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Our man in Asia…

Here he is! Being the typical third grade buffoon..Why does he always have to make such a fool of himself in group fotos….why?  The media took notice of the “flirtation” between BO and the PM of Thailand. After seeing MO accept the WH Christmas tree this morning I can see why. Mo wore shiny too, but she wasn’t quite as effective as the lovely PM. The boob belt is back and so is the too small cardi and knee high boots.

While on his excellent adventure to Asia BO promised 6 billion dollars to Brunei and Indonesia to help them with climate change. Wasn’t that nice? All those cottage industries need all the help they can get to reduce pollution. Now that the US leads the world in carbon reduction, we have to make sure other countries receive the benefit of not only technology, but tax dollars too. Of course you won’t hear about this in the LSM, the news is too good to print or report on. The IEA is pretty happy about it, Al Gore, not so much. All that money to be made on carbon exchanges and “cap and trade” may not happen.

Over  the past six years, the United States has reduced its carbon emissions more than  any other nation in the world.

Efforts  to curb so-called man-made climate change  had little or nothing to do with it.  Government mandated “green” energy  didn’t cause the reductions. Neither did  environmentalist pressure. And  the U.S. did not go along with the Kyoto  Protocol to radically cut CO2  emissions. Instead, the drop came about through  market forces and technological advances, according to a report from the International Energy  Agency.

Breakthroughs  in how natural gas is extracted from  underground shale formations were the key  factors that led to the  reductions, the report said. Natural gas has a low  carbon footprint and  is widely available in the United States. As a  result, entrepreneurs are  flocking to extract it from new  areas.

Read more:

Of course, the UN is frustrated with the US over not signing onto the Kyoto Protocols.

Figueres also spoke if international frustration with the United States for failing to sign onto UN global warming initiatives such as the Kyoto Protocol.

“[I]f the United States does not strengthen its participation in the global climate regime under the newly re-elected president I think there will be increased frustration with the United States,” she said.

Job-killing policies such as cap-and-trade, which would limit and tax carbon emissions in the United States, died in 2010 due to the harm it would cause the economy. Figueres, though, portrayed adhering to the UN vision for fighting global warming as a way to stay economically competitive.

“Why would the United States allow other countries to pursue the technologies of the future while the United States stays with the technologies that are becoming every day more obsolete, hence losing its future competitiveness in an increasingly competitive world?” she asked. “I do think that there is going to be increasing pressure in particular from the private sector to catch up with the rest of the world, which is moving toward low-carbon technologies.”

I guess the UN didn’t get the news from the IEA.

Looks as if BO has made another major faux pas in foreign policy by backing newly elected Mursi. Mursi has granted himself new sweeping powers which ban any and all objections to his decrees and laws. Egyptian freedom lovers responded to the announcement by burning down Muslim Brotherhood offices and organizing a million man march according to France 24

Morsi’s latest decree has raised serious concerns among the international community. In a statement released Friday, the European Union urged Morsi to respect the democratic process.

“It is of utmost importance that democratic process be completed in accordance with the commitments undertaken by the Egyptian leadership,” said the statement issued by EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton’s office.

A spokesman for UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay also said the organisation was “very concerned about the possible huge ramifications of this declaration on human rights and the rule of law in Egypt”.

If you think the ME is a big mess already from BO’s foreign policy positions, wait until Egypt explodes. Syria will seem like a small blip compared to what Egypt will become. The US has gone from supporting a quasi-dictator to supporting an Iranian backed full fledged dictator. Must be more of that “smart diplomacy” we hear about and leading from behind.!

An army of bureaucrats…..From Instapundit a reader emails;

Politicians will talk about helping American manufacturers, small businesses, etc.  But instead they constantly change the rules of the game to “help” (of course it only seems to help big contributors who can navigate the rules or get special waivers). Businesses can handle all sorts of challenges, but they need to know that the time, money and effort they put in wont be undermined by a constantly changing rule book. Why would I sacrifice and risk if some politician is going to decide some day that I was too successful and take what I earned, or some competitor will pay enough to get an unfair advantage bestowed upon them by a politician.

At this point, most of the business people I know are truly disgusted with politicians from both parties. They go around making policies, rules and laws as if this is some game.  This is my business, my family and my life, and it is constantly under attack by an army of bureaucrats.

and this…..The email reminded me of this bit from Federalist No. 62 – “It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow.”

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  1. Oliver Stone Rewrites History — Again…..10 part series is historical junk on Showtime.
    Revisionist pseudo-historian strikes again…

  2. The Eisenhower Memorial…becoming more contentious by the day…the following is a letter from his family, son and granddaughters…they object due to the cost to the taxpayers and the representation of Eisenhower

    • srdem65

      You got me on this one, I have no idea what the “Eisenhower Memorial” is , where it’s planned to exist and who’s promoting it. He was probably the most important figure in WWII, but most people have no idea who he was or what he did. I was a child during his adminstration, and wasn’t even born when he led the military.
      But, if the family objects to whatever is being planned, than that should be the utmost consideration to whether it’s right or not.

