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Out of business…out of time

The heartbreak is palpable. The devastation is overwhelming. People have worked so hard all their lives in order to build businesses and employ others. And now it’s gone. The sad reality is that President Obama and his policies have destroyed these small businesses. Read them,

We closed ours down in 2010. The writing was on the wall. If Obama had not been re-elected we were planning on starting up again. I know how these people feel. They have put in the hours to build and grow, most dedicated people I know. The small businesses they built generated 2/3 of the jobs and drove the economy. The loons on the left say these people are doing it for “revenge”. Not true, none of us are willingly giving up the work of a lifetime. The businesses we’ve built are “our babies”. They are the reason we stay awake nights, work 12 hours a day, and sacrifice to keep going. Most of us have given up our paychecks to keep our business afloat and to keep our workers paid. We’ve paid our dues and then some. All the ideology in the world will not keep any of us in business and scapegoating will not change the reality of our situation. You made your choice, now we’ve made ours. The money train is over.

Democrats need to do some soul searching of their own. From Commentary  Magazine

Barack Obama ushered in America’s first large-scale experiment in personality-cult politics. The experiment continues apace. Obama got reelected because he enjoys a degree of personal popularity disconnected from his record. No modern president has ever been returned to office with employment figures and right-track-wrong-track numbers as poor as those Obama has achieved.

and this…… Many businesses are not even feasible at all in this economic environment. Many small businesses had been holding out hope that somehow this election might turn things around and make it possible for them to keep going, but when Obama won it was kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We rejected a man of virtue and honor, talented and experienced for an ideologue who is tearing our country apart. While our country bleeds Obama golfs, gives another campaign style speech, and heads off to Asia.

The Carnival of Fools  will continue apace until the scammers have picked every pocket on the midway and the fools, who laugh and giggle over their win, see the light of day and realize the cost of extreme ideology making promises that can’t be kept.

The Democrats have built themselves a pyramid scheme of Babel and it’s fools, suckers and marks all the way down. This is their Carny Nation and it only sustains itself by demanding greater levels of stupidity from its followers. The worse the storm grows, the dumber and trashier the base of its pyramid grows as vaccination against sudden conclusions from outside.

Popular culture, the media and politics becomes one. A great white noise machine of light and sound, carnival lights, smells and sounds, men throwing flaming torches in the air, shouts and cries, rap stars, memes, ladies of the evening, stars, banners, slogans, cheers and anything else that will keep the fools from realizing that the time is five minutes after five and the time is coming for the scammers to slink away into the night with their ill gotten loot and for the suckers who thought they were scammers and the marks who thought they were cons to clutch their carbon offsets and food stamps and raise their eyes dazedly as the sunrise exposes the tawdriness of the carnival, the false front stalls, the empty baskets and the last drabs of greasepaint on their hands.

There comes a time when the makers and builders have had enough of the takers and their ever expanding demands…we are reaching that point in time now. It is not in their best interest to continue producing and hiring to have it all taken by the scammers…..Atlas is Shrugging.

open thread….


  1. srdem65

    I am so sorry to hear that you were forced to close your family business. Except for a few years of employment by others, I have spent most of my working days as self-employed.
    We started by cashing in everything, borrowing from banks and devoting as many hours as needed to keep our business going. Weekends? just two more days of work, nothing else.
    We needed to be better, faster, more responsive than our competitors and it paid off.
    We never became millionaires, never moved out of a middle class bracket, but we were proud and kept 4 people employed until the end.

    I don’t know how anyone can start a business today. Regulations, extra taxes, government interference and a miserable economy all discourages the urge to be “your own boss”.

    Ha! Be your own boss was a funny line, when you are in business for yourself, EVERYBODY is your boss.

    • I laugh when I hear Andrea on the FIVE talk about being raised in her father’s restaurant. It’s the way a family business works.
      It isn’t that we couldn’t start again, it’s just the cost of everything would not be beneficial to us. We got out before we lost everything. Maybe in 2014 if the R-words take the Senate we’ll give it a shot. But, as long as Obama is -resident, no way.

    • Two things that are way over rated….mom’s apple pie and owning your own business. LOL 😀

  2. The Original

    I heard the list of people who will be at BO’s business meeting he is having. There is not one person on that list who would represent the small busines person. But the unions are very well represented. Small business people, like myself, are going to have to find a way to hold on for the next 4 years or close the doors. We are going to see how long we can last. I am at an age that I will be unable to find work so I don’t know what I would do if we close the doors.

