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St. Nicholas Day

st_-nick-shoesWidely celebrated in Europe, St. Nicholas’ feast day, December 6th, kept alive the stories of his goodness and generosity. In Germany and Poland, boys dressed as bishops begged alms for the poor—and sometimes for themselves! In the Netherlands and Belgium, St. Nicholas arrived on a steamship from Spain to ride a white horse on his gift-giving rounds. December 6th is still the main day for gift giving and merrymaking in much of Europe. For example, in the Netherlands St. Nicholas is celebrated on the 5th, the eve of the day, by sharing candies (thrown in the door), chocolate initial letters, small gifts, and riddles. Dutch children leave carrots and hay in their shoes for the saint’s horse, hoping St. Nicholas will exchange them for small gifts. Simple gift-giving in early Advent helps preserve a Christmas Day focus on the Christ Child.

I’ve been thinking about the “fiscal cliff”…….since Obama cut the payroll tax by 2% and that would expire for everyone working, has already added a 3.8% surtax on investments in Obamacare, plus added a 1% tax increase in Obamacare, what difference will it make?  They’re already ripping off the middleclasses and retirement investments. It all comes down to a simplistic, ignorant world view, The Kingdom of Fairness;

All the old criteria that decide in a free-market economy how much we are able to make — education levels, hard work, personal responsibility, particular tastes and values, skill sets, self-discipline, or even sheer luck, accidents, relative health or inheritance — now matter far less.

Instead, Obama’s all-knowing, all-powerful federal government, through higher taxes, more spending and greater deficits, will set right what the unfair marketplace has so skewed. At last, we learn what Obama really meant when, in unguarded moments, he sermonized about “redistributive change,” the need to “spread the wealth,” knowing the proper time not to profit, and at some point making too much money.

Do we need any longer to heed the ancient advice — scrimp to leave something behind for your kids; try to get a promotion; make sure your savings account is larger than what you owe — if some inequality results?

There is now only one commandment in the new Kingdom of Fairness: Make less than $250,000, and the government will ensure that you, the deserving, get your fair share. Make more than that, and the government will demand that you, the undeserving, will pay your fair share.

Is that not the most childish thing ever? Kids, when having to go to bed earlier than their older siblings, say “it’s not fair”, adults like Obama should know better. The largest disparity in economic equality happens to reside in the blue states. Good luck with that CA, NY and HA.

UPDATE: Lighting the Christ….er….Holiday….no…the Festivus Tree (that’s the ticket)President Obama And Family Attend Nat'l Christmas Tree Lighting

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  1. Ward Connerly ….wins a lot of battles against institutionalized racism….feels BO has demeaned a whole lot of people….equal treatment under the law

    “Connerly saw an “enormous difference” between the standards for black, Latino, and Native Americans and those for Asians and whites while serving as a regent for the University of California for 12 years. A ‘C’ student would have better chances than a ‘B’ student, depending on his race.

    The Civil Rights Act “guarantees to all Americans equal treatment under the law, not preferential treatment,” Connerly said. “There’s no question that affirmative action represents preferential treatment.”

    Connerly said that preference has outlived its purpose. “The whole premise of affirmative action,” he said, “is that we live in a largely racist society. … That notion is profoundly rejected when the American people elected a brown-skinned guy.”

    “That action—and that action alone—ought to dispel the accusation of institutional racism,” Connerly said.

    Connerly is not a supporter of the president.

    “He has polarized us into the haves and the have-nots,” Connerly explained, and “he has demeaned a lot of people in the process.”

    • and this…..all true
      “Additionally, he said, affirmative action has hurt the black population of the United States. “I think it’s prolonged this legacy that black people are inferior—that we are incapable of carrying our own weight,” Connerly said.”

  2. It does something to a person’s self esteem, I’d think. Imagine the feeling deep down inside that you are ‘still not good enough’, and received special treatment because you could not make it on your own. Older AfAm women I know are proud of their college accomplishments, because they earned them. This was before affirmative action. Those college degrees are a precious win. Now the degrees seem to be a participation award. Imagine participating in a foot race where you started fifty feet ahead of everyone else. You’d look at the situation and be insulted, “What!? Do they think I’m that slow that I haven’t got a chance to win fairly?” That type of thing can eat at the back of a person’s mind.

