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Friday’s Bits and Pieces

sequestration-horrorNightmare on Sequester Street… how to beat down the American people and make them feel defeated to achieve a political win. Destroying confidence in the people, filling them with despair, terrifying the sick and elderly, dumbing down of America to win political points, what an ignorant way of governing.

It is always cliffs, ceilings and looming catastrophes with Barack Obama. It is always government by freakout.

That’s what’s happening now with the daily sequester warnings. Seven hundred thousand children will be dropped from Head Start. Six hundred thousand women and children will be dropped from aid programs. Meat won’t be inspected. Seven thousand TSA workers will be laid off, customs workers too, and air traffic controllers. Lines at airports will be impossible. The Navy will slow down the building of an aircraft carrier. Troop readiness will be disrupted, weapons programs slowed or stalled, civilian contractors stiffed, uniformed first responders cut back. Our nuclear deterrent will be indefinitely suspended. Ha, made that one up, but give them time.

Mr. Obama has finally hit on his own version of national unity: Everyone get scared together. …

[G]overnment by freakout carries a price. It wears people down. It doesn’t inject a sense of energy, purpose or confidence in those who do business in America, it does the opposite.

Getting sucked in to the defeatist attitude, throwing up one’s hands and giving up is exactly what they want you to do.

Rush Limbaugh has it exactly right, we all should be ashamed of what our governing body is doing to our country.

To be watching all of this ‘sequesteria,’ to be treated like this, to have our common sense and intelligence insulted the way it’s being insulted? It just makes me ashamed….[snip]

We’re creating more and more dependents. We’re robbing people of their dignity and humanity and of their opportunity to realize their dreams as they turn their lives over to the government. It’s like a never-ending cycle. The government makes the private sector smaller. There are fewer job opportunities.

Obama can’t help himself, he believes the bigger the government the better. But, government under Obama has become a destructive force stealing our future, stealing from our children, robbing us of our way of life which is built on the premise of success by achievement.

After spending this week in tax hell paying our “fair share”, having one of our cars stolen by one of those helpless people who BO wants to redistribute the wealth to, I choose to keep exposing the Liar-in-Chief for exactly what he is, not worthy of the office he holds. Governing by manufactured crisis is destructive to the American psyche.

not a victim

Government is the problem and never, not ever, the answer.

Too funny…’I chase him, I bite him’… the crime report written by a DOG: Officer  investigated after submitting witness statement in character as animal. Higher ups wanted a written witness statement from the “other officer” on the scene.

PC Peach–crime-report-dog–Police-investigate-completing-witness-statement-written-force-dog.html#ixzz2LdsymSDA

High school teacher ‘refused to mark students’ assignments because they mentioned guns’. Is everyone losing their sense of reason?

T-shirts with a dose of reality…Don’t worry, they won’t bite! Crazy 3D T-shirt craze starring dogs, cats and  even raccoons look scarily real

Can’t make this stuff up….The press pool complains about access, so Obama holds an “off-the-record” meeting with them to discuss their complaint …. and, of course, they can’t report on it.

The Feds Want Your Retirement Accounts….

I]n  mid-September 2010 the Departments of Labor and Treasury held hearings on the  next step toward achieving Ghilarducci’s goals. The stated purpose was to  require all private plans to offer retirees an option to elect an annuity. The  “behind-the-scenes” purpose for this step was to get people used to the idea  that the retirement assets they had accumulated would no longer be part of their  estate when they died.

So  the Government would get the money, not the estate or family of the people who  saved the money during a lifetime of work.  That’s a one hundred percent  death tax on savings.  Worse, the most responsible and poorest families  will be penalized.

UPDATE: Chart showing fed spending with and without the sequester cuts fed-spend-without-with-sequester-fixed-1-copy-e1361580107476

Thought for the day…… But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty

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    • Oh, thank you for this!! Big smiles all around!

  1. Shameful conduct on the part of the school authority…..

    No white students allowed. That’s the message that a principal from Mission Viejo Elementary school sent with the “Students of Color” tutoring program. Parents complained, and CBS Denver began an investigation, which resulted in the district apologizing for the segregation

    Read more:

  2. It’s the Obamaway of redistribution…
    Disabled America: where work is for suckers
    Nearly one in 10 working age Americans now claims they’re too disabled to take a job

    • On this, I have to plunk my two cents. I was diagnosed with CFS, and to be honest, there are times I’m beat as all get out. I was told I was disabled, and was invited to partake of the pot of gold at the end of the taxpayers’ rainbow. NO!
      I am so grateful for men in the world like Steve Jobs, whose technology and innovation has strangely supplied me with a means of being gainfully employed. Look at these wonderful inventions! I can clock forty no matter how soggy I feel. Even data entry is possible for many of these people who claim disability. I know a woman who spends more time and effort wrangling benefits than she ever would by working.
      When asked how I do it, I tell people, I’m going to be sitting here anyway, and I love doing what I do, might as well make some dough. I couldn’t possibly just sit on the couch all day staring stright ahead, or get lost in the alcohol drug swirl that envelopes so many of those people. Look at some of these people on disability. It’s sad. They are lost.
      And to be quite honest, there’s something great about being just a bit uppity about working, and I loves my monies. The idea of a government putting an iron lid on me and labeling me worthless galls me to no end, and I think part of my determination on bad days stems from my desire to shove a pie in the government’s face for .

