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Petraeus tells Congress that ‘Obama administration altered CIA talking points’  on Benghazi

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The “act of of terrorism” part ‘mysteriously’ disappeared from the talking points.

A big Red Flag….China in the Azores? Sequestration may cost the US the base. While it has been little used, the base is strategic in and of itself. If China takes over we are boxed in on all sides.  Read it all.

Terceira, however, has one big attraction for Beijing: Air Base No. 4. Better known as Lajes Field, the facility where Premier Wen’s 747 landed in June is jointly operated by the U.S. Air Force and its Portuguese counterpart. If China controlled the base, the Atlantic would no longer be secure. From the 10,865-foot runway on the northeast edge of the island, Chinese planes could patrol the northern and central portions of the Atlantic and thereby cut air and sea traffic between the U.S. and Europe. Beijing would also be able to deny access to the nearby Mediterranean Sea.

Looks as if I am not the only one disgusted by Obama’s remarks about Rice at his presser-which-wasn’t, covered by a fawning media who let’s BO get away with diversion and BS. His remarks concerning McCain and Graham were belittling and unnecessary. If Susan Rice can’t handle criticism for her remarks, then she really doesn’t need to be nominated for SoS. She would be up against some very big boys in that position. Will BO come riding to her rescue then? What a sexist he is, first hiding behind Clinton’s and Rice’s skirts, then trying to play Galahad.  The media, as always, pandered and played their bit parts in the Obama Drama. Obviously, there must be something wrong with me for not being able to see the infatuation so many women have for this boy-man who sounded more like the playground Lothario then the leader of the free world. I find it totally disgusting when any woman shouts out from a crowd “I love you” and he says “I love you back”. His disdain for women is obvious to me. He honestly just mouths words he thinks women want to hear and, acts like he’s their sugar daddy. The flattery is false and in poor taste. So is the assumption he will take care of everything if they just don’t think and keep believing in him. Sounds like every abusive marriage or relationship I’ve seen in my lifetime.

 Powers described the president’s performance as “bizarrely” casting Rice “as some delicate flower the boys should stop picking on” for her post-Benghazi comments. “There is no damsel in distress and Obama’s paternalistic bravado in defense of a top administration official is going to come back to haunt him,” Powers wrote.

During a presidential press conference yesterday, the president rebuked Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham for their ongoing “attacks” on Rice regarding whether or not she had purposely misled the public in the wake of the September attacks that left four Americans dead.

The Democratic analyst took particular exception with Obama characterizing Rice as “an easy target,” writing that “it’s absurd and chauvinistic for Obama to talk about the woman he thinks should be Secretary of State of the United States as if she needs the big strong man to come to her defense because a couple of Senators are criticizing her.”

She continued: “The conceit of Obama’s argument is that people are picking on a helpless girl — a lowly U.N. ambassador — because they are afraid of the big bad president. Oh, please.”

Powers has been one of the few Democratic critics of the president’s handling of the Benghazi attacks, and she wrote in the column that “President Obama, incredibly, claimed that he was “happy to have the discussion” about Benghazi. Really? Because every time anyone asks the president about Benghazi he claims he can’t say anything because there is an investigation going on.”

President Obama’s silly, sexist defense of Susan Rice

Obviously caught up in his own silly yarn about meanie Senators and helpless  U.N. Ambassadors, the President complained, “When they go after the U.N.  ambassador apparently because they think she’s an easy target, then they’ve got  a problem with me.”

Imagine George Bush saying that people criticized John Bolton because he was  an “easy target.” He wouldn’t.

It’s absurd and chauvinistic for Obama to talk about the woman he  thinks should be Secretary of State of the United States as if she needs the big  strong man to come to her defense because a couple of Senators are criticizing  her.

A note to the small minded women who voted Obama into the White House; No, he’s not that into you. No, he will never be into you. No, he will not keep his word to you. No, he will not protect you from life’s misfortunes. No, he is not now your sugar daddy, nor will he ever be.

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  1. “Union: ‘Bain-style’ killing of Twinkie”

    • Annie's Mom

      I liked the suggestion that Mitt Romney purchase the company and bring it back, non-union.

      • It would show people that he really was the right man for the job. BO kowtows to the unions and loses jobs. Romney rolls up his sleeves and saves them.

  2. Sure…this was all just by coincidence…bet me!!

    “An Obama administration official says a Tampa Bay socialite whose emails triggered the eventual downfall of CIA director David Petraeus visited the White House three times this year with her sister, twice eating in the Executive Mansion mess.

