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Here We Go…election open thread

Well, that went well……… not! Considered by critics as a major flop and political propaganda…

Osama bin Laden propaganda film released before election is called ‘so bad, it  won’t sway anyone’… as Obama is given exaggerated starring role…

But the made-for-TV movie, released two days  before the elections, was a flop. When it debuted on Sunday, it was panned by TV  critics as a ‘dim and simple-minded work of fiction’ — incapable of swaying  even the most ambivalent voters.

Napolitano ‘toured’, still no help coming in the hardest hit areas. Read it all

Obama got his photo-op, should be in DC pushing those people in FEMA  to get more help to those people.

Media Slammed Mitt’s Food Donations, Now Sandy Victims Plead for… Food Donations

This is so typical of “the news,” isn’t it? Instead of reporting, they opine. For days the media ridiculed Romney for the food donation event, yet now they are reporting that Romney’s initial instinct was exactly what was needed.

Full page ad in the Washington Times;

“We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our next President and Commander-in-Chief.” A note at the bottom of the ad says that the officers all paid for the ad themselves. The list includes officers who served in the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force. Read it all

Unemployment up, mining has lost 17,000 jobs since May 0f 2012, new regulations at the end of November will prevent any new coal fired power plants from being built, not one new refinery has been built since the 50s. 11 million acres of land set aside in Alaska for oil exploration have been closed off by the Dept. of Interior.

Look at us, is Obama’s vision of America what you really want to be? Is he really the best to answer the 3:00 AM call? Benghazi tells me no, he is not. Do we really want a President who has a ‘hit list’? Or one who can lock up American citizens indefinitely?

When it comes to a choice, Mitt Romney is the best candidate to fill the job.

open thread….


  1. Oh, one other thought…the condescension from the BO campaign toward women makes me damned angry.

    • I’ve always despised the way BO’s administration treats women and minorities. But the constant drum of how important “we” consider birth control and the “lady parts” ads really pissed me off.

      • If my body is mine to control, they need to mind their own business. I absolutely hate the fact they are into every aspect of our lives and every single part of our bodies. I am so sick of the ‘social engineering’ of the D-words.

      • and supporting governments who allow this kind of horror doesn’t endear Obama to me either. We give Pakistan billions…this is the kind of Islamic country Obama supports.
        […]So-called “honour” attacks are common in deeply conservative Pakistan. Rights activists say more than 900 women were murdered last year after being accused of bringing shame on the family in some way.[…]

  2. Romney is best able to lead…he’s worked with both R-words and D-words to be a successful Governor, upgrade educational standards, balance a budget, and has business experience which can be applied in the Executive Office (not the first one he has occupied either).
    As Romney stated, you can’t create jobs by being destructive to business.
    The stupid Dodd-Frank Bill gives banks ‘too big to fail’ bailouts in perpetuity. We need reform, but not at the expense of the middle class taxpayers. Which is exactly what all of Obama’s legislation goes after since they are the largest group of taxpayers.

  3. Not exactly a right leaning blog but, hillaryis44 gets it…..

    “The stakes are high. Mittmentum is expanding the map. There is hope America will be rescued. Stay positive. Call everyone you know. The stakes are too high to not win.

    America must be rescued or in many respects the America of content of character will be wounded if not shattered.

    Tomorrow we get to determine the future at the ballot box. Rescue America.”

  4. Francine

    Good editorial from Noonan:

    Romney ends most rallies with his story of the Colorado scout troop that in 1986 had an American flag put in the space shuttle Challenger, saw the Challenger blow up as they watched on TV, and then found, through the persistence of their scoutmaster, that the flag had survived the explosion. It was returned to them by NASA officials. When Romney, afterward, was shown the flag, he touched it, and an electric jolt went up his arm. It’s a nice story. He doesn’t make its meaning fully clear. But maybe he means it as a metaphor for America: It can go through a terrible time, a catastrophe, as it has economically the past five years, and still emerge whole, intact, enduring.

