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18 Democrat Senators have written to Harry Reid asking for a delay in implementation of the Obamacare medical device act. Each and everyone of those Senators voted for it before they were against it. Now the same Dems who voted for this job killing piece of garbage are admitting it’s a job killing piece of garbage.

In a letter  to Majority Leader Harry Reid, 18 Democrat senators and senators-elect have  asked for “a delay in the implementation” of the Obamacare medical device  tax.  Like most of the significant tax increases in Obamacare, the medical  device tax is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2013, conveniently after the  2012 presidential election.

Each of the 18 Democrat signatories voted for or supported Obamacare in the  first place.  And now they want a sweetheart exemption from one of its most  onerous provisions. Even in Washington DC, that shows a lot of gall.

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The list of asshats is at the link. Would it surprise you to find out they are some of the farthest of the left leaning in the Senate? When the tax kicks in, they may just have some difficulty being re-elected in 2014?

Unions in MI are in a snit. Right to Work Legislation has been passed and forced collection of dues is over. Those who wish to join a union will be able to do so, but have to pay the union directly out of their paychecks. Those who wish not to join a union do not have to contribute to it. Seems very “fair” to me since unions use the majority of their dues for political purposes to retain powerful lobbies, for “general overhead” and benefits.  You have the right to not pay union dues

Michigan voters had an opportunity five weeks ago to preclude the legislature from taking this step by passing Proposal 2, which would have amended the state constitution to make closed shops and forced dues collection unassailable. Even while right-to-work critic Barack Obama handily won the state by nine points, Proposal 2 lost by 16. The legislature took that result as a sign that Michigan voters want reforms that put them in charge of their own paychecks.

Workers should have the right to organize for the purpose of collective bargaining with their employers, if they so choose, but workers should not be forced into funding unions as a condition of employment.

Looks as if the term ‘pro-choice’ does not fit into the Democrat talking points after all.  The times they are a changin’ and unions are seeing the writing on the wall and do not like it one little bit.

MO delivered a bag of toys to the Toys for Tots drive. She dressed as the Great Pumpkin and forgot to bring her smiley face. Mo frown toys MO frown toys 2

Does anyone else think MO would rather be some place other than there? Being part of ‘teh WONS’ should exempt her from such menial tasks. The only time this woman seems happy is when she gets to show up as a ‘fashion icon’ being entertained and fawned over by the media and her acolytes. What happened to the sincere, humble, concerned MO we all saw on the campaign trail?

MO frown toys 3She might try Mooooving a little more.

open thread….

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  1. Congrats are in order…
    “Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager has confirmed she is expecting her first baby – as her father, former President George Bush, joked that he expected his grandchild to call him ‘Sir’. LOL 😀

    Read more:–daughter-Jenna-Bush-Hager-confirms-shes-pregnant.html#ixzz2Er4tAttI

  2. srdem65

    MO reminded me of a temp Christmas hire working for minimum wage in a large warehouse.
    No doubt, she doesn’t want to be there. At. All.
    Now that the election is over and they have a free ride for the next four years, we won’t be seeing anymore of her “good works”, smiles, or entertaining small children.

    • Butt, we will be seeing more of MO’s horrendous costumery (is that a word?) and First Clown Show….

    • Anon

      Wasn’t she miserable last year when she did that? and the year before that . . .

    • Waiting for 2012

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, butt…I kind of like the orange top, especially at the bottom, where it’s sheer. I think she was trying to go for loose and flowing–at least it’s not skin-tight, like most of her get-ups. Her wighat, though kind of dirty-looking, is a more flattering, softer style–it’s longer than before. And yes, I think she’d much rather be somewhere else! And I wish she were somewhere else…like Chicago. Permanently.

      I think in the last pic, she’s not busting moves, but perhaps she’s got her hand out to the Marine to have him hand her another red thing (?) It looks as if they were giving out the red things to a line of kids (?), and were hurrying (?).

      I still destest the woman, despite my praise!

  3. Looks like the “fog of controversy” has cleared somewhat for some in the Progressive Senate.

  4. Our government-created financial crisis……to be ‘solved’ by the same people who created the problem in the first place….what could go wrong? Walter Williams has some thoughts on that.

  5. MOTUS has her own special reflections of MO …. 😀

    • srdem65

      With the sour taste of looking at her ‘sour’ puss still lingering, I happened to catch MrsLauraBush on TV gushing about the impending birth of her first grandchild. How nice to see her so happy and it brought back memories of her WhiteHouse years when everything she did or said was gracious and good-natured. Miss her bunches and made me all the more sorrowful that MrsRomney isn’t going to be our new FirstLady.

