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BO wins, no mandate…the markets speak

“While you people stay in your FOX bubble, we’re moving on to our next step which is to join hands with other lCaucasian, Asian, Native American, Latino, Bi-racial and multi-racial Americans who want to do the work of the people to heal our nation and make it the greatest nation in the world, once again.” – calistressthemistress

Isn’t that special? Discounting half the population is never going to make this the “greatest nation” once again. Obama has no “mandate”, his victory was one of the closest in history (2 million votes) and less votes then in 2008. the R-words still control the House, thus the purse strings. There are now 30 Republican Governors installed out of “57” states (yes, there are just 50, but let’s not quibble with BO on that matter). While the left is “joining hands” and having the kumbayah moment, the markets are looking at a different reality…from Zero Hedge  (charts at the link)

S&P 500 are plunging… (moar Bernanke trumped by moar Fiscal Cliff

and gold is soaring (moar Bernanke) – catching and surpassing stocks…

USD weakness (moar Bernanke)…

and Tsy Strength (moar Bernanke)

Bloomberg has an interesting article…..the left is so busy cloud tripping they don’t notice the small things like this…

 The dollar fell against the yen on speculation Barack Obama’s re-election as president will boost chances the U.S. will maintain monetary stimulus policies that tend to weaken the greenback.

Isn’t that great? Just what we need to make the US “the greatest nation in the world again”

and, from the left leaning Politico

And his hard-won victory seemed too narrow and too rooted in the Democratic  base to grant him anything close to a mandate — much less the popular support  needed to break the deadlock of Washington partisanship as he promised during  the campaign.

this from Hillary is 44…..Democrat and left

After a campaign of fear and smear, an economy in shambles, a world adrift from American leadership, corruption and lies, Barack Obama has enough electoral votes to drag America further into the abyss. The near even distribution of popular votes indicates the country is as divided as ever.

The House of Representatives is even firmer in the hands of Republicans and they will not be in a giving vein after the way Obama has attacked and smeared. There is no mandate for Obama from the voters because Obama ran a substance-less campaign of no proposals or plans.

If you despair or, if you think the fight is not worth a bloody nose or two, remember who and what we do fight for. We have to hold their feet to the fire, we are also proud Americans who love our country. We will not be denied our voices, we will not shut up and sit down.

My counsel to you tonight: Please, do not be bitter. Do not fall prey to the Beltway blame game. Do not get mired in small things. Do not become vengeful creatures like our political opponents who voted out of spite instead of love of country.

We still have boundless blessings to count — and to secure.

I remain a proud, unrepentant believer in the American Dream. And I know you do, too. Freedom will endure because we will keep fighting for it. We can’t afford not to, friends.

Elections have consequences….today those consequences will cost the American consumer in higher prices for the basics, food, energy, oil. This is what the left calls a victory? What will they tell the poor and the middle class as they see their dollar shrink even more?

open thread…


  1. Personal note……to all the third party voters
    the 2.5 million votes you gave away because of your “purity” cost the country. It is my great hope that your self satisfaction is very short lived. You will be living in the same country, run by the same asshats as we are. a very sobering thought.

  2. Please pray for my son who is deploying to Afghanistan in a few days. Thanks to “the president’s” underfunding of our military he had to supply his own body armor–when he went to Iraq the USMC supplied that to him!! This time the US Army made him get his own. Thank goodness he kept the USMC issued equipment, stored it with us and we sent it out to him. I would have felt a bit better knowing that come January he would have had a CIC who appreciated our military, but that, alas, is not to be.

    • srdem65

      I always pray for the safety of those in harm’s way, but I will add a special plea of safety for your child. I assume that he is a Marine from your post. No doubt he is a strong, brave and honorable man, but we all know he is still your “baby”. Hug to you ( )
      Semper fi.

      • Jesse did 4 years in the Corps. He wanted to reup, but his MOS was filled so he enlisted in the Army and recently made Sgt. When he deployed with the USMC, he got predeployment leave to go home & see his family, but this didn’t happen this time. . .

        • srdem65

          Once a Marine, always a Marine.

    • Thanks for asking us…there is no better thing to do than pray for one of our own…feel free to vent here as often as you need…we will also pray for you. 🙂

      • Waiting for 2012

        Nellyq and any other military families: you always been, and always will be, in my prayers. My hubby is a Marine. Please let your families know that we care about them, and pray for them. Even if their “President” doesn’t.

    • He’s got my heart felt thoughts.

      • Thank you all!!