    • Plus, it sounds like Trumka will be calling the shots at the meeting. Our country is shattering and it breaks my heart to think about where we will be in four years.

      • The Original

        We survived Clinton for 8 years, and I was not certain we would. His decision making was very poor. BO has the same advisors around him. We will survive BO, but it is going to take decades to recover. We might have had a quicker recovery if the nation would have used their brain and voted in Gov. Romney. Now those children who are school right now will face something that we did not when we graduated. I am really concerned for my nieces and nephews. I have no children.

    • here’s the list….
      A White House official has confirmed POLITICO’s list of CEOs scheduled to attend a meeting Wednesday with President Barack Obama on the fiscal cliff, and sent over the list of union and progressive leaders who will sit down with him Tuesday:

      •Mary Kay Henry, SEIU
      •Lee Saunders, AFSCME
      •Dennis Van Roekel, NEA
      •Rich Trumka, AFL-CIO
      •Neera Tanden, Center for American Progress
      •John Podesta, Center for American Progress
      •Bob Greenstein, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
      •Laura Burton Capps, Common Purpose Project
      •Max Richtman, National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
      •Justin Ruben, MoveOn
      •Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change

    • The Original

      Issa can still investigate his part in Fast and Furious.

    • Well, all the better to prosecute him…

  3. It’s almost certain that Rice will be nominated for Secretary of State.

    • The Original

      She may be nominated, but she still has to get approval from the House. The way Benghazi is turning she may very well not get that approval.

      • Francine

        Damn, why do Susan and Condoleeza have the same last name? Guess she is being rewarded for doing their bidding with her lies about Benghazi. She will be a stooge, and already has proven herself for this administration.

      • the R-words said “good luck with that appointment”….. 😀

  4. Francine

    Israel set to produce these cardboard bikes, so cool! Off topic…

  5. “That’s not fair”…..
    Disgruntled unions workers at the Hostess plant in Cincinnati lashed out at the company last night after they found out their plant would be shut down.
    They were told the company would close plants if there was a strike.
    They went on strike anyway.

    • srdem65

      I feel so sorry for all these ordinary people who believed what the Dems and the unions told them. They will lose their jobs and there are no jobs out there for union “twinkie makers” anywhere. If a new cupcake plant opens somewhere, they’re going to hire those cheap and hard-working illegals.
      The ordinary people who believed the President and voted for him will bear the brunt of a miserable economy and the horrors to come from Obamacare.

      • So many businesses (union) having to restructure under bankruptcy….they just don’t get it.

    • I cannot help but laugh at the ‘spokesman’ of the union group. He must love Eminem, what with the hand gestures and muddled speech. Could he ever possibly consider how offensive his stereotypical rapper patois is? Waving his arms about over the shoulders of his proxy ‘hos. This is the one and only time he’ll ever get attention, so he has to out on his JRok act.
      Really represented the union well, Mudmouth.
      The comments on the Weasel Zippers edition of this are hilarious. I suspect everyone’s tired of unions. I remember my dad’s retirement party, as he got his slice of cake. “No more unions.” It was like a fifty ton weight fell off his shoulders. He loved his job, he just hated all the union stuff. There’s usually only a die hard faction of ten percent of a company that loves unions, and you’ll notice that they are the worst workers, with the worst attitudes.

      • Entitlement mindset creep, even in the unions.

  6. “Don’t get cocky, Democrats: The post-Romney GOP looks just like you did two decades ago”–democrats–the-post-romney-gop-looks-just-like-you-did-two-decades-ago-13564462.html


    It is NOT against the law to lay off or outright fire democrats. This is in accorcdance with the EOC. Of course, that door does swing both ways.

    • I don’t think it’s just Dems that are being axed. It’s just not a good business atmosphere for anyone. Obamacare and the “fiscal cliff” are causing a lot of damage to the economy. Small businesses in particular are being hard hit by increases in taxes and health care. They just can’t afford it. We are taxed to death already.

  8. All those “green energy” companies ….crony capitalists of BO’s….275 million of taxpayer money…all going down the black hole…all of it brought to you by Obama’s cronies in DoE.

    “News that SolarCity, another recipients of millions of government largess from the Obama Administration, would be issuing an IPO forced the disclosure that the IRS and the Treasury Department was now investigating the company, and others, for potential abuse of taxpayer funds.”