    • Exactly right….affirmative action has caused a lot of damage to the minority psyche.
      They’ve been indoctrinated to feel inferior in so many subtle ways.

  3. Two tour Iraqi vet, homeless a year ago, with PTSD spreads joy…makes people cry

    “On Monday, he made the holidays a little bit easier for two dozen strangers. Butler was standing in line at a Georgia Power office waiting to pay his utility bill. He heard another customer talking about how difficult it had been to make ends meet. He paid that couple’s $230 bill and then kept going. When he was finished, he had doled out $2,000 to pay power bills for 20 people.

    “This was the anniversary of me being homeless and now I am putting smiles on other people’s faces,” Butler told ABC News.”

  4. […]The Obama administration secretly gave its blessing to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, but American officials later grew alarmed as evidence grew that Qatar was turning some of the weapons over to Islamic militants, according to United States officials and foreign diplomats.

    No evidence has emerged linking the weapons provided by the Qataris during the uprising against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi to the attack that killed four Americans at the United States diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, in September.

    But in the months before, the Obama administration clearly was worried about the consequences of its hidden hand in helping arm Libyan militants, concerns that have not previously been reported. The weapons and money from Qatar strengthened militant groups in Libya, allowing them to become a destabilizing force since the fall of the Qaddafi government.[…]

    Like we didn’t know this already?

    • Second term Preezies shouldn’t get all the hoopla….100 million? BO and MO just love a carnival, especially when someone else pays for it.

  5. srdem65

    OT: I just watched the WhiteHouse video of Bo, the dog, inspecting the Christmas trees.
    In almost every snip, his tail is dragging on the floor and in one his tail is definitely between his legs. Dog owners know what that means. Poor dog….

    Lynn2; please do your magic…find the video for everyone. It’s sad.

      • srdem65

        You are the best of the best. Thanks. Though, watching this again just makes me sad.

        • 😀

      • Bad rip off of the Barney Bush videos. It’s obvious the dog’s being coached and probably not by a happy Christmasey voice, which was dubbed over by the music.

        Then there are all those trees ! Goodness, can you say excessive decadence, especially by a family that claims not to celebrate Christmas?

        • MO is all about decadence…as long as she isn’t paying for any of it. When, in their private lives, did they ever spend 20 days in HA on a vacation out of their own pockets?

    • Barney, and later, Beezie, used to inspect the place like they owned it, but of course, they were Scotties! I recall a liberal cousin bemoaning the cost of filming a dog in the WH. I wonder what he thinks now? I’m sure he thinks it’s just precious.

    • That is one unhappy doggie–it is obvious that poor Bo is being coached–as a matter of fact in one frame you see a person ducking behind the tree, probably the trainer. This looks like an attempted rip-off of the Bush’s happy little Scotties playing with the Christmas ornaments.

  6. Wrong all along….Palin warned everyone…recanting now ….{shakes head}

    “Let me elaborate. Regardless of the politics involved and what you may think now, Sarah Palin did one thing that we shouldn’t forget. Put aside all other actions, failures, controversy and animosity for just a second about Palin and consider this: she warned us about Barack Obama.

    She stood up and said clearly, openly and without reservation just exactly what Obama would do and how he would do it. She said that he had socialistic — if not Marxist — views, that wealth would be taken away and redistributed and that he would create a new economic dependent class. Not to mention a power grab in the justice department and what appears to be complete control over all government functions, regardless of opposing dissent.”

    • srdem65

      Oh, yes. There will be a lot of regret before the next four years are over.
      Thinking back to all of the hatred and ridicule that was heaped upon MrsPalin’s head, of all the terrible things said about her innocent children, just makes me sick.
      She is truly a remarkable woman to have come through all that they threw at her and still stand tall.

      She warned us about Obama, about the ‘death panels’ and a whole lot more.
      I hope she finds a way to run for public office again. She’s an American treasure.

      • I’m still appalled at the so-called feminists. No matter what their political views, trashing Palin was just outrageous. And, look at how Geraldine Ferraro was treated by the Obama campaign. they tossed her, First female to run for high office, and she was treated like a pariah. Women aren’t supposed to do that to other women. Hell, she’s more accomplished then Mo will ever be. Obama too.