    The official says that Jill Kelley, who initiated an investigation that ultimately unveiled Petraeus’ extramarital affair, and her sister had two “courtesy” meals at the White House mess as guests of a mid-level White House aide. Kelley and her family also received a White House tour. The visits occurred during the past three months.”

  3. MRM

    Lynn, thanks for this post. I’m not a big fan of Kirsten Powers, but wow… she nailed it here and it may have more impact coming from her. I am always so disappointed in her blind leftism, because it seems that she’s not really that dim. Maybe she’s in the middle of a conversion…. 😉
    Further on the Susan Rice issue, it never ceases to amaze me that the left just does not see how patronizing they are when it comes to their voting block sheep. Soft bigotry anyone?

    • Annie's Mom

      Not only did Kirsten Powers…but Judith Miller was in the same meme…

      • MRM

        Really!? wow… I hope they keep it up. I cannot imagine being in a position that required defending this administration…

    • She does seem to be reaching for a more independent view. That’s what other journalists should be doing.

      • MRM

        I keep hoping that one or two brave journalists will go rogue and pull aside the curtain…

  4. srdem65

    OT: Watching video of rockets fired between Israel and the Arabs. Reports are that some rockets are being fired from Egypt.
    I got tears in my eyes watching Israelis fall flat to the ground when the sirens keep blowing and prayed that the hatred would stop.

    I didn’t see any reports of American ship movement in the Mediterrean, but I’m guessing that our warships are on the move there to back up the Israelis. Or, I pray they are, anyway.
    We can’t just wring our hands over the attack of a small country, no matter who, without doing something to help.

    • No, our warships won’t do anything. I doubt we will even supply them with any sort of supplies like Bush did. The only thing Obama has done is give the Israeli Gov “permission” to use ground troops for any actions.

      • Waiting for 2012

        Obama will do NOTHING to help Israel, which is utterly despicable. He is so anti-Isreal it’s shameful. Love the way he gave Bibi “permission”. How big of him. How I loathe this so-called “president” more each and every day.

    • The Original

      Have you watched Iron Dome at work? Pretty amazing.

  5. A little OT, but I love it- A libertarian schools a socialist in socialism.
    “I Am A Socialist
    Well, at least once, for educational purposes.

    Have been working with socialist coworker. He collects guitars, and has been winnowing out his collection. In exchange for an unnamed item I would like, I have been repairing guitars, cleaning up & replacing electronics in pedals, etc. for him to sell on ebay. Was really only wanting a decent wah pedal, but none came along & caught my eye.
    Then I saw this.

    I picked out the replacement parts (new CTS pots to replace the ones that sounded like they had sand in them, orange drop tone cap, pearl pickguard) & had him order them; installed the usual ground shielding.

    Then I said this would be the trade.

    “That’s not really fair, is it?”

    I explained to him:
    Yes, it is. It may not be an equal trade of my services for it.

    It may not be right, depending on your values.

    But thanks to socialism, we not longer live in a country of blind objective equality. We live in a country of subjective fairness, where the definition of what is “fair” changes with the whim of whomever is in control. And I was in control of the trade. He had more than I did, and could afford to give it up.

    It is the definition of “fair.”

    And to add insult to injury, we’ll be screening my wife’s SHRUG symbol onto the pickguard.”
    Reprinted with permission of the owner of a new beautiful bass.

    • Sounds fair to me…even though the pic didn’t come through lol

      • I didn’t paste the picture, it was on someone else’s blog and I didn’t feel comfortable about posting it. It’s a beautiful Geddy Lee style Fender bass with custom fittings, and a beautiful burn orange brown hue, and a pearlized pick guard. It sounds fantastic.
        It seemed extremely fair to me. The man selling the guitars was going to make a pretty penny off of selling them, and of course, was going to sell the nicest ones and then leave the dregs for the repairman to pick over. That’s how socialists think, let’s be honest about this. They want lots of work and perks, and expect a person to be glad to have sawdust pickings in payment. They usually have no idea of what it is like to put in a good deal of work.
        I think teaching true socialism to socialists seems to be a trend worth starting up. I want to start a National Trump A Sosh Day.

        • I had a similar experience….ended up with a very high end dining table and chairs….all in perfect condition and beautiful….my choice….your story made me laugh and reminded me of that. 🙂

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