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A Big Let Down….

What were they thinking…. or not? The news is not good for a majority of minority students in the largest public school district in OH. Their grades were changed. 5300 students had their grades changed from ‘fail’ to ‘passing’. To get more funds than they were entitled to, the school administrators marked kids who were heavy absentees to the drop out roles. changed the grades of 5300 students, all to guarantee extra funds. Today every school district will be investigated for these practises. It’s about time! Time to stop shortchanging kids for the sake of the unions and administrators. Corrupt people destroying our kid’s future. Oh, and not a word about this scandal in the local rag. I had to find it out on FOX.

HAH!!  Chris Matthews, brace yourself for more thrills up your leg.

Surely American literature has reached new heights with the publication of GuestHouse Games, in which Barack and Michelle Obama, “alone in their isolated beachfront guesthouse in the tropical paradise of Kailua, Hawaii,” are “drawn into the ancient Hawaiian spiritual world and into the exploration of their own deepest and most forbidden desires.”

Sounds like a real work of literature. it would be interesting to find out how the author voted.

Epic fail on the part of Beyonce…lipsynched the National Anthem. She didn’t come close to touching this;

Don’t believe it? Ask the Marines.

Kelly Clarkson overcame her jitters to sing live.

But it has emerged that while Kelly Clarkson dared to sing live, Beyonce decided at the last moment to lip sync to a pre-recorded track.

It paid off for Kelly, who earned rave reviews for her stirring version of My Country, ‘Tis of Thee

Jason Wu is beyond excited over his new addition to the First Lady’s Museum. Inaugeration MO 2

Obama finally came out of the closet. Although he has always implied he’s pragmatic and a centrist (likening himself to other Preezies) in all reality his speech did nothing but push a social agenda. 1,365 days without a budget. He has no plan to bring the spending under control. By 2017 we will be 22 trillion in debt…..YAY!

His narcisstic tendencies were also on full display

We aren’t worthy…. yes, me and you, the American people who do not necessarily trust government to benefit all….

President Barack Obama’s communications director, Dan Pfeiffer, says that our political system isn’t “worthy” of Obama and the opportunity the president presents. He made the remarks the Washington Post.

“There’s a moment of opportunity now that’s important,” Pfeiffer tells the paper. “What’s frustrating is that we don’t have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity.”

The issue is that if President Obama wants to get things done, he’ll have to work with the uncompromising Republicans.”If he is successful, his record could include a variety of legislative achievements that have eluded previous presidents and a place in history as the president who moved the country beyond the wars of the post-Sept. 11 era,” claims the Post.

“But, as the looming confrontation over the borrowing limit suggests, Obama’s ability to work with the Republican Party, through a mix of persuasion and confrontation, will probably determine his success — and his legacy, for better or worse.”

And according to his communications director, if Obama will be successful, he will need to move quickly, as his power is already waning.

Waning power?  I like the sound of that.

So, what’s on your minds today?


  1. Looking at pictures from last night’s shindig, I had a sudden terrible jolt into the future. MO will turn 50 next January. Can you imagine the way she will “rawk” her way into the next decade of her life?

    • srdem65

      After watching some of the balls and then reading about the gala WhiteHouse party for the wealthy, the connected, the glitterati, I had the strangest feeling of hurt and anger. It’s all personal; I had spent some time going over my financial obligations and worried that I would have enough funds to pay my heating bill this month (it was super cold here).

      All I could think was that none of them are concerned about a measly heating bill, or if the car insurance is going up again, or anything like that. Their children go to schools that cost more each semester than I get in income all year.
      Do they know that 50million Americans are using a diddly amount of food stamps to feed their families or that college grads find themselves so deep in debt they’ll never pay off?

      Hypocrites, all. Reports are that MO’s wardrobe yesterday cost more than the average American earns in one year.

      • srdem65

        After reading what I wrote ^^, I sound petty and envious. Sorry.

