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Petraeus to testify on Friday…closed session

Questions I would like to ask;

1) What was the CIA doing in Benghazi?

2) Who were the people “rescued and what were they doing there?

3) Who decided to use an obscure 14 minute video to blame for the attacks on the facilities and, who sent Susan Rice out to shore up that meme?

4) Obama gets daily intel reports, why was he “unaware” of any of the above? Did the CIA, FBI and DOJ keep the info from him? If so, why would they assume they had the authority to do so?

None of this makes sense in the real world. The head of the CIA put national security at risk and no one tells the President? Does anyone actually believe this?

In other news, another one of the “grown ups” in charge of our government threatens a reporter…..

Reporter Dave Philipps conducted a two-minute interview with Salazar, a Democrat, at the event at an Obama campaign office in Fountain on Election Day.

The interview — recorded by Philipps and witnessed by Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation, a Colorado-based wild horse advocacy organization — was “perfectly pleasant” until the end, Kathrens said.

“He asked him about what his major accomplishments were and then asked him about his travels, what he was doing, and then he asked him about the 1,700 wild horses in BLM holding facilities,” she said. “Salazar said he didn’t know very much about it but that it was his understanding there was an investigation being done.”

After the interview, Kathrens said she tried to shake Salazar’s hand. He brushed past her, she said, and approached Philipps.

Salazar then reportedly was caught on tape saying, “Don’t you ever … You know what, you do that again, … I’ll punch you out.”

Salazar’s spokesman Blake Androff said Tuesday that, “the secretary regrets the exchange.”

The only reason he “regrets the exchange” is he got caught.  At issue is America’s wild horses being sold and shipped to Mexican slaughterhouses. As Secretary of Interior shouldn’t he know about this issue?

All it takes is a call from Big White for MO to get what she wants. It seems Big MO is a fan of “Downtown Abbey” and couldn’t wait for its premiere on Jan 6th 2013 to find out what’s going on in the series.

Michelle  Obama  is so enamored with the series that she just couldn’t wait until it airs in the  U.S. in January and “begged” british TV channel ITV to get the third season’s  episodes early, UK’s The Telegraph reports. Ask and ye shall receive — if  you’re the first lady.

“We’d heard the Obamas liked to watch it but we were very surprised when  someone from the [sic] First Lady’s office got in touch asking for the series,” ITV said in a statement to The Sun.

Read more:

See, she really is just like us.  You can bet the perks are going to expand for MO, just like the Federal government is expanding under BO, exponentially. Here they are, returning to Big White after their minimal “victory” over common sense and wisdom.

open thread……


  1. BO making a speech….he will double down on everything.

    • Is it just me, or is he repeating several of Romney’s talking points?

      • Nevermind, he backtracked quickly. On a side note, I appreciate that the press is starting to ask questions about what he knew and when. If only they had done this several months ago.

  2. Only 16 days to come to some agreement…why the hell is BO leaving on the 17th for Asia.
    Shouldn’t he be here working with Congress?

    • Surely you didn’t think things would change. He is enjoying getting BACK at the man…

      • LOL :D…now he is “the man”….not a very good one either. 😀

        • sad…. but true..Four stinking years! 😦

    • Anon

      You know they missed out on vacations this summer because of the election and everything.

  3. Whoa…admitted he sent Susan Rice out to lie about the video…

    • defending her in a paternalistic way….conflicting statements from BO, Carney, Axelrod, Clinton, et al. What an asshat!!

    • Annie's Mom

      Yep…that certainly cleared things up, didn’t it?

      • So, he lied and so did everyone else ….corrupt and disgusting

  4. Miracle!…BO’s hair is now “trimmed” and no longer gray…. LOL 😀

    • Annie's Mom

      Why am I not surprised…everything about him is fake, fraud, and phoney.

    • Anon

      Miss Clairol is magic!

