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mo ford center_thumb[31]I know you remember this shiny silver number worn by FLOTUS,  but a new goldUS-POLITICS-OBAMA number took its place as the arts were celebrated this weekend at the Kennedy Center.CENTERTAINMENT-US-USA-KENNEDY-HONORSLook at those toned guns! No one outshines MO in the glitterati department. She chose a gold lamé chiffon encrusted shoulder gown for this particular occasion, by Michael Kors from his Resort 2013 Collection. Isn’t it nice neither MO or BO are being affected by the economic problems facing so many of the rest of us? If either were being graded on self importance, they would both get an A+. MO can’t help herself, even she applauds who she is, right along with the rest of the supplicants in attendance. I suppose being one of the most shallow people to ever reside in the White House is now considered flattering and, they will need a few more billion to be entertained.

Update…MO  in gold

BO was out campaigning again to assure Americans it’s his way or the highway. He’s even suggested the executive should be able to raise the debt ceiling without benefit of congressional approval. He warned the R-words, if they didn’t pass his outrageous demands, there would be no K’NEX under the Christmas tree for them. The D-words are delighted about the “fiscal cliff”. While they pretend they don’t want all the tax increases heading our way, in all reality they are rejoicing, it means more money to spend on their beloved entitlements. With that 2% payroll deduction implemented by BO and his progs two years ago, which affected Social Security, we now face another shortfall. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Raising taxes on those making more then $250,000 won’t affect people like Warren Buffet or George Soros. They live off of investments and have zero payroll income. It will punish small businesses and married couples. In other words the middle class. From Clarice Feldman at American Thinker

  Marriage  Penalties. Means testing and joint filing has resulted in hundreds of  billions of 
marriage penalties for low and middle-income households.  Essentially, when moderate-income couples marry, their marginal tax rate moves  up from, say, 25 percent, to the 50 and 80 percent ranges

If they decide to raise the rate on investment income, those with 401k investments will be severely hurt. Most of them depend on the dividends to help secure their retirement.

We keep hearing from the left “elections have consequences”.  The consequences of this election is to create a permanent Democrat majority through government manipulation and social engineering. In other words a permanent underclass dependent on the Government. How sick is that?

In addition to all the other problems with highly  subsidized, income-tested health care benefits, will come an even more permanent  underclass which, being economically rational, will choose not to earn another  dollar rather than lose more than a dollar of benefits.

Conservatives often speak of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid  axis as seeking to create a permanent Democratic majority through big government  handouts. This implicit marginal tax analysis shows that it is much worse than  it seems; the permanent big-government majority will not be there by choice, but  by government-created economic necessity….

A permanent, Democratic-voting majority living off  government benefits with no way out. It really is that bad, and this really is a  once-in-a-lifetime chance for the Democrats to achieve a permanent,  economically-enslaved majority.

Which brings us back to what the D-words really want,  more taxes from hardworking Americans to support an under class to keep the D-words in power in perpetuity. It isn’t that complex and the plan is as simplistic as it gets. Tell me that isn’t evil.

open thread…..


  1. The Original

    Just am not really sure I can take another 4 years. With what is very apparent to me that voter fraud was rampant during our last election, I am very frightened that our nightmare won’t end in 2017.

    • The Original

      Yeah, I heard about that this morning. Wonderful news for their families!

    • Good news is always welcome news! 🙂

  2. The Original

    I seriously am considering just not listening to the news for at least a year. It is just so depressing. So, if I do that, I am going to depend on you guys because this is one of the places where I will go. I am so concerned that we aren’t going to make it.

    • Yes we will make it!
      We have to be creative thinkers….2014 is not that far away…. 🙂

    • From the comments…sung to the tune ‘Santa Claus is Coming To Town’

      you better not work.
      you better not try.
      you better not earn.
      I’m telling you why.
      Obama Claus is coming to town.

      He sees you when you’re building.
      he wants what you all make.
      he’ll tell the 47 per cent.
      that being rich is a mistake.

      oh you better not work.
      you better not try.
      you better not earn.
      I’m telling you why.

      Obama Claus is coming to town.

      he’ll tell you to be thankful.
      to bow down and give thanks.
      or he’ll send you to a FEMA camp.
      to get your thinking “straight”.

      oh you better not work.
      you better not try.
      you better not earn.
      I’m telling you why.
      Obama Claus is coming to town.

      he’ll give you a free cell phone.
      say Obamacare is great.
      he’ll tell you being a success.
      is something you should hate.

      oh you better not work.
      you better not try.
      you better not earn.
      I’m telling you why.
      Obama Claus is coooming tooo tooown!

