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ICE and Border agents are not being included in the ‘immigration conversation’. Their health and safety are a major concern for the agents. Instead of working for his members, Trumka busily touts Obama saying; “Unions did have at one point some differences on the issue, but the entire labor movement is entirely behind this now.  We’ll be at the table the whole time this thing is being developed to make sure it meets the needs of workers.”.   But, the agents say ‘NO”.

“We went directly to the Obama administration as well as the AFL-CIO with real matters of life and death for unionized American law enforcement officers and they shunned us,” explained Crane, “we’re talking about 50,000 AFL-CIO affiliate members.  We asked both the AFL-CIO and President Obama for help with corruption within our respective Federal law enforcement agencies, climbing officer suicide rates, assaults against officers, and perhaps most alarming, offenses against pregnant female employees.  Following the White House meeting, the Obama Administration cut us off. Cecilia Munoz refuses to correspond with us, and President Trumka hasn’t so much as made one public comment fighting for the safety of AFL-CIO federal law enforcement officers.  He just doesn’t speak on behalf of our union workers.”

Does this seem like an intelligent approach to disease carrying rats?

 The Environmental Protection Agency is moving to ban the sale of a dozen rat and mouse poisons sold under the popular D-Con brand in an effort to protect children and pets.

The more we hear about Obamacare (the pride and joy of the Progs) the more distasteful it becomes. The bill is so convoluted and  the lies that accompanied BO’s “signature legislation” make it impossible for the average American to understand just how draconian it will be. This new law is not about anyone’s health care, it is about making things ‘equal’ and ‘fair’. The law is so horrible our legislators decided they should not be included in the government ‘exchanges’.

• Lower health-care costs. One key talking point for ObamaCare was that it would reduce the cost of insurance, especially for non-group insurance. The president, citing the work of several health-policy experts, claimed that improved care coordination, investments in information technology, and more efficient marketing through exchanges would save the typical family $2,500 per year.

That was then. Now, even advocates for the law acknowledge that premiums are going up. In analyses conducted for the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Colorado, Jonathan Gruber of MIT forecasts that premiums in the non-group market will rise by 19% to 30% due to the law. Other estimates are even higher. The actuarial firm Milliman predicts that non-group premiums in Ohio will rise by 55%-85%. Maine, Oregon and Nevada have sponsored their own studies, all of which reach essentially the same conclusion. …

Smaller deficits. Increases in the estimated impact of the law on private insurance premiums, along with increases in the estimated cost of health care more generally, have led the Congressional Budget Office to increase its estimate of the budget cost of the law’s coverage expansion. In 2010, CBO estimated the cost per year of expanding coverage at $154 billion; by 2012, the estimated cost grew to $186 billion. Yet CBO still scores the law as reducing the deficit.

How can this be? The positive budget score turns on the fact that the estimated revenues to pay for the law have risen along with its costs. The single largest source of these revenues? Money taken from Medicare in the form of lower Medicare payment rates, mostly in the law’s out-years. Since the law’s passage, however, Congress and the president have undone various scheduled Medicare cuts—including some prescribed by the law itself. ….

Preservation of existing insurance. After the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of health reform in June 2012, President Obama said, “If you’re one of the more than 250 million Americans who already have health insurance, you will keep your insurance.” This theme ran throughout the selling of ObamaCare: People who have insurance would not have their current arrangements disrupted.

This claim is obviously false. Indeed, disruption of people’s existing insurance is one of the law’s stated goals. On one hand, the law seeks to increase the generosity of policies that it deems too stingy, by limiting deductibles and mandating coverage that the secretary of Health and Human Services thinks is “essential,” whether or not the policyholder can afford it. On the other hand, the law seeks to reduce the generosity of policies that it deems too extravagant, by imposing the “Cadillac tax” on costly insurance plans.

As always, the Progs only see what they wish to see, not the reality of what ‘is’. The moral imperative argument is falling apart in the face of reality. If you think it isn’t one giant unbelievable mess, particularly with the states which have opted out setting up exchanges, then you still have way too much faith in government problem solving. Another ‘incentive’ to stay on the government dole instead of striving for success. After all, when becoming successful is being punished by the federal government in their draconian overreach, why the hell bother? HHS is failing miserably. Even the left leaning are beginning to notice the failures.