  3. Waiting for 2012

    LynnII: can you suggest what we can do in the next 4 years? I sure could use some morale-building advice right now. I had no sleep last night, and have been crying all morning. I don’t care about myself so much, but I fear for our country,

    • First we wait, we watch, we hold their feet to the fire…. things will develop. The markets are the first thing I noticed. No wonder all the communist led countries are so eager to congratulate BO. Can’t blame the coming disaster on anyone but the Progs now. Inflation is coming, just be ready for it. Housing will tumble again as inflation hits. Unemployment will rise, no getting around it. We have to hang tough…
      You guys know the motto of this blog….never, ever give up, never, not ever, surrender.

  4. “I told you people to never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. That wasn’t merely tongue-in-cheek. There’s a cynical, if foundational principle of politics that, despite it’s age, will never fail: people will always vote themselves free sh*t. And Barack Obama is like, 90% about free sh*t. End of story.”
    Total truth!

  5. “The source, speaking anonymously because the source was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter, said Dow had intended to announce the 2,400 layoffs on Thursday morning along with quarterly earnings.”

    YEP, right after the election

  6. Chemical company DuPont announced Tuesday it would cut about 1,500 jobs worldwide, or about 2% of its global work force.

  7. Holly

    Thanks for this excellent post Lynn. Spent a few hours in shock this morning but am now ready to move forward.

    • Oh yes, we do recover much more quickly than the left.
      Obama didn’t win much…he’s in for a long slog. It’s all on him now.

  8. I am not going to surrender either, I got up, put on a beautiful outfit and went to work. Not for the 47% in the parasite class, but for me. Like my hubby said, “it’s what people like us do.”
    My children are terrified for their kids, I feel like I have to be strong for them. Our aim now should be as Lynn said, hold their feet to the fire starting with Benghazi. Also, make them pay economically. Any of my vendors that I know are libs have lost my business. Same with any place I solicit. I will NEVER hire an employee that is liberal again. I don’t care how good of a machinist they are.
    It is all I can do at this point, oh, and try not to single be the sole reason the makers of Avion tequila get rich.

    • Exactly the right things to do! 🙂

    • Yes. I vowed not to support liberals either. If it seems I play favorites with my nieces, too bad. Sometimes the best cure for a college age hangover is to let them lay on the bathroom floor, covered in their own sick, until they get up and clean themselves off.
      This hangover is going to be a doozy.

  9. Francine

    Oops, wrote on the last thread rather than this one.

  10. Francine

    Oh Calista or whatever your name is, gloating is NOT becoming. I made an agreement with myself last week that if Romney won, I would only cheer with like minded people and not twist the knife to those who lost. I knew they would be plenty upset without me adding to their pain.

    • Just an excerpt from the comment….refused to put the other part in, just too ugly..
      Gloating is what the left does……it’s ugly, but I never expect more from any of them.

    • She also forgets that one can only see avatars, and not the person typing. She doesn’t know anything about who reads or comments on this blog.

  11. Some great advice…

    As the economy continues to do worse (and it will), we need to lean on each other for support, work, encouragement and even legal help. Given the press and the liberal’s penchant for making those on the right into pariahs, our jobs, reputations, academic freedom and economic well-being are often on the line. Because we tend to be more individualistic, we are often left to fend for ourselves in these arenas. Don’t let that happen.

    If someone on the right has a business, support it if it is worthwhile. If they need help defending their reputation, jump in. If an angry professor is isolating and belittling a conservative in the classroom or a public forum, speak up. A group of two is better than one, and more is better. If you find yourself in a situation where you need help, ask for it. If you see another conservative or libertarian in trouble, even if it is just in a blog post, do something. Defend them, fight back, and support your fellow political travelers, because if you won’t, who will?

    Just as Malibu Girl has decided to do! Great minds and all that…. 😀

    • Annie's Mom

      Thanks for this, Lynn. I think we’re all struggling this morning…just how to cope with this disaster. I see Allen West and Mia Love were both defeated….but Ted Cruz did win.

      • Welcome….. 😀

    • Waiting for 2012

      Lynn II, any ideas on how one finds local businesses that support the Dems and ones that support conservatives? I tried a few half-hearted online seaches, but only found one site in my area that lists veteran-owned businesses–and none of those offer products I need, especially on a regular basis. I’ve decided to boycott lib-owned/run businesses. I’d like them to get the first taste of economic failure, since they voted for it. Thanks.

  12. Holly

    I’m in the process of reconfiguring my news sources. Wondering what you would recommend.