        • I think she was Hillary’s finance chair when she honestly mentioned “Obama wouldn’t have gone this far if he were white”. She was beaten over the head with the race card til she stepped down. It’s how the Obamas roll 😉

          • They also beat her up for complimenting Palin on her VP run. She was happy to see another woman chosen for the second highest office. She was savaged for that one, big time.

  7. Oh this is rich….really? really?

    […]Romney’s post-election behavior has been, in a word, small. Never again, likely, will his voice and influence be as powerful as they are now. Yet rather than stepping forward to help find a way out of the fiscal standoff, or to help his party rebuild itself, he delivered a perfunctory concession speech, told wealthy donors that President Obama won by giving “gifts” to minorities, then avoided the press at a private lunch with the president.[…]

  8. Hid that coat in the back of her closet for 3 years….. LOL 😀

  9. More on the Tree lighting ceremony….MO kept busy looking for the photorapher….and mugging for the camera

    • You’d think she’d just let the Wee Wons hit the button by themselves…butt, no, her hand had to be right in there.

      • Oh no, MO is the ‘star’ in this movie… LOL

    • srdem65

      Goodness, are they all color blind? I see MO found her puke green leather gloves to wear with her teal coat and the children….my oh my. And there was FirstGranny with her sour puss again

      I’ll say it again, BO with his oldest daughter just looks creepy..

    • The Daily Mail always has the best photos, especially MO Mugging shots and those creepy false eyelashes.

    • srdem65

      I’m old enough to remember when battered women were thought to have brought the violence on themselves and men were never brought to justice. It wasn’t that long ago, really.
      There’s still a lingering thought among many that battered women should do “something”, leave their horrible home, have the batterer arrested, but there is more to this than simple thoughts. Just as rape victims are placed in different catagories still (and they are), the law isn’t just a simple thing when it comes to violence.
      Until someone finds an answer to the question of why these women stay in a violent relationship, we really can’t stop the violence.

      • Getting out still has to be better than getting killed. Especially when battering always escalates. I just don’t understand why women or men would stay with a batterer or abuser.

      • I have a neighbor, she really has lots of problems, who went through the same thing on Thanksgiving and came to my home to hide out. She was hiding out from her baby daddy because he was getting violent. She told me a year ago, “we’ve been together for 5 years and I love him”…I said to her “what’s love got to do with this?” Told her again on Thanksgiving all the love in the world will not change who he is and that he’s an abuser. Also told her she had been doing so much better in the 6 months she lived without him. She agreed with me. She is terrified of him and has no reason that I can think of to let him back in. He’s lazy, a womanizer and, he likes to abuse women. Some people are just bad.

  10. WH press is having a hissy fit……may be locked out of ‘private’ swearing in…

    • srdem65

      There’s something fishy about this “private” oath-taking. Just like the supposed screw-up oath-taking four years ago.

  11. Vindictive Dems…really stupid people …wants BO to punish the state because of a law passed by the legislature…

    • srdem65

      All they’re fighting about is compulsary union membership and the confiscation of union dues. If a person wants to be represented by a union and wish to pay the dues, they’re free to do so.
      It’s the “free” that’s really got them upset, because they know that working people don’t want to pay “union dues” that only go into the pockets of the bosses and the politicians.

      BTW, MichaelMoore, another loud-mouthed wealthy liberal, should mind his own business.

  12. Housing Authority head being sued for discrimination…..sounds like a whole lot of racism to me….He should be fired for this….

    “”Allegations of racism and other discrimination against San Francisco Housing Authority Executive Director Henry Alvarez are flying in lawsuits filed by his subordinates,” the San Francisco Examiner reports. It’s a man-bites-dog story inasmuch as Alvarez is black and his accusers are white–the reverse of the usual race-discrimination stereotype.

