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Zero tolerance

Being a Democrat is hard. There is nothing easy about racing from one outrage to another in the constant search for a Utopia that does not nor will ever exist. Shrieking and wringing their hands in despair over our so called “culture of violence”, they demand zero tolerance. So, we end up with six year olds suspended from school for playing “cops and robbers” on the playgrounds. Really? Does anyone believe this is a serious deadly threat of gun violence?

Feminism was, at one time, a principled belief. Feminists weren’t out to destroy and degrade men, just be equal in society and the work place. It meant being independent and free to choose who and what you wanted to be and do in all aspects of your life. But, feminists have decided there is just too much testosterone floating around in the US, thus the ‘war on men’ began. Now, a five year old can be deemed a ‘sexual predator’ for kissing a little girl on the cheek or even hugging another child. Even young girls are being caught up in this ridiculous haranguing of our children. Even an innocent game of tag can bring down the school heavies (known to most of us as teachers and principals) “Oswin said his child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed. He was suspended, and a sexual battery charge was placed on his permanent school record.”

Last week the new issue of American GQ came out and it neatly encapsulated where western feminism is today.

Does anyone think the use of children in BO’s announcement of new gun controls isn’t a blatant play for political purposes? Does anyone actually think a government that trafficed highpowered weapons to drug cartels can now claim the moral or righteous high ground? Does anyone really believe that the only people entitled to protection and the means of self defense are the political leftist elite and their friends? Living in an urban environment gives me a different perspective. Since few of us can afford the type of armed security that our “betters” have, we quietly and legally purchase our own means of self defense. Since the thugs have no idea who is armed, they have second thoughts about attacking. Call me cynical, but I really could care less if the bangers and thugs kill each other. In my view it’s a public service.

Crisis mongering is the by-word of this current Preezy and his cronies and the hyper-reactive left. Is it any wonder Americans are so depressed, cynical and discouraged? Honestly, not one day has passed in this miserable pResidency when there hasn’t been a crisis, mostly manufactured by the asshats in the White House.  The real crisis we face is our ever escalating debt and a Preezy and Congress who act like the American taxpayer is their personal ATM. The real crisis is in another 10 years federal welfare will climb 80% (according to the CBO) Want to know what a culture of violence really looks like? Spend some time looking at the news outlets of the ME. While the Preezy extolls the virtues of a violent culture on one hand and, even supports the arming of Islamists like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood with military weapons of war, he wants you to be defenseless.  We even support the most violent terrorist states through foreign aid.  How damned hypocritical is that?

The Second Amendment is there for a reason. One that rarely gets brought into the debate on gun ownership. Andrew Klavan is absolutely right

In the Second Amendment, the founding fathers sought to protect us against any Rubicon-crossing by granting Americans the right to bear their own arms and form home militias. We own guns, in other words, to defend ourselves from the possibility of government tyranny. It is part of our foundational contract with the American state. This is why, whenever some anti-gun idiot on television cries out, “Why would a hunter need an automatic rifle?” the correct answer is… well, unprintable. The hunter has a 30-06 in his gun cabinet for hunting. The M-16 he hides in the cellar is for the next American Revolution.

As with the death penalty, the argument of the progressives is that times and people have changed. Our democratic institutions and traditions are now engraved upon our hearts, they say, and no longer require the elaborate constitutional safeguards the founders provided for us. Civilized by the years, our leaders no longer pose the threat of tyranny, and guns only serve to give the anarchic power of death to individual lunatics and rednecks when it should be reserved to the state.

The conservative argument is, to put it succinctly: “Not so much.” Once again, we aggravating creatures of the right can’t help pointing out that human nature has changed neither a jot nor a tittle since we hightailed it out of Eden. Those who in ancient days sought to rule us in the name of our own good are still among us, and the only thing that keeps them on their side of the Rubicon is, in the words of that great patriot Neo from The Matrix: “Guns. Lots of guns.”

Gun control is a way of rubbing Middle America’s face in the fact that it doesn’t run things.

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  1. O/T just a note to let you all know where our Allen West will be in the future….

  2. 23 gun control measures….signed by BO today
    9 and 10 seem to have already been broken by the DOJ

    • The last one is a hoot….
      #23 Launch a national dialogue led by Secretaries Sebelius and Duncan on mental health.
      They should call Charles Krauthammer for some advice. Neither one have his expertise in the area of psychiatry.

    • Waiting for 2012

      #4 REALLY disburbs me. On the surface, they hope you’ll think it’s all about the mentally ill or criminals. Wanna bet they bend that rule to include Tea Party members and libertarians, etc., or anyone who speaks out against the Bamster? Remember the list of “who could be in a militia or a domestic terrorist” a couple of years ago?

      #5–Wanna bet we’ll have gun safe lock inspections someday? You’ll have to register your safe and have periodic inspections at your home. Wouldn’t put it past them.