    I’m tired of media personalities and their opinions and spinning both in television and online. It is possible to just get actual facts anywhere so people can draw their own conclusions or am I living in the past?

    • srdem65

      Good question. It used to be CNN was non-political, but that’s not true anymore.
      All that’s left are foreign news, they don’t like anyone in America.

    • Christian Science Monitor, the best but have to pay for it…$13 for 26 weeks. Won 14 Pulitzers…same for the Akron Beacon Journal… both great news sources and neutral.
      C-Span is the only neutral place I can think of on the Tee-Vee.

    • and this…
      comes from a different perspective

      • Holly

        mmmmm interesting site. Sad though when you have to go to foreign sources to get your own news. But that’s what I think I will end up doing.

        What I am so tired of are the newscasters who talk more during an interview than the guest. That and the biased information they report. News didn’t use to be opinion or a tool used to push an agenda.

        Apologize if this is a little disjointed. Health issues have affected my cognition.

        • I’m going to look for more and will report as I find them….for all of us.

        • Francine

          Bill O’Reilly! So tired of his interruptions and his certainty about all things.

          • I don’t watch him anymore…

  13. Missing Laura Bush

    Well, birdies, my original plan was to post here today and ask for feedback on what I should change my name to. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to still be Missing Laura Bush when we had Mrs, Romney as FLOTUS. I looked forward to a kind, gracious First Lady.

    I am devastated and deeply troubled for our country. Thanks Lynn for giving us a place to vent and for keeping this a caring community!

    • Vent away… BO still has us to contend with, Every. Single. Day. So does the do nothing Senate.

  14. BO must be so proud….FEMA abandoning victims…forgot to tell victims….

  15. domanii

    I had to go to the grocery store today to pick up my medications. It was like a wake. People were talking in small groups about the election. Stunned, shocked, sad, were just a few words that were used. Some were angry. I come from a Romney state and the disappointment couldn’t be hidden. What angers most of the people was that there were whole states that when you looked at the counties were all for Romney, yet there were 2 or 3 that were for Obama and Obama won. The electoral college at it’s finest. Why bother having an election if our vote doesn’t mean squat?

  16. That certainly is the case here in Oregon, where Portland metro, Salem and Eugene are liberal, and due to their populations, swing the entire state. The area outside those cities is conservative, but has no voice.

    • srdem65

      MrRomney was our last hope in our determination to protect our border here in Arizona.
      We might as well tell our Border Patrol agents to take 8 hour coffee breaks and let them all just walk in, drive in or come by the busload. whatever.

      Just so everyone knows, the illegal aliens are not moving to Arizona, they’re moving to your state, the next state, but not here.

    • srdem65

      Too many good people lost yesterday.
      The Black man running as a tea party Repub in my congressional district lost to a foul-mouthed left-of-commie woman who isn’t good enough to sweep my driveway. She stated that women who stay at home are “leeches who live off of their husbands and boyfriends”,. gak.

  17. Here’s the reality: Everyone pointing the finger at who “lost” is asking the wrong question. The right question is “What won?”

    Small, petty politics won. More specifically, our inability to combat small petty, politics won. We are an ideological movement. We have principles we hold on to. The left simply does not. They hold no truths to be self-evident. They have no moral compass. They will lie, cheat, and steal for their movement. We will not.

    What won last night was marketing. What won last night were communications strategies. Our ideology didn’t lose. Our ideology was never heard. It was drowned out by a media more focused on gotchas and Big Bird and binders and feeding a narrative created by the masters of marketing: Obama For America. The media won’t allow an ideological battle because every time they do, they lose.

    That’s it. There was no ideological shift in this country. More than half the country couldn’t tell you what the hell “ideological” even means. THAT’s the problem. We fought an ideological battle when they were fighting an American Idol contest.

    So stop the finger pointing. Stop the “I told you sos.” We didn’t lose the election. Marketing won the election. And we’d better figure out how to outdo the marketing machine fast or it is really really over.

    • srdem65

      I think I have to believe that a lot of pundits are right; the Dems don’t want to “work” when there’s 2 years of unemployment checks and then they limp into SocialSecurityDisability for the rest of their years. MrRomney promised jobs, he might as well promised a black eye to these people. They got their Obamaphone, their food stamps, their welfare, section 8 housing…job? are you crazy?

      It’s all about education or rather the lack of education that keeps millions of people out of the work force. We’re not teaching our children to meet the new world of digital and we’re suffering for it, They’re taught that life must be “fair” and working for someone isn’t “fair” when they can tell you what to do. “Fair” is the dirty word.