    • Francine

      Another good paragraph:
      Of all people, Obama would know if he is in trouble. When it comes to national presidential races, he is a finely tuned political instrument: He read the field perfectly in 2008. He would know if he’s losing now, and it would explain his joylessness on the stump. He is out there doing what he has to to fight the fight. But he’s still trying to fire up the base when he ought to be wooing the center and speaking their calm centrist talk. His crowds haven’t been big. His people have struggled to fill various venues. This must hurt the president after the trememdous, stupendous crowds of ’08. “Voting’s the best revenge”—revenge against who, and for what? This is not a man who feels himself on the verge of a grand victory. His campaign doesn’t seem president-sized. It is small and sad and lost, driven by formidable will and zero joy.

  5. Francine

    From Biden, “Romney and Ryan are running a con game”

    Desperate much?

    • Waiting for 2012

      As my English mother used to say, “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

  6. The last few rallies for BO are so sad…he doesn’t talk about the country…he talks about his “scars” and his “grey hair” and how hard he’s tried and worked…pathetic to say the least…same as it ever was, all about him.

    • srdem65

      They know something we don’t. So many pollsters, pundits and politicos are acting like it’s going to be MrR’s victory tomorrow.
      I actually read an article on one of the MSM’s websites (? don’t remember) that tried to explain what they thought the “Romney WhiteHouse” would look like. It was a terrible slam against his Mormon religion and their faith. The Romneys are devout and don’t drink alcohol, coffee or smoke but they do serve their guests alcohol and coffee.

      MrsO is having people speculate what she’s going to do “after the WhiteHouse”.
      So, …………………

  7. Uh-oh…sounds like the UAW is upset with BO too….

    […]American workers have been building tanks since 1941 and UAW members in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania are proud of our contributions to ensure our armed forces are the best equipped and the most protected. For 20 years, Pentagon policy has been to build tanks today to ensure the ability to do so in the future.

    The Army’s proposal, however, puts at great risk this specialized, highly-skilled, high-wage workforce that makes up the unique armor industrial base, which includes over 800 large and small critical suppliers around the United States. It places at risk 1,000 UAW jobs in central Ohio.[…]

    • srdem65

      But, but…”he” saved GM.
      I know who else isn’t happy with BO; the UMWA- the miners union,
      the Teamsters union,
      the people who work at the OliveGarden or any number of places that are cutting working hours because of Obamacare,
      every industry that supplies goods and materials to the military from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to paper clips,
      farmers who can’t farm under the EPA crappola,
      people who work in the oil, gas industry,
      fishermen who aren’t allowed to fish
      and every school child in America who hates the Michelle Lunch.

  8. Is MO practicing her Eva Peron impression?

    • Annie's Mom

      Is that a black suit? Who knew she owned one?

      • Her handlers have gotten strict with her wardrobe. I wonder if she’ll start wearing a muumuu once they land in Hawaii?

    • srdem65

      Whatever it is, she had to clown it up with some foolishness at her neck. Can’t just wear a white shell or blouse underneath, that’s our MO.

    • Waiting for 2012

      “Don’t cry for me, America…”

      • LOL …..was thinking of the same thing…. 😀

      • I think you meant “Don’t cry for me, Ice Cream Sundae.”

  9. “Obama’s voice broke and he wiped away tears from his eyes as he reflected on those who had helped his campaign.”

    “Obama has talked wistfully about this being his final campaign in recent months, but his show of emotion was rare. Obama grew teary at the end of his 2008 campaign as well when his grandmother died shortly before Election Day.”

    Well, it’s like going out on a date, the rule is ‘don’t peak too early’ or the excitement wears off.
    The only reason he won Iowa is because his thugs cheated and lied and stole it from H Clinton.

  10. and this…. because so many of you are in this position as well…

    […]As we know all too well, it is difficult to reject your party’s presidential nominee because you also alienate political friends, social friends, contacts and networks you worked for a lifetime to achieve. Gigi Georges has, like us, done just that and deserves praise for putting country above corrupt party. It might not seem like such a difficult decision for some – but to throw away a lifetime investment in friends and political associates over principles is not such an easy choice to make for many. Thanks Gigi. And thanks to the many African-American Hillary supporters and others speaking against Barack Obama and his cronies.[…]

  11. “Very rarely does Mr. Obama confront the nearly half of America that polls say do not support him, those who blame him for the economic troubles still afflicting the country. He seemed taken aback at Cleveland’s West Side Market when he asked a chicken vendor how business was going.
    “Terrible since you got here,” the man said.”
    The vendor later told his local newspaper he had meant only that the president’s party had blocked his business that day. But he inadvertently voiced the frustrations of many Americans.”

