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“What Difference Does It Make?”

What difference

Maybe Clinton can use that as her new campaign slogan…….

For all the sweet nothings said about Clinton, one thing is for sure, she lied about the reason for the Benghazi terror attack and so did every single one in BO’s administration….including the Preezy.

If there was one constant through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s appearances before congressional committees Wednesday, it was that lawmakers fell all over themselves heaping praise on her for the job she has done. [snip]

After the questionable intervention in Libya, a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack, thanks in large part to the failure by Clinton’s department to take seriously repeated requests for additional security at the consulate in Benghazi. For weeks after the attack, Secretary Clinton participated in deceiving the public about its nature and cause. Despite her testimony to the contrary, she did speak on at least two occasions (one at Andrews Air Force Base and another time to the father of one of the victims) as though the Benghazi attack had something to do with a YouTube video. [snip]

Last June, a Pew Research Center study of global attitudes toward the U.S. found that they have worsened in pretty much every country except Japan. Approval of the Obama administration’s polices have dropped by double-digit margins everywhere in the world since 2009

Funny, the ONLY person sitting in a jail cell is an obscure filmmaker who produced a 15 minute film. Not one other person has been prosecuted or even locked up for the murders. But, what difference does that make in the Obama world of Islamist love? The consulate became a death trap due to negligence by the State Dept.

“When you say that we enraged the Islamic terrorists, that means we’re at fault, they’re not at fault. And then to look and see that the only people that I know are in jail right now is the filmmaker. Isn’t this a little disconcerting?” Rohrabacher continued.

This is the government deemed trustworthy to protect and defend?


  1. and this….[…]“With growing instability in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and around the world, one clear fact remains: The president’s foreign policies are failing and placing a very real danger on our national security,” said Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.).

    “I really do think that we have missed the boat on Benghazi because we’ve been talking about whether or not it had something to do with a film afterwards,” said Paul.

    “I think that we need to have a military commander. We need the Department of Defense in charge of security for embassies in a war zone. And nobody has recommended that and I think that’s where the ultimate failure is,” the senator added. “…What we do forward on security for Libya or for other war-torn countries, I don’t think we can treat them like the embassy in Paris. And I still don’t think that realization has sunk in at the State Department. I’m fearful this tragedy could be reproduced or could happen again.”[…]

    Not one person in the BO cabinet or administration is honest or capable…not. one.

  2. Kerry throws everyone under the bus at confirmation hearings

  3. Federal Court rules Obama violated the Constitution with his recess appointments….Labor Dept et al

  4. Carole

    The Obama administration is getting more frightening everyday. I not only read an article today that talked about bringing women into combat to help develop Obama’s “Peace Making Army” that will be less battle warriors and more “tolerant police minded” without being armed to defend themselves.

    Then I see this article about the Muslim Brotherhood group connecting to all US schools. This is all scary stuff!!

  5. Whoa…lots of stuff going on for a Friday….Lanny Breuer to resign….

    “House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, who joined Grassley in investigating Fast and Furious in March 2011, said in a Thursday statement that Breuer’s resignation is “long overdue.”

    “Breuer was at the heart of several critical failures in Operation Fast and Furious: he knew about reckless tactics, failed to take seriously allegations that they were continuing, and only owned up to his failures once they were publicly exposed,” Issa said. “The Inspector General’s report admonished Breuer for failing to inform the Deputy Attorney General or the Attorney General when he learned, in April 2010, that the reckless tactic of gunwalking was used in a prior operation. Furthermore, several of Breuer’s top deputies authorized sensitive wiretap applications under Breuer’s authority that, according to the OIG report, contained stark, incontrovertible evidence of the exact same gunwalking tactic.”

  6. Will karma get O in the end ? We can only hope, however, the Supremes disgraced themselves over Obamacare, will Roberts roll over again when the appointmets issue drops in his lap ?

    • srdem65

      Oh, how I pray that they will do their job! Their decisions are supposed to be based on the constitution, not on their personal politics.

      • Srdem, Re: ‘what difference does it make’ ..Do you remember the old Peggy Lee song
        “Is That All There Is” for some reason, I am reminded of that tune in today’s environment.. Is this the “meh” generation ? Maybe all that texting has cancelled emotional responses to anything.. I mean if a football player can ‘fall in love’ with a fake, dead, person, our future as people with feelings and empathy seems to be at risk.