  18. No matter what anyone says it’s still November 5th….the same problems affect us all….not one thing has changed

  19. Obama is still perpetuating war without the benefit of Congressional approval
    Still looking at the “fiscal cliff” he has created by overspending
    Drone attacks everwidening in Africa and the ME
    Tax hikes on everyone, including the middleclasses who will be hit the hardest
    Inflating the dollar
    There is more but, you all get the drift

  20. Ladies, I went to bed last night once BO passed 200. CA had not been added yet, but I knew it was over. I tossed and turned, shed a few tears and decided that I will make the best of the next four years. I bought a new lipstick this morning and plan to give myself a little overhaul- inside and out. I will not let BO get me down. I will not let the Dems ruin my country. I will not let my faith be shaken by the mindless “47%” that constantly has their hand extended. God bless our beautiful Republic. May she live forever. Now let’s focus on 2014 and taking back the Senate!

    (Sorry for all the “I’s” but it has been one of those days.)

    • Shaken but not broken…. 🙂

  21. I also want to thank all of you for this beautiful community we’ve created over the last few years. You have provided comfort and sanity when it was needed. Bless all of you. I have a feeling that we will grow even closer over the next several years.

    • I have every hope there will be others that join 🙂

  22. Snotty leftist doesn’t get it yet…Moody’s and Fitch are ready to downgrade the US…. how the hell is that considered a “racist” view of our problems… seems the only way we are not considered haters or racist is if we go along with a political viewpoint…it hasn’t worked, it will not work…

  23. Carole

    We will all just be better patriots after this election. Obama will drag his feet, he will pout, he isn’t capable of joining forces and coming to a common agreement. He now has to actually present himself as a president because the thrill of campagining is all over for him and running around just orating your ideologies won’t work this time.

    • I fear what being a President means to him. He has held back the last few years because he wanted to win a second term. The gloves are about to come off, and things are going to get ugly.

      • All we can do for the present is wait and see what the compromise will be…if there is one….Tomorrow is another day

  24. The Original

    So, I am losing Peter Barnes on Greta. He is not sure that the market is going to recover. He thinks that it will continue to go down.

    All because BO was elected.

    I worry about my sister. She is a manager of a small investment firm. They may not make it.

    • Francine

      Makes me so sad, markets immediately went down the first time he was elected and now the second time. I guess that just doesn’t matter to the left with all their ideological and social concerns. Much more important that every woman has free abortions and birth control. We know the markets would have risen with Romney and businesses would have started hiring again. I imagine buyers remorse is going to be very strong soon.

      And speaking of women, I have never felt a problem being a woman in the U.S. Never felt persecuted or as if I couldn’t do what I wanted except in 8th grade when it wasn’t allowed to wear pants to school, but that changed my freshman year. Those times are so long past us and yet the left keeps pulling it out of the drawer like a reliable pair of underwear, stained but still serviceable to them. They are so afraid abortion will be taken away, or at least they want to keep women afraid that could happen. But that genie has been out of the bottle for so long, she is not about to back inside.

  25. conner//sophie

    We are now living in a country ruled by the Know Nothings. Our new system of gov’t is supported by the takers who only want to create misery for the givers.This is their ‘revenge’ ..
    I am ready to start a campaign to raise the voting age to 40 and reinstate the poll tax. The only exception to the age 40 rule would be those serving in the military.
    People who get their needs filled by the gov’t don’t care if the market tanks, don’t care that their officials watched four Americans be killed and didn’t lift a finger, hell they can’t find Libya on a map. As for gun smuggling ? Well, boys will be boys.
    Wth will they do when the money runs out ? Well besides looting and stealing, those activities require that there be something left worth stealing.
    Our plan is to meet with our lawyer next week and find a way to take our few pennies out of circulation, and put them in a trust for our grandchildren..I refuse to pay taxes to support the Mob.

    • You aren’t alone…investors selling off in droves…Moody’s threat to downgrade….”hope and change” turned into “fear and loathing”….Obama has made a mess of this country.

    • domanii

      I’m afraid of many of the people in the military. There are lots and lots of them that are only there for a free ride to citizenship or for free college. Take a look at the women who join then have families and then turn around and don’t want to serve during wartime because they have children. You know those women are not in it to serve their country. We already have Muslims in the military (Ft Hood) that they refuse to call a terrorist attact. Why is this? Is it because of orders from the CIC? Oh help me. I’m on a rant. I’ll shut up for a while. I’ll go make lunch or something. lol

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