      And what does the Centers for Disease Control have to do with firearms?

      I find it especially rich that Eric “Fast ‘n Furious” Holder will be in charge of some of this.

    • Waiting for 2012

      We can’t find ANY ammo in Wal-Mart (2 of them) and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All sold out. People here are buying “assault” rifles like crazy. We would if we could get one…or two…:-)

      • Well, that is …WOW!!

  3. This man is both a joke and a disgrace. Aren’t most of these already in place?

    • Another PR photo-op…pretending what he’s doing will stop gun crimes….it won’t
      BO admitted as much at the beginning of his little photo-op

    • Enforcement down 40% since BO took office….what does that say about the DOJ and Obama?

      • I think F&F taught us all we need to know about BO’s brand of law enforcement.

        • YEP, hypocrites to the bone…..liars too.

  4. Well, speaking of the “culture of violence”….

    A British worker has been killed and 41 people held hostage by Islamic militants who raided a BP gas complex in Algeria in revenge for French attacks on rebel groups in neighbouring Mali.
    Seven Americans are also among those being held in a compound where the al-Qaeda-linked group is threatening to detonate explosives.
    On the border of Libya….

    Read more:

  5. I love this one….
    The San Antonio man said he keeps the loaded pump-action 12-gauge shotgun in a safe for protection.

    He hopes he never has to use it again, but it makes him more confident knowing that it’s there when he needs it.

    The criminal was subdued without Mr Cavazos firing a single shot.

    On Tuesday, a San Antonio homeowner confronted two men in his driveway who he believed were trying to steal his SUV. He fired a handgun several times.

    One of the suspected thieves was killed. The other is in critical condition at the hospital.

    Read more:

  6. entertainment industry hypocrites want to keep Zero Dark Thirty out of the Oscars….artistic license for me but not for thee…

  7. God bless, Gov. Rick Perry

    “Statement by Gov. Perry on President Obama’s Executive Actions”

    • Excelllent statement. Pity that Mr. Perry was recovering from surgery during the Republican primary campaign and wasn’t up to the stresses involved at that time.

      On another topic, I wonder if any of those children “writing” those touching little notes to “the president” were involved in those sing-alongs praising Barack Hussein Obama, mmm,mmm, mmm?

      • Sadly, I looked at all those little smiling faces and thought, “Mama’s little darlings- until they learn to think for themselves.”
        Liberal mothers dearly love their little sheep, but any dissension, it’s instant hate and gritted teeth.
        What LynnII says about how wearing it is to be a liberal, it truly is. So many causes, and so many other liberals demanding money time and talent, never doing any of the grunt work themselves.
        The children’s photo op session is an embarrassment. What about the children in the recent news story whose mother shot the interloper five times? They don’t count?

        • Well, they wear me out for sure….it’s like watching a stampede every day or two. 😀

    • *sigh*…. filed under ‘you can’t make this stuff up’

  8. I heard yesterday on a local radio talk show on KFNB a caller stating something to the effect that b/c the 2nd amendment is a “right”, the feds cannot produce a law to regulate (not the right word, but I can’t remember exactly right now) or charge a fee for the “privilege” of exercising that “right”. IE the licensing fees charged to register a gun are illegal and you are w/in your right to NOT have a license b/c it is your RIGHT to have a gun to defend yourself. Basically that is the gist of what the guy said….LynnII, do you know anything about this?

    • Haven’t heard that argument…..All we have to do is register a gun to own one…no license is required unless you want to conceal/carry. Then you file for a permit.

  9. Voting “present” on gun legislation….BO in 1999

    [A Chicago Tribune editorial even accused Obama of being a “gutless sheep” for missing a vote on crime legislation in late 1999.]

    Read more:

    • Adrian

      “Two major Illinois pension systems covering public school teachers have small holdings in firearms manufacturers.

      Teachers’ Retirement System spokesman Dave Urbanek said Wednesday the pension fund’s $38 billion portfolio includes about $77,000 invested in three gun manufacturers: Sturm Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Olin Corp.”

      • Rham is saying they will divest from all gun mfg. LOL
        Like that will help with all the gangs murdering each other…..more strawmen for the little ballerina to knock down.

  10. Spot on Lynn…racing from outrage to outrage is perfect !
    I have read much objection to the NRA ad..Imo, it is spot on, but in-artful..
    Whether it be David Gregory’s kids, or O’s, the Elites never, ever see their own hypocrisy.’Tingles” constant brickbats of racism have become tedious. Everyone knows he races home or more likely the local bar, in his all White upscale suburb..They all accept this as their ‘due.’
    With the exception of Dr. Krauthammer and a few others, I have yet to see a pundit who is any smarter than my local dry cleaner, so why are they ‘due’ anything ?
    Imo, the NRA ad lacked subtlety, but aside from that, it simply told the truth.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      After being part of the Dem Party for so many years (conditioning like Pavlov’s dog) I took the red pill and got out of the Matrix. 😀

      • Me too, and the transition was easy, I just went to the room that felt like home.
        I don’t even recognize my former party these days.

