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Perfect timing for the awesome panderer-in-chief. BO has issued an “executive order” that will end the pay freeze on federal  workers.

fed pay raise“And the timing isn’t great either: Just as President Obama and Congress try to avert going over the “fiscal cliff,” he doles out pay increases to federal workers.”  This absolutely is as offensive as it gets. While businesses struggle and families struggle to make ends meet, Obama blithely signs away another 11 billion of taxpayer monies over the next ten years.

“Three reporters interviewed New Yorkers (most of whom, statistically, voted for Obama) of all income groups, asked them what they earn per year, and passed on how much extra they’ll be paying unless a comprehensive deal is worked out.”  Well, needless to say, those who were informed of their new tax bill freaked out. Too bad they weren’t paying as close attention to the speeches of teh WON. BO and his Dem cohorts planned this all along. They want the tax hikes, but don’t want to look like the bad guys. All that extra revenue is is sending them into a drooling euphoria. Once those tax hikes go into effect, they will never, not ever, be repealed.  Added benefits for the poor, more social justice programs, redistribution of wealth, a Progressive wet dream.

There are some Liberals (big L) that have come to realize the poverty programs are not working out as expected. Read it all at  City Journal

But the government’s unprecedented expenditures failed to bring about the decline in poverty that Johnson had promised. Instead, they made things worse. Neither city hall nor I comprehended that the “community action” organizations on which we lavished taxpayer dollars would entrench dependency by urging people to get on the welfare rolls. War on Poverty funds paid for social workers, community activists, and lawyers to organize the poor, but these organizers, far from lifting poor people out of dependency, helped them sign up for more—and more expensive—welfare programs. For instance, the National Welfare Rights Organization urged single black mothers to protest the welfare system’s eligibility restrictions, and the organization’s goal was to flood the system with new clients.

The activists succeeded beyond their wildest imagination. By the end of the 1960s, during a period of economic prosperity and low unemployment, one out of every seven New Yorkers was on the dole. By 1975, War on Poverty spending (in inflation-adjusted dollars) had tripled, and the percentage of poor families’ income supplied by welfare had risen from 7.5 percent to 14.1 percent. Under the pressure of the advocates, government programs emphasized “welfare rights,” postponed self-sufficiency, supplied unproven and expensive services, and left most welfare clients out of the workforce. That’s perhaps the main reason that, as some pundits quipped, “in the War on Poverty, poverty won.”

Since the majority (not a very large one) voted for big government, let them pay for it. Everyone from the least to the wealthy. Then and only then will they even begin to realize exactly what we have been opposed to for the past 4 years. We have no right to keep piling debt onto our children and their children. Marc Thiessen had this to say….

Big government is great if you don’t have to pay for it. Well, now it’s time to pay the bill. Maybe when the costs of the stimulus, Obamacare and exploding entitlements are finally deducted from their paychecks, Americans will rediscover the virtue of smaller government. If they don’t like paying higher taxes to allow for more spending, there’s a simple solution: Demand that politicians in Washington cut taxes and spending instead of expanding them. And if they won’t do it, elect men and women who will.

Until then, Republicans need to stop protecting Americans from the consequences of their decisions to elect profligate politicians.

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  1. Sorry for the delay…phones were out yesterday….DSL was giving me fits this morning….
    Another 6 inches of snow…. and snowing again.
    Sledding weather! 😀

    • srdem65

      Brrrrr, I don’t miss it one bit. Stay warm and safe.

      It’s going to be 55degrees today in Phoenix and while that might seem like a heat wave to all those who will be scraping ice from their windshields, remember that less than two months ago it was 105 degrees here. Relative-ity speaking, we’re “freezing”.
      I know, I know… hoo.

      • Been out shoveling 3 times. Soon as the walks get uncovered, the snow covers them again. Not too much wind today….quiet big fat flake snow is falling now.
        Broke out my wool socks….I plan on shoveling again a little later…. LOL 😀
        When we’ve had “warm” winters, I actually missed the snow. It’s also good to replenish the drought stricken areas…more snow, more ground water.