      OT; a little
      Last week, the cashier at my fav supermarket told everybody in line that she was going to be a grandmother next June and she was thrilled. Everybody smiled, wished the woman’s daugher-in-law and soon-to-be new mother a healthy pregnancy and a fine baby. We were all strangers to each other, but shared in the joy of a new birth. sigh. really nice.

    • The Original

      I hope that last little remark at the end does not mean another wee O is on the way. Wouldn’t that just set the left on their ears.

  6. What started out as another Michigan union thug story, has turned into a feel good for the good guys:


    • srdem65

      Thanks for the update. I assumed that the hot-dog man wouldn’t have any kind of insurance on his little business so he would be devastat ed by the union thuggery.
      But, miracles? or American kindness, he’ll be back in business soon with all the generosity shown toward him.

      How horrible to attack a ‘little’ guy trying to make a decent living.

    • Self righteous contemptible bullies. They act like it’s still the fifties, and call us regressive. With OSHA and inspections, NLRB and Federal Laws, the unions are obsolete.
      It isn’t their safety that’s in jeopardy.

  7. srdem65

    I’d like to start the day with some good news; the earth didn’t end yesterday as predicted and today is the beginning of a new era in something that benefits all of us:

    Finally! We’ve all worn out the volume buttons on our remote, but now we can relax.
    For all of the programming that has the volume of speakers set too low, the commericials that are too loud, we say….bye-bye.

    (we have to take the good news, no matter how small, where we find it and rejoice)

    • Now if they’d only ban doorbells and telephones ringing in commercials as they ruin perfectly good naps 😀

      • What’s a nap? 😀

    • That is good news!

  8. conner43

    Unions, and apparently, their members, are Neanderthals of a bygone age. When they first started, their cause was noble, they have worn out their welcome on the backs of the broke taxpayers. My daughter started out as a teacher in a right to work state, when she was approached to join the union, she told them to get lost.. She is now an administrator and out of their grasp..I think her independent spirit, and work ethic, really helped her get ahead, well that, and taking never ending ‘courses’ to stay ‘upgraded.’

  9. Well, we told them so…. {{sigh}} congress critters and their over inflated egos are so much smarter, better, knowledgeable, educated…why are they so damned stupid? It always feels like a sequel of ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

    “CA Blue Shield Seeks 20% Rate Hike – Blames Obamacare”

  10. conner43

    Obamacare will go the way of so many failed programs..but not before it does enormous damage.And the prices will never go down, even after it’s gone, maybe that was the point.

    Just a comment on Moo and her fat kids lunch program and other fiascoes ..I think it will be interesting to note what new nitwit scheme she attaches to herself. If you believe she wants to be a national figure, long after hubby is writing his 12th memoir, she needs to stay in the public eye. She also needs the free plane rides to ‘promote’ her Socialist agenda, and the chance to wear new outfits.. She, unfortunately, is not going to disappear…
    The elephants in the room are the murder and drop out rate in Chicago and the 70 plus % of unwed births in her beloved ‘community.. Those would not cross her see no evil radar screen, apparently, gangbangers vote, or she thinks they do.

    • Good news….Dept of Ag has decided to relent and let the kids eat more, meat included. MO’s Fatkidsbehind has backfired. 😀

  11. Dumb as dirt….incredibly rude and ignorant

  12. In honor of srdem’s feel good moment of the day….this is mine… be patient and watch it all

  13. Partying and golfing…highlights of December with the WONS…
    “An administration official said the White House is hosting more than 25 holiday parties this month. A White House spokesman wouldn’t confirm that number but said the president and first lady are hosting parties for “volunteers, members of Congress, White House staff, Secret Service personnel, White House reporters and Americans from across the country.” In all, about 14,000 people will attend a White House party or reception this holiday season.”

    Read more:

  14. News says 18 children are dead and 8 adults in Connecticut. Totally evil….
    WTH is wrong with people?

    • srdem65

      I wish we knew. Who kills kindergarten age children?
      If there’s one thing universal, it’s the impetus that all adults have to protect innocent children from harm. We may not ‘know’ the children or their parents, but we all grieve for the senseless violence and pray for all concerned.
      We all lose when something like this happens. A sad, sad day for all of us.

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