  12. “Bill Clinton wants Obama to lose. And he’s so good at this, he can throw himself under the bus without ever letting go of the wheel.”

    Read more:

    I’ve noticed this too. Clinton has said a lot of ‘strange things’ while campaigning for BO. Like being the only excited person in the country about BO’s re-election prospects.

  13. Waiting for 2012

    The polling place here in SE PA was PACKED; most saying they are voting for Romney!!!!

    • I’ll be going this afternoon. The polling places are packed! Callers to the local radio station are letting us know what’s going on.
      Never doubt what good men and women will do when push comes to shove…. 😀

  14. Hey, third party voters…stop the superiority complex…stop the ‘holier than thou’ throwing your vote away on a third party candidate…..

    “So yes, you’re wiser than all of us — more firmly rooted in conservative principles than any of us — you are wholly unpolluted by the shabby compromises of either party and your protest vote will rock our worlds.

    Now shut up and go vote for Mitt Romney. For the love of your country, choose the better way.”

  15. “New York Times best-selling author Brad Thor, based in Chicago, tells TheBlaze that the Obama campaign may be planning to preemptively announce victory in the presidential election based on early voting numbers in an attempt to “demoralize Mitt Romney supporters.”

    Citing a “very solid source” in Chicago, Thor says the Obama campaign is looking to make it appear to voters that they have “this thing sewed up and are less than 24 hours to victory,” according to his source.”

  16. MO’s going to miss that 1.4 billion expense account in Big White…BO says “this country has been generous to me”…too generous when it comes to spending taxpayer money for their paycayshuns, parties, and entertainment.

    “But Michelle Obama warned that the president needs every vote he can get.

    “Don’t let anybody push you out of line,” the first lady said, telling those who haven’t voted yet to get to the polls early. “Don’t let any delays deter you.”

  17. Francine

    More about polls, this time around Republicans enjoy a 5.8 advantage over Dems but pollsters still giving Dems the lead.

    • srdem65

      Not all Dems are voting for BO……………I’m not.

    • Some of us registered Dems are breaking for Romney…actually quite a number are from what I’ve heard

  18. Francine

    If Obama loses the election…shows how Dems will spin the loss:

    • yep, can’t possibly be he is a lousy Preezy.

  19. {{snicker}}….Sharpton to CT Voters: ‘You’re… Too Lazy and Ungrateful’

  20. Judge issuing order to reinstate booted Philadelphia election officials, Republicans say

    Read more:

    • Waiting for 2012

      And the Black Panthers are back to ensure our safety at Philadelphia polling places .

  21. BO supporters all wound up…
    Panthers at OH voting sites…BO supporter punches woman who objects…

    Black Panthers at Cuyahoga county Ohio board of elections..

    • It doesn’t get any better than that! 😀

  22. Francine
    • Annie's Mom

      Oh, thanks! I really needed that…am sooo stressed!

    • I didn’t understand one word, but it was funny LOL 😀

  23. Bob Dylan predicts a landslide for Obama.
    Bob, if I may call you Bob, let me help you, here.
    There is Nothing quite as miserable as a conservative soul in a liberal body, believe me, I know. Your lyrics belie your speeches.
    Transpolitic, and be the person you really are. No longer let your mind be in conflict with your true self. Be free, and happy. Follow your bliss.
    If the human race is not allowed to learn to pull themselves out of the mud, then we will stop evolving.
    Bob, I know to you, I seem like no one, but I once lived in a tent in Kentucky during the Carter Administration, and through my own self reliance, ended up having my art work going into space with the shuttles.
    Let the people be free, you know you want this, it’s in your songs. Let us be free to peruse our own happiness. Self reliance and self governing is the true path of learning for the soul.