        • No. Not petty and envious. Fed up. Those people are our employees. Wouldn’t you be angry if you owned a pizzeria and a part time driver, a poor worker at that, pulled up in a Porsche? And to top it off, you find your safe empty, with the driver’s fingerprints allover inside?
          I recall a professor at my college, told me to “get out of his office” I corrected him, “This is my office, I pay you to teach me, and you are failing at your job.” My tuition paid for that office, our taxes are paying for that lobster that the elite shovel down their gullets without so much as tasting it, while we live on biscuits and gravy.
          Be angry. I am.

        • Oh no, not petty…..the ostentation of DC gets to us all. Self important, self aggrandizing…not much different from Hollywood types…we’re all fed up…

        • Not at all petty srdem. It ticks me off too because the Obamas tore Mitt Romney to shreds over his wealth and being out of touch with poor people garbage. And the media followed……when they could have proved Mitt was probably the most accomplished, kindest and most generous candidate we’ve ever had run for President in this country.

          Here’s more photos from the UK,

          Yay for the 1%-ers, eat cake ya’ll 😛

          • Waiting for 2012

            Just love that a singer is dancing on the American people’s table/furniture in the White House. Such class.

        • We know you well enough to know that you are neither petty nor envious. We’re all just tired of the hypocrisy of these grifters. It seems to never end…when is the Aspen ski get-away?

  2. I, myself, have been poring over the French Revolution, and am brought to mind Robespierre, who descended from the temple on his made up holiday “The Day of the Supreme Being.”, and thus, began his downfall.
    The people looked upon him, descending the stairs, in his robes, and thought to themselves, “Hmph. He thinks himself the Supreme Being.”
    And like a true narcissist, he caused his own plummet by not being able to see beyond the tip of his upturned nose to see how other people might perceive his actions.

    I’m pleased that Ohio schools are getting the find toothed comb. Ohio’s children need proper educations, and not just a sitting service when the teachers feel like being here. I’m paying for the children in my area to have Wednesdays off, due to waste in the budget. Lord knows they tax me enough to hold school on Wednesdays.

    • Dear God, get her to Princess School !!! Elbows on the table ! Watching her eat is bad enough, ugh.

      • And she is sulking because she has to sit next to Boehner. She is the least gracious first lady ever.

      • Anon

        She looks like a pouting teenager forced to go to her grandmother’s birthday party rather than shopping with her friends. It is just shocking.

  3. I am somewhat encouraged by the fact that the O’s aren’t even trying to pretend anymore.
    The masks will slip a little more, sooner or later, a few of the bots will begin, reluctantly,to catch on, and the tide will start to turn..
    Remember when our parents warned us about ‘getting too big for our britches’ ? That is starting already, even the smug media resents being out-smugged eventually.
    Sr.Dem you don’t sound at all petty, you sound normal and sane, one way or another, we are all in the same boat.

    • Anon

      “what difference does it make?”

    • What is most disturbing…check out the closed listings. Several have sold for over $100…one for more than $300! Gak!

      • I get the Obama part. I kind of get the nude part. But unicorns and pancakes? People thought Matisse had lost it when he started working with construction paper!

  4. srdem65

    Thanks for the support of my anti-Obama party rants, but I really was being petty. After I wrote that comment, I was reminded of those who don’t have a warm home, or anything else that I take for granted.
    love you all.

  5. srdem65

    After watching the dog and pony show in Washington yesterday, it’s become a standard that those in power, no matter what party, will protect each other, no matter what.

    I can only imagine how the loved ones of those killed at Bengazi felt when they heard MrsClinton say….what difference does it make now…
    My goodness how ignorant of the suffering, of the anguish and grief of the families and all the press had to say was she answered all the questions.
    I say, it makes every difference if your loved one was killed with malice, or their death could have been prevented, or if it was inevitable.
    Does it matter if your child was run down and killed by a drunk driver, or if your child ran out between parked cars in front of a driver who didn’t have time to avoid hitting him?

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