    I wonder when the face lifts and beast augmentation surgeries will begin for her highness?

    • Did you mean “breast augmentation”? LOL 😀

      • Waiting for 2012

        I think that beast REDUCTION is more of what MOO needs.

        • LOL 😀

    • Francine

      Lololol, love the Freudian typing slip. She has already had some augmentation to transdorm her from a beast. Speaking of surgeries look at this, San Francisco is preparing to become the first U.S. city to provide and cover the cost of sex reassignment surgeries for uninsured transgender residents.

      Quote from editorial:

      “I’m not trying to diminish the anguish that transgenders must feel on a regular basis, but yeah – this is plain WACK.  I mean, I, too, experience frequent “mental distress” because of the mismatch between my actual boobs and the ones on Pamela Anderson’s body, which would look WAY better on me, in case you weren’t aware.  I also experience mental distress when I realize that I don’t have Victoria Beckham’s nose.  Or Pippa Middleton’s ass.  So, does that mean that someone out there in taxpayer-land needs to buy me some boobs, a new nose, a butt implant, and a gaggle of personal trainers to make me look like someone I wish I was?  Is feeling somehow trapped in the body that God gave me now the FAULT of someone else to the point that they now have the responsibility to PAY for said bad feeeeeeeelings?”

      • LOL 😀 only in San Fran Nan’s distirict….

    • Annie's Mom

      Oh my…LOL…I really need that today! Thanks for the perfect typo! And…welcome!!

      • Me too! 😀

        • Inside my skin I am Loki, rightful heir to Asgard. When will Obama get me my golden helmet with mischievous horns?

          • Inside my skin there’s a winged helm warrior….she pops out on occasion, sword and all. LOL

  10. In the old days of hard-nosed journalism, i.e., before the Age of Obama, if the president was caught lying about his involvement in a government payola scandal, it would have been front page news and led the evening newscasts of the broadcast networks.

    Not anymore.

    Even with the release of an email in which an official says what, in a different media era, would become a catch phrase for administration corruption: “What’s a billion, anyhow?”

    Even with the release of emails showing President Obama personally involved in awarding loans.

    Even with the release of emails explicitly stating loans were given to help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid win his reelection bid in Nevada in 2010.

    Even with emails showing Obama donors got help from Vice President Biden in securing loans.

  11. NBCUniversal lays off about 450 in budget cuts

  12. SWISH….
    “Beyond her hosting efforts, The Washington Post reports that, according to a military officer who served on Gen. Petraeus’ staff, Kelley was a “‘self-appointed’ go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern government officials.”

    • sounds like a real winner…

      “Based out of the couple’s mansion, the Doctor Kelley Cancer Foundation claimed on its tax forms that it “shall be operated exclusively to conduct cancer research and to grant wishes to terminally ill adult cancer patients.”

      From the records, it appears that the charity fell far short of its mission. While the origins of the seed money used to start the charity in 2007 are unclear, financial records reviewed by The Huffington Post reveal that the group spent all of its money not on research, but on parties, entertainment, travel and attorney fees.

      By the end of 2007, the charity had gone bankrupt, having conveniently spent exactly the same amount of money, $157,284, as it started with — not a dollar more, according to its 990 financial form. Of that, $43,317 was billed as “Meals and Entertainment,” $38,610 was assigned to “Travel,” another $25,013 was spent on legal fees, and $8,822 went to “Automotive Expenses.”

      The Kelleys also listed smaller expenses that appear excessive for a charity operating from a private home, including $12,807 for office expenses and supplies, and $7,854 on utilities and telephones.”

  13. Another one….where does this end…rhetorical question…

    “A senior U.S. official says Panetta has stripped Gen. William ‘Kip’ Ward of a star, which means that he must now retire as a three-star lieutenant general. Ward must also repay the government $82,000.

    The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the official wasn’t authorized to discuss a personnel matter.

    Ward’s excessive and unauthorized spending were documented in a 99-page report which gave a startling insight into his plush lifestyle at the expense of taxpayers.

    Read more:–Four-star-chief-headed-Africa-Command-demoted-lavish-spending-ordered-repay-82-000.html#ixzz2C9RY4qxf

  14. Well, if Occupy was a political statement this is an even bigger one…

    […]States where residents have filed secession petitions include: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.[…]

  15. Bo spent the last six months mocking Romney’s ideas. As it turns out, they weren’t so bad. Now the Dems are supporting Romney’s tax plan. Who’da thunk it?

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