    • Huzzah, Tanna!! 😀

  24. The polls were packed when I went….lots of voting booths so not too long a wait….everyone had to show ID, no exceptions. There was a 6 page ballot with lots of issues, including raising property taxes for a school levy (no way that will pass), hiring 3 additional fire chiefs (would replace 9 firefighters, a big no) and amending the state constitution to allow appointees to redistrict our state (hell no), and to raise our county taxes for the Port Authority(no to that one too). 3 Supreme Court judges to vote on and lots of muni and county judges too.
    Ran into my councilman, he was teasing me about voting Romney. I still gave him a kiss and a hug (he’s a good councilman, probably the best on the city council, bleeding heart liberal though he may be) Obama will probably take this county but we cancelled out 3 votes. 😀

    • At 6:30 this morning, instead of the usual four people at my polling station, there were at least fifty. People voluntarily handed over ID, (found out my license was expired. That’s how long it took me to save the money to fix my truck.) The guy behind me had never voted before, and was asking how to do it. The mood wasn’t solemn, everyone seemed to be in a good nature.

  25. Foreign election officials are amazed by our system of voting. They’re surprised because it’s based on trust. Surprise!!

  26. conner43

    Lynn, we waited so long for this day, and now we are looking at Fl. and Ohio..Pa. is a huge surprise, a state with 10% unemployment goes for Zero ? 30% of the NRA’s members live in Pa. Something smells…
    Voted early in Fl. and I can swear that the early voting was mostly AfAm’s, so kudos to the O people for getting out the early vote. The large no. of retired military in the Panhandle give me hope.. but I admit to being gobsmacked over Pa, it appears that Phil. is the tail wagging the dog in that State.. fingers crossed for Ohio.

    • Waiting for 2012

      I’ve lived in PA all my life, and I can tell you: MEGA-liberal. Nearly everyone I know is a Democrat, including my co-workers. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are the tails wagging the dog, sadly. Philly has a large Black population, and guess who they probably voted for?

  27. I live in a heavily Republican area in SW FL. We have a large population that is only down here for Season (Thanksgiving to Easter). These people come from PA, NY, MA, MI and OH primarily. In the last six weeks, we’ve noticed more out-of-state plates and the return of “Snowbirds” far earlier that in past years. My county, though still red for Romney, is reporting much higher #’s of Dems voting than in previous elections. Something odd is going on.

  28. Waiting for 2012

    I’m so nervous, I’ve been cleaning my kitchen–at 10:30 PM. Ok, I’ve polished the glass-topped range, polished the stainless steel tea kettle (looks really spiffy!), and the stainless steel sink. Someone please stop me before I caulk the driveway or something…

  29. To be honest, if Obama gets four more years, I’m not worried about me so much, I’m a tough old bird, but I feel my family will be decimated.
    My sister is already a sniveling git about how dire her situation is now, I can’t imagine her going through this depression for another four years. My parents are supporting her more and more to the point of going without medical help.
    It’s not the diehard independent voters (The ones that tend to vote Conservative) that are going to hurt, it’s those so dependent on handouts. Look at the difference between Katrina/Sandy and Joplin. The money is simply going to dry up, and there will nothing to hand out to the askers. I’m already seeing where working class people of a liberal mindset are getting hurt by this Administration’s policies.

  30. Waiting for 2012

    Not looking good here for Mitt….this makes NO sense at all. What has this country come to?

    • Look at the evolution of Halloween to see what’s happened in our country.
      When I was young, one worked at one’s costume, and said “Please and Thank You.” One didn’t vandalize houses that didn’t give out candy, one passed them by, because we realized, even then, that candy was a nicety, not an obligation. Our parents went with us, to make sure we behaved. We did not go trick or treating past a certain age.
      Today, teenagers in their street clothes barge up to you, pushing smaller children out the way. Costumes are rare, wearing a costume is too much work for all that free candy to which you are entitled. With a grunt they open their bags, and without so much as a grunt of “Thank you.”, they leave. You’d better have candy, and plenty of it, and their favorite kind.
      That’s America today.
      I used to be generous on Halloween, putting an assortment of candies in small bags, dressing up and handing them out. Now I just turn off the lights, turn on the security alarm, lock the door, and drive away. I sense that will happen in America, soon.
      If the people want Mama Government to hand them everything, then let them go to Mama when they need help. Mama Government is even more stingy with her candy than I am. I won’t help those who knowingly ran my country into the ground, not even so much as a can of soup. I own them nothing.

