is an idiot…he doesn’t want the National Guard in Brooklyn? So, just let the looters go?

  16. srdem65

    Just assuming that most everyone on the EastCoast knew something terrible was heading their way and that they should be prepared for the worst, how is it that so many are out of food or water after two days?

    It doesn’t take much for humans to divert back into savages when things are tough and there are no police to curtail their evil doings.

    • Through luck of the draw, I’ve experienced every type of natural disaster except a Tsunami. I (and my friends, family and neighbors) have made adequate preparations in almost every case. Earthquakes, volcanos and tornados don’t give a great deal of warning, but if you live in a region that is prone to these events you learn to take precautions. I’d have to say that hurricanes are the easiest to prepare for. You get ample warning that it could head your way, and you plan your evacuation and survival. How can millions be so unprepared for a storm they saw coming for a week?

      I wish everyone affected nothing but the best. I’ve donated food, clothing and money. But I am allowed to shake my head in astonishment at how this whole thing went down. Did NY learn anything from Katrina and NOLA?

      • Waiting for 2012

        New York City is full of liberals. Liberals who think the government should and will, care for them in a disaster, IMHO. Admittedly, it’s hard to store many provisions on a permanent basis (as I do) in a tiny NYC apartment–but I still think that not is not what happened in this situation.

        • Waiting for 2012

          “I still think that is not what happened…”–Sorry!

        • Annie's Mom

          Even a tiny apartment has room for a week’s worth of food and water (or baby formula and diapers). Butt, BO has spent the last 4 years preaching the powers of big government. Why in the world would his followers take responsibility for their own health and safety…the government will take care of them. “Here I come to save the day”…ya.

          • srdem65

            Here in AZ, just about the worst thing is when your AC goes out in the middle of summer; we have no tornados, no hurricanes, no blizzards, no freezing rain, no tsanamis, no earthquakes to worry about.
            But, even I could survive without electricity or being mobile for a week or two., I have enough non-perishable food to last for that time; from canned beans to a big box of Cheerios.
            No one will die if they they eat a cold can of diced tomatoes, or peanut butter smeared on a stale cracker.
            I’m just guessing that a lot of NYers eat out every day, don’t prepare their own meals at home and figured that the hurricane was nothing to worry about.

    • The Original

      Bloomberg is going to face a real disaster if something isn’t done soon. Why not bring in the National Guard? They can get things running smoothly pretty fast.

      I remember when Mt. St. Helen’s blew and just messed up a huge part of the NW . . . the National Guard really helped getting this moving again. We had a lot that had to cleaned up so that we could get moving again. There were miles and miles of the area covered in inches . . . even feet . . . of talcum powder-like ash that had to get off the roads. And breathing in that ash was not healthy. Getting it into most of the automobile motors would destroy them. Without the National Guard, we would have had months of getting out of the mess.

      Bring in the National Guard. The Governor can do it if Bloomberg won’t do it.

      • srdem65

        I agree. The magnitude of this disaster is multiplied by the millions of people who are affected. It’s also special in that millions don’t own a private vehicle, or live in a stand alone home, or have access to the big grocery stores that most of us have.
        They are stuck there. No where to go. No church or town hall big enough to provide shelter or a hot kitchen for food.
        Even Katrina was managable in that sense, there wasn’t 10 million people stuck in one place.
        This is a massive loss of life and property. It’s time to do more.

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