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We have become a country of instant gratification, entitlement and grievance mongering. Obama’s supporters are gloating with glee but, are too small minded to see the the future of their country is not looking as bright as teh WON tells them. So, for the benefit of those who did not understand why the policies of this Administration did not work and will not work and, why the Statist Governing style is to be feared, this info should give some food for thought, from Legal Insurrection

As Drudge would say-”Own it!”

“Nextel to cut 20% of jobs at Virginia headquarters”

In Past 48 hrs, following companies announded layoffs: Caterpillar, CVPH Medical Center, Lightyear Haqwker Beechcraft, Westinghouse, Research in Motion, US Cellular, Commerzbank, Iberia, ING, Ericsson, Bristol-Myers, Corning, Boston Scientific, Abbott Labs and St. Jude.

Pepsi looking to layoff 4,000 workers

Energizer Holdings Inc. will reduce its global workforce by more than 10 percent — or about 1,500 employees — as the company closes three manufacturing plants and streamlines other operations.”

“As Twitchy reported in September, the Obama administration made moves to encourage defense contractors to delay layoff announcements until after the election, offering to reimburse contractors for any legal costs incurred in not informing their affected employees. Lockheed Martin seemingly took the offer, and today, Boeing announced it would be cutting 30 percent of management positions.”

And, of course—–”Unexpectedly: Stocks Suffer Heavy Losses Second Straight Day After Election;Analysts Baffled”

The Blaze has a list of post-election announcements for companies large and small.  This is just PART of the list, it is much longer:

Is there any doubt that many of these announcements, at least for the larger companies, were delayed out of fear of retribution from the Obama administration?

The same administration which has bullied defense contractors into not complying with the WARN Act prior to the election.  Message sent and received.

Self-censorship is the end result of fear of the State.

Stock Market has dropped 412 points in two days and today isn’t looking good either. Maybe Obama should stay in DC instead of running off to Burma, Cambodia and Thailand. While I do realize there is an Asian Summit happening, it would be nice if BO had a summit of his own with Congress to assure the markets. As President he should be commited to solving our problems.

While you’re busy chortling and cheering your remarkable win, there are thousands upon thousands of Americans losing their jobs. How’s that for a coalition? Tell us again how you plan on making the country the “greatest nation in the world”? Where will the tax revenues come from to run your expanded social programs?

This is your “we told you so”….. small minds, small thinking…… elections have consequences…you didn’t “win” anything and you really do “Own It”.

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  1. This is just the beginning. We can only hope that the people will get it together for the midterms and stop the destruction of our nation. It may sound premature to look forward to 2014, but it’s all we’ve got right now. Can we hold on that long?

    • In the words of BO “Yes we can”

  2. The Original

    Watch the Dow to continue its slide downward. It makes me worry for my sister who manages an investment firm. I do think that they may not get hurt as some investors will because they are a boutique firm and specialize in certain kinds of investments.

    • Francine

      Prayers for your sister, I hope she will be fine.

    • Down 432 today and it’s just started…tell her we wish her well…

  3. But, but, but – they’ll all have free birth control and Bob and Bruce can get married.

    There’s going to be a great unraveling going on the next few months. I hope they’re happy!

    • Looks like they’ll be running out of other people’s money sooner than they thought….something that can’t go on forever won’t.

  4. Francine

    Dr. Krauthammer:
    The answer to Romney’s failure is not retreat, not aping the Democrats’ patchwork pandering. It is to make the case for restrained, rationalized and reformed government in stark contradistinction to Obama’s increasingly unsustainable big-spending, big-government paternalism.

    Republicans: No whimpering. No whining. No reinvention when none is needed. Do conservatism but do it better. There’s a whole generation of leaders ready to do just that.

    • Rubio is headed to Iowa….looking forward to 2016. 😀

  5. All your thoughts in the previous thread were pretty good ones. Mercury1 and the Salvation Army are good charities to donate to. From now on when buying online, I plan to deal only with companies from “right to work” states. I will not purchase anything from any company (Target, GM, Whole Foods, Ben and Jerry’s, etc;) that supported Obama. I will do my research and do my level best to keep that promise. They don’t deserve my business.

    • Carole

      I am giving to others in need, it is through my church. I donate food, give Christmas gifts from the names on the Christmas tree and I support the Humane Society and I give to the Cancer Society. I also, make sure that my sister in a nursing home gets her hair and nails done since she is unable to pay for that service and is unable to take carte of her own hygiene needs. I also am not giving to companies that supported Obama.