      • Annie's Mom

        I remember Halloween with smiles. At about 12 or so, my bff and I decided we wanted to make a big haul. No paper bags for us….we wanted to use pillow cases. My mom frowned, but gave me a pillow case and off I went. About 6 blocks from our single-unit neighborhood was an area of 12-unit apartments. We hit lots of homes and headed in that direction. We ran from unit to unit, and really did make a huge haul. Heading back home, we took a short-cut across a public park. A couple of teenage boys jumped out of the bushes, and took our bags. My friend and I got home and tearfully told my mom what had happened. My mom gave me no sympathy…that was what I deserved for being so greedy. Lesson learned.

        Here it is, well after midnight, and I’m up, distraught…and wondering where my country is headed….

        • Someone tried to take my candy once. Once.
          Thieves should remember: Never try to take candy from someone wearing a sheet, for said sheet can easily be wrapped around a neck, and pulled tight. Some grampa ran from his door to see what was up. Of course by then, my costume was off, being used as a weapon. It gave Grampa great joy to see that big 14 year old boy taken down by a skinny ten year old girl.

  31. Waiting for 2012


  32. How could they project zero the winner? WTF???? I think there is massive fraud and that the dims stole the election. There is no way that this is the true and accurate representation of the American people. I hope Romney challenges this in the courts. This is absolute madness. I feel like throwing up. I don’t know what to do….I was feeling so optimistic all day long. I feel like I just got sucker punched.

    • I do, too. I don’t want to face another four years of financial hell. I foresee a deep depression, and I’m afraid the hardy states will be ransacked to hold up the failing blue states.

      • francinepink

        My neighbor gave me a laugh when she said she was so nervous watching the returns that she was wearing four pairs of rosary beads. Then she went outside to have a cigarette, something she rarely does and when she came back inside, her husband, a big, burly plumber was wearing a pair too!
        So very sad, it is something I did not expect or want. I keep faith in knowing God has a plan here and I will keep praying but man oh man it is hard to give up the dream of a competent man like Mitt at the helm beibg able to bring America back on her feet. All I see is Obama whispering to the Russians that he will have more leeway in his next term.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Kathy, I feel the same way. I’m so glad I decided in advance to take a vacation day tomorrow. I won’t be able to sleep tonight (I figured it would be due to excitement, though).

      I guess the right to abort got him the vote. I honestly cannot think of why any sentient, half-brained adult would want to vote for that piece of CRAP.

  33. Ciao, Manhattan. Good luck in getting rebuilt.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Tanna: soon, we’ll be saying that about AMERICA.

  34. conner43

    To all above: Can I join your club ? To understand the impact of this from another viewpoint;; My granddaughter called tonight, she is a pre-med student, straight A’s, dedicated, and on scholarships.. She is so kind and patient, and will make a wonderful dr. someday. However, she and a few of her fellow students have read the entire ACA, at the request of one of their professors, They are all thinking of dropping out of medicine, not because they won’t make much money, that was never the point, but they see how limited they are going to be in their ability to practice medicine. They are among the brightest and the best, and if they and so many like them, drop out, where are we ?
    Tonight the takers and the con artists won, the achievers and the doers lost.
    Maybe it’s true that ‘ignorance is bliss’, does bliss buy groceries and gas ? I hope so, for their sake.
    Sorry to state the obvious, but a White man or woman, with the country in this shape, would never have been re-elected. So in our supposedly non racist country, the racists won. Go figure.

    • The limiting of the medical care strikes me, too. My mother is not well. When will she be told she’s no longer worth saving? The achievers and the doers, perhaps, should make like John Galt, and let the takers and the con artists depend on their own kind.

  35. conner43

    p.s. Let’s take comfort in the idea that O will likely be impeached, for any one of his many scandals.with Benghazi being first in line.

    • The Original

      He won’t be impeached. There aren’t enough people in Congress to press any issue. He will just keep on doing what he has been doing for the past 4 years . . . and the rest of us will just keep getting poorer and poorer.

