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Preezy took center stage this morning to whine about the sequester to the American public. His props were first responders, all decked out in their finest dress blues. He said the Dimocrats were willing to “compromise” but those mean old R-words wouldn’t. They want all the tax loopholes closed for the evil 1% and all those bad wealthy corporations and the R-words just won’t co-operate. By co-operating Preezy actually means to do everything the Dims want with zero compromise on anything. Preezy also stated if the “loopholes” are not closed and the “tax the rich” isn’t covered he will not sign any bill no matter who it harms. While Preezy whines about the coming sequester, he did forget to mention why he is now dead set against it, his Big White budget will also get a downgrade. Now that he realizes he and MO will be affected his words have changed tremendously. “These cuts are not smart, are not “fair”.  Eighteen months and he just thought about that. Maybe if the asshat stopped campaigning, partying and being so damned lazy he would have thought of the consequences of the Bill he signed into law. Looks like scoring political points was much more important then actually dealing with budgetary problems. He can’t have it all ways, Preezy was for it before he was against it. Sound familiar?

The Aspen getaway for MO was as transparent as the FL getaway. They do know we pay for their jaunts, right?

While President Obama was golfing with Tiger Woods in Florida, Michelle — who brought along a few friends and daughters Sasha and Malia — headed to the slopes.

They were given all-day private lessons with pro skiers from the Ski and Snowboard School of Aspen — a few instructors with the adults, and more with the kids, we’re told. One witness told us, “Michelle was with two big groups and were in Aspen all weekend.

We’re told some wealthy Aspen visitors were annoyed when “air space was blocked because of [the Obamas’] plane, so others couldn’t get their private jets in. Many people nearly didn’t land or had to be diverted.” We’re told the Obama family stayed at the home of Aspen Ski Company owners Jim and Paula Crown, who are big Democratic donors. Their security team occupied another entire house next door.

About those bangs…. MO doesn’t have enough money to buy beauty. She is a very ordinary looking woman, in an extraordinary position, using the taxpayer to fulfill lifelong wishes and dreams. Shallow and useless, like BO.

In a Skype interview with the cooking diva, the first lady brought fringe fans and foes alike to a screeching halt when she made a confession. Her new look wasn’t simply a fashion statement, it was a (gasp!) manifestation of a midlife crisis. “This is my midlife crisis, the bangs,” she said. “I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee-jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

The first lady’s press secretary, Hannah August, assured me that the quip was nothing more than that. “She was joking around,” August said. Perhaps she was, but jokes have a way of leaking partial truths, and this one appears to be no exception. Obama’s statement revealed an important, albeit obvious, fact. In the midst of midlife crises, men buy things. Women, it seems, buy beauty.

Senate Dims are trying to dodge responsibility for Obamacare.  The Devil made them do it!  Maybe they should have read the bill to find out what’s in it before the bandwagon rolled out and they voted for it. If anyone in the private sector had been given millions to vote a certain way it would be a case of bribery and, would have been a cause for prosecution. Laws are for the little people.

“Democrats are getting nervous and consequently are trying to put some distance between themselves and the ACA,” Mead observes, using the abbreviated formal styling of ObamaCare as the Affordable Care Act. “We don’t blame them for trying, but it may be a futile effort. For better or worse, their fates are now tied to that of Obamacare.”

Indeed there isn’t much point in blaming them for trying. But they deserve the blame for imposing this monstrosity on the country. To quote Bill Nelson: “I want somebody to be accountable for this, and if it was a mistake, for somebody to own up to it.”

The Obamadon Armageddon speech was filled with melodrama and threats of pain and punishment for all of us if Preezy doesn’t get what he wants.

Americans need to understand that Mr. Obama is threatening that if he doesn’t
get what he wants, he’s ready to inflict maximum pain on everybody
else. He won’t force government agencies to shave spending on travel and
conferences and excessive pay and staffing. He won’t demand that agencies cut
the lowest priority spending as any half-competent middle manager would…. [snip]

Mr. Obama just whacked the economy with a roughly $160 billion tax increase in
2013 that he says will do no harm, but he wants us to believe that $85 billion
in spending cuts will trigger a recession. The sequester shaves the equivalent
of about 0.25% of GDP when offsetting it against the extra money the feds are
spending on Sandy relief….[snip]

The sequester is far from ideal and it would make much more sense to work with Congress to set priorities. But Mr. Obama has rejected every meaningful reform in entitlements that Republicans or his own Simpson-Bowles commission have offered. ObamaCare will add more than $1 trillion in new costs and add some 17 million people to Medicaid, but he says this can’t be touched. In his State of the Union address Mr. Obama proposed $83.4 billion in new spending, according to a tally by the National Taxpayers Union.