  6. How’s that win look now?
    […]Knapp also pointed to a drop in Americans’ overall optimism about opportunities. Fewer people believe they will get ahead if they work hard. And the Prosperity Index’s report notes another subjective drop: “U.S. citizens’ overall satisfaction with living standards has declined since last year.”

    The Legatum Institute’s president, Jeff Gedmin, did not directly link President Obama’s policies to the declining optimism and opportunities in America.

    But the United States’ decline in the index correlates with Obama’s tenure. Over the past two years, the United States has slipped from 3rd to 5th to 12th in the world in the Prosperity Index’s entrepreneurship and opportunity sub-field.

    Other experts did link the president’s policies to the decline in opportunity and business investment, saying his administration’s regulatory policies have stifled business investment while his proposed tax policies could further dampen impetus to invest.[…]

    • and this….

      “America needs to get debt under control,” he said. “That means, it’s time to take on entitlement spending, return to pro-growth policies, and think of values we seem to have lost track of: things like savings, thrift, self-reliance, and deferred gratification.”

  7. Annie's Mom

    Fun fact…Obama Lost is Every State with a Voter ID law:

    • We have voter ID….he won here because of the big urban areas.
      Also because the country folk didn’t turn out this time.

    • Carole

      I read that yesterday and thought that it was real revealing how democrats will stoop to any thing to get votes.

  8. Time to jaunt off….

    “President Obama yesterday announced he’s jetting off on a victory lap around Southeast Asia, despite a new government report warning the Jan. 1 fiscal cliff will plunge the US into a recession and drive the unemployment rate up to 9.1 percent.

    Obama and Congress have just 52 days to reach a deal to avoid sailing off that precipice, when a devastating double whammy of tax hikes and budget cuts will rock the economy and hit just about every American. …

    But those tense negotiations won’t interfere with Obama’s boarding Air Force One for a three-day tour of Bangkok, Rangoon and Phnom Penh.

    Along the way, he’ll meet with Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to mark 180 years of diplomatic relations, chat with Burmese dissident Aung San Suu Kyi and attend the East Asia Summit in Cambodia. He takes off Nov. 17.

    It’s not as if Obama will take off while Congress remains on hiatus, either. That’s after Congress comes back into session next week, when presumably they’ll be more focused on the coming tax and budget calamity than the East Asia Summit. This isn’t exactly a shining example of leadership.”

  9. Biggest, best thing we do is to stay connected with likeminded people…Family First, not First Family

    • Carole

      Lynn II I have realized that very thought this year after my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my sister came to near death two months ago. I am just keeping my head above water to financially meet my husband’s medical bills. Thank the good Lord, that my old school district relies on me to fill in for teachers on a long term basis and I am able to pay for his oxygen, medicine and other medical services. I love the nest and I come on here to read the real truth about what is happening politically and financially in America. Thank you Birdies for your intelligent opinions and understanding of what is really taking place in our country under the Obama Administration. Thank you so much Lynn II for saving the nest!!

      • We’re ‘family’ here too. 😉
        Hope everything gets better for you…we’ll keep you in our prayers.

      • Annie's Mom

        Oh Carole…so sorry to hear of your DH’s failing health. Keep up the good work, and please know that our hearts and prayers are with you.

    • The Original

      I was talking with my parents today. My Mom said that we have to stay together as family. We have to make sure our families are in a good and safe place. I will think of others after them. I can only do what I can do.

  10. I sent this article to my boss…

    …and he responded that if Kerry is appointed Sec of State, a special election would be required. Who from MA could possibly fill the vacant seat? Romney. I’m not sure if I agree that MA would elect another Republican (face it, Brown was a fluke), but it’s a nice thought. Plus, I’m not sure if Romney’s legal residence is in MA or NH. Just thought I’d share.

    • The Original

      Kerry would have to get approved by the entire Congress. Not sure he will get approval from the House.

  11. Sorry if this has already been posted.

    “Uh-oh. While Dan Akerson (GM, CEO) is busy rearranging the deck chairs on GM’s Titanic, Martin Winterkorn (CEO, VW) is leading VW to world domination via technical excellence.”

    • The Original

      My nephew is a certified VW mechanic (not working as mechanic these days, though). He swears by VWs.

  12. Petraus has resigned. Uh-oh.

    • Annie's Mom

      Just hearing that now…he was supposed to testify next week, wasn’t he?