      • this is what it’s like 😀

  2. srdem65

    Wage earners and investors taxes are going up, no matter what, if anything, the Prez and Congress put together. They NEED, want, MUST HAVE, more of your money to spend for all the foolishness they can find. Oh, they’ll tell you it’s for Grandpa, and the poor, but really it’s to fund all those stupid studies in colleges and think tanks that try to determine why, uh, flys love to buzz around our faces when we’re sleeping or something.

    Social Security disbursements will rise in 2013, but so will what we pay for Medicare…so …just about net even there.

    OT: a little
    The owners of Hobby Lobby have decided that they’re not going to go against their Christian principles and provide things mandated by Obamacare. They threatened to actually go out of business before they’ll buckle to this kind of force.
    What I don’t understand is why the Govt. insists that any insurer pass our “free” contraceptives to women, when every other pharmacutical, at best, has a co-pay. There’s nothing “free” about blood pressure/ heart related/ serious illness meds, or for that matter, where’s the “free” condoms for men?

    • The Free Clinic and others pass out free birth control already. Just like any pharmacy, you fill your script there.

    • Hobby Lobby, honestly, is the best art supply store in my area. The phony hipster art students in my area don’t know what they are missing. The widest variety at the best prices. Now that’s being taken away by the hipster art students who voted for Obama.
      I don’t understand why, with so many Planned Parenthood centers, is it needed for we taxpayers to shell out for birth control, in fact, sadly we already are, with the funding of these clinics.
      Honestly, in my heart, this is what I think- If a woman can afford the booze to get drunk enough to sleep with some of the bozos I see them with, they can take some of that Reunite money and buy birth control.

    • Our country is screwed up. Look at what happened to that poor woman in India. Look at what happens to women every single day in the Middle East. And we are fighting for free birth control?!?!?

  3. Two questions;
    1) How does Preezy and the Dem Senate justify raising the debt ceiling when zero budgets have been passed and appropriations haven’t been addressed? (How can they possibly know how much money they need?)
    2) Why haven’t the jobs bills passed in the House been brought to the floor in the Senate for a vote? What is Harry Reid and BO afraid of by presenting the jobs bills?
    More Americans working, more revenue coming in.

  4. There is a third question;
    3) Why are just one or two lawmakers executing some sort of bargain behind closed doors….again?
    It’s like Obamacare all over again…making deals on who gets what ‘pork’ to vote for a plan?
    Transparency, my ass!!

  5. Happy New Year Birdies ! It was no surprise when I got my Word Press “report card” this was my #1 Post of the Year:

    Ahhhh, memories 🙂 Unfortunately, my #2 post of 2012 was about Sen. Scott Brown’s wife, from Jan 2010. WP suggested “you write more about her in 2013”. 😉

    Of course, all my top commenters came from Team Lynn, thanks guys and much love, luck and happiness in the new year !

  6. srdem65

    MrsClinton has a blood clot and is being treated in the hospital.
    My first thought was ‘yeah, right’ until I gave it more thought. My conclusion: she didn’t faint as a result of dyhyration as was claimed, but passed out from a blood clot, maybe in her throat that restricted blood to her brain. As a result, she fell on her face…maybe a broken nose or black eyes or worse and that’s why she didn’t appear in public. Many people get concussions from sports or accidents and except for strenous physical activity like football, they just carry on with their everyday lives. The most dangerous time is within 48 hours of the injury, but after that, it’s just an injury that will heal itself in time.

    Her doctors didn’t discover the real reason for her falling until perhaps she fell unconcious again. After all, she’s 65 yr old, not in the optimum physical shape, flies much more than an average person, all of which could contribute to a blood clot. The treatment for a blood clot is heparin, but if it’s next to the heart there’s usually surgery to open or clear arteries with stents or medical balloons.

    Or she could be perpertrating an elaborate lie to prevent any testimony under oath about Bengazi and the cover-up. I don’t know.

    • I do feel horrible about this situation. She was simply run ragged. There’s a pot boiling in every country now, and it seemed that she had to attend to each one. I feel the Clintons have not been treated very well by this administration.
      The newspapers have even reported what I’ve said all along- the dot com boom was responsible for the economic luck during his years. The newspapers! I never was a fan, for all during his administration, I felt I was walking along a dot com cliff, but they don’t need be treated this badly. I read all president’s autobiographies, it’s a job that very few people have had, and I must be honest, though I wasn’t a fan, “My Life” by Bill Clinton is one of the most entertaining. I can see why so many people felt he was charismatic.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Someone at work today told me that the cause of her dehydration was having a case of the Norwalk (stomach) Virus. I can beleive it–hubby & I had it over Christmas–he became dehydrated. It made him dizzy, and he nearly fell in his bathroom–and he’s far younger than Hil. It’s a NASTY virus; take my word for it. I’m still feeling tired exactly 1 week later!

