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National outcry and kneejerk reactions

“National outcry” and “mandate” seem to be the bywords of the Obama Administration but, only when it suits their agenda. The media and the talking heads proclaim and pound the airwaves and new laws are enacted to save us from ourselves, even though laws already on the books are not being enforced. The hypocrites crying out for new gun laws are the same people who didn’t speak out over government complicity in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican women and children, or Brian Terry. ‘Fast and Furious’ gunwalking to drug cartels wasn’t important because it wasn’t in their own backyards and, it was sanctioned by Holder and covered up by Obama claiming “executive privilege”. While Obama secretly chooses to arm “rebels” (also known to us as Al Qaeda) in foreign countries, which I’m sure are causing the deaths of many young souls, he hypocritically feigns outrage over deaths in our country. Arming Libyan so-called insurgents got our Ambassador and many others killed.  Federal prosecution and enforcement of existing gun laws is down 45% under the Obama Administration while they have turned most of their attention and resources to the ‘War on Drugs’. Children all over the world are dying violently due to the policies of Obama, not a peep out of the LSM. It’s not in their backyard. Today Obama will announce the formation of a gun control task force headed by Joe Biden. What could possibly go wrong?

Biden’s mission – to coordinate a process among government agencies to formulate policies in the wake of the Newtown shootings – comes just days after an event that appears to have generated a national outcry for greater efforts to stem gun violence.

As most of you know, I live in a metropolitan area. There have been some gun related deaths, majority of them related to gang or drug turf violence and all done using illegally obtained “street guns”.  The city enacted a “castle law” a few years back and it absolutely cut down on home invasions. It is rare we hear about that problem anymore because the thugs are being confronted by armed homeowners. That law has saved a lot of innocent lives. We also have conceal/carry laws. Thugs now have to think twice before accosting anyone on the street, their lives could be on the line. Our city became a safer place due to those laws. It seems to me Obama and Holder should clean up their own backyards and their gun proliferation problems.  Arming drug cartels and Al Qaeda with military style assault weapons, without benefit of Congressional approval, which kill our soldiers and government officials and then demanding changes in gun laws in the US is the height of hypocrisy.

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  1. srdem65

    I see it as an hysterical reaction to the horrible massacre of young children, not a reasoned approach to the solution of treating the mentally ill.
    There is no outcry for action against the senseless killings in Chicago of Black youth against other Blacks. Far more have died or been wounded in the killing streets of Chicago than the same in the war zone of Afganistan.
    But, no one, not the President, or any prominent political leader has called for confiscation of the firearms in the hands of thugs.

    I don’t know why some Americans feel the need to own massive firepower from semi-automatics all the way to combat tanks, but that is their right granted by our constitution.
    I’ve seen estimates that there are over 300 million firearms held by citizens in America, but that figure is probably too low. Americans have been buying and selling firearms for generations.

    Besides, if it wasn’t for American citizens owning firearms we would be singing “God Bless the Queen” instead of our National Anthem.

    • The Original

      If someone had been treating Lanza medically instead of just ignoring his issues, maybe last Friday wouldn’t have happened.

      • According to the ACLU, forcing anyone to take meds or get treatment violates their civil rights.

        • Unfortunately, if a person is over 18, nothing can be done without his/her consent. I know this from experience, having had a family member with severe mental health issues. The sad fact is that the affected person often feels that they are ok, the rest of us are the ones with problems. That is why it often is very difficult to keep a person with mental illness on their meds–they feel that they don’t need them and you cannot force them to take them or to enter a facility unless they become a danger to themselves or to others. This all too often doesn’t happen until something unfortunate happens–in my family’s case the person nearly starved to death since she was convinced that eating was a thing she didn’t need to do.

          • that is so sad… makes no sense that family members can’t intervene until something is so bad it becomes a life or death issue.

          • srdem65

            A dear family friend became, I don’t know, something happened. He no longer bathed, ate food from a can, shouted obscenities at his neighbors, lost his job (of course) and lived in a dark house until he was evicted to live on the street. We were left with no one to help, no one to intervene, we knew something went wrong and needed to be fixed but he was an adult, we weren’t even family.
            We lost track of where he went, or even if he’s still alive.
            There has to be a median approach to mental illness, something.

    • the “culture of violence” is mostly in the thug community. The killings are mostly criminals killing criminals here. I actually could care less…..none of them are innocent.

  2. Benghazi report isn’t looking good for BO or the State Dept…..negligence on a grand scale….failure of leadership and management deficiencies at the senior level…

    • The Original

      I hope that Hillary gets some of the dirt of her.