        • ‘let’s break out the booze and have a ball’…..if that’s all there is…..every progressive government, including this one, has turned their country into a trainwreck.
          Karma biting BO in the a** is exactly what I am betting on.

          • Me too, Lynn.

  7. What the MSM won’t show you….

  8. Carole

    Karma hurry up and bite the Obutts in their donkey asshats!!!!!

  9. 3/4 Black Power

    • Anon

      You can’t even try to give these two the benefit of the doubt!

  10. srdem65

    I see from the weather reports that most of you are enjoying some “global warming” in the form of ice and snow and frigid weather. Stay warm and stay safely inside.

    Downton Abbey tomorrow! yea! I’ve read several commentaries where they try to find out why this series about some rich English folk and their servants is so popular and I wondered that myself; why do I find it so engrossing. Aside from the compelling personal storylines, the attention to period detail and events could be the reason.
    Or maybe we’re so greatful for a new show that isn’t based on a sexual theme, or has everyone laughing at stupid jokes, but is a real drama, old school type. No profanity, no nudity, no violence shown, no evil murderous villans.

    MrObama and MrsClinton will be on “60 minutes” tomorrow, too. For another love fest or something. I won’t be watching.
    I (and 280 million others) didn’t watch the swearing in either or all the hoopla of the new/old President, but had a smirk on my face when the big news was that Beyonce didn’t actually sing the National Anthem and the viral video/photo of the day was MO stuffing her pie hole, rolling her eyes and just being MO. oooo, that had to sting the Obots.

    So, bundle up, have some hot cocoa and don’t let anyone shovel snow if they’re not young and healthy.

  11. I love Downton Abby, when Daisy is in a scene she always steals it. With her pure heart and that angelic face, she is mesmerizing to me. Given my ethnic background, I would have had Daisy’s job, back in those days, so I relate to he
    The Duchess is the other scene stealer, but Maggie Smith is always brilliant. I remember when we were both young and she appeared in ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ and the beautiful song from that movie.
    I still think Mr Bates is the only man with sex appeal in the show, maybe because he’s the only one who isn’t tiresome.

  12. ” I relate to her..not ‘he’ “…sorry.

  13. More sad news from “gun-free” Chicago.

    “Chicago Woman Loses 4th Child to Gun Violence”

  14. Please excuse my earplugs, my overweight friends are pouting and whining over their “health sins” and I don’t want to hear it.
    I’ve had to listen all my life about how evil I am for smoking, and held my tongue about the waistline of the preachers, only telling them “You’re next.” Now the day is here, and they can’t believe that for all these years, they were just as evil as me.
    Strangely enough, I never smoked beyond my throat, I smoke cigarettes as one does cigars, never inhaling into my lungs. One doctor supposed that smoking was my ‘backwoods aspirator’ for my asthma, I smoke to numb my throat enough to breathe. My lungs are clear, confusing doctors everywhere.
    Too bad those that castigated me all these years had never learned to chew and not swallow, they wouldn’t be in Obamacare’s crosshairs right now.
    Please note, that whatever they do to smokers, it’s a litmus test to how much they can do to others. It’s easy to be draconian towards smokers, we are evidently inherently evil, and whatever is done to us, ‘we deserve.’. If they succeed in a law against this class of people, it frees them to step on the next group further up the ladder. Rung by rung, they plan to rules us all.

    • Waiting for 2012

      Tanna, even though I’m personally against smoking (my Mom’s fatal lung cancer was caused by smoking for 60 years, and I hate the smell, etc.), I hate the way smokers have been villified. And I will defend their right to smoke. I’ll admit: if everyone decided to quit smoking tomorrow, I wouldn’t exactly cry–but it’s not for me to judge smokers.I can’t understand why people want to smoke, but that’s their business. I’m glad you’ve been able to stay healthy all of these years! I remember, years ago, being in traffic behind a car whose bumpersticker said: “Next, they’ll tell me I can’t even smoke in my own car”. It wouldn’t surprise me if this admin did just that.

      And the obese will be the next group to be considered “evil”. I was a fat kid; “well-meaning” strangers would come up to me, and offer diet advice. I also offered them some advice: “Go to Hell!”. 🙂

      Welcome to Obamacare…

    • srdem65

      Smoking. The new culture says smoking tobacco is bad, but smoking marijuana is good.
      I miss the distinction of smoke I guess.
      Now we are going to penalize chubbies, too. Bad chubbies, shame, shame.
      I don’t think anyone sets out in life to become a chubby, it just happens.
      A woman can destroy her unborn child and someone will tell her it’s her “right”, but if she gives birth and then kills her child, she goes to prison.