  7. Srdem, You are absolutely correct. Considering the constant travel, time zone chaos, and her physcial condition, she is, at the very least, a prime candidate for hypertension, and a whole field of stress related illnesses..It is not inconceivable that the thought of testifying triggered a stress related incident..

  8. srdem65

    News reports that AdamLanza’s body has been claimed by someone who wants to be anonymous.
    As a parent, I would be horrified that my child had done something so monsterous as he did, but I could not forsake him in death. Millions of parents have children who have done awful things, or who sit in prison for their evil deeds, but how do you turn your back on your own child.
    I remember a reporter asking JeffryDahmer’s parents how they felt about their son after his evil was discovered and his mother said “I hate what he did and am so sorry about it, but he’s my son and I still love him”.

  9. srdem65

    It’s a New Year finally. I hope we can put 2012 behind us as a bad dream and move on to a bright future.


    • Agreed. Happy New Year, ladies!!! May 2013 bring health, love and happiness to all of you.

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO LYNN II AND ALL THE FABULOUS BIRDIES!!! I wish you all nothing but the best this year, and I look forward to our wonderful conversations.

  11. Carole

    Happy New Year dear birdies!! May 2013 bring you many blessings, good health and lots of fun and joy with your loved ones.

  12. srdem65

    Like a glutton for punishment, I watched the Congress critters argue on c-Span this afternoon. sigh.
    All I got was that they’re mad at each other and things are not going to go smooth.
    They argued over BO’s stupid across the board pay raise for all federal employees and one idiot actually said that because the workers hadn’t had a raise in two years, they “saved” our country billions of dollars.
    With that logic (?), all those unemployed people are “saving” their former employers billions of dollars, too. Heck, if the place of employment closed, wow! think of all the money “saved”.
    How do we elect such stupid people in the first place?

    • Waiting for 2012

      Didn’t Obama actually claim (about a year ago) that welfare/food stamps were “creating” jobs? Mind-boggling “logic”!

  13. srdem65

    They all got what they wanted: everybody’s paycheck will be smaller. All the talk about taxing the “rich” and never a word about the SocialSecurity and Medicare taxes getting higher.
    And, if anyone thinks that those monies will actually go to Seniors and disabled people or to pay for Medicare expenses….ha. the money goes right into the federal money pot.
    Added to that misery is the certainty that in years to come, Social Security just won’t be there for anyone, or payments won’t begin until a person becomes 75 years old or worse.

    They cut nothing, they eliminated nothing, but plan on spending more and more of our future.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Just got my 1st 2013 paycheck today. I will now be paying over $800 EXTRA per annum in the Social Security tax. Ain’t Socialism great?!!!

      Gee, with tax hikes like this, I just can’t WAIT until we start getting taxed on Obamacare! Now, THAT’S something to look foreword too, gals!

  14. Francine
  15. Francine

    P.S. The thing I feel makes the most sense (I am a nurse) is she would not be treated with anti-coagulants if she had a concussion, absolute no-no due to possible brain bleed.

    Happy new year everyone! I have been absent due to election fatigue and disgust at another four years of Obama nonsense.

    • Glad to have you back Francine. Happy New Year. Don’t be a stranger. I think a lot of us are election-fatigued and disgusted w/ what’s going on in DC. But the solace I find is that we have each other, and as someone said, it is always darkest before the dawn (or something to that effect). We WILL get through this. I just have to believe that we will. We may have lost the battle(s), but not the war. Good and right ALWAYS prevail over wrong and evil. It just doesn’t always happen as fast as we want it to.

    • srdem65

      I heard a doctor explain the same thing on a TV program; that her treatment and injury aren’t compatible with the explanation given by (?) somebody.
      What strikes me, is that neither her husband nor her daughter have stepped in front of a camera and said something like “she’s fine, getting the best care, yadda, yadda,” All we’re getting is silence. A spokesperson for her could do the same, but nobody’s saying anything.