    • Annie's Mom

      Citing an extramarital affair? I don’t believe if for a second!

      • Talk about a messy government…

      • domanii

        No way did he have an affair. And if he did, it’s not his reason for resigning. I’ll go on a short limb here and state that Patraeus will not be the only one leaving the Obama admin. Holder is “deciding” now on whether to stay or not. How convenient.

        • Petraeus (sp?) won’t be testifying either.

        • srdem65

          I ,too, find it hard to believe that a WestPoint graduate, promoted all the way to General, then to lead the CIA is a man of so little honor that after 35+ years he would decide to cheat on his wife. As the head of the CIA, as if no one would notice over there. He could have just resigned as it is pro forma for all cabinet member to offer their resignations after the elections. Why he claimed an “affair” is a mystery.

          Unless, they threatened to “out” him if he didn’t lie before Congress. Now THAT I believe.

    • The Original

      Hard to believe that he would be that stupid, but I guess he was. He can be subpoened as a private citizen. Not sure that they would do it, though.

  13. Carole

    Yesterday on Fox News Holder indicated he may be thinking of leaving his position. Did I hear or read somewhere that Susan Rice maybe replacing Hillary?

    • srdem65

      If I were MrHolder, I would resign and go on an extended vacation to Brazil.

    • The Original

      I have heard that Rice may replace PantSuit.

  14. “Airport screeners ratify first-ever union contract with TSA”

  15. “Awkward first press conference for senator-elect Warren”

    We can expect great things from this woman.

  16. Comments from a Chicago job fair:

    ‘Cherrie Moore said, “They just got fliers of resources, things we could have got on the Internet, things we probably already know about.”

    Rodney Booker said, “I stood in line for four hours. They better give me a Wal-Mart gift card, or something.”’

    Kind of explains BO’s re-election, doesn’t it?

  17. domanii

    OK ladies. Time for a chuckle. This is a commercial on TV and for the life of me I don’t know for what. Everytime I see this I can only think of MO. Or the Wookie as I call her on other sites.
    Please enjoy……

    • domanii

      Sorry, the link isn’t working. It takes you to the wrong page.

  18. domanii

    Here’s the one from youtube:

    • The game Apples to Apples. I believe they also made “Would You Rather” (Advertised on Beck). It’s a series of card games that encourages conversation. I bought these games as Christmas gifts for families and they raved when they opened their gifts. The company that develops these games are great with games that create a fun environment for people to talk.
      Wookie with Boa at this time of our lives was a most unfortunate choice for the advertisers to highlight. My mind went there, too, especially with the “If I walk like I’m beautiful, I will be beautiful.” gait.
      Personally, that particular walk is hilarious at summer parties, where no doubt a drunken woman in pink flip flops and and peach colored terrycloth beachwrap as a dress will use the “I am beautiful” walk and promptly trip and fall.

  19. Annie's Mom

    A friend emailed me this morning, looking for a list of BO’s corporate sponsors. She’s trying to put together a boycott list. Has anyone seen anything like that?

    • Waiting for 2012

      I don’t have that exactly, but, today, a friend emailed me companies that donate to both parties, and what percentage is donated:

      Rats. The part of the link in Good Guide doesn’t display when I click on it. The list is too big to post here. Anyone?

      In short (the list is much longer):

      Vote With Your Dollars | Company Political Contributions from GoodGuide

      Election Cycle political donations, as reported by the Center for Responsive Politics.
      Price Club/Costco donated $225K, 99% went to Democrats
      Rite Aid donated $517K, 60% went to Democrats
      Magla Products (Stanley tools, Mr. Clean) donated $22K, 100% went to Democrats
      Warnaco (undergarments) donated $55K, 73% went to Democrats
      Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia donated $153K, 99% went to Democrats
      Estee Lauder donated $448K, 95% went to Democrats
      Guess, Inc. Donated $145K, 98% went to Democrats
      Calvin Klein donated $78K, 100% went to Democrats
      Liz Claiborne, Inc. Donated $34K, 97% went to Democrats
      Levi Straus donated $26K, 97% went to Democrats
      Olan Mills donated $175K, 99% went to Democrats
      WalMart donated $467K, 97% went to Republicans
      K-Mart donated $524K, 86% went to Republicans
      Home Depot donated $298K, 89% went to Republicans
      Target donated $226K, 70% went to Republicans
      Circuit City Stores donated $261K, 95% went to Republicans
      3M Co. Donated $281K, 87% went to Republicans
      Hallmark Cards donated $319K, 92% went to Republicans
      Amway donated $391K, 100% Republicans
      Kohler Co. (plumbing fixtures) donated $283K, 100% Republicans
      B.F. Goodrich (tires) donated $215K, 97% went to Republicans
      Proctor & Gamble donated $243K, 79% went to Republicans