      • Insulting me.
        (Words got cut off- forgive my rant, but I’m tired of moochers.)

      • Happy for the 2 cents…. being creative is not a crime…it’s a gift

      • Carole

        Tanna I know what you mean. As a retired teacher I still substitute even though I have a sciatica problem in my left leg. I stand at recess, PE, or other activities, even though, my leg is in pain. I wrote IEPs even though I have arthritis in my hands. Work is good for the soul.

        • Hitler totally destroyed the phrase “work makes you free.” But for me, it really does.

    • Sending that one to the mayor

  3. Dims, doing their level best to make sequester as painful as possible….

  4. Hoo boy….
    “Eight more states have joined a lawsuit against part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform act, arguing that the act undermines their financial stability.

    A judge for the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Tuesday accepted the plaintiffs’ motion to amend the complaint to include the eight new states. The new states are Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, and West Virginia. They join Michigan, Oklahoma, and South Carolina, which launched the suit in September 2012.”

  5. srdem65

    re: the people on government disability
    Without any statistics or information, I would guess that the majority are between 45 and 62 years old. They’ve run out of unemployment, have no prospects, don’t have the modern skills for the tech jobs, don’t want to stand all day frying potatoes (or can’t) so all that’s left to keep a roof over their heads is to game the SS disability system.

    A resume listing a skill that involved putting the cream filling inside a Twinkie or monitoring a computerized machine that wrapped geegaws and doodads won’t get anyone a job in the highly skilled tech industry where math and computer savvy is important. Most employers don’t want a 50 yr old worker when they can get a 25 yr old to do the same job, cheaper.
    And the brutal truth; if a 48yr old woman and a 25 yr old woman are competing for the same job, the 25 yr old wins.

  6. As to the sequester; I remember the gov’t. shutdown under Clinton, I don’t recall anyone dying over it.. Gov’t employees are the most secure in the country, maybe they need a wakeup call now and then.
    The extent of their hubris is in plain view in the “no Whites allowed” kerfluffle, and in the teacher who won’t grade papers that contain ‘gun’ words. Those folks need replacing asap, but nothing will happen.

    • BO’s Chicago style political machine outsmarted themselves on the sequester…

      “In fact, the final deal reached between Vice President Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in 2011 included an agreement that there would be no tax increases in the sequester in exchange for what the president was insisting on: an agreement that the nation’s debt ceiling would be increased for 18 months, so Obama would not have to go through another such negotiation in 2012, when he was running for reelection.

      So when the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts. His call for a balanced approach is reasonable, and he makes a strong case that those in the top income brackets could and should pay more. But that was not the deal he made.

  7. LOL…about time they worked instead of schmoozing….no festivities

    Cameron bans Obama from bringing Michelle to G8 as he decrees summit will be WAG free zone

    Cameron has asked that the G8 leaders leave their partners at home
    He wants them to be able to focus on serious issues without distraction
    Samantha Cameron will opt out of providing alternative events

    • srdem65

      That makes a lot of sense; they don’t want the peons to see the pampered wives being treated to one frolic after another when the economy here and in Europe is in shambles.
      Or. The men might have requested this for any number of reasons.
      Or. The wives hate going to these things and being treated like visiting schoolchildren.

  8. See, BO thought the sequester would not touch him or his staff…..decidedly wrong on that one….here’s an idea, get rid of the “czars” that were created.

    […]When asked by POLITICO how many jobs would be lost or workers furloughed at the Executive Office of the President, Carney said he didn’t know offhand.

    “I’ll have to take the question and refer you to OMB,” he said, directing the query to the White House Office of Management and Budget and adding that he would also provide an answer later.

    This post will be updated with the answer… if there is one.

    UPDATE: A senior administration official emails this response: “Yes, the Executive Office of the President is subject to the sequester, and we anticipate significant disruption to our operations and mission, which could include furloughs.” The official declined to provide further information.[…]

    • MO could whittle down her staff, too. She survived 40+ years without a hairdresser, makeup artist and personal assistant. I’m sure she can do it again.

  9. After watching about 2 seconds of MO’s dance ‘moves’, all for the sake of the fat kids, of course, I am wondering if we shouldn’t start a movement to curb the O’s spending of our tax dollars on Themselves.. She makes her little ten minute speeches and appearances, and then bills a nice weekend in NYC to US…the taxpayers..
    He is traveling around promoting his new personal, superpac, and billing it to us. The Bots think it’s ‘cute’..
    It is increasingly difficult to be a person of normal intelligence in our Country.

    • It is increasingly difficult to be a person of normal intelligence in our Country.

      Yes indeed…or to find one with a modicum of common sense and wisdom

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