  36. Waiting for 2012

    He won’t be impeached. Even if that happened, it only means proceedings will start; it doesn’t guarantee anything will happen to punish him. If he stole this election, do you really think they’ll do anything to him? Please don’t take my tone personally; I’m just very upset right now, and very cynical.

  37. Waiting for 2012

    Anyone else still up at 3 AM, because they are so sick to their stomachs, and can’t get to sleep?

  38. The Original

    I am not sleeping yet, but it is only midnight here. I am still very, very upset. I just didn’t expect it to be this easy. I really thought Romeny would win. I can’t quite understand it when it looked so good yesterday.

    Well, I guess I am going to have to consider closing my business doors. My business will not survive another 4 years for Obama. I am barely making it now.

  39. I can’t sleep either. I’m shopping for a buck stove before they are outlawed, and we have to buy the expensive government heating alternative, that will no doubt make us sick.

  40. I have been sick with the flu and could not take watching the returns last night. My husband woke me up with the sad news. I am in shock that this country rejected a decent, hone able man for this lying scumbag. I am literally sick to my stomach right now. I doubt our country survives this travesty.
    I know our business won’t survive all the hell that is set to be unleashed on us. I rarely cry, but I am now and have been for hours now.
    My poor grand babies lost their future last night.

  41. domanii

    I’m disgusted with the American people. I am disgusted with the MSM. They are the ones that won the election for asshole Obama. My husband keeps asking me questions and I just snapped at him to not ask me any more questions about the election or Obama or I was going to rip his lips off. I’m just sick. Sick.

    • DLeigh

      Big DITTO to all the comments. My husband says we are a dying breed…and barely 60. Living in far so cal we had a little corner of sanity…lost that too. Unplugging for a while, need to listen to soothing music.

  42. srdem65

    I am traumatized and in shock so I’m going to talk about Halloween, too.

    What was once an innocent, fun night for children has turned into something ugly that reflects some of what’s wrong with America.
    From my limited income, I bought 180 pieces of candy and ran out before 8pm. I turned away four adult couples, six women either carrying or pushing strollers with their infants.
    People drove into my neighborhood with 6-8 children, collected the candy then drove away.Every ethnic group and race was at my door, including a Muslim woman with her son.

    They wanted “free” candy, they wanted someone else to provide them with sweets. Candy isn’t expensive, isn’t hard to find, but they wanted ME to buy it and give it to them,
    That is how so much of America lives now, they want it free and someone else to give them something.

    • Yes. They spend more money on gas getting to my neighborhood than if they went to the dollar store and bought it themselves, but they must come after it, because it’s ‘free’. I used to buy Mott’s apple sauce for the stroller pushers. I loved the look on mama’s face as her baby gets something she doesn’t want to eat.
      Now they all get nothing.

  43. Francine

    I am in shock about Eliz. Warren too though I guess since it is Mass. I shouldn’t be in shock. However, Sherrif Joe won handily while our complete idiot of a Sherrif here (Dupnik), who blamed right wing extremists for Gabby Giffords shooting is still neck and neck with his rival. I believe until Americans wake up and acknowledge our nation as being one nation under God again that things will continue to go downhill. Seems like we can’t stuff that genie back in the bottle though, Christianity is a bad word to so many in America now. The libs kept saying Romney would turn back the clock 50 years for the nation. I know we don’t want to go back for many reasons, but for so many reasons we need to turn around and see what we have lost. I felt safe and secure back then and I sure don’t now.

  44. Francine

    11-6 was yesterday’s date and I often read a Psalm with the day’s date. This was particularly suitable:
    “On the wicked he will rain fiery coals and burning sulfur. A scorching wind will be there lot.”
    God is in charge and God has made many promises about nations who don’t take him seriously, and he will not sit neutral and watch how we have become a Godless nation. I have complete faith that no matter how much I dislike what has happened that it is all part of God’s plan. We are in for a lot of heartache and America will no longer be the same. Our nation will continue its downfall. But the faithful will still pray and ask him for help as it is out of our hands except for staying faithful.
    Right now I think I will pray for Dick Morris, he had it soooo wrong and was man enough to write this morning and say he was wrong and why but he is getting excoriated for it.

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