      • Waiting for 2012

        Here’s more:
        Southern Wine & Spirits donated $213K, 73% went to Democrats
        Joseph E. Seagrams & Sons (incl. Beverage Business and considerable media interests) donated $2M+, 67% went to Democrats
        Gallo Winery donated $337K, 95% went to Democrats
        Coors & Budweiser donated $174K, 92% went to Republicans
        Brown-Forman Corp. (Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, Bushmills, Korbel Wines, Lenox China , Dansk and Gorham Silver) donated $644 K — 80% went to Republicans

        • Waiting for 2012


          Sonic Corporation donated $83K, 98% went to Democrats
          Triarc Companies (Arby’s, T.J. Cinnamon’s, Pasta Connections) donated $112K, 96% went to Democrats
          Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. (chicken) donated $366K, 100% went to Republicans
          Outback Steakhouse donated $641K, 95% went to Republicans
          Tricon Global Restaurants (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) donated $133K, 87% went to Republicans
          Brinker International (Maggiano’s, Brinker Cafe, Chili’s, On the Border, Macaroni Grill, Crazymel’s, Corner Baker, EatZis) donated $242K, 83% went to Republicans
          Waffle House donated $279K, 100% went to Republicans
          McDonald’s Corp. Donated $197K, 86% went to Republicans
          Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, Bahama Breeze) donated $121K, 89% went to Republicans
          Heinz Republicans $64,000 Democrats $21,300! John Kerry’s wife’s company!!!

          • Waiting for 2012

            The end:
            Traveling and/or dining
            Hyatt Corporation donated $187K of which 80% went to Democrats
            Marriott International $323K, 81% went to Republicans
            Holiday Inns donated $38K, 71% went to Republicans

            (Sorry to post like this. I wasn’t sure it would all fit in one reply. I just copied & pasted from my email.)

        • Annie's Mom

          Thanks so much…I’ve passed these on. 🙂

          • Waiting for 2012

            You know what’s funny? With the exceptions of Martha Stewart & Liz Clairborne, hubby & I always had gravitated to the restaurants and department stores that donate to the Republican Party! We never knew, though I always suspected that Wal Mart did.

      • Very nice…good researching 🙂

      • The Original

        I am keeping this list so I can be very carefully who I support.

  20. FBI investigating something or other…they outed the General. some female writing a biography (?)

    • srdem65

      The story is that the General and his biographer exchanged e-mails and the FBI investigated? I don’t know, it sounds wrong. Anyway, they knew about the “affair” back in JULY! July…..but hid everything until after the election. ?? I don’t know it all sounds wrong to me. There’s more to this. He didn’t have to admit an affair, all he had to do was resign.

      • Waiting for 2012

        Something’s fishy here. I think he knows something about Benghazi; Obama told him to just make up an excuse, and resign.

      • Everything about this administration sounds wrong.

        • Waiting for 2012

          Smells fishier than a fish market on Monday morning! 🙂

  21. Waiting for 2012

    Ok, this may be a useful site, along the lines I posted above:

  22. Carole

    Obama created 20 million jobs!! Snark, snark, wink, wink, the Big Guy just stiffed all you poor suckers that voted for him!

    • Waiting for 2012

      And I just can’t WAIT to see the look on their faces when they realize, about 1-2 years from now, how their votes led to all of the job loss, inflation, etc.! Unless, of course, they are still blaming Bush for it.

  23. Waiting for 2012

    Jobs that have been or will be cut, due to the election:

    Without knowing the numbers for several of these, such as Boeing, I made a rough total of the first part of the article (not the text in red, at the bottom)=7752 jobs lost already. And we still need to factor in Boeing, et al., which I’m sure will bring that total sky-high.

    • it will be a rough ride for a lot of people

    • srdem65

      First they lose their jobs, then the diner they used to enjoy loses business, then the car dealer loses customers, then they can’t afford to shop at Walmart so they go to the thrift stores, the city loses revenue. It’s just terrible. I feel for everybody.

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