      • LOL 😀

  5. conner43

    As with all things connected to this administration, it must be viewed in an Emperor’s New Clothes lens.. I believe all of O’s henchmen are under strict orders to tell him nothing. I think these orders came from Jarrett and O himself, and have been in place from the beginning. It’s a greenhorn ploy, and only works with a totally compliant and corrupt press.
    He only lets officials who also know nothing outside of their own field,speak for him, thus the weird appearances by Susan Rice on the Sunday shows.
    The U.N ambassador speaking about a CIA operation never made any sense.

    • and BO said…. still doesn’t make sense…especially since she had nothing to do with Benghazi or Libya.

      “”She made an appearance at the request of the White House in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided to her. If Senator McCain and Senator Graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me,” he said. “And I’m happy to have that discussion with them. But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador, who had nothing to do with Benghazi and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received and to besmirch her reputation is outrageous.”

      Graham to Obama: I hold you responsible for Benghazi – Washington Times

      • If that is “her best understanding,” then she is not qualified for her job. And if BO does not know what is going on at the highest levels of our government, then he us not qualified for his job.

      • srdem65

        It’s interesting trying to figure out how Rice got involved in this Bengazi thing anyway.
        Did the WhiteHouse call and ask her to go on all those shows because no one else would? or did they think that giving her some ‘face time’ on TV would help when she goes before Congress for confirmation to Sec of State?

        Someone had to tell her what to say, even though others had already said that Bengazi was a terrorist attack. She has every right to be really pissed off at the WhiteHouse for sending her out there to look like a fool.
        I’m guessing they thought it would all just go away, poof.

      • Figured it out BO is a solopsist (Definition;
        the theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist.
        extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one’s feelings, desires, etc.; egoistic self-absorption.
        He takes everything personally, as if he’s the ONLY one who exists in the US that actually counts. He can never be wrong or make a mistake because it’s all about him….

    • Yep, and those voters in OH are going to be shocked, I tell you shocked, when their foodstamps are cut and Obamaphones are no longer available. All his promises have a very short shelf life. 😀

  6. “Krauthammer to Obama: ‘Why the Hell’ Have Rice Address Benghazi If She ‘Had Nothing To Do With It?'”

    • srdem65

      Just love me some DrK, he always speaks the truth.

    • Because everyone else had run for cover…I guess he thought the words “UN Ambassador” are above reproach. HAH!!

  7. Looks as if Hamas thought they had the upper hand because of Egypt falling to the Muslim Brotherhood……not.
    300 rockets fired before Israel’s gov said “enough”…Mursi (of Egypt) said Israeli strikes are “unacceptable”….Israel drops leaflets telling Pals to stay away from Hamas….tells Hamas to not “show their heads above ground”….

  8. US Gov keeps throwing money down a black hole…corrupt gov keps their people destitute

    […]”Poverty in the Palestinian areas could have been eradicated years ago,” wrote JIJ founder and director Calev Myers on his Facebook page. “The Palestinian people should be outraged by this. So should Americans and Europeans.”

    Sadly, that does not seem to be the case. Myers pointed out that under the Obama Administration, American financial aid to the Palestinian Authority has increased 600 percent.[…]

  9. Those silly generals….BO said he has decimated Al Qaeda and they’re “on the run”…

    “Ham, the head of the U.S. Africa Command, reaffirmed the suspicion that the Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) was linked to the deadly September 11 attack on the American mission in Benghazi, which resulted in the murder of U.S. ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three others.

    “If we, the international community, don’t find a way to help the Africans address this threat, it’s going to worsen,” he said.

    “That network will become stronger and they will gain capability to export violence throughout a broader region (other) than Africa and certainly the high potential to export violence into Europe and to the USA,” he added.

    Ham said while the network did not pose an “imminent threat” on US soil, it did so for U.S. interests worldwide.

    “That network has already killed four Americans,” he said, referring to the Benghazi bombing.”

  10. US validates the Inhumane Rights Council yet again…three more years of deception and deceit…
    “Rice is, of course, no stranger to diplomatic deceit, a trait shared by her Council colleagues.”