      I haven’t heard anything about alcohol drinkers, so I guess getting drunk is OK.

      I hate to play the old fuddy-duddy card, but things were a lot easier to understand years ago;
      if an unmarried couple dallied with each other and a pregnancy happened, they got married to raise the child together.
      God was assumed to be the Creator, no matter what religion one belonged to or what name was used by their followers.
      the Ten Commandments weren’t considered from a certain religion, but a base of civilized soceity and the basis for most secular laws.

  15. I am a former smoker, if my doctor told me I had a week to live, I would immediately buy a carton of Marlboros..I might only live 6 and one half days instead of 7…oh well, I would die happy.

  16. I can understand people not liking smoking, I appreciate the tolerance. Of course I mean the conservative meaning of ‘tolerance’, not to rush out and embrace all smokers and take up smoking oneself, and not to roll out a “Adore a smoker or else!” campaign. For some reason, tolerance used to mean one can choose not to like something, and even disagree. Today’s idea of tolerance means if you don’t partake of it with a great big grin, you are bigoted, racist, tobacconist(?) or worse.
    I wonder if perhaps the grass vs. tobacco argument stems from the belief that pot smokers will stay behind their own closed doors or in their cars to smoke. No. If it is made legal, as tobacco once was, there will be joint smell wafting everywhere.
    It marijuana becomes legal, I suspect there will be a market for a false pot smell that can be added to tobacco, so that cigarette smokers can escape the stigma.

  17. Carole

    Smoking weed is dangerous. There is long term memory problems, lung cancer, throat cancer, cancer of the tongue and mouth. People who buy pot in baggies have no idea what it has been cut with… maybe a weed or substance you are allergic to or make you violently sick. Pot, while driving is dangerous. It is a drug and people who think it is not, have their heads in the sand. Obutt is a perfect example of a pot smoker, need I say more?

    • srdem65

      Exactly! Smoke is smoke, no matter if it’s tobacco or firewood.

      • And allergy to smoke is real! I wish my fellow smokers could see this.

  18. Waiting for 2012

    OT, but interesting…Statment Analysis website. The author analyzes verbal statements from accused criminals, celebrities, politicians, and explains why he thinks they were telling the truth or lying. I went to this site for a criminal case I was interested in, but found 2 Obama statements. I don’t think Mr. McClish is an Obama fan!:

    There’s also another one about the famous univision interview, with all of those “hard-hitting” questions! Enjoy!

  19. I can almost believe this National Enquirer blurb …. of course it uses unnamed sources, but so does the MSM these days when bashing the oppo. NE bashes everybody.

    Because it’s so over-the-top like MO is, so it makes perfect sense. BO’s body language certainly changes when around pretty young things, if I can see it, so can MO. Also mission accomplished that MO drew attention to HERSELF and away from BO at the inauguration by rolling out her NEW LOOK at that time.

    Speaking of, haven’t seen Princess Michelle in a week ?

    • Recall that the Enquirer tipped off people about a sludgy blue dress not too long ago. Even a stopped clock is right two times a day.
      The problem with glowing praise and accolades is that the person receiving them, deep down, knows them not to be true. Perhaps they fear the ‘real’ them will surface, and be disappointing.
      I think we should all take a break- “Let’s Move!” Oh wait- I think that campaign is on hold. All I hear now from her starve the schoolchildren initiative is crickets.

      • Let’s Move served it’s purpose of shuttling MO around the country on the taxpayer dime to campaign and do other fun stuff like fundraise.

        NE broke the Edwards story too. They pay their “sources” well, many think it was his mistress who leaked that hotel meetup.

      • All I hear now from her starve the schoolchildren initiative is crickets. 😀
        …and the schools dropping her food policies. Another ‘I told you so’ moment. LOL

    • Bein’ co-preezy is hard stuff… LOL 😀

  20. This really ticks me off.

    “Conservative Hispanic group tells GOP to avoid ‘amnesty’ label”–election.html

    • I heard they don’t like “anchor babies” “illegals” and “aliens” either. Boo Hoo.

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