      I’ve read the same thing about a plane crash in Iran and the death of a military man (suicide?), too. If it’s true, why hide the truth? It could be explained as a diplomatic mission and considering how biased the MSM is today, they wouldn’t have made a big deal of it..
      Why lie. Why hide the truth about her condition?

  16. Francine

    I read the article to my husband Srdem and he said that too and also said maybe he has misjudged her and she was trying to do something good. I don’t understand the silence about her condition either, very strange.
    And Kathy, you are right, good always prevails! So tired of waiting for it though. I was thinking today of a quote I heard years ago from a mother who lost a young child and her mantra was “always blessings, never losses.” There are reasons for everything and though we might not understand at this moment, it is better to think the things that happen are blessings. I don’t know if I will ever understand any blessing from the Obama presidency but time will tell.

    • Jimmy Carter brought us Ronald Reagan. Look ahead to whomever it is Obama will bring us.

  17. srdem65

    The little devil on my shoulder won this afternoon when I took great pleasure in reading about GovChristie of NJ whining that Congress didn’t give him $60billion of our money yesterday.

    Oh boo,hoo, Gov. Why don’t you call your BFF, Barack, and ask him where “your” money is? What’s the matter, Gov, didn’t your hugging of Barack make things better? boo hoo

  18. Hi Birdies..I just got out of the hospital, and talked to Lynn. Her router is down, and although she paid for over-night delivery…still no router. She’s hoping to be back up tomorrow. Whew! What a start of a new year!!

    • Annie, I hope you are ok. Best wishes for good health and a fantastic new year. Stay healthy! Thanks for the update about LynnII. I hope she gets her router situation fixed asap!

  19. Carole

    Annie’s Mom hope you are doing fine. 2013 is not getting off to a good start. My niece called me around 10 this morning to tell me that my sister, Jean, in Minnesota passed away about 15 minutes before she called me. The nursing home called her at 3:45 AM to say that my sister was struggling to breath and they could hear gurgling sounds. She was suffering with pneumonia again and had terrible breathing issues and a high fever. Thank goodness my niece was at her bedside when she passed. Now that I cried my eyes out, I guess I will have to make some kind of arrangements to fly to Minnesota and have my husband’s nephew look after him. I know God wanted my sister to come home to him so that her long term health and mental problems would be over and she could have eternal rest and peace.

    • Carole, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. I wish you and your family God’s peace in this sad and difficult time. My sincerest condolences.

      • Carole

        Thank you Kathy

    • srdem65

      My deepest sympathy for your loss. There is no good time to lose a loved one, but we take comfort in knowing that those who are gone are in God’s hands.

      We’d love to hear about the good memories you have of your sister if that helps ease your grief. We’re here for you.

    • My deepest sympathies to you and your family. You have had a hard road to walk lately. Prayers are with you.

  20. Carole

    My sister had a very troubled life emotionally, but she always reached out to keep close and deep owm she had a heart of gold. I will miss her letters that someone wrote for her almost on a weekly basis or at least every month. She loved to play bingo at the nursing home and won quite often. The people seemed to love her at the nursing home and she was a social butterfly that loved to be in the mist of whatever was going on in her surroundings. I am so happy that I was able to pay monthly for her to get her hair done. She looked so nice when I was there in the fall visiting her after one of her pneumonia battles that was life threatening. I thank God for allowing me to be with her everyday for over a week. I have cried, not for her passing, but for the years that she battled ill health after becoming diabetic, obese, and having a stroke. She spent most of her life fighting emotional difficulties. My heart is heavy, but lightened with the fact that now she will have eternal peace and rest from all that she suffered.

    Srdem65 thank you for your caring words and you did help me bring some comfort to the loss of my dear sister.

    • srdem65

      No need to thank me. I found that remembering a loved one who passed helped ease the grief, and sharing those memories with others meant that they will not be forgotten.

      When my dear Mother passed, I found comfort in memories of her that came to me in odd moments; a Thanksgiving message on TV reminded me of the time Mother’s oven quit in the middle of baking a 20 lb Thanksgiving turkey. She took the dinner disaster in good humor and served “Thanksgiving toasted cheese sandwiches” with the rest of the fixin’s.

    • Carole, I’m so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers during this difficult time.

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