        • Fascinating aren’t they?
          Just wait until the libs (small l) find out 200 teachers are being trained in OH tomorrow in the use of a firearm. The training is going to take place all over the state with additional teachers and administrators. I guess that NRA suggestion was taken to heart.

          • Yay for Ohio! Sometimes common sense wins out. Hopefully, the teachers will be savvy enough to keep their guns in locking holsters, so some hothead can’t trap the gun out.

  11. Common ground….the shameful conduct of the government

  12. “President Barack Obama is featuring eight Americans as “citizen co-chairs” of his inauguration, a new role created to highlight his first-term accomplishments with examples of lives that have either been improved by his actions or inspired his presidency.”–politics.html

    This man’s ego is incredible.

    • Bunch of show ponies and do not even realize it…… who does that?

  13. Right on the border of Libya….funny that…check a map ….the town is on the Libyan border

    “The Algerian government rejected a demand from the Islamist militants who seized Westerners at the plant for safe passage to nearby Libya.”

  14. US troops on ‘standby’ in Turkey….

  15. The White House has taken down a petition posted to the We the People petition site that called for popstar Beyoncé to be “disinvited” from performing the National Anthem at President Obama’s Inaugural ceremony on Jan. 21, thanks to her $50 million deal with PepsiCo.

    The petition received 500 signatures after being posted on Jan. 14, and became unavailable for signing the next day, with a message posted on We the People that reads “The petition you are trying to access has been removed from the site under our Moderation Policy because it is in violation of our Terms of Participation.”

    • Waiting for 2012

      I think it’s actually a wig. And she looks like a Neanderthal in drag.

    • One of my friends has a wig just like it!! Seriously!

    • Photoshopped? That area under her right arm looks, uhm, trimmed…..doesn’t line up with the rest of her booty. Heh.

  16. Does anyone here read the ‘Prince Valiant’ comic strip? The similarity is obvious and fitting since Mo is married to a real Princess.

    • LOL 😀 …

  17. srdem65

    What a week. Again. Sometimes, I think we have way too much information on everything.
    In the “who cares?” category – football player has imaginary girlfriend and guy who rides bicycle admits he’s a lying, doping creep. Our MO is wearing bangs over her face.

    Important stuff; we still don’t have the real story of Bengazi, now more radicals are kidnapping/killing in Africa and we don’t have a clue what to do about it, the Preezy wants to disarm all Americans because ? it’s what he wants? The Repubs caved on the debt ceiling and no Dems have indicated that they care one whit about the future of our country, but only if they have lots of money to spend.

    Next up: the big, overblown Inaugeration of the worst President ever. yay.

  18. Maybe it’s time to stock up on Glenn Beck’s dehydrated food:
    This is nothing but a ploy for gathering personal information on dissenters, while creating do nothing jobs on our dime..
    Pretty soon we will be the ones running for the border, any border.

    • She’s posing like Eva Peron.

      I purchased a dehydrator to make chicken jerky for my little dog. It’s not expensive to purchase, and the amount and variety of things that can be dehydrated and stored is amazing. Due to the government’s demands, fruit doesn’t stay fresh as long- drying it is a good option. I’d recommend a dehydrator for anyone that finds they need to store dried foods. I’ve even put Christmas cookies in the dehydrator to speed drying time and to add a shine. Now that I’ve typed this, some kook troll will read this, and soon there will be a petition to ban food dehydrators.

  19. Carole

    I see that Moo has new cheek inplants. The new “Patti Bell” wig does not hide the fact she is 49, has a big donkey booty and still talks like a drunken slurring Chicago southside girl from the hood. Can’t wait though for the fun moments of dissing her outfits. No matter what her new wigs look like, we all know that the forthcoming outfits will be a side spliting laughable. It is like she is “Eunice” on Momma’s Family trying to dress and act like a First Lady. Moo will never, ever get it right!!!

  20. Carole

    Oh my gosh, I have lost it!! I know her name is Patti La’Bell or something like that. Too many things happening to me at once….geez!

    • Waiting for 2012

      Patti LaBelle 🙂

      • the lady on Broadway that premiered the role of Evita? Patty Lupone..

    • Egads! What is that?

    • Where did She pick that up? The Dollar Store? What amazes me are those in the MSM who say: “it’s Her real hair!!” or say “Doesn’t it look marvelous?” The Empress has no clothes said the child. . .

  21. Ugh, what a hot mess. I like that Drudge headline saying “modern WIG wins rave reviews”. Haha

  22. Speaking of phony..this is such a smart piece:

    • srdem65

      He never misses; always hits the heart of what’s wrong.

      • I know Snr…I admire the way he thinks..

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