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Friday Bits and Pieces

Andrew-Breitbart-is-hereMo is not “surprised” by her notoriety. “Supporting the arts”? That didn’t fit into her lifestyle until she got her own taxpayer ATM.

Mrs. Obama acknowledged that she and President Barack Obama have added appeal, and perhaps sometimes  are subject to extra scrutiny, because they are the first black family in the White House but also a young couple (she turned 49 last month; he’s 51) with young children (daughters Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14).

She said she doesn’t give a second thought to critical comments about what she does as first lady.

Her strategy, she said, is to do things that further her larger goals and Oscar night fit with her support for the arts.–politics.html

Telling 6,000 kids “don’t listen to the haters”. WTH is she talking about? Are the “haters” people like us who have been screaming about the lefts’ abuse of our kids in public schools? Are we the “haters” because we resent the dumbing down of public education and speak up? For all her degrees she is dumb as dirt and, wallowing in her own resentment for our country. She has a warped viewpoint and it shows.

Listening to Biden can get you a felony charge.

Vice President Joe Biden told Field & Stream magazine in an interview published Monday, “[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

Coincidentally, a 22-year-old man in Virginia Beach, Va., was charged Monday with reckless handling of a firearm after doing just that a couple days earlier.

Philadelphia, no longer the city of “brotherly love”. Unions targeting open shops, destroying equipment, attacking workers.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Monday ordered members of the International Board of Teamsters Local 107, Pennsylvania’s self-described“most powerful labor organization,” to stop assaulting and spitting on employees, vandalizing vehicles, and obstructing business operations at the Eureka Stone Quarry, Inc.

Left and right can agree on some things, for different reasons.

The DHS announcement that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) must reduce its illegal immigrant detainee populations by 26 percent sparked major pushback among lawmakers and immigration policy groups, forcing the White House to deny any prior knowledge of the decision.

While groups on the left and right objected to different aspects of the administration’s policy on immigration, dissatisfaction with that policy spanned ideological lines.

Both sides of the political spectrum suggested that the administration used the release of illegal immigrant detainees to bolster its political case against impending sequestration cuts, which DHS cited as the impetus for those releases. [snip]

Napolitano insists that sequestration cuts will force ICE to downsize its detainee population, but ICE was reportedly ordered to reduce that population by 26 percent, a significantly greater reduction than the 5.3 percent budget cuts mandated under the sequester.

Stupid is as stupid does. Another “green” fail. When will BO realize government manipulation of any market is not a good idea?

…the Obama administration decided to go full steam ahead with its loan guarantee program anyway, approving a $197 million loan to oh-so-promising startup SoloPower. On top of that, the company received a total of $58 million in various tax incentives from Oregon and Portland, where they located their first major factory. [snip]

SoloPower now joins a long line of solar equipment manufacturers worldwide who have struggled mightily to stay in business in the past two years. A glut of solar panels has caused prices to crash and forced dozens of manufacturers to either file for bankruptcies, idle production lines or scratch new factory plans. The impact of this imbalance of supply and demand has affected everyone from industry stalwarts such as First Solar and SunPower to startups such as Solyndra and Abound Solar.

A nasty, brutish, imperial presidency. Who are the real haters that MO likes to refer to in her speeches to kids?

The threats being dished out to Woodward, Davis and others are extremely disturbing in a free society, and are a reflection of an imperial presidency that acts with impunity and is highly intolerant of dissent. The heavy-arm tactics that Obama’s team have deployed for years against conservatives are now being increasingly implemented as well against liberals questioning the president’s record.

Leading US political analyst Michael Barone predicted all this in a piece for National Review Online back in October 2008, when he wrote about “The Coming Obama Thugocracy.” It is an article that is strikingly accurate in its predictions.

Got it libs? You didn’t speak up when they started coming for us, should we speak up now they’re coming for you? We told you who BO was and you hated us for telling the truth. The shoe is on the other foot now. How does it feel?

open thread…


    • Borderline? Borderline?!?!?! “Fair Share.” “Piece of the Pie.” “Redistribute the wealth.”

      • “At some point, you’ve earned enough money”…….how did those comments go unnoticed?

  1. “David Plouffe is an ass. No one is ever too old to contribute to the national dialogue. And Bob Woodward and his distinguished career deserves more respect from someone with so little professional achievement.”

    “At American Seniors, we believe that America’s seniors deserve respect, admiration and support for the contributions they made throughout their lives building families and the enhancing the quality of American life.

    We believe that you deserve choices when selecting who best represents your interests in Washington, D.C.; and we believe you deserve choices when selecting benefits that help you live a healthier and wealthier life.

    We also believe that our members are individuals. That is why our benefits are structured to allow you to make choices based on your individual needs.”

  2. Today I am answering the phone with a bright and cheerful ‘Happy Sequestration Day!’

    • Hahaha! All their pretty words and schemes and the world will keep on turning as it has before. I want parties and paycations sequestered. I’d like Congress to punch a time clock- so they get paid for what they actually DO! I guess I’m a hater, I don’t want them get away with whatever they want to do, at put expense.

      • Love the savings in making the House fly commercial….no more Air Force jets for Fancy Nan

  3. Charles says “Hail Armageddon” LOL 😀 He had better watch out, he might get the next thug phone call

  4. As a child I was taught to revere Woodward. We need more Woodwards. Like it or not, he did the right thing for reporting the truth. The sad truth about truth, is that it’s not always want we want to hear.
    I feel he was right in reporting the intimidation. I feel he was right in reporting Watergate. Our presidents are our employees, they need to be held accountable.

    • I can respect a journalist like Woodward. Whether he writes about Democrats or Republicans, he never acts out of vindictiveness. Instead he seeks truth. Why is that something to ridicule?

    • We definitely could use a whole lot more honesty and a whole lot less demagoguery in the media. It does say something when only 6% actually trust the media…. 😦

  5. Did anyone else notice that, during the press conference, BO kept repeating the same three points over and over (speading cuts, raising taxes and being “smart”)? No one in the press corps pushed him to expand those ideas. No one asked him why he hasn’t done that before. They just let him skate by AGAIN!

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