      • Annie's Mom

        I had to go look…here’s what I found:

        • srdem65

          Thanks for the linky. I assume that it’s being built in D.C.?
          They sure know how to waste our money honoring their own.

          • Sorry guys, it’s held my interest so long……

      • He was also a US President and was behind the interstate. The military needed to be able to move quicker and get to destinations faster. So, the interstate highway system was born during his administration.

  3. srdem65

    Our “fashion icon” MO isn’t going to like this attention to her daughter. After spending four years trying to impress the gliteratti wiht her “fashion” and her “toned arms”, all her daughter has to do is wear teenage garb, stand tall with her slim build and she outshines Mom in every detail.
    The comments are what you would expect from “lovely family”, to “rich pampered kid” and on to the charges of racism if one had a negative thing to say.
    I just wonder at a 14yr old holding hands with Mom all the time. That’s a concern.

    • Annie's Mom

      Good grief…second article this week about Malia’s fashion icon status. The Daily Mail had one earlier…knowing we’ll see more of the Wee Wons over the holidays, it’s only going to get worse!

      • The iconic baseball jacket MO wore to the food bank was worn by Malia to a bookstore today for “small business saturday”…..MO is wearing the kid’s clothes. LOL 😀

      • Four more years!! I am beside myself with joy! s/

  4. srdem65

    OT: “J.R.” passed away today. RIP. How many hours I loved watching the rich and spoiled, mean and tricky people of “Dallas”. It was so much fun.
    The back story on “SueEllen” was so old-fashioned that it was compelling.

    Watching hordes of insane Americans push and shove their way into stores to buy things that will be on sale again two weeks from now was almost frightening. The sweaters will be 50% off well before Christmas and the electronics will be cheaper too.

    Just wondering here. I have a basic cell phone (no video, no photos) that my Grandson gave me as a free add on to his super-duper service that costs him $200 a month. How do you give a gift of electonics to someone when they will have to pay a dear amount monthly to make it work?

    • when we got cells for the kids, I paid the monthly bill. It was part of the gift.

  5. Got our lights up yesterday….polar bears are this year’s theme… LOL
    Trimming the tree today…I loooooove Christmas!!

    • srdem65

      Living alone and not too nimble means a wreath on the door, and the tree comes out of the box already decorated.
      But, Christmas cookie production starts and doesn’t end until 5 days before the BigDay. I have the time and the energy to make those treats that don’t come out of a box, or the bakery so everyone can have something old-fashionly tasty. Out comes the real butter, no substitute sugar, and the difference could make one cry.
      My Dear Mother left a cookbook of her favorites, some passed down from others long gone and that’s where I start.

      • Cookie and candy making is a mainstay of our Holiday too! 🙂
        Cakes too! Then we box stuff up and give it as gifts to the neighbors. This year it’s red velvet cakes and we’re making 10 of them (snowmen and Christmas trees). It seems to get bigger every year.
        The recipes are from my Great Aunt… didn’t do well in the kitchen (to say the very least) learning to cook and bake was an exercise in self defense… 😀

      • Francine

        SrDem, have you read any of the Miss Julia books by Ann B. Ross? There are a series of about 10. She is a southern lady of a certain age. I love Miss Julia and so many times I read what you write and get a picture of Miss Julia in my head. That is a compliment 🙂

        • srdem65

          That is such a nice thing to say, thank you.

        • I love the Miss Julia books!

      • Annie's Mom

        My Mom was the baker in her family. She baked more than 20 different kinds of cookies every year, most of them passed on by her mom. Preparation began long before Thanksgiving…first were the pounds of nuts that had to be shelled (this was the only task we young ‘uns were able to help with.) My Dad used an old hand-grinder that latched onto the kitchen table…he ground almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, even Brazil nuts. Mom and Dad spent every night in the kitchen baking 3 and 4 batches of every cookie. Then came the shipping…boxes sent to Wisconsin so the rest of the family could enjoy. He was so good at shipping cookies, the boxes arrived without a single broken cookie! (or so they told us…)

    • Waiting for 2012

      I beat you to it, Lynn II! LOL As it’s usually the only time to get all of DH’s family together before Christmas, we have to have our “Christmas” Thanksgiving weekend–or, in this case, the day after Thanksgiving. I put up the decorations on Thanksgiving. We had 17 people. I spent all of Thanksgiving cooking and cleaning (13 hours’-worth) with a bad knee (I think I tore something last Sunday, and have been limping all week). We all had a marvelous time, even with 3 new people I’ve never met until then–MIL’s niece and her BF. Only a few uncomfy moments when DH made Obama jokes, though the BF did laugh (he’s Black, I think. We were told he was Latino, but I think he’s a bit of both). We are a very political family–we’re always chatting about politics–and we despise OBummer–so, out of courtesy to the BF, whose politics are unknown, but, seeing he’s from NYC and Black, I’m willing to bet…we didn’t really speak about politics, which took some of the fun out of it. Still, he was a most charming (and handsome!) young man, and I think she made a wise choice of boyfriend. He’d be perfect if he were a Conservative! 🙂

      Lordy, my knee HURTS. I’ve been trying to rest it, but that’s impossible for more than 2 hours. I can’t stand to sit still that long!