      • Yep, kills her chances for 2016…that concussion sure made it easy to avoid Congressional questioning.

    • srdem65

      The report will end up in the round file, no one will be called out to take responsiblility for the deaths.

      All in all, they’re still hiding the reason the CIA and the Ambassador were in Bengazi. Why did he meet with the Turkish diplomat there? And, who directed the coverup that lasted until after the election?

  3. The Original

    I live in the country alone. I have a shotgun. Last winter someone tried to break in in the middle of the night. If I had the gun then, I would have scared the life out of them. Now I am ready.

    • Good for you!!

  4. Green Dragon

    Been hearing on some of the conservative talk shows that lsm anchors have had their heads handed them by the gun experts they have had on their shows. To give the interviewer credit,, they let the in view go out and remain on their website.

    • LSM and those screaming loudest have security details. Those security people are armed.
      Bloomberg walks around with 5 armed security. Obama and family, Biden, all the top officials have security details ready and able to defend and kill, they just don’t want you to be able to defend yourself because you aren’t important enough.
      The hypocrisy of this is just breathtakingly stupid.

  5. This really pi**es me off… ATF personally owned gun found at the site of another muder in MX….sold online to who?

    “Agent Gillett was one of the agents found at fault for Operation Fast and Furious by the Department of Justice’s inspector general. In Fast and Furious the ATF allowed over 2,000 guns to walk into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. These guns have been linked to the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and over 300 Mexican citizens. Hundreds are still missing.

    The inspector general is trying to determine how Agent Gillett’s personal weapon wound up at the crime scene. He told CBS News he sold it to someone over the internet. The weapon is an FN Herstal pistol and is preferred by the Mexican drug cartels. Agent Gillett insists he did not do anything wrong. He will not name the person who bought it and claims he asked the purchaser.

    However, in a letter to the inspector general, Senator Charles Grassley included three Form 4473’s because Agent Gillett lied on the forms. Lying on these forms is a felony. Instead of providing his address Agent Gillett listed the ATF Phoenix office and a shopping mall.”

    more here..

  6. “With over 500 murders in Chicago this year, that city’s homicides outnumber the U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan.”
    Black people and Brown people only count when Dems need their votes. They get suckered every single time. One would think they would have figured it out by now.

  7. My husband was in the sporting goods store last night looking at guns. The clerk that helped him was supposed to have been off three hours earlier. The shelves are bare of any long guns and the ammo for them. If you can find one, the price is crazy. I can tell you, here in Idaho, if they come after our guns, it won’t be pretty. People are scared and buying any and everything.
    It is crazy and a little scarey. My mild mannered husband who is not a gun enthusiast bought one just because we are being told we shouldn’t have one. His comment was “the government may try and tell me what to do, but it won’t work in this case.” A lot of people feel that way.

    • srdem65

      Americans are exeptional in many ways, and the most important is that we haven’t given up to the government dictates. Can’t have alcohol? ha! Can’t have a cig? ha! where’s the weed? They’ll never get our guns. never.
      We’re not buying the chinzy electric cars, we want to go fast in a real car. Force restaurants to make smaller portions without salt? we’ll vote with our feet and go somewhere else.

      I predict when Obamacare comes into full effect, an outcry will force Washington to change everything, to eliminate certain provisons and the whole thing will start to collapse.

      • LOL…we are a cantankerous lot when it comes to being ordered around by our “betters in government”… 😀

    • Pat him on the back for us…. 😀

  8. We’re all pretty busy at this time of the year….there are so many errands to run and final touches to deal with…If the world is still here tomorrow there will be a new thread up.
    Keep up the good work….in the words of Arnold, “I’ll be back” 😀

    • srdem65

      We’ll still be here tomorrow.
      All of you up in the northern tier of states; keep warm, enjoy the snow, and use it as an excuse to quit shopping for Christmas presents.

  9. srdem65
    • Sounds about right LOL 😀

  10. conner

    While the Second Amendment is a ‘right’ and this may be threading the needle a bit more than necessary, I do think any ‘rights’ we claim are only legitimate when they don’t infringe on the rights of others. Assault weapons fall into the ‘infringement’ area, in my book, as do cannons and tanks. However, when we have a gun running AG, and a gun running State dept, not to mention a President with a kill list, I don’t see how the gov’t has the slightest right to any moral high ground here.

    • Exactly…..and the media says nothing about it either.

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