    “By contrast, team Obama has turned heralding bogus human-rights accomplishments into an art-form. Today, Rice pointed to the Council’s “approach to Sudan” as one of its “finer moments.” In reality, this past September the Council watered down a resolution on mere “technical assistance” to Sudan to such an extent that it was welcomed as a “victory” by the government of Sudan. Behind the scenes, the European Union had fought the U.S. delegation to strengthen the criticism of Sudan — and lost. The majority of General Assembly members voting today were evidently grateful.”

    Does Rice really deserve the role of SOS?

  11. Francine

    Now there are five generals involved! I think Obama is single handedly taking down our military and taking down our country. Will the military turn on him? This is dangerous, tearing up the military a little before a probable confrontation with Israel and Iran.

    • WHAT?!? not good….not good at all.

    • srdem65

      If the General had kept his pants zippered, he would still be sitting at his desk in the CIA headquarters. Ditto, the General who scarfed money not his to spend. Ditto, too, the General in Afganistan who was so bored that he e-mailed some ditzo babe 10,000 pages of e-mail. So, who’s at fault here?

      • Pretty much everyone involved…supposed adults (men and women) acting like infatuated school kids. Where the hell are the grown ups in this craziness? Their lives are a mess and so are their brains and morals.

      • Jill Kelley seems to be a Kardasian wannabe…. 😀

  12. Jobless numbers jump….unemployment at 459,000 up for the first time in 18 months…how’s all that hopey changey working out? FOX has it at 459,000, others have it at 439,000. Either one is really bad.

    • OH filled with union idiots and their supporters…lay offs in defense and auto workers jumped…

      […]The highest numbers of new filings came from Pennsylvania and Ohio, where there were thousands of layoffs in the construction, manufacturing, and automobile industries.

      Both states had been targeted by the presidential campaigns. President Obama highlighted his record of job creation in Ohio in particular, focusing on the automobile industry. The state reported 6,450 new jobless claims in the week after the election–second-highest after Pennsylvania, which recorded 7,766 new claims.[…]

      Welcome to the real world…


    “Hispanics and Asians also saw much higher rates of poverty, 28 percent and 16.9 percent, respectively, compared with rates of 25.4 percent and 12.3 percent under the official formula. In contrast, African-Americans saw a modest decrease in poverty, from 27.8 percent under the official rate to 25.7 percent based on the revised numbers. Among non-Hispanic whites, poverty rose from 9.9 percent to 11 percent.”

    Read more:

  14. The Original

    Just wanted a video of Israel’s Iron Dome in action . . . wow! Impressive.

    • That Chicago electorate is just brilliant.

  15. Union leadership manages to destroy 18,500 jobs….this is what the bakers union calls a win?
    […]The Irving, Texas-based company had already reached a contract agreement with its largest union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. But thousands of members in its second-biggest union went on strike late last week after rejecting in September a contract offer that cut wages and benefits. Officials for the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union say the company stopped contributing to workers’ pensions last year.

    In an interview with Fox Business, CEO Gregory Rayburn said many workers had already crossed picket lines this week to go back to work despite warnings by union leadership that they’d be fined.[…]

  16. Behind the scenes…Pals push their kids to confront soldiers….what kind of parent does this?

  17. Hamas rockets hitting the West Bank….

    The Times of Israel@TimesofIsrael
    Live Blog: Reports of two #rockets landing near #WestBank settlement south of Jerusalem. Emergency services en route

    14 minutes ago

  18. Yes, Susan Rice has been a miserable failure at the UN….

    Rice has been consistently silent on other important issues and ineffective when she does engage. She skipped Security Council meetings when Israel needed defending and even failed to show up for the emergency session on the Gaza Flotilla incident.

    Rice didn’t even show up for the first two emergency Security Council meetings on the unfolding Arab Spring revolution last year. Rice stayed silent when Iran was elected to the U.N. women’s committee, she didn’t call out Libya when it was elected to the Human Rights Council, she was absent from the Haiti crisis meeting and was a no-show for the last open meeting scheduled before the planned UN vote to recognize Palestinian statehood. When she actually does show up, she is a miserable failure.

    Take the crucial issue of Iran. Rice spent the last several years undermining and grumbling about the Bush administration’s increasingly tough measures but has only been able to pass one resolution of her own – compared with the Bush team’s five.

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