      • Oh what fun! 🙂

  6. Public employment was used as a way for minorities to gain access to middle class lifestyles…..but, when it is no longer feasible, due to budget constraints, blacks are disproportionately hurt economically because they are disproportionately hired to public jobs and not private sector jobs, particularly in the urban areas. But, blaming the R-words is just plain ignorant. Al Sharpton marches on with his ignorance.

    […]What has not gone down is in the public sector and blacks in particular are disproportionately in the public sector. One of the reasons those jobs have gone down, or have remained down is one the Republicans are cutting a lot of the agencies, where we are the employees are government jobs, government employed and a lot of those jobs go through governors and mayors who are also have had cutbacks. So what we’ve got to do and we addressed that to the President is take on these governors and mayors as well as the private sector on why the private sector is getting all these contract and bailouts and not hiring and correcting the disproportionate amount of their employment does not touch our community and have the President and them support us in that.[…]

    Government, local, county, state, and federal, created a lot of make-do jobs when the economy was booming. It isn’t anymore….those make-do jobs had to go. Again, government policies hurt the very people they thought they were helping. Not one thing ever changes with the blue-state model and it never works, not ever.

  7. Well, that whole Egyptian democracy thing is really working out well for everyone…. s/
    on scene pics @Twitter

    • srdem65

      I’m on the other side of this; from what is known, the protesters are rioting because Morsi has chosen to give himself powers that are not in line with a democracy the people wanted.
      He took power away from the Judicary that could overrule anything he did, and set up the military to do the same thing that Mubarek was ousted for.

      But then again, they seem to love milling about in the streets.

      • But then again, they seem to love milling about in the streets.

        Yes they do….. LOL

  8. an interesting take on the need for developement in the Horn of Africa….from AnniesMom…

  9. Redistribution on climate talks agenda… we go, more promises of taxpayer money…do we really have this to spend?

  10. Iranian analysis of Obama election….hint: they love it!

    […]His thoughts were echoed in several other analyses in Iranian media. One said America is in no way looking for a confrontation with Iran and, in fact, has such a confrontation as its red line. Therefore, it’s only natural that the Islamic republic is aware of this limited U.S. strategy and will benefit from it, the analysis argued.

    Proof of that claim, the analysis said, is the recent incident in which Revolutionary Guards fighter jets shot at a U.S. drone. America reacted to the incident cautiously, not militarily, diplomatically or even publicly.

    It is with this belief that the regime has successfully dragged out international talks about its illicit nuclear program over the past four years while making significant progress toward nuclear weapons.[…]

    KAHLILI: Iran thrilled over Obama re-election – Washington Times

  11. really….”Who owns doctors, and their time and skills? The government is making a bid to.”….

    Read more: ORIENT: The right not to work for Obamacare – Washington Times

    • srdem65

      Nice find. Thanks for the linky.
      I’ve had that “talk” with my doctor. He promises to keep me on as a patient, but he and the others in his practice will not be accepting new patients from Medicare, Medicaide or any other government entity. So, where do these new patients go for care? How do we force a doctor to provide his services or the nurse or the orderly?

      Americans are used to 24 hour care, and emergency care from diagnosis to that speedy operation, but how will this Obamacare work if the doctor goes home after his shift?
      Friends from Canada say their system works for ordinary care, but they would rather come to America for the rest.

      The comments on this piece are really thoughtful and almost scary when all things are considered. The only thing we can hope for is that Congress takes this act apart, piece by piece if they can’t destroy it for something that makes sense.

  12. I hate them. I hate that jug eared commie koranimal mass murdering lunatic stole this election and the pubs do nothing. I will never vote for a republican again, for anything. I’m done with the other head of the two headed snake.

  13. Carole

    Moo didn’t disappoint me. Wig just stuck on her head in a sloppy manner, shiny metal tire rim around her waist(or wherever it was belted) and the icky black stockings or whatever. Malia’s outfit was odd to me. Teenagers usually have some sort of fashion modern look. Her outfit looked like an old top from Moo and teenage looking skirt. Malia does not seem like a perky or happy teenager. She seems like an old teen to or a person that lacks the social awareness. Now this is just my observation not based on anything I have read or heard.

    • srdem65

      Assuming they are typical teenagers; they are “ashamed” of their weird parents, dress to annoy adults, have drama fits over nothing much, and think the world revolves around them.
      With that in mind, it must be horrible for them to be stuck in the WhiteHouse, surrounded by armed guards, never free to just go to the Mall with their friends or even use electronic stuff like phones or i-phones to communicate with their pals.
      Add on to all that, they must hear over and over how Whtie people hate Blacks, that racism is rampant, and through no fault of their own, they must be wary of all White people.
      It’s sad. I feel sorry for them and the position they are in now.

      • I know kids like that…taught that whites don’t like them because of skin color, taught to fear people over race.
        When they learn by associating, they change. That’s part of the problem I have with all the stress NAACP and Sharpton (all the race mongers) put on the color of people’s skin. It hurts our kids deeply and profoundly.

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