If Mr. Obama really wants to eliminate the sequester, Republicans are ready to negotiate. But if he won’t drop his tax increase and negotiate in good faith, as he hasn’t during his Presidency, then the sequester is the only way that any spending is going to be cut. The economy will be better for it.

Dims need to own it all. Obamadon told us “trickle down economy” doesn’t work, well, neither does trickle down tax hikes. I have very little faith in this current crop of partisan hacks. They will lie, cheat and steal from all of us to make voting blocs happy. How is that good economic policy for the US?


  1. Obama has saved $2.5 trillion of Magical Fairyland money, which happily frees him up to talk about the really critical issues like high-speed rail and green-energy solutions. These concepts, too, exist mainly in Magical Fairyland: If you think Obama-approved taxpayer-funded “high-speed rail” means you’ll be able to board a train that goes at French or Japanese speeds, I’ve a high-speed rail bridge to Brooklyn to sell you.

    Take, for example, the “goal” Obama “issued”: “Let’s cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next 20 years.” What does that even mean? How would you even know when you’ve accomplished that “goal”? What percentage of energy used by my home and business is “wasted”? In what sense? Who says? Who determines that? Is it 37 percent? Twenty-three percent? So we’re going to cut it down to 18.5 per cent or 11.5 percent by 2033, is that the “goal”?

    • Waiting for 2012

      I also think it’s an issue that an American President should keep his/her nose out of. They were “hired” to do many other things, like perhaps persuading Congress to pass a budget, etc. This man irritates me more and more each day, which I thought wasn’t even possible.

  2. Another epic fail….everything BO touches turns into a pile of crap. EVERYTHING!
    An Obama administration initiative that claims to encourage public-private partnerships to help the poor is having problems getting private donors to get onboard. One of the reasons for the lack of private contributions is that the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) may well be another step toward the “politicization of charity,” or government picking and choosing which charities get to survive.

    However, according to City Journal:

    In reality, though, dozens of organizations – in 33 states and 100 cities – have received grants, and they include many long-established social-services organizations and even government agencies, such as public-housing authorities and public television. Indeed, the fund’s bureaucratic hurdles, including an evaluation procedure with an 80-page instruction form, likely favor these entrenched groups. It’s hard for potential donors who had read the exciting mission statement to avoid concluding that the SIF is essentially a grab bag of standard social-services grants that public officials and organizations would like to take credit for.

  3. More blah, blah,blah from Biden….
    Vice President Joe Biden was caught off guard Tuesday by questions he was asked during a Facebook Town Hall with Parents Magazine.

    One questioner equated gun control to drug control — if criminalizing drugs didn’t get them off the streets, why will criminalizing guns? — and a second asked if limiting assault weapons and high-capacity magazines would limit people’s ability to protect themselves.

    “Is this Parents Magazine? I have Parents Magazine. I’ve never heard anybody in Parents Magazine ask these kinds of questions,” Biden said.

    • Waiting for 2012

      With his sub-standard IQ, I would’ve thought he’d be reading Highlights Magazine instead…:-)

  4. From November, 2011…. VETO

    President Obama is promising to veto any effort to undo the automatic spending cuts that are set to take effect now that the congressional supercommittee has announced its failure to strike a deal to cut $1.2 trillion from the deficit over the next 10 years.

    “Already some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No,” Mr. Obama said from the White House briefing room Monday evening. “I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending.”

  5. Last in, first out….OH woman sues company, says voting for BO got her fired

    • Perhaps she should realize a LOT of people lost their jobs because she and others like her voted for 0.

  6. Another EPA official steps down…caught up in probe over fictitional email personna to avoid transparency in government……current EPA head also using false email name to comport business.

    • From watergate to waterbump…..LOL 😀

    • I’m actually thinking it’s kind of sad that the media is doting on the Obama’s. it’s obvious they are pushing their own agendas, and whoever fills the Democratic President slot would be their darlings.
      The Bams are taking it personally, as if they really are as great as the media says, not realizing that with the next Dem prez, they too will be shoved aside like Carter and Clinton.

      • We’ll hear about those two until the day we all die….GAK!!

  7. YEP, use your brain….

    Simpson and Bowles’s original deficit plan, released in December 2010, called for reforms to Social Security and Medicare. So does their new proposal.

    Simpson lamented that whatever he and Bowles propose, he thinks they’ll be attacked. He suggested that faux “racism” has become part of the budget debate. (Three of the four protesters were black.)

    “Forget all the fear, guilt, crap, racism that goes into this and use your brain,” Simpson said.

  8. Watters’ World tonite on FOX O’Reilly…..he chases down BO’s illegal alien uncle….Has to be interesting and funny… LOL 😀

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