Under the new healthcare law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services is supposed to certify whether states are prepared to run an independent exchange by January 1st, 2013.  Problem: more than half the states in the country didn’t even apply to run their own exchanged.  So HHS moved the deadline from November 16th of last year to December 14th.  And then again, when states still declined to apply.  Now states have until February 15th to decide whether they want to run an exchange, or have the federal government step in and do it for them.

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  1. Do they think extending the deadline for establishing state exchanges will change the minds of state legislators?

    • srdem65

      More than likely, they needed the extra time to come up with a plan for these states; they never assumed that anyone would not go along with their plan.
      Oh, what a disaster is coming down the road for everyone. Taxes, no healthcare, invasion of privacy, it’s just awful to think about.

  2. conner43

    Where can I get a stuffed doll likeness of John Roberts ? I want to stick pins in it.

    • Sadly, for a voodoo doll to work you need to attach a lock of the intended victim’s hair. May I suggest putting his picture on a dartboard or punching bag?

      • Our youngest drew a pic of BO and MO and put them on the dartboard. ……… little holes everywhere… LOL 😀

  3. srdem65

    I must have missed the national outcry at the tragic deaths of children eating rat poison, or something./ sarc
    I believe that these agencies just make up stuff to keep their jobs.

    • Perhaps Dear Leader wants to start a Federal Rat Catchers program, to take more jobs from the private sector. One day the FRC Corps (or is that Corpse?) will tumble into the Oval Office, to rid us of King Rat.

      • srdem65

        Serious now. I believe that NewYorkCity has an agency that does rat control in the worst areas. The Good Lord put rats here for a specific purpose, along with all other creatures, but they give me the creeps.
        I’ve never had rats in my home, but a family of field mice moved in once for the winter.
        I don’t know who was more scared…me or the mice. Anyway, we set the house cat on them and they, um, disappeared. Good kitty.

  4. Favorite photoshop of the day!!!

  5. DC is not healthy for the rest of America.

    “So Washington can boast demographic and economic growth, a highly educated workforce, an emerging elite-global-city profile, and regulatory hegemony that ensures that America will continue to pay it tribute, even if the federal government manages to restrain its spending. This looks like a winning recipe locally, and it gives the region a legitimate claim to be America’s new Second City.

    But it’s a loser for America. Even more than the old leaky-bucket system did, the regulatory superstate depends on inflicting pain on the rest of the country, pain that only Washington itself can relieve—if you pay up and have the right connections, that is. Washington’s fortunes and America’s are increasingly at odds. The region is prospering because it’s becoming something that would have horrified the Founders: an imperial capital on the Potomac.”

  6. Fracking is going to free us from the big shots in oil and gas….Russia and the ME states.

    “According to the BND study, the political threat potential of oil producers like Iran will decline. Optimists assume that, in about 15 years, the United States will no longer have to send any aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf to guarantee that oil tankers can pass unhindered through the Strait of Hormuz, still the most important energy bottleneck in the world.

    The Russians could be on the losing end of the stick. The power of President Vladimir Putin is based primarily on oil and gas revenues. If energy prices decline in the long term, bringing down Russian revenues from the energy sector, Putin’s grip on power could begin to falter. The Americans’ sudden oil and gas riches are also not very good news for authoritarian regimes in the Middle East.”

  7. Pseudo Dems above the law….

    “Mr. Obama has missed this year’s legal deadline for submitting a budget, blaming the late passage of the tax increase deal early last month.

    And Congress hasn’t passed a budget since 2009, even though the Budget Act of 1974 requires it to adopt a budget resolution by April 15 every year.

  8. srdem65

    The WashingtonPost .com has published the most stunning piece ever:

    Yes, they’re talking about MO’s butt. They besmirch four White men, lie about RushLimbaugh and declare that talking about her butt is racist.
    I’m just stunned.

    • A coach got suspended for saying something. Now one’s job is jeopardized if one says something that doesn’t flatter Dear Leader and his queen.
      Again, I’m reminded of Robespierre. All heads are on the block at the discretion of One.
      I’m not seeing it as the media is publishing it, I’m seeing a man who’s frustrated by the new food regulations and it’s effects on his team. There have been several reports and postings, even a musical video, complaining how the new standards are affecting school athletes.
      It became public because a student recorded it. Who needs spy srones in the air she. You have a million little minions with Ophones capturing every word to perused, parsed and posted at every opportunity?
      I’ll be honest, I loved Ronald Reagan, but who hadn’t noticed that Nancy didn’t have a rather large head for her body? I was never arrested nor was my job on the line for saying something about Lollipop.

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