    • Twice as many as last year. Festooning with taxpayer cash and they won’t even be there.

    • Waiting for 2012

      And more and more people this year can’t afford Christmas dinner…

  3. Is she trying to wrestle Dustin Hoffman?

    • Has a death grip on him doesn’t she?…. LOL 😀

      • Well, it does look like he’s fighting back. I bet he can hold his own.

        • “I told you to sit down, the spotlight is for me, not you”
          {comment from MO not heard, to Hoffman)

  4. Really….
    “We enter this month an endgame as per the Mayan prophecy. The fall is at hand, but things don’t break because storms challenge New York or comets obliterate the earth. They break because cultures, liberal or conservative, refuse to let go. They cannot adapt to new thinking and cling instead to the old, the worn-through, the irrelevant. And this year they marched David Letterman into the Kennedy Center. David Letterman? Previous awards have gone to Leontyne Price, Fred Astaire, George Balanchine, Ella Fitzgerald, Henry Fonda, Martha Graham, Tennessee Williams, Count Basie, Alvin Ailey, George Burns, Merce Cunningham, Isaac Stern, Cary Grant and Jimmy Cagney. These celestials today welcome Letterman into their sanga. Can there be any greater harbinger of the end times?”

  5. R-words counter with an offer which seems more than reasonable….D-words won’t take it….they want the taxes raised on everyone. They lie and obfuscate to keep the public stupid.

  6. Glenn Reynolds has his own take….looks like the R-words did exactly what he has suggested….

    […]1. Adopt the Bowles-Simpson Plan. The plan was the product of a bipartisan commission, chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, appointed by President Obama to address America’s ballooning deficits and national debt. Most experts agree that it’s a pretty good plan. President Obama didn’t like it because it shrinks government too much.

    Tough. It’s a plan, which is more than President Obama has offered, and from a bipartisan commission he appointed. Can Obama get away with vetoing that? Can Senate Democrats get away with rejecting it and bringing on the automatic cuts and tax increases of the sequester? Doubtful. Plus, though the press tends to cover for Obama and blame Republicans, media types love Bipartisan Commissions.[…]

  7. I always thought Simpson Bowles was a reasonable, sensible plan. O dismissed it without even a glance.

    • …after appointing them to come up with the economic plan in the first place…he’s a flaming hypocrite.

  8. to morrow BO and MO will be hosting the ‘Congressional Ball’…a black tie affair. No wonder no one seems to have time to negotiate, they’re all too busy partying…

  9. About that Syria thing BO and Hillary have going now….

  10. Rewarding the bundlers, betraying the rest of us, BO and the Chicago Way.

    “President Barack Obama is considering nominating Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, to be either his next ambassador to the U.K. or France, as he looks to reward his biggest fundraisers with embassies that never seem out of fashion, according to two people familiar with the matter.

    Wintour, 63, may have some competition for the London posting, with Matthew Barzun, the finance chairman of Obama’s presidential campaign, also interested in the job, officially known as ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, said the people, who requested anonymity.

    Both Wintour and Barzun were among Obama’s biggest bundlers in the campaign, with each raising more than $500,000 to help re-elect the president. Marc Lasry, the managing partner and founder of Avenue Capital Management, covets the Paris embassy, said the people.”

  11. Mo’s dress looks like something she picked up on her last trip to Vegas, all it needs is blinking lights…

    • There was a light show on her face from the encrusted top of the gown… LOL
      Similar to a disco ball effect…. 😀

  12. Lynnie…we have been commiserating for so long, I feel as if I could walk into your kitchen and pour my own coffee.. I don’t know how you keep up, as things stand, I now look at half of our fellow citizens as dumber than doorknobs and wonder how long the rest of us can keep propping up all the racketeering and fraud, and being called racist at the same time.
    It sometime seems we are living in a world even Orwell would have found shocking.
    Have you heard from Birdie since the election?, I think I know how she must feel.

    • srdem65

      I know how you feel. I’ve decided to put my feelings on hold until after the holidays. I’m not going to let Christmas with my family be clouded by my feelings of despair.

      I don’t know if I can put into words how I feel, but it’s almost like we’re aliens in our own country now. Heterosexual, religious, not dark-skinned, working, tax-paying people are now hated by the media that is driving the conversation. To be patriotic and to honor our Constitution has been called ‘traitorous’ or likened to ‘terrorism’.
      I don’t understand what happened, but I’ll give it some more thought Jan 2.

      • Great minds….the left wants you to feel that way….

    • I keep the coffee mugs in sight just for that reason! 😀
      We must have all been on the same brainwave….that’s my rant for today! LOL 😀

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