    In one lawsuit, Tim Larsen, a lawyer who works for the authority, alleges that Alvarez “told him to ‘stop being so Anglo’ and that he ‘did not have enough kink in his hair,’ ” reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The Examiner adds that “Alvarez allegedly asked Larsen to climb a telephone pole to cut down some dangling shoes. When Larsen questioned why he was being asked to do the task when it was clearly not in his attorney job description, Alvarez allegedly replied, ‘you and I are like Captain Kirk and Spock; you will never escape me.’ ”

    Then there’s this: “Larsen . . . claims Alvarez denied him a promotion based on his race, . . . admitting he would have granted the promotion ‘if you had more melatonin in your skin,’ according to court documents filed last month. The suit surmises that Alvarez actually was referring to ‘melanin,’ a hormone that determines skin pigment.”

  13. The Judge said it all…DOJ with egg on its face…BO-the-liar loses one
    “Judge Brian Cogan mocked the “accommodation” on religion liberty outlined by President Obama in regards to his health care law’s contraception mandate while ruling against a Justice Department motion to dismiss the Archdiocese of New York’s lawsuit against the regulation.

    “There is no, ‘Trust us, changes are coming’ clause in the Constitution,” Cogan wrote in his ruling against DOJ. “To the contrary, the Bill of Rights itself, and the First Amendment in particular, reflect a degree of skepticism towards governmental self-restraint and self-correction.”

    Cogan was referring to the fact that Obama’s promise to accommodate the concerns of religiously-affiliated institutions that would have provide free contraception.”

    • srdem65

      I could never figure out why the Dems and the Libs don’t want women to have children. The “free” contraceptive issue is out of touch with the actual cost of most things on the market for those who want to prevent contraception. And, it’s only available “free” if you actually have an employer sponsored health insurance policy.

  14. srdem65

    OT: a few days ago, after a cup or two of lovely tea, I ended up watching the world’s worst movie ever made but couldn’t stop. Called “Red Light” it starred George Raft, Virginia Mayo, Raymond Burr (Perry Mason), Henry Morgan (Dragnet/ M*A*S*H*), William Frawley (I Love Lucy) and a lot of others who became well-known later in life
    .It was fun watching these soon to be famous people “pay their dues” before hitting the jackpot.
    The acting was great, but the story line was ridiculous.

    The last time I watched something terrible but couldn’t stop was a science-fiction movie that was stupid and funny (it was supposed to be scary).
    I’m going to have to cut back on the lovely tea.

    • I watched a 1922 silent film last night…’The Loves of Pharoah’…it was perfectly delicious…
      Found this in the New Yorker…

    • Waiting for 2012

      Srdem65: Would that other movie be Plan 9 From Outer Space, by any chance? 🙂

      • srdem65

        YES! I had to google it to be sure. There is a u-tube of the “best lines”, made me laugh all over again.

        He says ‘ I saw a flying saucer’ she replies ‘you mean from up there?’ lol

  15. Illegal alien gets kidney transplant…..what about the American citizens witing for the same donor organ?

  16. srdem65

    Our Arizona newpaper reports that 20% of all Arizonans are using food stamps- 1 in 5.
    Our food banks keep running out of supplies and things are really tough here.

    Our local supermarkets and restaurants donate food to an outfit called “Waste Not” that is distributed to various charities like the Salvation Army and churches that serve food to the hungry and to the food banks.

    It’s a horrible thing to think of Americans that don’t have enough money to buy food in this day and age, it reminds me of the stories my Dear Mother told of growing up during the depression where feeding a family was very hard.
    What I don’t understand is why people are going to the food banks and free food places if they get food stamps. Is it not enough to buy sustainable food for the family or are they foolishly wasting the food stamps on foolishness?
    Fresh fruit and vegetables are very inexpensive here as most of it comes from Mexico, milk and meat products are priced way lower than they are in the Northeast, so why aren’t they eating?

    • srdem65

      There are supermarkets selling fresh tomatoes for 35 cents a pound, sweet potatoes at 80 cents, lettuce at 2/$1, chicken 89 cents a pound, milk $2 gallon, bread $1 a loaf……………….

      Food is reasonable here even in December.

      • Kids get breakfast and lunch at school here (all free) the Rec Center serves dinner for k-12 five days a week too. Their EBT cards can be loaded each month for “food only” or “cash”. Which one do you think most use?
        Food prices may be higher, but so are the freebies given.

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