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“We all lose when something like this happens”

An entire kindergarden class is unaccounted for in CT.  What kind of evil person does this kind of thing?   I can’t even begin to imagine the grief of the families who have lost their little ones.  Today, I’m going to grieve with them.

When did we become such a coarse and ugly society……….

open thread….

Update;  Two more children have died from their wounds in hospital…..


  1. srdem65

    I cried for the familie’s loss and for the children who live on.

  2. The Original

    I can’t imagine how those families are doing tonight. I bet they hurt in places that they didn’t know could hurt. They got up in the morning and sent their children off to school feeling they were safe. Now their world has crumbled. I just cannot comprehend how they are surviving through all of this.

  3. srdem65

    Let’s face it; humans are violent killers and have always been that way. Before guns there were knives and swords, before them were stones and spears, arrows, blunt instuments, poisons, lethal snakes and animals……………all of these were used to kill someone. We kill each other with bombs, run them over with our vehicles, push them over the cliff, we’re very inventive killers.
    “Thou shall not kill” is an ancient commandment to humans because we have been killing each other since the beginning of time.
    What keeps most of us from murder isn’t a ban on firearms, but our beliefs in God, forgiveness, a understanding that civility is the best way to live. We can’t control those who have no faith in anything or those whose minds have strayed from the norm, all we can do is be alert and pray for those who have lost their humanity.

    • It is sad to lose so many young lives. I feel for the brave teachers who knew what to do, and some must have thought this out. One teacher ushered her class into the bathroom and had them stand on the toilets, to hide their location. Her classroom led into the bathroom.
      Now teachers must be proactive in children’s safety. Must there be a safe room next to every classroom now? There is an image circulating on the net showing an Israeli teacher, she is armed. Evidently it’s status quo in Israel. Gun bans and guns laws would only work if guns never existed. As guns do exist, it’s possible for the lawless to get hold of them. A criminal has no obligation to bans or laws.
      During King Herod’s rule, he condemned all male babies under a certain age to be killed, we must remember this. This act was carried out with an army and swords.

      What floors me is that the mother had an ill son, but evidently didn’t secure her firearms in a safe place! If he had no access to her firearms, what would he have used instead? knives? Gasoline?

  4. Carole

    I have never been afraid of an attack while teaching. Now I will be more aware of what is going on as I walk from the office to a classroom. I have taught 7 to nine years olds and they are so refreshing in their thinking. My heart is just bleeding for the parents that lost their children, especially at Christmas time. I know teachers that would protect their students first without thinking of their own safety. They are loving and nurturing by nature. May God’s love shine down upon the Newtown community and help them through this horrible, horrible ordeal. My heart is just full of sorrow for the Newtown community.

  5. srdem65

    The MSM is still reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre. It’s time to let go while the families bury their children and give them some privacy.

    Every young schoolchild in America must be at least somewhat frightened by what happened and it’s time to get the story off of every news program.

    • Yes, it is time the pornographic media stops their incessant chatter.

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